There is evidence LEA's are planning to withdraw school places from Vulnerable families (again).

Some schools had been supportive.

Others had allowed people to remain On-Roll but not given resources.

Whilst many families were threatened with fines/prosecution/child services.
Education is a HUMAN right.

Life is a HUMAN right.

These are continuing to remain in conflict *for ALL vulnerable CV/CEV families* as we are generating further vaccine escape.

That is *why* CV & CEV will be offered boosters in the Autumn.

Children in exam years will lose their rights to vital qualifications.

This is what will happen if your child stays at home to learn next year:

In practice they would need your consent as a parent before 'off-rolling'.

"Off-rolling is the practice of removing a pupil from the school roll without a formal, permanent exclusion or by encouraging a parent to remove their child from the school roll..."

"...when the removal is primarily in the interests of the school rather than in the best interests of the pupil."

and that quote comes from the Government's own website.

However, schools are using Children's Services (Social Services) as another tool in their arsenal.

If the child is not at risk we have found that they will tend to back away (they were overwhelmed with genuine cases even before the Pandemic).

It is highly concerning because the involvement of Children's Services can be harnessed once the threat of fines becomes escalated to a threat of prosecution.

Now, we are aware there are Clinically Vulnerable families who have been taken to court this year.

Has anyone heard of any Clinically Vulnerable Families losing in court?

Families can't discuss the cases because children are involved. But nobody seems to have 'lost'... and yet these escalations are continuing in order to put pressure of families to withdraw willingly.

And so this cycle continues...

Families facing the *MOST* risks are also forced into unpalatable choices.

How is this okay?

Who is fighting for them?

The most frustrating aspect is the fact that all of this IS and WAS avoidable...

Since the start of the pandemic schools had to pivot.

They *have* been able to supply remote learning to children in parallel with normal classes which were extended to those children isolating due to an infection.

Yet, these resources weren't extended CV/CEV families.

Where it simply involved a mic, screen sharing and maybe a camera or a class iPad the workload for teachers isn't a significant burden. They mostly just need to remember to start the online session in parallel.

This is what we need going forwards.

Families at risk need to have a say in their own fates.

It is not to say all CV/CEV families would homeschool all the time. Far from it. We were never willing 'homeschooler' we were left with no choice. We chose school education for a reason. We *still* do!

One of our members is end of life. They took risks many others wouldn't. They didn't have the energy to homeschool & shouldn't have to.

Local case rates vary.

Parents want options.

We don't want to feel we have to have a gun to our heads or children's heads constantly.

Parents can quit their jobs.

They can't quit their kids' educations and futures.

Please share this with your MP with anyone who could help to get the message out.

We urgently need a plan so we can have #educationANDlives.

" The researchers estimate that in England and Wales, 8,497 children have been made orphans during the pandemic, either as a direct result of Covid or because of “excess deaths” "

This MUST NOT continue.


• • •

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19 Jul
Nadhim Zahawi announced:

"The JCVI recommends vaccines for children 12-15 who have severe neurodisabilities, Down's Syndrome immunosuppression and profound or multiple learning disabilities."

"The JCVI advice also recommends offering the vaccine to children and young people aged 12-17 who live with someone who is immunosuppressed."

Whilst this is a start and we welcome the offering of vaccines to these children to protect incredibly vulnerable families, we feel this does not go far enough.

CV/CEV households all need #vax4kids urgently. We don't understand the risks posed by all of these vulnerabilities.
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19 Jul
CV/CEV families are being exposed to a deadly virus:

via public transport
via workplaces
via supermarkets (no priority slots)
via unsafe schools

At Home

They should only meet with double vax outside or should be responsible for ventilation if they meet inside. All of their visitors should test with a Lateral Flow first.

They can't meet their own kids any more, of course, who will be unvax.

In the Workplace

There will be no social distancing but they don't need to work from home.
Employers are now responsible for their safety.
Their colleagues / clients won't take Lateral Flows.
They can to take their employer to court.(They may need an Eng / Epidemiology PhD)

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15 Jul
Shocking news...

Bubbles and school contact tracing gone on Monday.

"..they will no longer be responsible for identifying Covid contacts with this responsibility being passed to the NHS Test and Trace."…
It is the schools discretion to inform
parents of a +ve & adds that they should take account factors such as "known vulnerability".

Unclear if a vulnerability is only for children in their care. Schools have limited understanding of medical issues & even less so for 3rd parties.
Plus, there is the issue of vaccination and immunity.

Just because someone has had 💉💉 it doesn't mean they are protected. In some cases Vulnerable people themselves might not even know that.

All of the above puts lives at significantly increased risk...
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20 Jun
Lateral flow tests can be have a very faint line.

* This test is positive *
(Confirmed by PCR)
This is a common phenomenon with all lateral flow testing. There is no amplification of the sample and so you are only testing what you have - if there isn't much there the line will be faint. You see the same with pregnancy tests (also lateral flow).
They use immobilised antibodies and markers that bind to the antigens on the reservoir pad and then migrate along the test. As they move across binding reagents will bind the target to the test line. The larger the sample of whatever you are testing for the stronger the line.
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21 Apr
🚨 #MedTwitter 🚨 we need your help!

Vulnerable families with children at Primary School are being told they must *not* wear masks.

🏫 😷 🚫

In some cases Doctor's notes 📝 are being demanded so as not to "open the flood gates.".

CV/CEV Families UK want to wedge the gates wide open for *all* children. Risks to lives & @LongCovidKids🚪🌊🚪

Today, a parent was sent the attached email and told:

"If * comes to school wearing * mask you will be phoned & asked to collect them." 😷📲

*Pls read the email*

An example of an incorrect assertion made by this Head:

"Masks need to be changed every 20-30mins" 🕡
*taken out of context, actually relates to sports use.

We need your help to gather as many Doctor's notes (tweets) supporting #MasksInSchool.

Thank you! Pls RT

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1 Apr
Q:When are mitigations not mitigations?

A:When they are optional in schools.

1/ When schools returned in 09/2020 the focus was on 'Hands' and surfaces.

There was no desire by @GOVUK to implement 'Face'masks.

And no extra 'Space' available,
Nightingale schools dismissed.
2/ "All children must be in school." we were told "There is little evidence of Covid transmission in school.".

* They were right because in the Summer term very few children had returned for face to face teaching and children spent lots of time outside and in tiny bubbles.
3/ Cases started to rise rapidly in children.

A fire break at halfterm dismissed. Schools went back and cases continued to accelerate upwards.

So in early November we partially added 'Face'masks to the equation.

in communal areas,
in Secondary
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