1.Why is it predictable that when you throw your phone up it would come down? How come you get the same result everywhere on our planet? This scenario confirms the reality of a principle: gravity. Can success be predictable? #success
2. Some cultures value principles more than others. You know you’re part of a culture that does not value principles by the level of impunity (living above the law/policies). Acting above the law is proof of power. It is celebrated and rewarded.
3. Fairness will be rare in such a culture. Power, wealth and opportunities will concentrate in the hands of a few. Crisis will be more predictable than progress. You should be concerned if you’re part of such a culture.
4. When you break a principle or work against it, the power within the principle works against you. The result is sudden sometimes, and at other times it is long term.
5. Principles don’t discriminate, so those that value them promote fairness and justice. A culture of impunity hurts the majority. Principles have power, so they make success possible. Principles never change, so they make success predictable.
6. Principles help us to understand the cause and effect dynamics in situations. Then we’re able to create/innovate what we imagine. This fuels the desire for learning. If you don’t understand the laws of motion, you won’t create bicycles, talk more of cars.
7. It’s difficult to break principles and succeed long term. Principles eventually break you. Create a new culture. Submit to and leverage principles, laws and policies to succeed personally, as a family, organization, or nation. This requires humility, courage and patience.

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21 Mar
1.I desperately needed a legal document (Power of Attorney), while we were on vacation in Florida several years ago. I got stressed up trying to figure out how to get it. #values #NewNigeria
2.Then I called my cousin, a Nigerian-American, for advice. He said, “Calm down, Sam. This is America. Someone has helped you to think about it. Go to Staples. You will see it there, along with other documents. Just fill in the blanks.” #values
3.He continued; “This culture values convenience and innovating to make things easy for you. If you want to do anything here and it’s getting complicated, take that as a sign you are going off track. The issue is no longer the problem. The problem is your mindset”. #values
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16 Mar
1. In Nigeria, we need to fix the vehicle (government), the drivers (leaders) and the passengers (citizens) to arrive at a developed economy. To fix the vehicle, let’s encourage the National Assembly to act urgently on the REPORT OF THE APC COMMITTEE ON TRUE FEDERALISM.
2. For the passengers (citizens), we must discuss and agree on the destination (the vision of a developed economy), and on the values that will get us there. We won’t get there without each of us committing to value for life, honesty, equality, innovation, excellence, etc.
3. For the drivers (leaders), character, skills and capacity are not negotiable. We must ensure they’re driving in the right direction, speak up if they’re driving into a ditch, and change them when necessary. Remember though, a bad vehicle can still mess up a good driver.
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21 Feb
1. Many have heard of Solomon, son of David and one of the most famous leaders in the Bible. He is highly reputed for his wisdom, his wealth and his love for women. But this story is about his son, Rehoboam. #leadership
2. Soon as Rehoboam succeeded Solomon as king, he had a town hall meeting with his citizens. The citizens pleaded for him to reduce the taxes. Solomon had built massive infrastructure that he later needed to tax citizens heavily to maintain.
3. Rehoboam requested for a few days to consult. He started with the advisers that served his father. (Solomon with all his wisdom needed advisers). They encouraged him to serve the citizens by granting their request, and projected that the citizens would serve him in return.
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19 Feb
1. My planned closing remarks for the #UrgentConversation organised by @RadioNow953FM.
2. DEVOLUTION OF POWER is very urgent: to states, local governments and most importantly, citizens. We citizens are the bonafide government in a democracy. @RadioNow953FM @channelstv
3. We citizens must agree now to make Nigeria a developed economy where we can create wealth on merit. We must agree to model the values that will make the vision realisable, like honesty, hard work, value for life, equality, equity, and excellence. @RadioNow953FM @channelstv
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31 Jan
His nickname was “Sholay”, derived from Sola, a Yoruba name. He was two years ahead of me in high school. He did something that shifted my paradigm and that has stayed with me for four decades. #NewNigeria
The Inter-House Sports Competition was one of the most prominent highlights of the school year back then. But long before the competition that particular year, I observed something unusual. #NewNigeria
Very early in the morning, Sholay would put on his yellow track suit pants and white t-shirt, and run all by himself on the tracks. It did not make sense. The inter-house competition was still several months away. #NewNigeria
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18 Dec 20
“God is not a man, so he does not lie.
He is not human, so he does not change his mind.
Has he ever spoken and failed to act?
Has he ever promised and not carried it through?” (Numbers 23:19 NLT).
“Listen, I received a command to bless;
God has blessed, and I cannot reverse it!” (Numbers 23:20 NLT).
“No curse can touch Jacob;
no magic has any power against Israel.
For now it will be said of Jacob,
‘What wonders God has done for Israel!’” (Numbers 23:23 NLT).
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