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This election is increasingly shaping up to be between an Atiku, pro-business and small government, on one hand, and Buhari, hostile to business, pro-big-government on the other hand.

It is also a referendum on the incumbent, Buhari. No matter how his acolytes try to spin it.
For a brief moment, let's talk about Buhari's acolytes and how most are coming out as statist and hostile to business, of course taking their cue from their leader, and herein lies one of the things that bothers me.

In the past, many of these same people were pro-business.
When you look at the APC's manifesto from 2015, while there were a lot of socialist platitudes inside, the core of it, at least the segment done by the ACN wing of the APC, had a pro-business bent to it.

So how did people who were pro-business suddenly make a 180 degree turn?
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.@MBuhari says he wants to take #Nigeria to the #NextLevel but while as HoS in 85, he cancelled an Education Reform Policy of Prof Babatunde Fafunwa which could have turned our academic curricular into a modern tool to raise the next generation of IT gurus & other professionals!
Same @MBuhari canceled a light rail project of Gov Lateef Jakande of Lagos in '85! A $400M loan project that would have forever transformed the face of public transportation in Lagos & served as template for other states! Say No to #NextLevel
Again, @MBuhari as military General, plotted a coup with fellow coupists & disrupted a democratically elected govt of Pres Shagari & VP Ekwueme for no just reason asides contempt for democratic ideals & a penchant for dictatorship! So NO to #NextLevel #LetsGetNigeriaWorkingAgain
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For those looking to travel to SE #Nigeria this Xmas-New Year holiday season, here's a head up - there're 5 x-ray scanning machines at the Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport on Owerri. None of them works. Let me try & explain, so u'll get a fuller picture
Let's start with the x-ray scanner at the departure in Sam Mbakwe. Airport. It was delivered abt 5 yrs ago. It began to break down over 2 yes ago. AVSEC staff tried to extend it's Life. Some replacements were brought. When they broke down, it was returned to service. Now it's out
2 other scanners were brought into service late in 2017 for departures in Sam Mbakwe Int'l. By May 2018, they had broken down. Today, they are magnets for refuse in the check-in area. They have bn out of service for over 6 months
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In a week where the North East got yet another military commander, we got a better look at overburdened infrastructure.

Elsewhere, as MTN gears up to enter the banks’ turf, concern over Nigeria's food import practices conjures a picture of a recently painted but creaking house.
The @MTNGroup's announcement is a positive for #Nigeria's economy as it substantiates previous comments by MTN that it has no plans to exit Nigeria despite its spat with @cenbank over alleged illegal fund repatriation.
The announcement ties into @MTNGroup’s strategy to become the biggest provider of mobile financial services in #Africa.

The telecoms-led drive to provide mobile money services will introduce a new interesting chapter in #Nigeria’s financial services sector.
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I'm on the road most of today, starting with the one that will now be completed in 2021.

However, I think it's important, before I move, to set some things down for the records.
Like I said yesterday, I know that @sgyemikale and his @nigerianstat team are doing a great job, and it's a pity that my tweet from a few days ago took on an unintended colouration.
For me though, it's a duty to make an effort to guide the conversation in the direction I think it should be heading.

