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What a day at the @IMDSymposium, hearing from @KatyRR, @SeanGreenMusic, @ChrisPoonMD, @musicbeater, @marcshaiman, @lippaofficial, @LacketyLac, @stephenoremus, @StuartMorleyMD and others. Can’t wait for tomorrow! In other news my kids glammed up using make up and hair chalk 😂🧑‍🎤👩‍🎤
2nd day of @IMDSymposium was just as good. My highlights were definitely @musicbeater showing us his orchestrating process and @StuartMorleyMD’s presentation on tempo, but none of that will surprise anyone who knows me! #academic #OchestrationAndArrangement #process @nickisapiro
Seem to have missed Tuesday’s tweet somehow, so this is a double-header to make it back up. The whole day was spent in one sort of meeting or other, ranging from study support to teaching assistant interviews to our virtual graduation celebration. Hectic but good. @nickisapiro
Today was dominated by an all-day training session, and part two is to follow tomorrow. Some interesting exercises done in breakout rooms through the day but it was all quite tiring if I’m honest. Did manage to get some emails sorted in the gaps, which was useful. @nickisapiro
Completed my training today, including some time working on coaching. Managed to pick off several emails in the gaps but can’t help feeling I’m behind now. I guess that’s what tomorrow is for! The girls had a good day with the childminder, picnicking at Harlow Carr. @nickisapiro
Lots of work done picking off tasks today. Had my last meeting with @Karenburland before she ends as HoS and was interviewed about being an MD as part of a Masters project. Had to take Ombra to the vet this evening - he’s staying there overnight but should be ok 🐈‍⬛ @nickisapiro
Went into Leeds this morning and saw dinosaurs there. Not something I though I’d write! Got more stuff for the house too. @nickisapiro painted the study and airing cupboard while I had a phone argument with a large company, collected the cat from the vet, and hung curtain rails. Image
I did a lot of tidying today and managed to find the dining table! I rebuilt some of the kids’ bed to add in the missing dowels so it looks good as new again now. I also got a couple more doors rehung. @nickisapiro did yet more painting. The girls put on make up and fake nails 😂
Got a lot of bitty things done this morning before an afternoon of back-to-back Teams calls. I put up our new kitchen blinds this evening and @nickisapiro did even more painting! Older child enjoyed day 1 of her @Opera_North summer camp, and younger had a day with @DianeSapiro2. Image
Older child had more fun at @Opera_North camp and our younger child had a great day out with my parents. Our roof-light blind was fitted, the ‘wardrobe’ rails I put up last night are still up, and we now have carpet in the study. Ombra went outside too. @nickisapiro @DianeSapiro2 ImageImageImage
Battled through tasks at work today, getting there slowly but surely. Electrician nearly finished at the house but the car charger still isn’t working. My dad and I rehung the last few doors and sorted the downstairs skirting; @nickisapiro and @DianeSapiro2 found the porch floor! Image
Several tradespeople were back at the house today - still some final snags to sort but they’re nearly all done now. One of those days when my meetings all seemed to be with the same colleagues so they’re probably sick of me! Ombra had another vet check up - he’s ok. @nickisapiro
Tidied the playroom before work today, creating suitable space for @nickisapiro and I to partially fill it with boxes again this evening. Frustrating at work but nothing to be done about it. Saw older child do her performance at the @Opera_North_Ed camp. She loved the whole week!
Had a lie-in this morning. It was wonderful! We liberated the piano today and despite being in a very dusty house during 4 months of building work it’s survived well, albeit a little out of tune. The kids enjoyed a little singalong, doing Little Shop in 3 parts with @nickisapiro. Image
More painting done today so the porch is ready for flooring. I had my 2nd migraine in 2 days, but I think I’m a bit dehydrated and tired. Went to the Friends of Leeds Baroque garden party and had a sneak preview of @LeedsBaroque’s streamed concert (watch it 3 Sept). @nickisapiro Image
Back working in @LeedsUniMusic today finishing off tasks and trying to get to the bottom of the inbox. A bit slow, but still progress. Cleared stuff out of the living room this evening ahead of the laminate going down this week. It looks as if we’re moving out again! @nickisapiro
Today felt productive and I think it was. Very nice to catch up with @_DanMerrick in person this afternoon and talk some @OfficialFPL (sorry @nickisapiro). Another vet trip for the cat resulted in a mini enema to ‘unblock’ him. Just got him back home and into the garden in time…
Early start for @nickisapiro and me today doing some last-minute ceiling painting before the laminate flooring was started downstairs (to be finished tomorrow). The cat wants to come on holiday with us; if not then be finds the suitcase comfy. Nice to see my in-laws this evening. ImageImage
Saw @DaveIreland5 for a useful in-person meeting in the garden this morning. I caught the sun, which doesn’t happen when indoors on a Teams call. Laminate flooring now all done, and I’ve put a supporting leg under the island worktop. Now on leave with @nickisapiro and the girls. Image
We are in Aldeburgh with @GillBracey, having a much needed break (@nickisapiro’s parents are cat-sitting Ombra). Lovely stroll along the path by the beach, and the girls began the ‘spot the window’ challenge on the High Street. Enjoying the sunshine, sea air and lack of MS Teams!
Restful morning. @nickisapiro, @GillBracey and I got some things sorted before heading to @SnapeMaltings this afternoon for a lovely walk to Iken Church with @Karenburland and family. @sweeneyfiddle concert at @BrittenPears #TheDomeStage was great. Good start for @LFC today too.
Had our annual paddle/swim in the North Sea today. Bit cold at first but it’s surprising how quickly you warm up once you’re in properly. Went to @NT_SuttonHoo this afternoon and saw the royal burial mounds. Chocolate cake in the cafe was great too! @nickisapiro @GillBracey ImageImageImageImage
(That was last night’s tweet, which has only just posted this morning, for some reason!)
Had a lovely birthday today with @nickisapiro, the girls and @GillBracey. Nice time at the boating pond, completed ‘spot the window’ and had fish & chips for dinner followed by salted caramel chocolate brownie ‘birthday cake’. Nicki got me @GilesTerera’s book - looks fascinating. ImageImage
Spent the morning packing @GillBracey’s paintings while the kids wrote illustrated stories. Older daughter amazed us this afternoon by riding her bike without any fuss having not ridden at all for a year (when she failed to ride it). She also managed the monkey bars. @nickisapiro Image
Girls had their nails done this morning while I packed up our stuff. Walked along the beach to Thorpeness for lunch then took a rowing boat out on the meare in the afternoon sunshine. Walked back on the low-tide sand, stopping at the scallop. Lovely day. @nickisapiro @GillBracey ImageImageImageImage
Left Aldeburgh this morning after a great holiday with @GillBracey. Had lunch with a view at @MiltonCountryPk where the kids enjoyed the sundial stones. Also stopped at the playground at Langold Country Park. @nickisapiro’s parents had sorted dinner for us when we got home too! ImageImageImageImage
Back at work today and battled through a lot of the backlog of emails. Teams had been mercifully quiet! Did a fair bit of diary management, trying to ensure I’m organised this year (we’ll see…). Ombra seems a fair bit better; eating ok and acting more like himself. @nickisapiro
Torrential rain kept us indoors most of today, though the girls managed to get into the garden a bit this morning. I fitted the rest of the skirting boards and put up the other wardrobe rail, so we’re getting more and more sorted. Got my Little Shop score today too! @nickisapiro
Had the Liverpool clan over today so the girls played with their cousins while the adults had a catch up. @nickisapiro and Ffi constructed some new furniture while Paul and I took out old wardrobes. I hung up paintings too. We also had the garden weeded, so it looks much better.
Quite a intense day at work today with a whole series of sessions that required complete concentration throughout. All in a good cause though! Kids enjoyed their first day of sports camp at @TheEdgeLeeds. They were happy but good and tired when @nickisapiro and I collected them!
Saw a hedgehog in the garden this morning. Another intense day at work, but marshalled superbly by @MelaniePrideau2. Kids enjoyed day 2 of sports camp though couldn’t recall what they did 🤣. Had a Zoom chat this evening about a livestream event I’m doing in Sept. @nickisapiro Image
I had an in-person meeting today, which was great and included meeting a colleague offline for the first time. Our cat had an adventure; someone saw him on our road and for some reason picked him up and took him to the vet. He’s fine, and as bemused by it as we are! @nickisapiro
Had a walk-round of the building with @_DanMerrick this morning for a health and safety check ahead of the new term. Girls enjoyed swimming and climbing at sports camp, and decisions were made about repertoire for a livestream in September. Also, cat + Mac = awkward! @nickisapiro Image
Dealt with some emails, but for the most part today was a research day, my first proper research day in about 20 months. Admittedly after a PhD supervision I spent a large amount of time watching @DisneyPlus, but that’ll be music to @tobyhuelin’s ears I would think! @nickisapiro
@nickisapiro and I did yet more painting, doing the walls and ceiling in the front bedroom. Nicki did a 2nd coat too, but some parts will need a 3rd coat 😫. Kids rode their bikes, with the younger trying without stabilisers. We also took some fun silhouette photos of the girls. ImageImage
After a bit of a frantic morning of tidying up and packing we’ve had a lovely day meeting up with family at #AdventureFarm. Hadn’t seen @nickisapiro’s cousin and family for 2 years! The girls really enjoyed feeding the animals, doing the maize maze, bouncy pillow and dinosaurs. ImageImageImageImage
Lovely morning with family again. The girls enjoyed the local playground, playing with water pistols and helping prepare cardamom bread (not all at the same time!). We’ve now met up with my parents at @LEGOLANDWindsor. First day in the park tomorrow! @nickisapiro @DianeSapiro2
Day one in @LEGOLANDWindsor included Flight of the Sky Lion and Pirate Treasure Falls (and a lot of queueing!!). Rain mostly held off, which was a relief. It was our younger daughter’s birthday today and she had a lovely day (though Sky Lion was a bit much for her). @nickisapiro ImageImage
A busier day 2 in @LEGOLANDWindsor. Used reserve and ride, so did 14 rides including the Haunted House and Dragon, filling our virtual queue time with the carousel, aero, etc. The kids drove/controlled cars, boats, ‘hot air balloons’ and ‘helicopters’. @nickisapiro @DianeSapiro2 ImageImage
Left @LEGOLANDWindsor this morning after a great couple of days. Stopped for lunch and a stroll in Daventry Country Park (very nice) before heading on to see @GillBracey. Had a walk this afternoon and watched the excellent @LeedsBaroque streamed concert. @nickisapiro @_DanMerrick
Different sort of entertainment today, at @WistowMaze. Great fun and a proper ‘maize maze’ with thick, tall walls and fixed paths. The kids showed remarkable senses of direction (or were lucky). @nickisapiro cleaned @GillBracey’s candlesticks this evening; prep for doing ours! Image
After some shenanigans this morning we spent some more time with @GillBracey before heading back to Leeds after lunch. Ombra (our cat) wasn’t interested in our appearance, waiting at least 15 minutes before gracing us with his presence 😂. @nickisapiro and I then moved furniture.
More decorating done today. @nickisapiro finished most of the painting in the front bedroom just in time for us to work in there tomorrow, and I carpeted the loft store to make it more usable (since we have to go in there in our knees). We also bought a cauldron instead of a pan. ImageImage
Piano moved into living room first thing. Back at work after a week on leave and my inbox made the towering inferno look like a tea light. Got through quite a bit and dealt with urgent matters (amazing how much can crop up in a week), but still some catching left. @nickisapiro Image
Sang top tenor (on my own) in the synagogue choir today for Rosh Hashanah. First time singing in a ‘singing mask’ - bit uncomfortable but worked ok and it all went well. Kids were back at school and enjoyed themselves (phew!). Nice to see @DaveIreland5 this evening. @nickisapiro
Back in synagogue this morning (the conductor forgot his tuning fork so there were some interesting keys used at times!). At work this afternoon, where I distinguished myself by completely misunderstanding a policy change. Unlike me, but proves I’m human I guess 🤣. @nickisapiro
Busy day at work and I lost my cool somewhat in a Teams meeting 😳. Also got some things done and a job started with @nickisapiro. Rehearsed for next week’s livestreamed ‘Music of Kol Nidrei’ this evening. Can’t fully express how amazing working with live players and singers was.
