Very Interesting!
Don’t beat Yourself up, Doc.
So many factors here.
Playing on MS Patients Fears-fear of needles,hassle of clinic,IV therapy, SubQ shots(me).
Marketing: Always a pretty young happy person with Insurance.
Doctors with a full waiting room,
No time 4 Research.
Society says:Funding topic off limits!
You & I don’t want me to get worse!
You want your Patients Happy, Healthy, Getting Best Cutting edge Treatment
Insurance companies torn between costs and proving benefit and liability.Hoping their subscribers need Medicare/Medicaid soon.😫
Drug Manufacturers try to stay ahead of the curve, Research, development, studies, university system,American Arrogance, World is Envious,Socialists want Medicare for all (rationing will commence-formulary simplified.)Thought provoking as always. @threadreaderapp #unroll please

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23 Jul
I am Bewildered by both cumulative sleep deprivation and the Resistance of DME Providers to Even Try to make the claim for a Replacement of this Terribly Designed CPAP Nightmare Scenario. Millions of Sleep Deprived Sufferers of #OSA stop breathing at night.
It’s Bad. Way bad 😱 ImageImageImageImage
My Dentist 🦷 assessed my TMJ clicking. I woke up in the night,ripped out my bite guard and started chewing my thumb. He asked if I was on CPAP. Why, yes, I said, but Phillips recalled and I can’t get a new one. He said I deoxygenated and wake up biting. Dental reflects Mental 😫
Coincidentally, I’m using @ouraring to monitor sleep and activity, HRV,HR, and more. Off CPAP sleeping way below needs. But of course, Patient information is anecdotal, Or Not?? Using @Apollo_Neuro device is designed by Neuroscientists. Have Yours yet @dagenmcdowell ? ImageImageImageImage
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22 Jul
@Brandon_Beaber I’m also using @Apollo_Neuro combined with @ouraring to monitor and rebalance my nervous system Increase Heart Rate Variability (in 1 word-resilience). Monitor sleep, activity and more. About the cost of 1 or 2 magic pills 💊 😎
Since September 2020 when I got @ouraring and added to my @Apollo_Neuro wrist Neuromodulator 🤔
Continue to now, a steady increase in HRV (I call it the Fifth vital sign) @shiftms @Gemsallen @GavinGiovannoni Dip in May corresponded to Big Seizure ER visit, UTI, Subtherapeutic sz meds.
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21 Jul
This week gained enough energy to tackle my #CPAP Issue.
I never got this… my DME provider says not their responsibility. I threw my machine away @MedicareGov After 2 months I called DME provider for replacement. She said “it’s Phillips’ responsibility.
I talked to my Doctor initially and thought I could live without.Then had big seizure and terrible sleep-lack of. DME person scolded me for throwing away a defective machine when offered No Guidance. I never want to see another Phillips machine!! No filter for me! I want Resmed!
I told DME lady I almost bought one retail but I have great insurance. She said they sell res med retail. I want one of those. You can’t was all she said. Millions of people are going without CPAP because Phillips is dragging their feet. There is no fix. There are consequences.
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17 Jul
People think “Hospice” when they hear #Palliative Care. Neither term understood. Nobody feels comfortable with Death, Dying or Moaning in Pain. No Doctor is Comfortable saying, There’s nothing more we can do. My latest battle #MedicalCannabis is Sort of legal in Virginia.
For me, Cannabis offers a state of less pain and feeling better. Legislators and Doctor Governor @RalphNortham allowed bizarre restrictions like no dispensary near me, 4 plants per Household, no matter size of household, can’t buy it. Can’t have more than 1 ounce.
Now Electronic Vaping products might be outlawed? I recently discovered Delta Effex Delta 8 and Delta 10 with Terpenes. The day Cannabis went legal in VA, July 1st 2021, I put down my pipe and picked up my Delta Vapor. Excellent effects! ⬆️ energy ⬇️Pain.
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11 Jul
Thank God @amazon @JeffBezos are way bigger than little old #MS riddled me, sometimes in a heap of hurt, no, that’s HURT 😢
I’ve written letters that never are answered…
Now found and prefer Delta 8, 10 to Cannabis for Symptoms.
So imagine my surprise as Virginia USA Quasi-Legalized a measured amount of Cannabis, There are New Laws and Regulations (feel the price of a nickel sack go astronomical) in pipe-line.
Banning Post office from delivering vaping products, and Other carriers will be banned too 🤔
Ahhh, I get it, the Legislators formulate their law building by the forces of Money Flow. Delta Effex developed and makes a Superior Hemp Product (legalized under Farm Bill). THC<0.3%. With #Terpenes that promotes, for me, less pain, more active, feel Better ❤️‍🩹
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10 Jul
Yesterday I didn’t want to know.I have a few more risk factors. Have an excellent medical team and am losing weight, Rx HTN, Type 2 DM,⬆️ Chol well treated. Ozempic helped me lose 40 pounds and A1C now Normal. Costs $2,000 a month. Medicare and retirement coinsurance covers most.
Part of me wants to tell proponents of #SinglePayer Health insurance in the USA 🇺🇸 difference between @NHSuk website and American Capitalism and Benefits of Employment(really a component of salary package). Part of me knows “they” will persist until they need $80,000 a year Meds.
Was searching to see if #BoJo has better healthcare cost coverage than 🇬🇧 citizens do. Here 🇺🇸 Lawmakers who want #MedicareForAll for us little people will still have Cadillac plan, for your country Rolls Royce? What I found was worse.… @guardian get ready.
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