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22 Jul, 16 tweets, 3 min read
So, liberals on twitter and elsewhere believe that they will overtake the ideology/party of Hindutva by 2024 and eventually save India from 'new' India. I admire their [over]confidence, but there are few vital things/issues I highlight through this thread for them.


First of all, on empathetic note, I admire them for their vision to counter and transcend Hindutva. But, let's do a bit of pragmatic analysis of their ignorance, egotism and stubbornness, etc.

To begin with...
As known, Hindutva is successful today because of poor and ineffective politics of narratives designed by the liberals. A serious introspection is required there to appease/win/appeal social cognition. Hindutva is not just an ideology anymore, BTW! It's a process, etc.

Liberals are still elitistic in their attitude and thus their aptitude to alter the altitude of 'new' India's is questionable or apocryphal. They're neither bold to acknowledge their privileges, nor agog to smash the same to replace with new thought processes.

Is any liberal, even intellectual ones who author for NDTV, Caravan or Gulf News, able to effectually understand & deconstruct: how Hindutva in a span of 7 years consolidated OBC/SC/ST in their electoral outcome, despite increasing hate crimes by 300% against minorities?

How many liberals literally have the balls to call a spade, a spade? Some claim to fight casteism, some claim to fight homophobia, some claim to fight Hindutva, some claim to fight hate, etc but none of these claimers are able to detect oppression in meso and meta forms!

Recently, when Ambedkarites took on a bunch of popular liberals on twitter for their past tweets which were sexist and also casteist, not many other liberals joined for even condemnation? The convenient silence astutely tells a lot about the credibility of the liberals.

To begin with, how many liberals disengaged with IMT for their homophobic approaches? I understand they need Muslim vote bank to fight Hindutva but there are cases wherein liberals are equally islamophobic. I have the SS of these elite liberals, so please chill-pill!

OTOH, how many anti-caste liberals endeavored to smash brahminical patriarchy in the spaces dominated by UC feminists? How many even dared to annihilate their surname & caste privilege, while ranting against caste? How many are ready to promote 'annihilation of caste' book?

There is another liberal who was unnecessarily named in Pegasus spyware. What a waste, when her gallery is filled with bhindi! She was caught defending naga sadhus without mask, amidst kumbh mela, during this pandemic, and blocked me.

There is another liberal who has written a gaslighting book "I am a troll" and continues to believe that Vajpayee was a great statesman and a liberal! Then, there's another female who wrote a self-published book on Gujarat riots who admires Nirmala Sitharaman and Vajpayee!

Basically, liberals are not organised and are not understanding their own journey, fight and also the struggle against Hindutva. They're a bunch of elites who want brahminism of their own version, if not the radical brahminism called Moditva.

Here's another liberal who wrote a book on "why I am a liberal" using classical liberal euphemisms but her hypocrisy is such that she would propound individual liberties, etc while promoting the idea of big state because of so-called progressive thinking!

Whatever state the 'new' India has reached today is all due to the soft & situational acknowledgement of orwellian policies, panoptic programmes, keynesian economics, sectional appeasement, etc. hitherto.

Hindutva bred underground & today it's the hydra that popped out.

In fact, many liberals in opposition parties have resorted to appeasing India's new vote bank called Hindutva while calling this tactical position as strategic. Little do they know how Hindutva has become a subaltern gene, too.

Last but not least, liberals can orgasm over their wishful thinking & assume that their structural reformatory approaches will make them win 2024 but this is not happening at all. Hindutva fascism i.e. Modi's 3rd wave is there. Sorry, but cope.


• • •

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10 Jul
It's a privilege to be a Hindu, in this nation, amidst the demography of Muslims, Avarnas, Christians or Adivasis. But, especially when it comes to beef or cow smuggling, it's a "cherry on a cake" privilege if you're a Brahmin, Rajput or OBC amongst Hindus.

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This whole thread consist of snippets and excerpts on the matter of Hindus involvement in cow smuggling business & hate politics against Muslims, via an article (May 2021 issue) from @thecaravanindia, followed by few tweets from my end on Hindu religion's support for beef.

This whole phenomenon I call it "cowmunism" which is inherently political, apathetic & hypocritical.

To begin with one of this 'ism' feature, let's ratiocinate that the esoteric intent of Hindus involvement has also to do with getting access to the clout of cow smuggling.

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On the behest of few well-wishers on twitter, here's a brief thread of my articles (Part-One) that you're entitled to use/read/refute them freely or even to use it as a counter to the ultracrepidarians' ignorance on twitter or elsewhere.

Part-2 or podcasts some other day.


Note: I'm 'master of none, jack of all'. Like Dr Ambedkar, I'm a polymath too. So all these work from my end are interdisciplinary by nature, in this epoch of information globalisation!

If you think my blogs are underrated on twitter, please amplify this thread.

I start:

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9 Jun
With all due respect, here's a quick thread on contemporary Periyarism!


With special regards to the so-called ideological coalition with Ambedkarites, despite being an Ambedkarite, some imp. 3 pointers for both the entities that can be replied without trolling me or anyone:
Point 1

Ambedkarites might still prefer separate electorates for Dalits, while the Periyarites would want self-determination rights for themselves. Assuming that Article 1 of Constitution be abolished, Periyarites go in sync with Ambedkar's speech on 'grammar of anarchy'?

Point 2

Periyarites, like Ambedkarites, are anti-Brahminism too. Would care to explain the crescendo of caste-based crimes, in the context of NCRB data, in Periyar's land?

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31 May
Thanks for saying this. I remember getting brutally trolled in December 2020 for critiquing the theory of Mayawati's statues by few militant Ambedkarites. I accept I was ignorant about significance of statue's face diplomacy, but instead of guiding me...I was trolled

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Considering how the Indian state has been brahminized by undermining the Ambedkarite voices, I realised Mayawati's step lately. In this thread, I offer constructive outlook on Mayawati's 2022 approaches with a little essence on past and present politics.

First of all, I plead her supporters on one thing: Listen. Listen. Listen.

Not every critic or potential supporter is a villain. As a person, I have something to say than have to say something. I have my own lived experiences in this regard.

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2 May
Yesterday was #LaborDay but none of us recalled some revolutionary thoughts of Bhagat Singh, a freedom fighter who has been appropriated by India's riot/hindutva wing today.

Bhagat believed that caste/casteism degraded the life/dignity of laborer.


The caste system, according to Bhagat Singh, was a system to extract free and cheap labour from the most under-privileged communities.

In ‘Satyagraha and Strike’ (1928), Bhagat ratiocinated that manual scavengers (untouchables) were the real working class: Image

Bhagat also believed that all those social reform movements lead by upper-caste were not intended to free the untouchables from the matrix of casteism. Upper-caste positively remember untouchables, only when there's a reaction to be done against communal representation. Image
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6 Apr
Amid a population of 135 crore, only 1.2L beneficiaries received incentives under 'Inter-Caste Marriage scheme' in 7 years. Although it's said that government's motivation to drive social exogamy is noble but is monetary incentivization enough to make the point?

Data here.
This measure i.e. promoting inter-caste marriages by providing financial assistance to couples marrying to Scheduled Castes (SCs) has been rolled out by governments at central & state levels to eradicate caste-based discrimination & increase intermingling of castes.

Inter-caste marriages are sanctioned by Special Marriage Act, 1954 and the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. Financial assistance of Rs. 2.5 Lakhs is provided to inter-caste couples where one of the spouses belongs to SCs.

As if money alone will undo casteism!

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