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We were here 30 years ago. It was the 1993 political crisis & I remember my father then a secondary school principal, faced with the options of either to #japa & get a life or #sink with the ship called 9ja.
He chose the first, took the academic route first to Germany and then to the USA where he still lives.
Exactly 30 years after ‘m faced with the exact same options… to #run&live or to #stay&sink
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1. We caught the wind of the information so late but my team in less than 20 minutes assembled a strong media coverage for the visit. @PeterObi
2. We know how interested Nigerians will love to be carried along with the details of the playout. So we did the hard job in no time.

Thanks to my team members @_olumose and @iamMatriix who did bulk of the media work. You guys are amazing.
3. Naysayers will shout, we don't care, Peter Obi @PeterObi is the candidate to beat come 2023. We dey his back.

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1.I desperately needed a legal document (Power of Attorney), while we were on vacation in Florida several years ago. I got stressed up trying to figure out how to get it. #values #NewNigeria
2.Then I called my cousin, a Nigerian-American, for advice. He said, “Calm down, Sam. This is America. Someone has helped you to think about it. Go to Staples. You will see it there, along with other documents. Just fill in the blanks.” #values
3.He continued; “This culture values convenience and innovating to make things easy for you. If you want to do anything here and it’s getting complicated, take that as a sign you are going off track. The issue is no longer the problem. The problem is your mindset”. #values
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Purity Exalts the body of Christ just like #Righteousness exalted a Nation

God said He is ready to #Intervene in the affairs of #Nigeria

#EndSARS #EndBadGovernanceInNigeria #Justice #mrmacaroni

But He needs intercessors who are ready to stand for the truth and uphold His righteousness, God is very much aware of this Injustice...

"Then the LORD saw it, and it displeased Him, That there was no justice; He saw that there was no man,
And wondered that there was no intercessor.” Isa 59: 15-16

Wait, No one is compelling you to Join the Protest... You don't need to be at the protest ground if you don't have the mind of @mrmacaronii , @SavvyRinu and others
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His nickname was “Sholay”, derived from Sola, a Yoruba name. He was two years ahead of me in high school. He did something that shifted my paradigm and that has stayed with me for four decades. #NewNigeria
The Inter-House Sports Competition was one of the most prominent highlights of the school year back then. But long before the competition that particular year, I observed something unusual. #NewNigeria
Very early in the morning, Sholay would put on his yellow track suit pants and white t-shirt, and run all by himself on the tracks. It did not make sense. The inter-house competition was still several months away. #NewNigeria
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Wow one of my heroes followed me, for a good reason I think @SavvyRinu thank you
@SavvyRinu Nigeria needs more ladies like you. Honorable and confident bold yet wise. May the most high God remember your love for Nigeria and give you the wisdom of Daniel on that panel . #retire APCPDP #NEWNIGERIA
Youth Rep on Lagos panel you represent us all. I'm praying for you. That the Spirit of God give you the wisdom of Solomon, the obedience of Samuel, the heart of David, the love of Jesus. I pray for grace on you and in you. I pray every lie be exposed. Every confusion be undone.
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1. My friend, Pastor Agbo Oni-Orisan, said his family once contracted a tiler to replace the bathroom tiles at their home in Germany, while they were away on vacation. #NewNigeria
2. When they returned, he observed the tiler had done a near-perfect job, except for a pretty short line. He called the tiler to let him know he did a great job. He mentioned the spot that wasn’t perfect but said they could leave it since it wasn’t easily noticeable. #NewNigeria
3. The tiler insisted he was coming back to correct the error. He pulled down all the tiles he laid and relaid all the tiles perfectly. Excellence is a personal value for him, but not for him only. #NewNigeria
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1. Originally, religion is a system of education (or belief system) designed to keep slaves subjected to their slave-masters, make them accept their lot in life (as slaves or second-class citizens), and to keep their hopes and focus on the afterlife. #NewNigeria
2. With this tool, a people who were once free to dream, to aspire, and to live, soon become contented to give up their dreams and aspirations, and to suppress their hopes and feelings so they won't offend their masters and "god". #NewNigeria
3. Any slave who has the effrontery to dream, to aspire, to long for freedom, will soon face the wrath and judgment of "god", by paying the ultimate price of giving his life. #NewNigeria #NigeriaNotes
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1. I shared these thoughts in 2018, and captioned it "LEARNING FROM AN ENEMY". The lessons are vital to our struggle for a #NewNigeria.