It is true that we have an unemployment crisis, and as Dr. Kale's response showed, many of our MDAs are not getting the money they need to work.
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So, @Fmohnigeria says nearly ⅓ of #Nigerians may have mental illness. To the average #Nigerian, this means we have epidemic of "madness". But this is a measure of both how stressful the country is & how little attention we pay to the things that matter…
#Nigeria's inhumane dysfunctions which contribute to its national epidemic of mental illness are some of the legacies of a ppl unable to recover from the dehumanizing regimentations of prolonged military rule. Worse happens though.... These dysfunctions also cost lives
#Nigeria's dysfunctions do kill- ystrday, 5 graduates of the Law School (4 male & 1 female) preparing to be called to the Bar end of Nov 2018 were killed in a needless & avoidable car crash in Bwari, Abuja. Instead of looking forward to a bright future, they're in the mortuary
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Politics aside, this is where I drew the line with a colleague, you can't be educated & support such a policy that aims to perpetuate poverty & we would be friends, these Guys aren't interested in developing #Nigeria, see what they are proud to sell?
That YOU (yes you) even have the ability to disagree with this (my) tweet shows why the trader moni's aim to perpetuate poverty shouldn't be encouraged, if YOU were "empowered" like this, you wouldnt today even have an opinion about it
What's @APCNigeria's policy, scorecard on education? Public Health? That the govt is even silent on the current ASUU strike goes to show what's important to this party & how keeping people perpetually poor seems like the goal of this administration
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#Nigeria does not make or like #toys smh.

Africa exported $183.4m worth of toys led by the ff:

1. Tunisia: $70.3m
2. SA: $65.2m
3. Kenya: $11.2m
4. Morocco: $11.1m
5. Mauritius: $7.4m
6. Uganda: $5.8m
7. Madagascar: $4m
8. Chad: $1.2m
9. C.Verde: $1.1m
10. Zim: $936,000
#Nigeria doesn't even like #toys smh.

Africa imported $1 billion worth of toys led by the ff:
1. SA: $459.4m
2. Morocco: $86.5m
3. Algeria: $78.5m
4. Egypt: $61.9m
5. Tunisia: $53.3m
6. Angola: $31.9m
7. Mauritius: $25.2m
8. Namibia: $20m
9. Djibouti: $18.5m
10. Libya: $15.4m
140m Nigerians couldn't be #1.

Africa imported $40.1b worth of electronics led by the ff:
1. South Africa: $8.5 b
2. Egypt: $4.8 b
3. Morocco: $4.6 b
4. Algeria: $4 b
5. Tunisia: $2.7 b
6. Nigeria: $1.7 b
7. Ethiopia: $1.3 b
8. Ghana: $1.2 b
9. Kenya: $1.1 b
10. Angola: $1 b
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BREAKING: Potential hijack underway. ThousandEyes detected intermittent availability issues to Google services from some locations. Traffic to certain Google destinations appears to be routed through an ISP in Russia & black-holed at a China Telecom gateway router.
This is a developing story. Stay tuned for additional analysis. #google #hijack
ThousandEyes BGP Route Visualization shows the prefix being leaked into the Internet, which would cause traffic to #Google to be routed via networks in #Russia, #China and #Nigeria
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Lt. Lirfa Dashe was to wed last month. He'd bn in MNJTF since 2015. In March 2018, he was given off. 2 months later, in May, he was ordered back to frontlines. In July, he was killed in Jilli. He's 1 of 1,307 #Nigerian soldiers, victims of #BokoHaram buried in Maimalari Barracks
Lt. Lirfa Dashe was with the 22 Task Force Bgde of the 81 Div in Lagos. All that his family received was "a token 1-time payment from the 22nd Brigade equivalent to $140 & a #Nigerian flag." As the world mark(s) their Rememberance(s), let's not forget ppl like Lt. Dashe. #RIP
In the Great Wars of the colonial era, black soldiers were very expendable, their sacrifices air brushed from history & forgetable. It's not much changed - In #Nigeria's fights with insurgency, soldiers on the frontlines are still treated as expendable…
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This thread is important because it speaks to a certain truth - countries like #Nigeria and the like do not matter in real terms.

What the rest of the world is concerned about when it comes to us is simple - containment.
A look at the global sub-national HDI map tells you all that you need to know. We are in a very bad neighbourhood, and I fear that we may not be coming out of these woods in the near future.
Add to that this - Africa's share of global exports in 2016 as per @wto is 2.4%!

In real terms what this means is that we can disappear from the planet, and the remaining 97.6% of the global economy will simply keep moving along without missing us.
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In a week where Nigeria’s government outmanoeuvred trade unions but inevitably booted the ball up the pitch, questions still arose about its budget.