On campus today and the first time in ages I’ve not worked in the same building as @nickisapiro 😢. Good research meeting this morning with @tobyhuelin, talking #Frozen2, and an afternoon spent in person with my fellow DSEs and the Faculty SE team. @MelaniePrideau2 @Karenburland
Visited a colleague and met her lovely new baby this morning. Our girls were back at ballet, @nickisapiro finished painting the front bedroom and I battled a radiator. Younger child whacked her head on the bannisters and gave us a scare, but she’s fine. Raducanu won the US open!!
Headed over to Liverpool today for a joint 106th birthday party for our younger daughter, our niece and my great grandma. So lovely to see all the family and nice to catch up with everyone on a happy occasion. Brother and sister-in-law were excellent hosts as usual. @nickisapiro ImageImageImageImage
[late] Three back-to-back meetings consumed the morning, but all were useful in getting ready for the start of term. Inbox is haemorrhaging a bit though! Older daughter had her 1st violin lesson for 2 months, and I had a zoom meeting about the Kol Nidrei livestream. @nickisapiro
Got a lot of prep done for the start of term today, and it felt good to achieve! Did our livestreamed ‘Music of Kol Nidrei’ this evening. It went well! Cantor, strings, piano and vocal quartet were all great, and the tech went well too. @nickisapiro @Steve_katongo @BryanDWhite00 Image
Interesting day. Internet died just before I chaired a meeting, so phoned @DaveIreland5 who broadcast me to Teams! School closed early owing to a power cut. Older daughter had @Opera_North Children’s Chorus tonight and younger had #Brownies, so @nickisapiro and I were both taxis.
Oops, very late tweet from Thursday. It was Yom Kippur so the main activities were praying and fasting. Quite intense but not all that interesting to tweet about. The kids read their reading books and I tested our older child on her spellings. She did pretty well. @nickisapiro
Welcomed our new cohort of masters students to @UniversityLeeds @LeedsUniMusic today. Numbers meant our morning meeting was online (a shame, but a nice big community), but most programme leaders met their students in person this afternoon. Freshers arrive on Monday! @nickisapiro
We cleared most of the front bedroom today ahead of it being carpeted on Monday, and caulked a lot of the remaining sections of skirting board that still had gaps. Girls did ballet, and played out the sunshine this afternoon. @nickisapiro went to a wedding reception this evening.
Early start for me and @nickisapiro but all ok in the end. Kids and I went shopping this morning and got various DIY bits and bobs, and we had a lovely time with Clive and Pat this afternoon. Heard some great news about our amazing @UHCLeeds cantor, sorry, I mean rabbi today too.
Privileged to meet our new first year undergraduate @LeedsUniMusic students in person this morning and also to spend time with our new masters students this afternoon. Had an in-person meeting with @DaveIreland5 too. Also, we had more carpet and lino fitted at home. @nickisapiro ImageImageImage
Popped onto campus this morning for a chat with @jpitches68. Thought-provoking discussion, which is good. Happened to catch @LibbyClarkLeeds passing through the Ziff cafe, which was a bonus. Day ended with a family trip to the dentist for checkups, but no problems. @nickisapiro
Got my ears sorted this morning meaning I can now hear properly again. Doing a gig and numerous meetings in the last fortnight half deaf has been challenging! Got some stuff done today but still seem to have more coming in than going out. Head is *just* above water. @nickisapiro
Finished off a large task today and should get it live tomorrow, just in time for term. New sideboard arrived and we also now have our coffee table (totally restored by @DianeSapiro2). The cat decided the kids’ reading corner was for him so made himself comfortable. @nickisapiro ImageImageImage
And just like that welcome week is over. I’m immensely privileged to have had in-person meetings with all year groups of students including masters. Just about ready for the start of term, but I’ve not known a September like this before (even considering last year). @nickisapiro
Finally cut up the last bit of the old kitchen worktop this morning and took it to the tip. I also cut down some wood to make a corner post to finish the kitchen units. The girls had dancing, and @nickisapiro and I emptied a number of boxes and put seemingly 100s of teddies away! Image
The waste pipe from the kitchen sink/dishwasher was missing the drain and causing a smell in the house. I changed the gravel, fitted new bends on the waste and angled it properly, so hopefully it’s sorted. A picnic lunch and games with the girls were much more fun! @nickisapiro Image
Today was hectic, full of teaching prep and admin, but I ticked a lot of things off the to-do list. @nickisapiro and I got out for a short walk at lunchtime (after the torrential rain). This evening I had my first theatre rehearsal in nearly two years. Forgotten how tiring it is!
Taught my first class of the year today, delivering a lecture on a core level 1 module. Class size meant it had to be online, but there was good attendance, lots of chat comments and the padlet was well populated! Continued to plough through the admin this afternoon. @nickisapiro
Attacked the inbox today, and by 4pm I had dealt with all my emails … from today and yesterday. It’s a start, I guess. Older daughter was super happy and singing nonsense songs after @Opera_North Children’s Chorus tonight. Younger child had a good time at Brownies. @nickisapiro
Took Ombra to the vet this morning for his first acupuncture session! Hopefully this will help with any arthritis pain. Continued to attack emails for much of the day and finally solved the issue of why my account kept locking. Good rehearsal for LSoH this evening. @nickisapiro
End of week 1! I’ve had 300 emails from colleagues and 100 from students since Monday - not bragging or complaining, but I’m interested to know how those numbers stack up. Older daughter finally has her best friend for a sleepover tonight, a year later than planned! @nickisapiro Image
It’s our older daughter’s 10th-birthday weekend. @nickisapiro took her to get her ears pierced this morning (surprise) and her sister made her some birthday bunting while she was out (cute). @KatyRR has somehow managed to sort out a brill birthday surprise too. #CantBelieveShes10
A morning of house tidying followed by a lovely family party for our daughter’s 10th birthday. Nice to have @DianeSapiro2, @GillBracey, @Steve_katongo and everyone else here, but shame @robbracey and @emmaforster123 couldn’t be here (but Zoomed in). @nickisapiro was a super host.
Today our older daughter turned 10!! Can’t believe it’s been a decade, where has the time gone? She had a nice day at school (her friends liked her new earrings), and enjoyed opening cards and presents this evening. She also chose the cuisine for dinner (Chinese). @nickisapiro
Spent a lot of time working upstairs today because @nickisapiro and I both had meetings. Installed some IKEA DVD units this evening complete with a home-made plinth created from kitchen offcuts. The irony that we threw away one of these units a few months back isn’t lost on us.😱 ImageImage
On campus this morning and had student meetings in my office. Very different to online meetings, not least because I had more resources (books) to hand. Our ‘daughters in different places’ evening was harder because we only had 1 car, so @nickisapiro walked to Brownies (sorry).
Took Ombra for acupuncture and got home in time for the boiler engineer. Interviewed a music editor with @tobyhuelin for one research project, and talked about another with @CathreeneH, and still got to school on time for the kids. Good #LSoH rehearsal tonight too. @nickisapiro
Boiler has failed, so no heat or hot water today. In the office this morning for tutorials then taught a class in an actual room with students for the first time since last November. It felt good! Back home this afternoon and finally battled to the end of my marking. @nickisapiro
A second boiler engineer came out this morning and we now almost have a new boiler in the body of the old one, for the price of a repair. #bargain. Kids had dancing today and we got some more stuff for the house afterwards. @nickisapiro and I watched the @JamieMovie this evening.
[late] Totally free day for the first time in heaven knows how long. Had some lovely family time doing a treasure hunt in Saltaire. The kids did well spotting the answers to the clues, and we all had a good walk. Later, @nickisapiro and I cleared more things from the front room.
Dealt with emails today and had a much needed catch up with my fellow Faculty DSEs. @nickisapiro and I managed a quick walk at lunchtime, and it was nice to be out in the sunshine. Hectic evening with older child’s violin lesson, hurried dinner, then out to my LSoH rehearsal.
Today was unusual because @nickisapiro was on campus and I was at home. It was very quiet, and not necessarily in a good way. Took Ombra for more acupuncture this morning - 11 needles this time. Kids did piano practice after school and both did ok in the end after slow starts.
Lots of meetings took up most of today, but I got my teaching planned too. While older child was at @Opera_North Children’s Chorus I read (devoured) most of @GilesTerera’s amazing book ‘Hamilton and Me’. Utterly fascinating to have this sort of insight into his process. #MustRead Image
On campus today and nice catching up with @DaveIreland5 over lunch. He called me on my office phone - very 2019!! 😂. Older daughter cooked dinner this evening with minimal assistance and it was very tasty. Super proud of her. #LSoH rehearsal was good tonight too. @nickisapiro
Several meetings today, but @DaveIreland5 did well keeping some of them very short. Finally got the Minerva area for one of my modules totally finished thanks to some great advice from @MichaelJBramham. Kids did piano practice in lieu of a lesson and both did well. @nickisapiro
Both kids did ballet today; @nickisapiro and I stripped the front room wallpaper. Younger child worked through the ‘draw the Mr Men’ book and older did lots of reading. Nicki and I went to @Opera_North’s Bernstein double-bill this evening. Really nice to go to the theatre again. ImageImage
Got more piano parts recorded for #LSoH this morning - tickets go on sale this week and the show’s 7 weeks away 😱😬. Had some family time after lunch, walking at Yeadon Tarn and a bit of shopping. Kids did face painting, @nickisapiro stripped wallpaper, and I built the TV unit.
Slightly odd day since @nickisapiro and I had misaligned diaries so we worked from home in different rooms, which is much less fun! Older daughter had a good violin lesson and younger read some of her reading book and helped make dinner. Good #LSoH rehearsal this evening as well.
Today felt like a deluge of emails. Older daughter had a play date after school and had lots of fun with the pets (dog, cats and rabbits). @nickisapiro was out this evening. I stripped the last of the wallpaper at half time in the #LFC match. The game was a stressful watch! #YNWA
Today included an assessment board excellently (and at times comedically) chaired by @DaveIreland5. Nice to welcome @laurenredhead back to Leeds for it! Standard Weds evening, with the kids at different activities. Younger child enjoyed her chip dinner at Brownies. @nickisapiro
Back on campus today though all but one of my meetings was online in the end. Busy day, block booked 11am-4.30pm, but it was great to catch up with our student School Reps and @DaveIreland5. #LSoH rehearsal this evening was good. We sang all the company numbers. Making progress!
This morning started later than planned since I failed to set an alarm 😳. Just made it to the vet for Ombra’s acupuncture session! Good meeting with @tobyhuelin and @DaveIreland5 this afternoon, and I got things sorted at work for next week when I’ll be on leave. @nickisapiro
Busy day! Younger child had a classmate’s birthday party (1st one since Feb ’20) and older had dancing. I got #LSoH rehearsals tracks sorted. Picked daughter up from ballet then @nickisapiro drove us all to Cumbria. Now with @LibbyClarkLeeds and @MrBC3000 in their fabulous house!
Lovely day in Cumbria with @LibbyClarkLeeds and @MrBC3000 and family. Nice walk in the countryside, plenty of food across the day, and the game of #HeroQuest was a bonus! We had a great weekend. Headed to Liverpool after dinner and now with my parents. @nickisapiro @DianeSapiro2 Image
We left the kids with the grandparents this morning where they did lots of sewing. @nickisapiro and I drove down to Aldeburgh. Here to help @GillBracey with the last bits of her house move and to take some things back to Leeds. Lovely peaceful evening walk along the Cragg path.
I spent a lot of today taking stuff apart/down in @GillBracey’s garden and then playing Tetris trying to get things into our car. A couple of false starts, but I got there with @nickisapiro’s help. We’re doing a lot, but this is much-needed respite after a mad start to the term.
Another day of clearing, cleaning and tidying, and we made good progress. All the stuff for the tip is in the car to go in the morning, final windows and blinds cleaned, shed sorted and items taken to charity shop. Fish and chip dinner was fully deserved! @nickisapiro @GillBracey
Today started with a trip to the tip and got better from there 😂. Packed more stuff into boxes and bags, ran some errands on the high street, and actually made it all the way to Thorpeness on our walk. Had dinner out at the @PloughandSail - great grub. @nickisapiro @GillBracey ImageImageImageImage
I spent most of the day sorting out stuff on @GillBracey’s computer. I don’t *think* I’ve broken anything… She and @nickisapiro went to an event at the Red House, and I finally watched the highlights of #LFC dismantling MUFC. Day finished with a lovely dinner at @AldeLighthouse.