Please read slowly.
2. In Libya, some rebel forces formed a coalition to end the dictatorship of Gaddafi, and in 2011, they succeeded in taking him out. It's 7 years now (as at 2018), and the fight hasn't ended. In fact, stats show that the country is worse off...
3. In 2017, some voices rose against the 'excesses' of some church leaders, condemning them for using scriptures to take from people. A few weeks after, same folks were collecting phones and laptops from their followers...
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#endsars #endpolicebrutality

Dear Friends,

On a rather deeper look at things, Police brutality is the topmost of the agitation but the anger and fury is deeper, bottled up for many years. An oppression our fathers have endured and the children now say No More, Enough is Enough!
In the context of the current scenario “SARS” has become a metaphor.

“SARS” in our society today represents all the inefficiencies, corruption, structural imbalances, faults and All the shenanigans of the Political class
If this present fury does not inspire an overhaul of the Nigerian system, then we may be headed for another restless round of 60 year of disastrous merry go round. This Nation needs a RESET NOW!!

It’s a good time to negotiate the fixing of this great Nation.
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Many of us online might not be unaffected by this, but just think about this for a minute; Nigeria's unemployment rate more than doubled between mid 2015 and now from 8.2% to 23.1% meaning over 20 million Nigerians are now unemployed. #BetterNigeria
In the past year, the economy only created 200,000 full-time jobs in a country with over 88m Nigerians living in extreme poverty. Nigerians cannot afford to continue the status quo. We deserve a #BetterNigeria our young people deserve #BetterJobs #NewNigeria is possible.
In the past months I have over 100 requests for rents by helpless parents who has been failed by their government. There are thousands of others without jobs at all. Those with jobs are not gainfully employed (meaning their pay can’t handle their bills). Brace yourselves. 😞
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Such nerve for anyone of you supporting the “successful businessman” (whose US enterprise is receiving attention at the Justice Department of that country) to pretend you are ‘patriots’ who want to ‘save’ Nigeria.
You&your other friends of the #ButikuFamily sure make us 😂 😂.
Let’s keep going. Keep marching forward.

I am not contesting to “make a statement”.

I am contesting to retire the #ButikuFamily and the dangerous #Mindset they represent for our country.

It is time for a #NewNigeria of :

😂😂😂 Haa, our ‘friends’ are crying me a river tonight. Ndoonu.

For as long as you feel ENTITLED to disturb my TL with those your funny tweets, you better be ready to receive a #Butiku punch from me also.

Abi no be so? 💪🏿🇳🇬✅🚀
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If only there could be a regional town hall meeting for the youth, I will be willing to give my time Quarterly to speak to them all, as well as take out time to listen to the local challenges and find means to reach out and empower all. It is possible & will be done soon.
Every time we advocate for the good of humanity, those running an evil agenda as mandated by the crooked system breeding terror and rewiring the purpose of our young will call is frauds just because it threatens the status quo currently holding them hostage for crumbs.
The Bible and Quran were clear about the struggles of this day. There is no need for manstic cum social walls or religious isolationism. True leaders encourage aspiration and create more leaders without tethers. This is what I’ve been doing for over10yrs without asking for money.
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Smear campaign with falsehood is petty politics. People will always find some dirts to pull you into when they cannot present a superior argument at your level of dialogue. Politicians however need no veneration, but trying to create an absurd narrative to discredit is dumb.
Clearly in my view the primaries is between former VP HE @atiku and Senate President HE @bukolasaraki and the process of the emergence of either. We can only hope it is transparent, free and fair. Needless to say all aspirants are a million times better than the current disaster!
What those currently afraid of the imminent & abrupt end of their benefit from bloodletting, impunity & misrule of now want, is for an easy to discredit aspirant to emerge so they can heave a sigh of relief. Their greatest nightmare however is Saraki who’s demonstrably enigmatic.
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I just published “Will Police Reform Work Sustainably This Time? —…
For the sakes of headline junkies let me dissect the thoughts in that piece.