Meanwhile, security dominates the discussions next door, amid concerns that Nigeria may be inadvertently breeding a militia.
On the minimum wage palaver, the key point to note is that @AsoRock has been unable to fund salary payments at the ₦18,000/month level from its revenues, and most states need to be bailed out periodically at that amount.
An analysis by @BusinessDayNg projected that an acceptance of ₦30,000 minimum wage (a 66% rise) by @MBuhari will cost @AsoRock an additional ₦1.25 trillion annually, a move which renders the proposed #budget2019 obsolete, and plunges #Nigeria deeper into the debt conundrum.
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From my mother-in-law:
Marriage is freestyle; enter your home & both decide what works for you

Christ already sacrificed & died on the cross. No need for your life to be suffering/penance

Love/respect with all your heart; ask for same

Earn your own $

Leave if it doesn't work
From my mother-in-law to me in my early days as iyawo:

"Everyday you're entertaining guests, cooking & cleaning. So ar the end of the year when others talk of their achievement, yours will be stress & how many pots of soup you cooked? Others are traveling, going to the Senate🤣"
From my mother-in-law:

"Is it written anywhere that a home cannot have 2 successful people? 2 billionaires or millionaires, it is a bad thing?

Is it written anywhere that all a woman must do is to keep giving birth?

I have only one child. Those with 10 are not better than me."
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First things first, it is important to point out, again, that the news of both HSBC and UBS closing down what are essentially satellite offices in #Nigeria is really a non-issue.
HSBC for example, is cutting its branches in up to a quarter of the 67 countries it operates in last I checked, so again, that is not the issue.
What should terrify us is that in the last year, foreign direct investment into our country has plunged by a factor of 30%.

That is significant, and if #Nigeria were serious, there should be a cabinet level meeting, but no, meat-heads will be masturbating about "corruption".
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One of the most depressing things about #Nigeria is how more often than not, evil triumphs over good. Nice people seem to always finish last. I know this happens globally and that time and chance happen to all. But, it seems more prevalent in Nigeria.
Those who work hard and have values look stupid, as those who are cunning and connected get good jobs and valuable business contracts.
Women who refuse to compromise on values and who buck the culture marry late.
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#NIGERIA: Tragic abduction and killing of Maj Gen Idris #Alkali (rtd), while traveling between #Abuja and Bauchi, adds to growing list of RETIRED GENERALS #kidnapped, shot or #killed, over last decade. The most notable cases…
2009: Maj Gen Peter #Ademokhai (rtd), ex-GOC 1 Division, ex-member, Armed Forces Ruling Council (AFRC) was abducted at Iguoriakhi, Ovia North East LGA, Edo state, 23 April 2009; paid ransom, released after 2 days. Earlier, shot by robbers 9 April 1994, hospitalized for 8 months.
2007: Maj Gen Joseph Ayango #Aondo (rtd) was #killed in the federal capital, #Abuja, 14 June 2007. He had been chairman of the political campaign group, #Yar'Adua Associates, was seized at the entrance to his house, driven 5km on the Kubwa expressway, then shot dead in his car.
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It must be noted that this crisis is not the first this year to engulf Kasuwan Magani, #Kaduna.

At least 12 persons were killed and 1,000 houses destroyed in a religious crisis that erupted on 26 February over the conversion of a Christian girl to Islam by her Muslim boyfriend.
65 persons were subsequently arrested and charged to court by @contactkdsg.

The history of #Kaduna is filled with crises cutting across religious, economic and tribal lines, and various governments, both military and civilian have been unable to prevent the lawlessness.
The state government’s helplessness was laid bare during the 2016 crisis between herdsmen and farmers in #Godogodo.