Nice breakfast at the Two Magpies, then last bits loaded into cars so @nickisapiro and I could come home to Leeds and @GillBracey was ready to move out. Drive north was unproblematic. Lovely to see our girls again this evening and have a late birthday dinner with @DianeSapiro2. Image
The clocks going back and being at home meant a welcome long night’s sleep. Older child was back at swimming today and did very well, and younger wrote a lovely little song. I dodged the terrible rain to go and buy wood, paint and tools! We also played Rummikub. @nickisapiro ImageImageImage
Today started with my new circular saw and cutting skirting board before work. Glued the bits in place at lunchtime, so ready for the beading to go in tomorrow. Made a significant dent in the inbox too! Had all 3 Rockettes for #LSoH this evening, which was helpful. @nickisapiro
Took Ombra for his arthritis injection this morning while the flooring guys put the beading on the laminate. Did some research and had a good chat with @tobyhuelin, @DaveIreland5, Julia, @Melissa_Morton_ and @jadcarleton. All in all quite a productive day, I think! @nickisapiro
The last room in the house was plastered today, so we can start decorating when that’s dry. I spent all morning finishing a handbook, but also got some marking done and made progress with a conference paper. Kids loved choir and Brownies respectively this evening. @nickisapiro Image
On campus today and nice to catch up with a couple of colleagues in person over a cuppa! Did the school run this afternoon and then worked with the kids on their homework and piano practice. Covered just about every song in the show in the #LSoH rehearsal tonight! @nickisapiro
Today I used a research day to do research! Had a productive chat with @tobyhuelin about our paper on the music of #Frozen2. Got the paper and slides just about finished too! Kids did well in their piano lessons and enjoyed watching fireworks from our bedroom window. @nickisapiro
Standard Saturday - the girls had dancing, older did violin practice, and we picked off jobs that needed to be done ahead of next week. @nickisapiro was late getting our younger child from ballet because we didn’t notice the time 😳. Older child made macaroni cheese for dinner 😋
Welcomed @robbracey and @emmaforster123 today, meaning they finally saw house. The girls loved playing with their little cousin, who was in an excellent mood. Older child had swimming too. Took Ombra to the vet this evening; was struggling but seems a bit better now. @nickisapiro
Ombra seemed a fair bit better today (though still not 100%). Got an important document finished this morning and continued work on some others too. Meetings took away most of the afternoon. Great #LSoH rehearsal tonight, piecing act 1 together for the first time. @nickisapiro
Spent the morning discovering Google slides. Handles videos better than PowerPoint, but frustrating in other ways. CfP for a co-edited volume went out today (thanks @tobyhuelin and @ElsaMarshall16)! Pieced act 2 of #LSoH tonight, ready for a full run on Thursday 😬. @nickisapiro
Saw some students for supervisions this morning - one chose an in-person meeting, the others went for Teams 🤷‍♂️. Lovely lunchtime stroll round the park with @nickisapiro. Great chat with @SilviuCobeanu and @TRUST_FUND this afternoon about employability and skills. Lots to ponder!
2nd day on campus this week! Got a fiddly task done this morning and enjoyed day 1 of @hollywoodfilmtv’s conference this afternoon. Early evening @tobyhuelin and I had the pleasure and privilege of talking with @CBeckOfficial. Ended the day with a full run of #LSoH. @nickisapiro
Spent this afternoon at @hollywoodfilmtv’s virtual conference, which included an excellent paper by @ProfDomMcHugh, who later chaired the session that @tobyhuelin and I presented in. Our paper went down well. @nickisapiro & I watched @intheheights this evening. Really enjoyed it.
Today was basically all about one thing - decorating. Got the woodwork in the kids’ play room all sanded, painted the ceiling and, with @nickisapiro’s help, got all the new plaster walls mist coated too. The girls helped with dinner by making and cooking flatbread. It was yummy. ImageImageImage
This morning was so long ago I can’t remember what happened (old age setting in!!). Took older child to swimming then to a party at an ice rink this afternoon. She loved it. Made some theatre-going plans with @nickisapiro this evening and made progress with an overdue family job.
Today was quite bitty, with tasks fitted around meetings. One of those days when you’re not sure you’ve achieved much, but you know you’ve worked all day. Older daughter had a good violin lesson and younger read her school reading books. #LSoH rehearsal was … ok 😂. @nickisapiro
Useful meetings today though I again spent a lot of time on bitty tasks. Took Ombra to the vet for acupuncture so hopefully that will start to have an effect again soon. Great #LSoH rehearsal this evening, total opposite to yesterday. @nickisapiro had a @TheCCLeeds rehearsal too!
Wednesday evening parenting was switched: @nickisapiro took our older daughter to choir and I took the younger to Brownies so I could get to my rehearsal. Younger one overcame nerves to dance in Brownies’ Strictly - came 2nd! #LSoH went very well. Felt like a pre-covid rehearsal. Image
Spent today completing some admin and planning my upcoming masters class. Identified some new resources that both diversify and amplify the voices in the discussion, which is good. @nickisapiro went to parents’ afternoon - the girls are doing well - and had @LeedsBaroque tonight.
Spent the whole morning working non-stop and I honestly can’t tell you what I achieved (apart from clearing messages from my inbox). Good #Frozen2 research chat with @tobyhuelin this afternoon - chapter taking form! Nice to see @DaveIreland5 in person this evening. @nickisapiro
Busy day, with both girls dancing, @nickisapiro and our older daughter having haircuts, decorating in the play room, and an afternoon family walk with a sneaky hot choc. Found time to play Junior Catan with our younger child too. Clear moon through our bedroom roof light tonight. Image
Slightly nuts day started early with some Mainstage programming, followed by @nickisapiro and I doing some sort of complicated dance to get each girls to swimming, and then a #LSoH rehearsal (which went very well). I think we’ll be glad to be back at work for a rest tomorrow!
Got lots of paperwork read today in preparation for meetings later this week. @nickisapiro and I got out for a short walk at lunchtime, doing a few errands. Nice to get some fresh air and not too cold out really. #LSoH rehearsal was good this evening. Two weeks to opening night!
Today started with 3 back-to-back 1-hour meetings. Valuable, but tiring. Afternoon was more bitty, but I got stuff done. Kids did homework/reading after school and were brilliant. @nickisapiro had @TheCCLeeds, then I went to a #LSoH rehearsal. Getting better at playing the score! ImageImageImage
Spent the morning talking with students and the afternoon talking with colleagues, picking off emails in the seconds between Teams calls. @nickisapiro was in meetings today so we were at home in separate rooms, which isn’t as much fun. Good Rockettes rehearsal for #LSoH tonight.
On campus today and the day was stacked full of meetings. Lots of interesting discussions with students about their projects, and a good partnership meeting early afternoon. Met and was hugely impressed by one of our freshers - wish I’d been like that as a 1st year! @nickisapiro
Exhausting day in a workshop, but nice spending time in person with @DaveIreland5, @nickisapiro, @mugloch, Martin, Emily and Matt (and @AliceOGrady4 too, of course!). Not sure I’ve quite got my head round how what we discussed might work, but some interesting ideas nonetheless.
Woke up to snow this morning. Not very thick, but wet and slushy. More decorating done today - the last room is nearly ready for the carpet to go down on Tuesday. Kids had dancing, and we all watched #Strictly this evening. @nickisapiro and I are just about ready for Chanukah. Image
Another busy Sunday, not helped by the snow. Both girls had swimming and @nickisapiro took them to see @AnythingGUK at the cinema. I had a #LSoH rehearsal so couldn’t join them but the rehearsal went well. @Steve_katongo, Pat and Clive joined us for dinner and 1st Chanukah light. ImageImage
Kept (nearly) on top of today’s emails; the less said about last week the better! Good meetings with colleagues this morning and made progress on an important task this afternoon. Older girl’s violin lesson was great. No #LSoH so @nickisapiro and I got the last room carpet-ready! Image
Last room was carpeted this morning! I had a very good chat with Martin and Alinka this afternoon and spent some time listening to @ilaneshkeri’s beautiful score for The Exception. @nickisapiro raced home from choir so I could head out for #LSoH. My piano-MD setup is ready to go! Image
Quiet day today generally. @nickisapiro and I had some complicated logistics this evening though. She took older child to choir and got some things done in town, I took younger child to Brownies then went to #LSoH, and grandparents did the Brownies pick-up. All worked out well.
Busier day today but very rewarding in general with good, thought-provoking discussions. Grandparents sorted the girls out this evening (or vice versa!) because @nickisapiro had a @LeedsBaroque rehearsal (concert on Sunday) and I had #LSoH (get tickets at ticketsource.co.uk/whats-on/bingl…)
Today was very musical. Had the pleasure of hearing @TheCCLeeds’s Christmas concert this afternoon and did a full dress-tech rehearsal for Little Shop of Horrors (#LSoH) this evening. Great service at the Apple store @TrinityLeeds today - our alumni get everywhere! @nickisapiro
Band call day for #LSoH, and I was nervous going into the rehearsal, because I was leading from piano rather than conducting. I shouldn’t have worried - it went very well! Older child has a sleepover, and younger lit a candle at the Shul Chanukah event this evening. @nickisapiro
Today was another busy, musical day. @nickisapiro had a rehearsal and concert with @LeedsBaroque, so I sorted the girls out doing swimming this morning. I took them straight to Bingley afterwards for the #LSoH dress run, which they enjoyed and was great. We open 7.30pm tomorrow! Image
Tonight, after 24 years and 52 shows, I led a musical from the piano rather than conducting - Bingley Little Theatre’s production of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ (#LSoH). Don’t mind admitting I’m proud of myself for managing to do it. Cast, crew and band were great too! @nickisapiro
A busy morning of meetings (useful discussions) and an afternoon spent completing tasks from the to-do list, so all in all a successful day I think. Younger child lost a tooth today, which was good because it had been bothering her. #LSoH went well, good audience response again.
A morning of good meetings with colleagues, and an afternoon with two overlapping meetings and final prep for some knowledge exchange. Third night of Little Shop of Horrors tonight - got some photos of the band in action (@DaveIreland5). Halfway through the run now. @nickisapiro ImageImageImageImage
Interviewed @ilaneshkeri on Zoom this morning about his score for #TheException. Great and insightful talking to him as always. Tonight’s performance of Little Shop was awesome though we started without the bass player, who was late because his train was cancelled! @nickisapiro
Lots of reading and writing at work today - had a ‘mainly research’ day, which was good. Excellent supervision meeting with @DaveIreland5 and @tobyhuelin as part of it. Another good performance of Little Shop this evening, and very nice to have Mitch back in the pit! @nickisapiro Image
All about performances today. Watching week at younger child’s ballet class (she was great), older child had her first Opera North Children’s Chorus concert (also did great), and I had the last night of Little Shop (it went well). Been quite a week, but lots of fun. @nickisapiro Image
A somewhat more relaxed today, now the show has finished. Both girls had swimming lessons and did well. I took my Mac down to the Apple store for repair. We watched last night’s Strictly and the results show and generally enjoyed a slower pace of life. Made a change! @nickisapiro
Managed to get through today using two iPads in the absence of my MacBook and nothing seemed to fall apart. Most things seem generally under control (famous last words!). Older daughter has progressed to a 3/4-size violin now, so has to work on her intonation again! @nickisapiro
Early start this morning so @nickisapiro and I could get to Elland Road to be boosted! Long day though, since we went out for dinner tonight too. Younger daughter had her class Christmas party today and had a great time. Older child spent the day at school doing art and baking.
Didn’t feel 100% this morning after yesterday’s booster jab, but was ok once I’d taken paracetamol. Went to younger daughter’s school assembly mid-morning - it was lovely, and her class sings well too. My MacBook seems to be behaving after its repair, which is good! @nickisapiro
This morning started with older daughter returning a positive LFT. Took her for a drive-in PCR. She’s tired, but we finally got her temperature down a few hours ago. The rest of us were negative; daily testing now ensues. Younger child has been great about it all. @nickisapiro
Today was my last working day of 2021. Got a fair amount of research done on a book chapter and still managed to keep the (recent) inbox in order until the out-of-office message went on at the close of play. Hopefully @nickisapiro and I will get some rest in the next fortnight!
Seems yesterday’s tweet didn’t post! Sorry! Younger child had a positive LFT so she, @nickisapiro and I did PCRs. We got more of the play room sorted during the day and I measured up for the ‘floating shelves’ I’m trying to make. We all thoroughly enjoyed the #BBCStrictly final.