The journey thus far has been daunting to say the least & the most common questions have been; “Can the pronouncements be trusted?” “Will the Reforms be real and felt on ground?”
“We have heard many terms before and nothing has changed since the sundry political pronouncements” someone said to me, while walking out of the Force HQ in Abuja. A channels TV reporter specifically asked what is being done differently now for citizens to be optimistic?
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Apology accepted Distinguished. Ego has no room in credible leadership. We are all wired as a solution to specific issues and must not drown in the red ocean of violent & needless competition. I’ve got no such interest in identity politics of hate. I’m just standing in the gap.
Those interested in political position are forever free to express their interest. I have made it clear 15years back that I have no plan of going that route even with all the right connections and track record. The APC that has made monsters of our youth was merged by my team.
If I had wanted political power I would have gotten it easily under any admin for that matter. But this is far from my purpose. The people have been through a lot in almost 60years Of independence and I believe it is time Democracy delivers. This is what I’m about void of self.
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There is this special feature in my book #AfricanCloudCuckooLand that chronicled my consultancy in the region of crisis management, which aligned my path with Distinguished Honorable @alouibrahim92 in 2014. Here is a short story. @APCNigeria @MBuhari #HarmonyNG
I knew this honorable in the line of duty during Chibok Negotiation while he was the Chairman, house committee on internal security. We didn’t meet physically until last quarter of 2014 as introduced to me by a mutual friend before becoming my twin on a mission for #NewNigeria
A die hard CPC member until we were consulted to merge their treasured party with APC in 2013. No doubt we have our pockets of differences as much as we have similarities but our common ground remain the legacy we hope to leave behind for our loved ones and children.
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We WON Guys! #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG @julietkego @Tutsy22 @DrJoeAbah Time to build a new. The #NewNigeria is real. Congrats to @PoliceNG as we begin to reform. Out with the Old and welcome the New. 👏🏼👏🏼 #OsinbajoDelivers
Thanks @yemusan1 @koredebello @RuggedyBaba @fodewunmi @ChubaEzeks @Iykepfs @DrArowoloAyoola @ikehiemma and all the great people out there that have been contributing daily in the past one year. Now to focus on monitoring sustainably #ReformPoliceNG
The Devil is in the details. The implementation of the order is key. We will remain vigilant as we press on to ensure effective monitoring. Humans are weakest at the point of success but we must understand that success by itself is a journey & never a destination.
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Jesus Christ cursed a Deceptive Tree! You’ll wonder what the modern day pharisee will say to that. “Can you imagine? And he called himself a Christian. Lol...He is a putrid Fraud.” But Christ set this record for deeper reasons. Poverty=Lack Of Productivity (P) & (P)=Fruitfulness.
Unfruitful people are dens Of Evil. They are engrossed with themselves and preoccupied by survival thoughts by all means at all cost. They don’t care who dies for them to make their living. They are ready tools in the hands of any demon. This is why leaders emancipate people.
We ask questions on track records of our aspirants not because of the importance of their toil but to check if they are fruitful, innovative, capable, credible educated, informed, empathetic and conscientious. Running for office must be an act of service not the creed of greed.
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It’s a shame Yabatech is still operating from the ‘School of Tension’ perspective after many years. Most of my first year courses were self studied after some tyrannical lecturers sent me out for asking a difficult question. The often inebriated fellow eventually sacked the class
We will meet in the exam hall he said storming out of the class. This was accounting. A core course. The same thing happened in Statistics class. I had to teach tutorials at several departments at a fee just to manage the crowd. We saved lives back then. Sad the culture persists.
I’m happy we have a strong voice and perspicacious leader handling education sector reform in our Blockchain @julietkego When we get there you will feel her uniqueness. The #NewNigeria is real.
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We understand the toll the deliberate impoverishment of the masses may have taken on those who carry guns. The leadership of SARS/Police Are no enemies. The campaign never said everyone is evil. We are simply demanding that they become accountable. Do we celebrate their crimes?
If 8 of 10 encounters across Nigeria shows Armed Robbery, Kidnapping, Extortion, Abuse Of Human Rights, intimidation and outright high handedness in your opinion we should focus on the 2 cases of the parade of innocent citizens as armed robbers? 🤔
People should understand that a lot of hard work is at play here beyond Socialmedia to help Police hierarchy get the true picture and spread the enlightenment to their men who really may have lost their ways. This is not benchmark and best practices. This is anarchy on steroids.
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I will forever come clean to you. I have never been under so much pressure both from those who now believe they have a team player and those who need me on their side to assure themselves that their political enemies won’t have a munition in me. But I will never leave the people.
Over the years we have seen many Activists compensated to leave their struggle. Many are living examples of this compromise but thankfully I am No One let alone an Activist. If there is such a political party as Independents, that is where I will be. Right by the people.
For many years Power has come at the expense of Change because the flesh & wants for vanity have lured valiant men to the temptation of compromising their convictions. The people deserve a critical mass of transformational leaders & enlightened followers who won’t need an office.
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Whether we like it or not, history will reflect that under HE President @MBuhari and the 8th National Assembly headed by HE @bukolasaraki @SPNigeria and Rt Hon @YakubDogara @NGRHouse the over 70years old constitutional impediment to progress in Law & Order was lifted #PoliceACT
How this was achieved may not matter much in the long run but do let your children know that it happened based on the activation of the power of the citizenry. Hundreds of thousands of Nigerians rose up in support of a non-aligned Movement that birthed the political will.
It also significantly marked a period in our lives when we longer leave our collective destiny solely in the hands of politicians. We are closing institutional gaps and getting involved in Nation building. Leadership has been demonstrated to be possible from wherever we are.
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