😢 Grim Milestone:

More than 50,000 (!) children under the age of 18 died in the U.S. since the start of 2020.

That’s 50,488 children to be exact.

337 of those deaths were with Coronavirus.

For every child Coronavirus death, 148.8 other children died of other causes. 😔
Deaths in the US; start of 2020 through 7/17/21:

5,071,952 all causes; all ages

601,124 Coronavirus all ages

50,488 all causes among children

337 Coronavirus among children

*6,207 deaths reported to VAERS post-COVID-19 vaccine; CDC didn’t confirm if those were caused by vax.
563 days from the start of 2020 through July 17 of this year. Average deaths PER DAY in the US:

9,008 all causes; all ages

1,067 Coronavirus all ages

89.6 children under age 18 all causes

0.59 of a child from Coronavirus

Does your Twitter noise reflect the above data?
You are not free in context of freedom of speech if you can’t retweet the tweet above without feeling weird about it. You don’t have a balanced news intake if none of your news sources online/print/TV have not shown you this data every so often.

It matters for public policy.

• • •

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13 Jul
1/ If it appears that vaccine skepticism is on the rise, please read this from the CDC to understand why it is so. 331 million dozes vaccines were administered; 5,946 recipients have been reported dead; CDC gives a percent, and also says it needs to in investigate the deaths.
2/ This is prapoganda on multiple levels. They mention how many doses were given rather than to write how many people were vaccinated because that will be a smaller pool (184 million). You see. 6K reported deaths along 331 million doesn’t look so bad as 6K among 184 million.
3/ I don’t think that 6K deaths among 184 million vaccinated people is high relatively speaking, but the CDC doesn’t take chances so they go with the doses count in raw numbers and as a percent too: Lives relative to shots rather than lives relative to vaccinated people.
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9 Jul
“In Children, Risk of Covid-19 Death or Serious Illness Remains Extremely Low, New Studies Find.״ - WSJ, @deniseroland

There was a weeks-long national meltdown when Trump said it last year. I have been posting the data steadily since last year April.

Since the start of 2020 through 7/3/21:

331 children under the age of 18 died with Coronavirus.

49,047 children died of all causes.

0.67% of all children’s deaths is Coronavirus.

For every child that died with Coronavirus, 147.1 children died of other causes.

Average deaths in the US in the 553 days from the start of 2020 through 7/3/21:

8,955 all causes; all ages. (Yes, 8,955 deaths a day!)

1,079 Coronavirus deaths.

88.69 all causes children deaths.

0.59 of a child death with Coronavirus.

Make policy accordingly, freak-meisters.
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7 Jul
We are now at the stage of “ok Tucker didn’t make it up fully but the NSA spied on Russians and Tucker was just an incidental pick up. He was not the target.”

It’s a backdoor spying but still spying.

How long before we learn that the NSA did more than just this?
Now @JonahDispatch is spinning that he claimed the NSA isn’t spying on Tucker and the latest news does not change it.

1. Spying via backdoor is spying.

2. You dismissed it fully in a diff tweet!

3. Your tweet didn’t say “NSA isn’t targeting Tucker but maybe it was incidental.”
It went from “haha on Tucker’s claim that the NSA read his emails” to “it was incidental; not targeted.”

Down the road we will learn it was an ongoing effort but for “good” reason.

We were told Flynn was incidental. It turned out to be more on him; on Page; on Manafort et al.
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30 Jun
@BOENYC The NYC Board of Elections counted 135,000 test ballots together with real ballots and released “results” without anyone at BOE noticing.

Trump lost the WH by 43,000 votes spread in 3 states and he is corroding democracy if he has concerns about the integrity of those numbers.
@BOENYC You are run off of social media platforms if you raise doubts bout 2020 with margins much smaller than the 135,000 “oops” by the NYC BOE that no one there noticed until after counting and releasing it.
The Rank Choice Vote count that the BOE released was the TENTH count. They kept on redoing the count until all but two candidates remained all while not noticing that 135,000 votes being counted are “tests.” Those numbers were released without anyone at BOE noticing it.
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27 Jun
Lack of prosecution = exoneration.

Lack of recommending Congress to prosecute = exoneration.

It’s not a 50-50 when a prosecutor does not prosecute and court fails to convict.

It’s 0.

There is nothing.

On paper this is the US where people are innocent except if convicted.
Twitter Moments states as a fact that the Mueller Report did not exonerate Trump despite the above facts because we are being propagandized from tech to media.

And @brithume still thinks Trump narrowly lost 3 states because of his tweets.
@JoyceWhiteVance Get this from The Mueller Report: "The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

22 running amok couldn’t establish basic collusion.
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21 Jun
Since the start of 2020, more than 46,000 US children under the age of 18 died of all causes while 315 died with Coronavirus. That’s 0.68% of all children deaths which is a smaller fraction of the 600K Coronavirus deaths.

70% of the population without the kids can B vaccinated. ImageImage
Not going to tag her because it would be nasty to pounce on her nephew’s death the way people did on Herman Cain’s.

Public pressure caused her to lean on her brother to go for it for his young son; an age group that has the low COVID-19 outcome that it has as written above.
Burages echoed @djrothkopf’s tweet in December. Did David see the update (attached)?

More than 46,000 children in the US died of all causes since the start of 2020 and 315 were with Coronavirus.

315 out of 46,000 children deaths.

315 out of 600K Coronavirus deaths nationwide. ImageImage
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