I made more progress with the play room shelving today, cutting all the batons and getting some of them fitted. Frustrated by some odd decisions in the #LIVTOT match but happy with a point. Younger child’s PCR came back positive (as expected), but @nickisapiro and I are negative. Image
Today was mainly about me doing battle with the play room walls, trying to drill holes deep enough for rawl plugs. Older child is doing very well and having fun using their new sewing machine! The girls also made their own dinner this evening with little help needed. @nickisapiro Image
Had an accidental lie-in since I didn’t reset the alarm after going down to feed the cat 😬. Not a problem though. I got the shelf tops and bottoms cut this morning, and a combination of (mainly) @nickisapiro and (partly) the girls painted them all. Nicki also did some sewing! ImageImage
Finished the shelves ! Constructed, caulked and paint touched up, all ready to be loaded up tomorrow. Older daughter finished her sewing project and has done well (hopefully learning from the mistakes made along the way!). Kids watched Sister Act film and loved it. @nickisapiro Image
Today was @nickisapiro’s birthday and our 20th wedding anniversary. Somewhat muted celebrations given our younger child still has Covid but the older is now clear! We got the games onto the new shelves and then played some of them as a family. Turns out I really can’t Charleston. Image
Got more of the house sorted today. Table and chairs in the play room, put up a blind in the toilet, rehung the porch blinds, and returned a unit from the study to the porch. Biggest win? Being able to draw the study curtains! @nickisapiro and I watched Die Hard for the 1st time. ImageImageImage
Kids were awake and up early (but not too early). Lovely mid-morning Zoom call with @robbracey, @emmaforster123, @GillBracey and the in-laws. Not the same as being together, but better than nothing. @nickisapiro and I did a fancy dinner for the kids this evening. They loved it.
Kids slept late today and I spent the latter part of the morning delivering a session at the Limmud Festival. Zoomed with @DianeSapiro2, @ShelleyChocs and the family this afternoon, then played some games with the kids (Catan Jnr and Ingenious). Otherwise a slow day. @nickisapiro
Today and tomorrow should have been mine and @nickisapiro’s London theatre trip, but we postponed when the kids got covid. Instead the kids have done painting and made a bug hotel, Nicki’s worked on a jigsaw puzzle, and I built the Lego chess set I got last summer. Some day! 😂😫 ImageImageImage
We finally escaped the house today for the delayed Sapiro family meet-up. Lovely to spend time with the family and I at least have eaten far too much (not sorry). The kids have had a great day playing with their cousins - hope they all sleep through!! @nickisapiro @DianeSapiro2 Image
Day started with younger child playing @DianeSapiro2’s cello! @nickisapiro’s birthday present finally arrived so that’s a relief. Chess set from my late Grandpa now set up on sideboard, and we finished a jigsaw started back in Feb (though rolled up for most of the last 8 months). ImageImage
Finished watching @AnythingGUK this morning. So many great songs in that show. Spent the afternoon with @robbracey, @emmaforster123 and family, including a nice walk and a plentiful (and delicious) dinner. Girls fell asleep on the way home so @nickisapiro & I carried them to bed.
This morning was all about tidying and taking stuff to the tip (very cathartic!). We had @Steve_katongo, Claire, Clive and Pat round this evening for our traditional NYE gathering. @nickisapiro and the girls sorted the main course, and the whole evening was very nice. #RollOn2022
So 2022 started with a lazy morning, featured our first decent family walk in ages (planning to do more of them this year!), us all getting muddy (on the walk) and eating last night’s left overs for lunch and dinner. Good start to the year, let’s hope this continues! @nickisapiro Image
Today we gave the kids a postponed Chanukah gift by taking them to @bedknobsonstage. We all enjoyed it a lot. Also did some shoe shopping for the kids while we were in town. In other news, I finished the @RadioTimes crossword and we put up a magnetic knife rack too. @nickisapiro Image
The kids did piano practice for the 1st time in ages and did surprisingly well 😳😅. They also finished their reading books ahead of school tomorrow. Went to @YorkCocoaWorks for a manufactury tour and tasting - interesting and yummy. 1st time on a train for 2 years! @nickisapiro Image
Back at work today and it was pretty quiet in @LeedsUniMusic and on the @UniversityLeeds campus in general. Productive meeting this morning with colleagues to talk about potential student opportunities, and made decent headway with a pressing task this afternoon too. @nickisapiro
Tried 4 pharmacies looking forward LFTs this morning without any luck. Spent most of today on a single activity - shortlisting - which always takes more time than I think it will. Walked to collect the kids this evening; cold, but good to get out for some fresh air! @nickisapiro
Started the day with a walk with @nickisapiro - cold, but good. Got things sorted for tomorrow and next week, and made headway with a task that keeps growing, so needs to be kept on top of. The kids enjoyed school and ate superbly at dinner - must be my mother-in-law’s cooking!
I had a research day today and spent most of it doing research! Admittedly it involved watching behind-the-scenes documentary videos, but that’s @tobyhuelin’s fault, the project was all his idea! 😂 The girls did ok at piano 🤔 - I blame ‘back-to-school’ tiredness. @nickisapiro
Quiet day for the most part. I put up coat hooks in the loft, @nickisapiro went out after lunch for a rehearsal and recording and the kids played brilliantly most of the day. We got out for a walk mid-afternoon and enjoyed hot chocolate from our new velvetiser on our return 😋. Image
The kids’ weekend activities started back up today, so the middle of the day was dominated by swimming lessons. They didn’t do badly given it’s a month since they last swam. @nickisapiro and I watched #ComeFromAway on @AppleTV this evening. Just as moving as when we saw it live.
Great start to the day chatting with @TRUST_FUND, had an informative late morning Zoom event, and an experimental online social meet-up with colleagues went quite well. Finished a massive job this afternoon; it’ll be replaced with an almost identical job tomorrow 😫. @nickisapiro
This morning we had a fantastic meeting with some of our students. They were thoughtful, articulate, open-minded, inquisitive and perceptive - everything you could possibly want from students. Can’t thank them enough for their time. The rest of the day was ok 🤷‍♂️. @nickisapiro
Seemed to spend a fair bit of today picking off little things and not achieving as much as I’d like. The girls enjoyed school and both had activities this evening. Older one was at the Opera North Children’s Chorus, and younger had Brownies. Each had a great time. @nickisapiro
Today was punctuated by useful meetings (all done without wine) covering each main aspect of my job. Continued to attack bits of the inbox in between. @nickisapiro and I watched #ComeFromAway again this evening (with my parents this time), and I’m not at all sorry. @DianeSapiro2
Today was bookended by research - did a PhD supervision alongside @mugloch this morning and worked on a chapter I’m writing with @tobyhuelin this afternoon. Finished an epic task in the middle so all in all a good day. Kids did well in piano lessons this evening too. @nickisapiro
The kids had ballet today so now everything is up and running in 2022. Nice walk this afternoon and we enjoyed some cheeky #velvetiser hot chocolate afterwards. @nickisapiro and I binge-watched the last 4 episodes of Around the World in 80 Days on iPlayer this evening. Fun watch.
Had loads of fun building stuff put of Lego with our older daughter when @nickisapiro took the younger to swimming this morning. Indeed, both girls did really well at swimming today and enjoyed Lego building too 😀. Made some headway tidying the study, but still a long way to go.
Managed to clear enough of the desk (and the floor, and under the desk) in the study before work and at lunchtime today to work there this afternoon when @nickisapiro and I were both in (different) Teams meetings. Shame I couldn’t do the whole room; was a bit of a mess behind me!
On campus today and nice to have a brief face-to-face chat with @SilviuCobeanu. Had some interesting meetings and got some planning done too. Girls practised piano after school - both lacked focus so it was hard work. Our Ethernet cabling is finally all done at home! @nickisapiro
Got a good chunk of my teaching materials for the semester up and available today, so that’s a bit of a relief. Also made a good dent in the marking, so a productive day all round I guess. Girls were out at choir and Brownies this evening and both had lots of fun. @nickisapiro
Lots of meetings today, so while I had several useful conversations there was a limit to how much work I actually got done. Finished my marking though, which is good! @nickisapiro and I did the school run this afternoon, and this evening we binge-watched the rest of Schmigadoon.
Took Ombra to the vet for acupuncture this morning. First time in a while and hopefully it will help his arthritis a bit. Spent the rest of the day doing research! Co-authored Frozen II chapter with @tobyhuelin is now down to word count and seems to make sense too! @nickisapiro
Fitted the 2nd magnetic knife rack this morning, balancing the 1st one. Kids did ballet, the older also did violin practice and the younger read to me. We all went down to Horsforth park to do couch to 5k this afternoon, and rewarded ourselves by watching Encanto. @nickisapiro Image
Both girls had great swimming lesson today. They’re progressing well and having fun too. @nickisapiro and I finally saw #WestSideStory this afternoon and we liked it a lot. Missed the piano ‘bom-ba-chings’ in ‘Somewhere’ (@DaveIreland5), but otherwise really enjoyed the score.
Bit of a slow morning, but @nickisapiro and I got out for a walk/run at lunchtime that lifted the energy. Afternoon was punctuated by meetings so I didn’t get much else done, sadly. Older child played well at her violin lesson this evening. She’s doing well and enjoying it too.
In the office today and I did 2 in-person supervisions with finalists, saw several colleagues including @mugloch, and met a colleague in person for the very first time. Then I taught my first large in-person class for over 2 years (#FilmScoring). It felt brilliant. @nickisapiro
Had meetings late morning and early afternoon and just about avoided needing to be in two at the same time! Got a pressing job finished today too. Took older daughter to choir this evening and she had a great time as usual. Always keen to go & buzzing afterwards 😄. @nickisapiro
Great start to the day catching up with our brill UG and TP School Reps. Had various meetings in the middle of the day, and ended work catching up in-person with Clive. Kids did piano practice and reading after school with my parents and both did well. @nickisapiro @DianeSapiro2
Back on campus today and caught up with more colleagues and a former colleague in person. @nickisapiro and I completed our Virgin Experience stuff today with a fantastic Japanese-inspired afternoon tea (lunch!) at Issho. The kids focused really well at piano to round the day off. Image
Sorted through the ‘school uniform box’ this morning and found various things that now fit our younger daughter. Both girls did ballet as usual, and this afternoon we all went down to the park to do a couch-to-5k run. It was very blowy out at times, but we made it! @nickisapiro
The kids had a daddy day while @nickisapiro was out doing @LeedsBaroque. The girls finished our family jigsaw, did well at swimming, and were basically angels all day. I was able to put up the curtain track and curtains in the playroom (at last) and got all the washing done too! Image
Two notable research things happened today. @tobyhuelin and I submitted our chapter on representation of the Frozen II music-production process, and the call for papers for a volume I’m co-editing with Toby and @ElsaMarshall16 closed. I got some marking done too. @nickisapiro
Chatted with a couple of final-year students this morning before teaching my #FilmScoring class after lunch. Student contributions to discussions meant fantastic interactivity, and I found their thoughts inspiring! Caught up with some wonderful colleagues today too. @nickisapiro
Had brief but good catch-ups with two colleagues I haven’t spoken to in ages. Must make sure our professional paths cross directly more frequently! @nickisapiro and I spent the evening looking for a hi-vis kid’s running jacket in town without success. Seems no-one makes them now.
Today was intense, with a whole series of important back-to-back sessions in which concentration was essential. Nice to end the day with a run with @nickisapiro, even if I did miss half of it because the last meeting of the day ran long. Dreading looking at the inbox tomorrow…
Another busy day today, though this one had lots of different meetings and appointments for a range of things. Did some teaching this afternoon - not as much fun on Teams as being in the classroom though. Kids did well at piano this evening, especially the older one. @nickisapiro
Both girls did dancing across the middle of the day and we all braved the wind and rain to do couch to 5k in the park afterwards. Hot chocolate and home-made cookies were our reward! Younger child was thrilled Ombra (🐈‍⬛) sat on her knee for a while this evening. @nickisapiro
I took both girls to swimming today so @nickisapiro could drive down to collect @GillBracey and bring her back to Leeds to stay with us for the week. The girls got a make-up tutorial from her, though they didn’t pay very much attention! We all watched #ComeFromAway this evening.
Did plenty of room-hopping today to avoid @nickisapiro and I having meetings at the same time in the same room. We got out for a run at lunchtime, and I was also able to drive our neighbour to Town Street too. Got my marking sorted this afternoon and started facing my inbox hell.