The payment of compensation only for cattle killed in the crisis exposed the unwillingness of @contactkdsg to confront these security threats head-on.
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Nigeria’s parliament made amendments to electoral law that fail to separate the meat from the bones, a scenario which also applies to our crumbling infrastructure.

Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists are poised to have a field day following a dissident’s curious resurrection.
The statement of intent by @NGRSenate in the proposed #ElectoralAct amendment is clear - #Nigeria must build on the incremental improvements from #elections2015, a key representation of which is the card reader.
It behoves of @inecnigeria to now take a real look at the failure points from #elections2015 in the use of these devices, map potential failure points, and mitigate them.

What must not be done is for @inecnigeria to discard card readers because of previous challenges.
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This is going to be a very long thread on #ISWAP, recent negotiations that went wrong and the controversial #BokoHaram ‘technical defeat’ bubble that was created to achieve political value rather than address the conflict indicators in the #LakeChad.
Apparently, Shekau has not recovered from the fallout of his extreme and tight fisted rule, which led to a split in 2016. Many may argue that the splinter group (ISWAP), is now as extreme as Shekau, but insiders disagree, that there is freedom of expression in ISWAP.
To many insiders, the execution of an overrated Mamman Nur and two aid workers would have been carried out by Shekau if he was faced with similar situations. It is also on record that Shekau has executed dozens of his associates and has been the largest beneficiary of ransom...
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A real mercenary and a wannabe at the same event. Luckily Eeben will attending by Skype so no fisticuffs. Barlow does not suffer fools very well. Somebody ask Prince about his Nigeria pitch. $1.5 billion fantasy vs $120M for the real gig. #Nigeria…
Interesting event because despite the military action the dirty tricks election riggers were also at work. Mercenaries decisively pushed Boko elements out until the govt stole the rest of the money. Goodluck Johnson lost.…
Propaganda and disinformation along with hired guns are the one, two sucker punch of the third world. U.S. advisors had abandoned Nigeria. This is the root of Prince's proposal for Afghanistan...and upcoming election.…
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Dr. Ola Brown, @NaijaFlyingDr. I'd like to share my take-aways in this thread. Please read and RETWEET. #FixNigerianHealthcare…
In her book, @NaijaFlyingDr provides a simple guide to policy decisions that should provide better healthcare to ALL Nigerians. #FixNigerianHealthcare
First, the book presents the bad news and some frightening stats that should precipitate a state of emergency, if we had brain in #Nigeria. #FixNigerianHealthcare
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D'accord, vous l'avez bien cherché : je vais vous faire une histoire toute illustrée et chatoyante du #wax, ce tissu que (selon ce que #RokhayaDiallo a dit au #Feministival) les « blanches » n'auraient pas le droit de porter sans culpabiliser

[thread] ⤵️
3, 2, 1 : petit voyage dans le temps et nous voilà en 1637, quand la Compagnie néerlandaise des Indes occidentales s'empara du port d'Elmina sur la Côte d'Or (aujourd'hui #Ghana), détenu depuis 1471 par les Portugais.
À Elmina il n'y avait pas de wax, mais de l'or, de la maniguette et des esclaves, beaucoup d'esclaves.
Les puissants Ashantis, qui gardaient le contrôle sur l’intérieur des terres, vendent aux hollandais leurs prisonniers, surtout d'ethnie Fanti.
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There was cheery news that regulators had seen the error of their ways regarding indiscriminate use of iron fist tactics.

This step forward was blunted by events such as leap backwards in Osun, a problematic strike action, and a return to bad old habits by a bus company.
On 25 September, @cenbank governor, Godwin Emefiele, said that he was optimistic the regulator would resolve the dispute in a way that will ensure that “everybody will be happy.”

We think this is a belated attempt at reassuring waning investor sentiment towards the country.
A day earlier, @SBGroup, one of four banks @cenbank alleged helped @MTNNG illegally repatriate $8.1 billion, said the regulator may review a decision to penalise its West African unit.
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