Busy day on campus today. Poor turnout in my film-scoring class, but those who attended contributed brilliantly and I heard from some who hadn’t spoken up before. In other news, we have a fabulous painting on loan thanks to @GillBracey so have relocated Urban Decay. @nickisapiro ImageImage
Series of short meetings this morning, then longer meetings this afternoon. Fairly typical day at work! Excellent service this evening from @StarbucksUK on Briggate (Leeds) and @LWTheatres, who sorted me out with tickets for #BacktotheFutureMusical. Felt like a VIP! @nickisapiro
More supervision meetings this morning, and had our Student Staff Partnership Forum this afternoon, which was very good. @nickisapiro and I got out for a run at the end of the day while the kids spent time with @GillBracey and my parents. Nice to have a houseful! @DianeSapiro2
Started the day taking Ombra for some more acupuncture. He was pretty calm apart from when he took swipes at me! Spent a fair bit of today in assessment meetings but @DaveIreland5 did a good job of keeping things moving! Kids did well in piano lessons this evening. @nickisapiro
The kids were up at 8 this morning and playing with the dolls’ house (as opposed to reading and seeking parental cuddles!). @nickisapiro and I did a run in the rain this afternoon and we all had a very filling afternoon tea. Very little dinner was wanted as a result! @GillBracey
Long day today. @nickisapiro left early to take @GillBracey home. It’s been lovely having her here this week! Both girls had swimming; they’re making good progress and are still enjoying it too. Nicki and I watched the #PotteryThrowdown this evening and got some admin done too.
Relatively quiet day aside from a bit of panic this afternoon when something didn’t go as expected. Got it all sorted though. Older child did very well in her violin lesson this evening and younger read to @nickisapiro. We all watched the Junior Bake-Off final (bit late, I know).
Busy day today, including locating rooms I’ve never been to before and trying to use the computers there. That was fun… Nice bumping into @DaveIreland5 and @_DanMerrick in the course of the day, chatting with @tobyhuelin, and seeing @Steve_katongo this evening too. @nickisapiro
Today was notable because all the meetings I attended finished early! Attacked the inbox with vigour while older daughter was at choir this evening (she had a great time as usual) and just about have it under control now! Younger child had fun at Bronwies today too. @nickisapiro
Pleased to get some proper research done today. Maybe not as much as I’d have liked, but still made good progress. Both kids had friends round after school today so it was a bit chaotic here. They all played nicely and enjoyed going on the swings once I’d dried them. @nickisapiro
Didn’t tweet last night. Oops. @nickisapiro and I took the day off since the kids were off school. They had piano lessons and we all took part in some research into Covid and singing for @Karenburland. The kids tried sushi for lunch and loved it. Managed not to get blown away!
Lots of house tidying this morning ahead of the Sapiro family invasion this afternoon for my dad’s 70th and brother’s 40th birthdays. @nickisapiro braved the snow to do the ballet runs, and I cleared our drive and next door’s too. It’s been a loud but nice evening. @DianeSapiro2 Image
Another family day, and lovely to have my grandma here in particular! Kids did very well at swimming, and they went to Liverpool with my parents mid-afternoon for a half term holiday. @nickisapiro and I have a quiet house. Got a damp patch on our bedroom ceiling 😡 @DianeSapiro2
Builder was here at 8am to check out the leak. Still raining and high winds so couldn’t go on roof but he’ll sort it when the weather turns (so July then 😂). Long day in a series of Teams calls, but worth it. @nickisapiro and I had a thrilling trip to Birstall this evening 🥱.
Caught up (albeit briefly) with @_DanMerrick this morning and had yet another interesting and insightful talk with @ilaneshkeri this afternoon. Somehow burned out my usb adaptor while setting up the mic! @nickisapiro and I had dinner with @DaveIreland5 and Lizzie to end the day.
Did some student supervisions this morning and chaired a big meeting this afternoon. Lots of good discussion, which is what meetings are for really! Finished it 45 mins early too 😀. @nickisapiro had to stop watching TV this evening because the hail on the skylights was so loud!
Forgot to tweet! Took Ombra to the vet in the morning for an injection and acupuncture (lucky him), and then had meetings 11-2. Luckily @nickisapiro made me lunch. Went to Music for her @LeedsBaroque rehearsal in the evening and it was nice to hear @LuumsSymphony rehearsing too!
Spent today working ‘from home’ in Liverpool. A morning reviewing abstracts for a volume I’m editing with @tobyhuelin and @ElsaMarshall16, and an afternoon reading papers for meetings next week. No meetings = no Teams today! Family dinner was loud but nice, as usual. @nickisapiro
Left Liverpool mid-morning and went to Halifax where we had lunch at and a wander round @ThePieceHall. Saw Halifax LOS Juniors’ production of Wizard of Oz under the baton of @Steve_katongo, which we all enjoyed. Disrupted evening though, both kids having nightmares. @nickisapiro Image
Both girls did well at swimming today. Older one also did some good piano practice and younger finished her reading book. I only just beat the younger at Rummikub, and I started teaching both to play chess. They had some quality time with the cat on their knees too. @nickisapiro Image
Quiet day generally today. Baked bread this morning for the first time in ages, and between us @nickisapiro and I have ticked several things off our to-do list. Older child had a violin lesson on the back of not playing for a fortnight (our fault!). Rusty was an understatement!
Productive discussion with @tobyhuelin and @ElsaMarshall16 this morning, and got some useful information relating to it this afternoon. Also got a fair bit of writing done today. Both kids engaged v well with piano practice after school, and did their homework too. @nickisapiro
Got a lot of writing done today, meaning I’ve nearly got a first draft completed. Got called a canary in a mine (meant as a compliment!), so considering adding it to my email signature now 😂. @nickisapiro and I had a cheeky hot choc while older child was at choir this evening ☕️
Busy day started with masters teaching, included research and a student meeting, and ended (work-wise) with an excellent @BARNVirtual session. I’m chairing next week! Email traffic was up but wasn’t all bad, at least. The kids were particularly lovely this evening. @nickisapiro
With the exception of dealing with emails (which was generally done quite strategically), today was all about marking. I think I’ve broken the back of it, though I’d have liked to get closer to the bottom of the pile. Better to stop before fatigue sets in though. @nickisapiro
Another typically busy day with both girls doing ballet. We picked up some delicious cakes for afternoon tea then we had a walk (the girls cycled/scooted) to the park and back. Got very rained on and quite cold, but saw a lovely double rainbow so it wasn’t all bad! @nickisapiro Image
Unusually the girls had ballet today and neither had swimming! I (eventually) got hooks on the porch wall so the roof box is now finally off the car, cleared the bikes from the living room, and cut down units to create another DVD unit for the space. Productive day! @nickisapiro ImageImageImageImage
Today has been all about our younger daughter finally getting her hands on a cello. We took her along to our older daughter’s violin lesson this evening to see if a 1/4-size cello is the right size for her and we think it is (just). @nickisapiro and I have never seen her happier!
On campus for some teaching today. Really enjoying the film-scoring module I’m delivering. Lots of engaged students contributing well to the classes, and I’m learning from their thoughts and views, which is always exciting. Some great reflection from them today too. @nickisapiro
Had to pick younger child up from school at lunchtime because she felt sick, but she was fine once home if a bit off her food. Had perked up a few hours later so was able to have her 1st cello lesson (she loved it). We wonder if she was just anxious about the lesson. @nickisapiro
Today was manic. Did a load of back-to-back meetings and supervisions with a snatched lunch break, ending with the @BARNVirtual colloquium. I followed this with a mad dash to DFS to look at colour swatches this evening, and still got home before the kids went to bed! @nickisapiro
Ombra’s acupuncture was postponed today because the vet was ill. Long meeting this morning then only 50% attendance at the dissertation class this afternoon, all a bit disheartening really 😞. Had family movie night - watched the animated Jungle Book with the kids. @nickisapiro
Busy day! @nickisapiro had @LeedsBaroque rehearsals, and the girls had ballet exams (I did their ‘ballet bun’ hair). Younger child was very nervous about it, but both felt they went well. We all had a great time at @profdavidcooper and Stephanie’s anniversary party this evening. ImageImage
Today was busy too. @nickisapiro had a @LeedsBaroque rehearsal and concert. The kids and I left the house at 10.30 for swimming lessons with lunch in the gaps. The younger went to a party and the older and I watched Inside Out before picking her up again. Back to work for a rest!
Had several short meetings this morning in which I learned something, advised on something, and met a new colleague. Good morning all round! @nickisapiro and I got out for a lunchtime run in surprisingly warm weather, and the afternoon was lost to emails, reviewing and marking.
Saw some Masters students for in-person tutorials today and they were much more productive than online meetings. Counterbalanced by lower attendance at my film-scoring class this afternoon though... in other news, our older daughter has passed her grade 2 piano! 🎹🥈 @nickisapiro
Today started disappointingly and then improved as it went on. Reported on recent research late morning and met some UG applicants in person this afternoon. Had parents’ afternoon for both kids; they are doing well. Ended with family dinner in town; we all had sushi. @nickisapiro
Morning was crammed full of meetings today - talking inclusive practice, seeing students, and discussing workload. Got some more marking done this afternoon, so that’s nearly done. The girls each had a friend round to play after school and had loads of fun with them. @nickisapiro
Took Ombra and his booster for acupuncture this morning, and had a really positive chat with some of our student reps after that. Got my marking finished this afternoon before catching up with a colleague and talking all about film music. @nickisapiro saw a show this evening.
This morning was busier than expected getting us all ready to head over to Liverpool for an important family event happening tomorrow. @nickisapiro and I just about got everything coordinated … we think! Fortunately the trip over was fine. Nice seeing @ShelleyChocs this evening.
Lovely day with the family in Liverpool for the stone setting for my grandpa who passed away last year. Today’s highlight was definitely our younger child saying bye to a relative with ‘See you soon, big baboon’. They were speechless 😂. @nickisapiro @DianeSapiro2 @ShelleyChocs
Dealt with a lot of emails that came in over the weekend but still a bit concerned that the inbox might explode again soon 🤔. Managed to review a load of papers, finishing within a couple of hours of the deadline, which I see as a win. All in all quite a quiet day. @nickisapiro
Saw 19 students for individual film-scoring tutorials today, with 3/4 of them coming in to meet in person. That’s half the class done. The kids were good this evening. Both did some piano practice, the older did some homework and the younger practised her spellings. @nickisapiro
Spent most of the morning reading papers for meetings next week. Dashed to the bank after lunch and just about got back in time for some tutorials, before a couple of meetings to end the day. Older child had choir and younger had her 2nd cello lesson then Brownies. @nickisapiro
Today was all about seeing many of our wonderful students from the classes of 2020 and 2021 finally get to have a graduation ceremony. It was great that so many were able to attend, and nice great chatting to them and finding out how they are and what they are doing. @nickisapiro ImageImage
Today saw my last set of student tutorials this term, with other work fitted round them. @nickisapiro and I got out for a lunchtime run in the glorious sunshine. After school the kids played in the garden and went on their trampoline for the first time in ages. @nickisapiro Image
Started today conducting the choir for a bat mitzvah, a particular honour having conducted both the girl and her mother in musical-theatre productions. Our older child had her second Opera North Children’s Chorus concert today, and did very well indeed. @nickisapiro @GillBracey
Another busy day saw @nickisapiro do the swimming runs with the kids and me have a workshop for my next show. Both girls doing very well at swimming. Just some small things to work on and then they are likely to each go up a grade. They marked Mothers’ Day with afternoon tea!
Today I finally succumbed to plague. Positive LFT so I’m quarantining in our loft room. I’ve left here 3 times today: to go for a PCR test, to clear up the cat’s mess (with the door wide open) and to sit outside with @nickisapiro once the kids were in bed. Nicki is truly amazing.
Covid+ day 2. Haven’t felt bad really, mainly bunged up like having a heavy-ish head cold and sometimes a bit of a cough. Temperature hasn’t been up during the day so I can’t complain. Got a lovely get well soon picture from my older child; younger had a play date. @nickisapiro Image
Covid+ day 3. Felt better today, temperature didn’t return and not as blocked up either. Occasional cough and my back’s a little stiff but I’m not convinced the latter is Covid related. Spent much of today in accreditation meetings. Got another picture from the kids. @nickisapiro Image
Covid+ day 4. You wouldn’t know I was ill at all. Ibuprofen first thing sorted my back for the day and otherwise barely a sniffle. Doubtless I’ll test positive for days anyway. Weather has shuffled between blizzard and bright sunshine all day. About right for March. @nickisapiro ImageImage
Covid+ day 5. Positive LFT this morning but released from my ‘prison’ because @nickisapiro has finally tested positive too. Our theatre plans for the weekend are ruined. Occasional coughs and a bit snotty but I can’t really complain. Got some research done today, which was good.
Covid+ day 6. Positive LFT again. I’m sure the lighter your symptoms are the longer it takes to test negative. Today’s big success was that even though @nickisapiro and I couldn’t take them, the girls still got to see @sixthemusical thanks to our amazing friends. They loved it!
Covid+ day 7. The absolute faintest of faint lines this morning showed I was still positive. Kids missed swimming since we couldn’t take them but had a great day playing together. We ate lunch in the garden. @nickisapiro and I missed out on War of the Worlds live this evening 😢
Covid day 8. Tested negative this morning so now keeping fingers crossed for a repeat tomorrow! Need @nickisapiro to do likewise - may have to cancel our London trip otherwise 😢. Had good chats with two new colleagues today, planning for next year. Kids were great as usual.
No-covid! Second negative test this morning meant I could hug the kids when they woke up. @nickisapiro is still positive though, so our London trip this week remains in doubt. Got a dissertation marked and had a chat with another new colleague. Good win for #LFC this evening too.
On campus today and nice to see @MelaniePrideau2 in person this morning. Also had a good Teams chat with @Karenburland. Got locked out of my account again today. Been happening for 18 months+, I’m sick of it, and I just want @ITServicesUoL to give me a new username. @nickisapiro
Was due to be on leave today but cancelled it since we have postponed our London trip. Got more dissertations marked and returned some forms before I forgot about them. My parents are over to spend some time with the kids; the girls are very pleased. @nickisapiro @DianeSapiro2
Cancelled our annual leave today too, and spent most of the day doing research (how novel!). Got a book chapter completed at last and have passed it to colleagues for some internal peer review 😬. Kids helped @DianeSapiro2 make lunch and dinner - both were delicious. @nickisapiro
The random weather continued today - summer this morning, winter this evening. Younger daughter ended up with a private ballet class this morning since none of the other kids were there. She had lots of fun. We made katsu curry for dinner and it was enjoyed by all. @nickisapiro
Both girls had swimming lessons today having missed them last week because we couldn’t take them. Younger had a class to herself and did very well (though was exhausted after), and older was brilliant and completed stage 5. Got out for a family walk this afternoon. @nickisapiro
Wrote a reference this morning and started sorting some cover for a few weeks’ time. Had some fabulous feedback from @TRUST_FUND - making me think about what I’m writing and why I’m writing it, which I definitely need to do! Had a water meter fitted this afternoon. @nickisapiro Image
Got ourselves sorted this morning and got the train to London to see and stay with family and take the girls to see a show (tomorrow). We’ve all had a lovely day. The kids have played together brilliantly all afternoon and surprisingly went to sleep this evening too. @nickisapiro Image
Late tweet! We had a lovely day with family and capped it off seeing @frozenlondon in the evening. Fabulous show, brilliantly performed with incredible effects (and an excellent band). We all thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was well worth the late night for the kids. @nickisapiro Image
Back home today. Managed to time everything well, so we got into London in time to eat, visit platform 9 and 3/4, and catch our train home. No sign of Ombra - looks like (based on a FB post) a ‘kind soul’ took him to the vet, and his microchip didn’t scan 😫🤬😾. @nickisapiro
Were reunited with Ombra this morning and he was very happy to be home. Builder fixed a roof leak and repaired the patio so that’s done now. Saw lots of family this afternoon; first @robbracey, @emmaforster123 and my in-laws, then my family for dinner. @nickisapiro @DianeSapiro2 Image
The girls invented games with their cousins this morning, and we saw more family including my cousin’s younger son who we had never met before! The girls did @nickisapiro’s hair this afternoon - older managed to do French plaits (just). Lovely Seder with my in-laws this evening. Image
Headed home early this morning to get here in time for the girls’ swimming lessons (yes, on Easter Sunday…). They both did well, though we need to work on their stamina! We all did some gardening this afternoon; @nickisapiro and I defeated a clematis, and much weeding was done.
Got out to a garden centre this morning and returned home with planters, compost and things to plant. The girls bought flowers and some fruit for ‘their patch’ - let’s see how well they look after them! New bedroom chairs were delivered but some bits are missing 🤬. @nickisapiro ImageImage
Today started with @nickisapiro and I finally doing our Segway experience, nearly 3 years after being given our voucher. It was loads of fun! Got more stuff for the garden this afternoon, though I’ve probably killed lots of it trying to plant it! Younger child had a cello lesson. ImageImageImageImage
Back at work and spent most of it dealing with emails from the last 8 days (even though the University was closed over half that time). Wrote a reference, reviewed a grant application, and got some workload stuff done. @nickisapiro and I planted the rest of the garden stuff too.
Took Ombra to the vet for acupuncture and a pain-killing injection this morning. Lucky cat!! Got a dissertation marked but spent most of the day picking off small tasks so feels like I haven’t achieved much. The kids watered the garden and did their homework though! @nickisapiro
I had a research day, where I actually focused on research all day. worked through a lot of the feedback my amazing colleagues have provided on a chapter I’m writing. In other news, the kids had piano lessons for the first time in 6 weeks, and @nickisapiro and I cuddled a baby.
Kids had their hair trimmed this morning, and this afternoon we watched @antonybutcher’s ‘Grand Depart’ for his coast-to-coast US charity cycle. Younger child had a trampolining party then we all saw Lion King @BradfordTheatre (conducted excellently by @MattJAbrams). @nickisapiro Image
Today was all about the kids. Both had swimming lessons and did really well. Both also had their Covid jabs this afternoon. Younger one, in particular, was nervous but they were both brilliant, as were the lovely staff. Here’s hoping the kids sleep through the night. @nickisapiro
Occasional sore arms didn’t stop the kids having good days at school and the younger having a play date too, though cancelled the order’s violin lesson. Work was intense today - barely stopped to draw breath but got a fair bit done so can’t complain. @nickisapiro got a new desk!
On campus today for a set of tutorials with finalists and my penultimate film-scoring class. Got to witter on about orchestration and arrangement (my own research), and got great engagement from the students too. @nickisapiro had a @TheCCLeeds rehearsal ahead of Friday’s concert.
Consecutive days on campus. Met with colleagues this morning and led module-choices sessions with students this afternoon. Had our usual mad evening (younger child had cello and Brownies, older had choir), made even madder because @nickisapiro didn’t have any house keys with her!
Did my final two UG supervisions of the year, sorted out a spreadsheet needed for planning, and read a long set of papers. I picked the kids up from school - my in-laws couldn’t come over today because one of their cats has broken its leg 😿. The kids made dinner! @nickisapiro Image
Today didn’t stop. Had a series of intense meetings this morning and finished just in time for the @TheCCLeeds lunchtime concert. First time I’d heard @nickisapiro do a proper concert for 2.5 years!! Worked on a publication with @ElsaMarshall16 and @tobyhuelin in the afternoon.
Had a lovely family day out at @RHSHarlowCarr today. Nice weather, beautiful location, very restful, and we bought some more herbs to plant. We all had a fab time. Nice catching up briefly with some friends while in Harrogate too. Planted the new herbs this evening. @nickisapiro Image
Unusually I did some work (on a weekend!) before the kids got up, finishing a book chapter. Both girls did very well at swimming and were quite exhausted. I spent most of the day tidying, running errands and doing the washing. I’m very domesticated! The cat was lazy. @nickisapiro Image
Started today with a family run at Yeadon Tarn then a sneaky hot choc in a local cafe. Got lots of jobs done - cleaned paint off the skylights (at last), sorted the outside light, hung lots of pictures and the kids planted seeds. Older one had a violin lesson too. @nickisapiro
Back in the office today for my last taught class of the year, finishing off my film-scoring module. Also had in-person meetings with two colleagues!! Older child failed to go to bed this evening; was basically still up over 2 hours late. She’ll be tired tomorrow… @nickisapiro
Had an in-person meeting with @MelaniePrideau2, @nickisapiro and some fellow DSEs. Nice to be in a room with them again, and a productive meeting (bit odd with no ‘chat’ 😂). Did some lift sharing to get the younger child to/from Brownies, and the older loved choir this evening.
Furniture company sent someone out to ‘review’ our chairs for which the wrong bolts had been sent. His verdict: we need bolts … that he didn’t have (and hadn’t been told we needed) 🤬. More positively, nice to get a call from @ilaneshkeri this afternoon. He’s great. @nickisapiro
Back on campus today. Had a research meeting with @tobyhuelin and then saw lots of colleagues in person for Jo Fairley’s belated retirement do, which was lovely. @nickisapiro is in Liverpool overnight so I was on dinner duty. Sauce was a bit too spicy but the kids ate it anyway!
The girls had a daddy day since @nickisapiro was travelling back from Liverpool then at a rehearsal. Both kids had ballet and we spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden. They invented some mad races involving laps of the patio and using the swings. I attacked the foliage!
Disappointed the kids had swimming lessons despite the venue being inside the Leeds half-marathon route area. Took 50 mins to get there (usually 10) and had to drive miles to get round. Day got better when we had friends over to celebrate @Steve_katongo’s birthday. @nickisapiro Image
Not quite sure where today went to be honest. There was a lot of email traffic, and I spotted (and hopefully solved) a potential problem with @nickisapiro’s help. Older daughter seemed to do well in her violin lesson. It was very nice chatting with @GillBracey this evening too.
Spent an hour emailing this morning then dived into research/reading. Felt good making the time for it, especially since it meant getting back into a somewhat dormant project. Had a nice lunchtime walk with @nickisapiro and Terri. Kids had piano this evening and both played well.
Another morning lost to admin, but nice ending it by meeting a new colleague for the first time (albeit online). Chaired a committee meeting this afternoon and got it done faster than scheduled! Usual busy Wednesday evening made trickier by heavy traffic in Leeds. @nickisapiro
Spent this morning doing project supervisions with Masters students. Picked at various tasks this afternoon before doing a double school run because older child had a coding/DT club. We timed the walk home each time - looks like going across the field is fastest! @nickisapiro
Started today with a bit of a run with @nickisapiro. Did my last individual tutorial of the year, had a meeting with IT, then had the last Student Staff Partnership Forum meeting of the year. Great to hear from and chat with our reps. Started my film-music marking to end the day.
Kids had ballet today and both did music practice too. Worked hard and played well. Repotted the tomatoes and got netting over the fruit bushes in the garden. @nickisapiro started painting the fence; I watched the cup final! Planned a BBQ but had no gas so used the grill instead. Image
We spent today in space via London, seeing @ilaneshkeri and @astro_timpeake present @SpaceStationE. Got back to Leeds almost exactly 12 hours after we left, so a long but fun day. Kids will be tired in the morning though! Shame WHU couldn’t hold on against City. @nickisapiro #LFC ImageImageImage
Couple of very tired kids this morning after yesterday’s London trip. Got more marking done (not as much as I wanted), and had thought-provoking meetings across the day. Older child did well in her violin lesson this evening then we got soaked running to the car! @nickisapiro
Contrasting phone experiences today - one company quick and efficient, another slow and frustrating. Had the house to myself because @nickisapiro was on campus. Had some long but interesting and useful meetings this morning, and made steady progress with marking this afternoon.
IT frustration this morning was resolved when I put in my correct password…😳. Did a supervision meeting alongside @mugloch (hope you got your car charged!) and had a student education meeting with @MelaniePrideau2 in the hottest room in Music (if not the world 😂). @nickisapiro
Did my final TP tutorial of the year at 9 today, and had a good research chat with @tobyhuelin to end the morning (I have work to do!). Attacked various tasks this afternoon with generally favourable results. Family dental check-ups rounded off the day (all fine)😁. @nickisapiro
Did 2022-23’s 1st class, briefing next year’s dissertation students. Great that several colleagues came to discuss ideas with students. Kids had piano and their teacher’s (unusually grumpy) baby fell asleep on my shoulder #BabyWhisperer. Vivid rainbow this evening. @nickisapiro ImageImage
The girls had ballet today and we had a family lunch out between their classes. Both girls did excellent music practice too. Our new phones arrived so @nickisapiro and I have spent ages setting them up. Annoyingly, changing device means I’ve lost my #Wordle stats (140* 100%) 😫. Image
The girls had swimming today, and the older caused much amusement with an excellent belly flop while trying a ‘kneeling dive’. I spent some time doing Lego with each of them too (at their request), which we enjoyed a lot. Shame #AVFC couldn’t hold on this afternoon. @nickisapiro
Took Ombra to the vet for acupuncture and his injection this morning 🐈‍⬛. Had several meetings across the day, including two with @SilviuCobeanu, and got some emailing done too. Older child had a good violin lesson this evening and younger read half her reading book. @nickisapiro
Had the house to myself today as @nickisapiro was on campus. Made a nuisance of myself in a meeting but it was needed to get a conversation going. Gradually getting through the film scores too. Ombra got a new collar and tag so hopefully random folk won’t take him to the vet now! Image
Had a useful training session (over Zoom) this morning. Had to make a new Outlook profile because messages getting were stuck. Seems to be working ok so far. Still having upload issues with OneDrive and Teams… 😫. Younger child did her Brownie promise this evening! @nickisapiro
Today was a mix of chats with colleagues, a meeting, offering some guidance to a student, and trying to get on with the film scores I’m working through. Nice end of work run with @nickisapiro too. Garden is doing well - strawberries are in bloom and the apple tree is budding. ImageImageImageImage
MacBook had a tantrum this morning owing to lack of disk space, so lost time clearing things and upgrading the iOS. Spent the rest of the morning working through film score submissions. Made good headway with an admin task after lunch and then did some research too! @nickisapiro
Older child’s violin practice was good after a wobbly start; younger did cello practice that I’d describe similarly. Both girls also had dancing. Successful trip to town saw two of us get new shoes and the kids get lunchboxes. #LFC played well but it wasn’t to be. @nickisapiro
The kids had swimming today then we drove over to Liverpool for the #LFC parade. Got a good spot on the route and we had a good time cheering the teams as they passed by. Got back to my in-laws before it rained too! Pleased with my photo of @VirgilvDijk looking cool. @nickisapiro ImageImageImageImage
Early start for me and @nickisapiro when the CO detector made a random noise at 1.45am. Needed new batteries (phew!). Family afternoon tea for my father-in-law’s 80th was really nice, with lovely food. We gave him his printed autobiography. @robbracey @GillBracey @DianeSapiro2 ImageImageImageImage
The kids played their instruments for their grandparents, which was lovely. We had afternoon tea with my grandma and found she has loads of slides from old family holidays and parties. Need to find the projector and also digitise the slides. @nickisapiro and I got a run in too.
After two covid-scuppered attempts, @nickisapiro and I have finally started our 4-London-shows-in-2-days trip. We saw @MockingbirdUK this afternoon (wonderful adaptation, brilliantly performed) and, after a late change of plan, @ComeFromAwayUK this evening (simply superb, again). Image
Spent most of today trying to avoid the crowds! @nickisapiro and I walked 18.5k taking in the City of London and the Thames walk, and saw @BTTFmusical and @OFAHMusical too. Enjoyed both, with good performances all round (incl. @StuartMorleyMD!). BTTF’s visual effects are amazing! ImageImageImageImage
End of our London jaunt. Train ride to Liverpool was uneventful and we spent a nice afternoon and early evening with family. The kids were pleased to see us and then ignored us to go and play with their cousins 😂. My brother and I were wearing nearly the same top! @nickisapiro Image
Woke our younger daughter at 9 this morning - catching up on missed sleep from half term! Had a production meeting for Guys and Dolls this morning, and the girls did excellent music practice this afternoon. @nickisapiro saw @Opera_North’s Parsifal this evening; I did the ironing!
Younger daughter had another lie-in; hoping that’s enough sleep caught up ahead of school tomorrow!! Both girls had swimming today and did well. Older child’s technique is really coming on now. They did homework and some reading this afternoon too. Busy day I guess. @nickisapiro
Kids went back to school today for the final half term of the year. @nickisapiro was on campus so I was home alone. Couple of meetings this morning, pushed through more of the film scores, then did a fiddly spreadsheet job this afternoon. Older child had a good violin lesson too.
Ombra had acupuncture first thing, after which I dashed to campus for a chat with a colleague. Lunchtime walk with @nickisapiro, had another meeting, then an impromptu chat with @DaveIreland5, who I failed to offer a lift home to (sorry). Had an unexpectedly hot curry for dinner!
Finished the film scores and got important documents out today. Older child’s knee was hurting this morning but seemed ok by the evening. Was identified as a Dr when collecting a package today; I’m excellent in a film-music emergency! 😂 Signs of fruit in the garden. @nickisapiro ImageImageImage
Spent the morning doing research (gasp!), editing the chapter I’m writing with @tobyhuelin. It’s getting there now, though it’s too long. Kids were great this evening. Older has finished her DT/tech project at school, and younger read her new book to us at bedtime. @nickisapiro
Research chat with @tobyhuelin first thing, long but not bad meetings around lunch, and very welcome work news late this afternoon. Worked my ‘baby whisperer’ magic, putting our kids’ piano teacher’s 3 month old to sleep while they had their lessons. Still got it! @nickisapiro
Planted out some of our tomato plants this morning and I ‘washed’ the patio cherry tree to try and remove the blackfly. @nickisapiro and I met a new colleague for the first time when they popped over to have a cuppa with us. We enjoyed @LIDOS_LEEDS’s Legally Blonde this evening.
Kids did junior park run in the local park (first time there’s been one there) and also had swimming today, so they were a bit worn out. @Nicki did a concert with @TheCCLeeds this afternoon so the kids were stuck with me 😂😉. Saw new flowers on the broad bean plant this evening! Image
Busy day! I was on campus with back-to-back meetings most of the morning and across the afternoon. Some were in person though, which was nice, and all the conversations were good and useful. Caught up with @DaveIreland5 and @tobyhuelin for a drink this evening! @nickisapiro
Quieter day since several meetings ended up being moved. Some useful chats though, and @nickisapiro and I went for a run at lunchtime. Somehow there seems to be less uphill running the park clockwise than anti-clockwise! Kids were great this evening. Younger lost another tooth.
More meetings today, and useful discussions with colleagues. You can accomplish so much by being open with and listening to people (no, this isn’t news to me!). Usual Wednesday evening mayhem was amplified by older child having a long choir rehearsal, but we managed @nickisapiro
Long day started with making the kids’ packed lunches followed by lots of meetings. I took our younger child to an Opera North Children’s Chorus audition, while the older did violin with @DianeSapiro2. @nickisapiro and I saw Singing in the Rain at @IlkleyPlayhouse this evening.
Wow it’s been hot today! I think @nickisapiro and I spent most of the day glued to our computers trying to cross-reference data across what felt like a million different tables and applications. I escaped to the girls’ assembly where both presented their bits of script very well.
Busy morning cleaning and tidying before doing violin practice with older child (she did very well) while the younger was out at ballet (and got her character shoes) and @nickisapiro did a run. Did cello with younger later, while older was at ballet. Also went to a garden centre.
Today started at 1.30am when younger child appeared with a temperature. Calpol helped until morning when she felt rough again. Turns out she has tonsillitis, and now has horrible-tasting antibiotics. Older child has been great with her. @nickisapiro and I got garden stuff done. ImageImageImageImage
Took ages to connect to Eduroam when I got onto campus this morning 🤬. Caught up with a tutee, @tobyhuelin and I made more progress with our chapter, and I had lots of meetings. @nickisapiro looked after our younger daughter - they made (yummy) challah. Older did well at violin. Image
Spent most of today reading, which was quite tiring. I wasn’t even researching! Spent some time playing in the garden with our younger child, and I managed to hit the ball over the fence 🤦‍♂️. We have some strawberries growing! @nickisapiro and I finished #KillingEve this evening. Image
This morning was a blur of meetings but I’ve now finished round 1 of workload chats, so I can take that forward. Older child had a long choir rehearsal tonight so I came home after dropping her off and had dinner with @nickisapiro. Made some plans for a livestream gig in October!
Really enjoyed our work away day today. Some fantastic discussion about student education and research, and nice seeing colleagues in person and meeting new colleagues. I think I probably showed proper strategic student-education leadership for the first time too. @nickisapiro
Pre-application open day so I was in @LeedsUniMusic talking with prospective students and their families. Lots of interesting questions and conversations, and good energy! Late night for our kids - we went to see High School Musical at one of the local high schools. @nickisapiro
Both girls did good music practice and had fun at dancing today. We all had a moment of panic when it started hammering down while we were shopping, because our skylights were open at home! 😱 Raced home and fortunately they weren’t open much and all was dry inside. @nickisapiro
Started the day with junior park run - PBs for both kids. Both had swimming later and did well, though less said about the older’s diving the better I think. We harvested our first strawberry and the girls said that it tasted lovely. Looks like more will ripen soon. @nickisapiro ImageImage
This morning I critiqued a proposal and wrote a supporting statement, then headed into reading, reading and more reading. Not finished it all yet but nearly there now, just in time too. Older child had a good violin lesson, while younger child (and @nickisapiro) baked barm cakes!
Got through all the rest of the reading I was doing this morning and the resulting meeting was shorter than anticipated. @nickisapiro and I were both chockablock so didn’t get out for a run. Older child did good violin practice though, and we all had fish-finger butties for tea!
Some good meetings today and I finally got a long list/document thing finished. Took longer than hoped, but big things often do I guess. Usual busy family evening with both girls having activities in different places. Both had fun though, so it’s all with it! @nickisapiro
Spent most of the morning researching and got most of what I needed to do done. Sorted some workload stuff this afternoon, and had a useful chat with @DaveIreland5. Day ended with water dripping through the living room ceiling 😱, so plumber is coming out tomorrow! @nickisapiro Image
Got more research done today, including @tobyhuelin and I submitting our revised #Frozen2 chapter to the editors. The plumber thinks the shower should be fine, so 🤞. I went to Headingley this evening with Clive for the #T20 match. Thankfully the rain wasn’t too bad! @nickisapiro Image
We surprised the kids today. Took them to Manchester, had dinner with @robbracey and @emmaforster123, then saw @sisteractsocial at @PalaceAndOpera. They loved it. Great performances on stage and a shout out to @jaealexander1 for ‘Haven’t Got A Prayer’ in particular! @nickisapiro
The girls coped well with being tired today. Got back to Leeds in time for their swimming lessons, and went from there into town to get some things. Probably helped that we had ice cream (sorbet for me); delicious, and beautifully presented in the shape of flowers. @nickisapiro ImageImageImage
After dropping the kids off this morning @nickisapiro and I went for a run in the park. Good weather for it. Sad to miss @TheAshatones gig this evening but watched it on @UoLConcerts YouTube channel afterwards. Great music and funny too; lovely having them back at @LeedsUniMusic.
Explored some IT and had a meeting this morning. Did some research this afternoon, writing part of the first stage of a project proposal. Small steps, but important ones. The kids had piano lessons and played (surprisingly) well. I did my baby whisperer trick again. @nickisapiro
On campus today and I had back-to-back in-person meetings in different buildings for the first time since early March 2020. I also had meetings on Teams and Zoom, which I think makes a full house. Heard @RosannaTerBerg play Vermont Counterpont live at lunchtime too! @nickisapiro
Finished my marking then a colleague popped in for a meeting on their way to campus! Younger child had her 1st cello lesson with her new teacher and enjoyed it. @nickisapiro and I went to @maredwilliams97’s gig at @LeedsUniMusic. She’s a simply amazing performer and songwriter. Image
Spent most of today working with @nickisapiro to get a bitty but important job done. Managed to get another task started and I’ll finish that next week. The last week has just been a blur - the weekend is quite busy but in a different way, so hopefully we can all recharge a bit!
Younger child had dancing this morning and @nickisapiro did a run while I supervised our older child doing violin practice. A group of us went to the @Opera_North Children’s Chorus production of ‘All the King’s Men’ this evening. Our older child was in it and she did really well.
Wow it’s been hot today. Younger child went to a birthday party and the older had swimming and also did a mock violin exam with @DianeSapiro2 accompanying. Lots of time spent in the garden today, often seeking shade! The kids helped @nickisapiro make dinner, which was very tasty.
On leave this morning. Took the cat for acupuncture, got some jobs done and got going with the Guys and Dolls singing schedule. Spent the afternoon in meetings with students. Both kids had instrumental lessons this evening. Diary management is getting complicated! @nickisapiro
Half of today’s meetings were postponed, which meant I was able to get on with doing other jobs instead. Caught up with @DaveIreland5 at lunchtime, and had a good chat with another colleague mid-afternoon. Treated to home-made scones by @DianeSapiro2 this evening! @nickisapiro
Planted out the remaining tomato plants before my first meetings at 8.30am so there are finally no more of them in the kitchen. Older child had an exam today but seemed to enjoy it, which is the most important thing! I picked our first home-grown blueberries; tasty! @nickisapiro
Today was graduation day for our latest cohort of @LeedsUniMusic students. They’ve endured a difficult few years but their commitment, focus and determination is really inspiring. It was wonderful sharing this celebratory moment with them. Keep in touch all of you!! @nickisapiro
Went into @LeedsUniMusic today; it was like a ghost town, especially relative to graduation yesterday. Got several things ticked off though, had some positive student meetings, and had a very productive session in the afternoon with colleagues from other faculties. @nickisapiro
Combined the kids doing dancing with a trip out for lunch today, and had a slow afternoon. We saw @JosephMusical at @LeedsTheatres this evening. The staff were great, and dealt really well with a rowdy party of adults who were spoiling the show for everyone else. @nickisapiro
Both girls did music practice and then we went to Manchester to see @robbracey and @emmaforster123 to celebrate their son’s 2nd birthday with the family. It was hot, of course, but I totally rocked the ‘towel over your head plus cap and shades’ look 😎. Lovely day. @nickisapiro ImageImage
On leave with @nickisapiro today. Had brunch, dodged the heat by seeing Elvis at the cinema (enjoyed it - it’s very Luhrmann) and picked some home-grown blueberries. Our bedroom, however, was like a sauna until into the evening. Just about cool enough to sleep in now (I think!). ImageImage
Spent the day working in a room with the curtains closed, and put foil on the en-suite skylight to try and stop it becoming a sauna. Managed to keep the main bathroom cool so the girls went straight in there after school to cool off! Still warm now, and it’s 11.30pm. @nickisapiro Image
Busy morning of interviews, then a busy afternoon on leave. Didn’t get all the errands done since some took longer than anticipated (annoyingly). Older child got her G2 violin result (merit!) and younger had her final Brownies session. House has finally cooled down. @nickisapiro
Crammed a lot in today, including getting out two sets of emails that really needed to be distributed. Useful meetings in the morning and the afternoon too. We all went to an open house this evening to mark a colleague leaving. It was lovely seeing folk in person. @nickisapiro
Bit of a slow day, but I got more jobs done. Family from out-of-country came over this afternoon. The kids had a great time with their cousins, gave us a concert, and we even got them all to bed in semi-decent time! @nickisapiro and I enjoyed a night in talking with other adults!
More excellent cousin-ly game playing this morning before the girls had ballet. It was ‘watching week’, so we saw what they’ve each been working on this term. Great stuff. Out for family lunch (and cheeky afternoon tea too). The kids cooked us all dinner tonight! @nickisapiro Image
Kids both set PBs at junior park run first thing, younger did excellent and focused cello practice late morning, and older swam well early afternoon. They both had their second covid jabs after all that - fantastic staff at @RimmingtonP did it without them noticing. @nickisapiro
Had a set of tough meetings across the day but completed some shortlisting too. 3 days left to ‘close off’ this year; don’t think I’ll manage it! Kids had a fun day out with the childminder and younger did well at cello despite some arm pain. @nickisapiro (photo’s from yesterday) Image
On campus today and nice to see some colleagues in person. The girls had optician appointments this afternoon and we picked up the older’s G2 violin certificate from her teacher too. Watched the #Lionesses in the #EURO2022 semi-final. A simply super performance! @nickisapiro
On campus again for a meet up with @MelaniePrideau2, @nickisapiro and some student education colleagues. Nice to see people and a good chat too. Got through much of my to-do list and should get the last few bits finished off tomorrow to finish this year before next year starts!
I’ve just about managed to complete my student-education tasks for the year just ending. Got workloads out, sorted TA stuff, sent off paperwork, and even squeezed in some research. Had a quick catch-up with @ilaneshkeri too! On leave tomorrow - out-of-office is on! @nickisapiro
Our journey to see @LibbyClarkLeeds and @MrBC3000 was longer than planned owing to roadworks and losing satnav signal under a mile from their house. Made it though! We had a lovely afternoon and went for a swim/paddle in Ullswater this evening. Cold but tolerable! @nickisapiro ImageImageImageImage
Went to the village fair this morning. The girls got some stuff at the tombola and a mirror, @nickisapiro got some cook books, and we picked up a cake too. Went walking in the afternoon at Long Meg stone circle and St Michael’s Church. All very nice! @MrBC3000 @LibbyClarkLeeds ImageImageImage
Trip back to Leeds today was (thankfully) uneventful, and we made it in time for the kids’ swimming lessons. We watched the #Lionesses win #WEURO2022 this evening and our older daughter, who had no interest in football, said she now wants to follow the women’s game! @nickisapiro
Got most of a large task completed today - hopefully this puts me ahead this week (fingers crossed!). The kids were at day 1 of the @Opera_North Creative Camp with their friends, who are now here for a sleepover. The inflatable mattress failed, but we got it sorted. @nickisapiro
Why does writing things up usually take longer than doing them in the first place? Quite frustrating! Had lunch and a great chat with several colleagues today including @nickisapiro and @DaveIreland5. Kids had good piano lessons, but I think I’ve lost my baby-whisperer skills.
Contrasting student meetings this morning. One took ages and was tricky, the other was postponed. Got most of one job done and continued battling another. Need to get it completed tomorrow ideally. Kids enjoyed their summer school again, and are now at a sleepover. @nickisapiro
Busy and bitty day, but I think I’ve got a job finished (need to check it one more time tomorrow) and that was the main aim for the week. Kids enjoyed their club again, though younger was exceedingly grumpy afterwards. Was all smiles once she’d had her hair done 😂. @nickisapiro
Another busy day. Kids finished the @Opera_North Creative Camp and we enjoyed their show in the afternoon. We’ve given the tomatoes more support, and we’re getting fruits on them and the golden raspberry bush too. Did a @Fantrax fantasy football draft this evening. @nickisapiro ImageImage
Got the train to Ilkley late morning for @antonybutcher’s ‘welcome home’ gathering, and we saw @Opera_North_Ed’s brilliant production of ‘The Selfish Giant’ this evening. In other news, I’m 1st globally in the PL Predictor I’m in (@scottpalmerx). The only way is ⬇️! @nickisapiro ImageImage
Bit of panic this morning when we discovered our train into Leeds was cancelled! Saved by Uber and made it fine for our London train. Saw the @WickedUK matinee (younger child really loved it) - @Laura_Harrison0 was great as Elphaba. Nice dinner at @love_prezzo too. @nickisapiro
Went to @sciencemuseum this morning and learned about steam and space. Amazing! Saw @GREASEWestEnd this evening. High energy production and a lovely tribute to Olivia Newton-John at the end, whose death hit the news mid-show. Nice to see Matt Yardley in the pit too! @nickisapiro ImageImage
Headed back to Leeds this morning and apart from a 15-min delay outside Doncaster for ‘fault checking’ all went smoothly. Older daughter made cookies but accidentally used baking powder instead of baking soda, so they’re more like pancakes. Still taste good though! @nickisapiro
Got two jobs finished, a student meeting turned out well, and I made good headway analysing some survey results. Work was unavoidably curtailed by a power cut about 4.30pm. Kids had fun at Leeds City Museum, then played with their grandparents who have come to stay. @nickisapiro
Worked really efficiently today and got everything done that I needed and wanted to (I think). The girls had a lovely day out with their grandparents. Now I’m on a week’s leave with @nickisapiro and the kids while my in-laws are house and cat sitting. Amazing orange moon tonight! ImageImageImage
Slightly later-than-intended start worked out well; we arrived at the nearest diner as they opened for breakfast. Got to Aldeburgh mid afternoon, and were met by @GillBracey. Did some Spot the Window late afternoon and had take away for dinner. Holiday has started! @nickisapiro
We did more spot the window today in Aldeburgh, saw a bagpiper, and older child went on a bungy trampoline. Enjoyed @ChaplinOfficial’s ‘The Kid’ at @SnapeMaltings with the score played live by @conductorben and @MancCamerata. It was lovely and brilliant. @nickisapiro @GillBracey ImageImage
Went for a swim in the sea this morning. Not as cold as anticipated! Both girls also did the bungy trampoline the older went on yesterday. Spent the afternoon at @SnapeMaltings where we saw @StumpyOak on the Dome Stage and all did lots of Ceilidh dancing. @nickisapiro @GillBracey ImageImageImage
Aldeburgh Carnival day today. We saw the lifeboats launch and do some manoeuvres, kids did more bungy trampoline (younger did some rolls!), watched the parade, went to the funfair (‘Crystal maze’ and helter-skelter), and flew a kite. A busy but fun day. @nickisapiro @GillBracey ImageImageImageImage
Today was my birthday. Had a family 🚣‍♀️ on Thorpeness Meare; @nickisapiro and the kids joined me at the oars. @GillBracey took the girls for dinner this evening and Nicki and I went to a concert @SnapeMaltings: Anu Tali and @philharmonia played Pärt, Tchaik & Prokofiev. Just ace. ImageImageImageImage
Went running with @nickisapiro first thing before we all went to the park to fly a kite. Also picked blackberries, including Nicki sitting on my shoulders to reach some good ones 💪. Saw @Ana_CarlaMaza do amazing cello things in this evening’s concert @SnapeMaltings. @GillBracey ImageImageImage
Travelled back to Leeds today, getting here mid-afternoon. The kids disappeared into the playroom straight away, while @nickisapiro and I sorted the washing and unpacking, and I rescued a fallen tomato plant. In-laws have had a good week in Leeds, so good holidays had all round.
Back at work today and battling the inbox if not quite into submission then at least to a score-draw. Two useful meetings squeezed in there too, and some set up for next week. Still got plenty to do before the summer ends, but that’s what next week is for, isn’t it? @nickisapiro
Had a lovely family day out at @RHSBridgewater, where we met with @robbracey and @emmaforster123. Beautiful grounds, nice play area for the kids and decent food too. To top it off the weather was meant to be poor but turned out glorious! Hope we haven’t got sunburn! @nickisapiro ImageImage
Did a run at Yeadon Tarn with @nickisapiro this morning. The kids were on their scooters and it worked pretty well overall. They both had swimming later - older completed stage 6 (unexpectedly) - and then we had a lovely afternoon visiting @CathreeneH, Vicky and the chickens.
Dropped the kids in town for the @northernballet summer camp this morning, then spent until lunchtime in a long but necessary and useful meeting. Caught up with @DaveIreland5 this afternoon (in person!) and @antonybutcher (online) for further useful chats. Busy day! @nickisapiro
Hectic morning getting the kids to town, racing home to take Ombra to the vet for acupuncture, then taking him home and getting into campus. Really great chatting with @KingTekkers this morning and a new colleague this afternoon. I got some other work done too 😜. @nickisapiro
Got most of my resit marking done this morning, which was the main task I set myself to do. Nice chat with @Karenburland and @nickisapiro at lunchtime, then had a useful meeting afterwards sorting out a complex module. We weren’t last to collect our kids today - better parenting!
Dashed into town to drop off the kids, took @nickisapiro to campus, then raced home for a productive meeting. Did a PhD supervision and a handover with a colleague all before lunch. Also finished a pressing task and tied up some (not all) loose ends before annual leave tomorrow.
While the kids were at the last day of their @northernballet camp, @nickisapiro and I shopped. Great service from Ben and Ant in @O2 on Leeds Briggate, semi-successful clothes shopping, and I had a fantastic vegan ‘thick shake’ from @CrepeLeeds. Now on a Sapiro family holiday! Image
Had a great day out at @CrichTramway today. Enjoyed riding the tram, the woodland walk and looking through the exhibits. Found some Leeds items in the tram shed! Had a walk early evening with @nickisapiro, my dad and my sister-in-law. More uphill than anticipated, but we made it! ImageImageImageImage
Had to abort our plans owing to parking issues this morning so ended up at the aquarium and then the mining museum. Both were great, so the day was saved. Walked 5k this afternoon down from Bonsall into Cromford then back to the house. The return leg was very steep! @nickisapiro ImageImageImage
Checked out of our accommodation early and headed straight to @Hts_of_Abraham to beat the traffic. Enjoyed the cable car and the cave tour (well done @DianeSapiro2!), and it was a nice way to end our holiday. Back home now and hoping we’ve saved our patio plants! @nickisapiro ImageImageImageImage
Got some errands done first thing, picked up the gravel for the new shed base and sorted a puncture on the car too. Rick, Sandy and the kids came over for the afternoon - not seen them in far too long. The kids played together really well and we had a good catch up. @nickisapiro Image
Younger child’s birthday so we went to @LDCManchester for a treat. All had a great time on the rides including the VR race, the kids had fun in the Ninjago area and the 4D cinema was good. The girls went on one ride without me or @nickisapiro - finally both tall enough to do so! ImageImageImageImage
Back at work today and managed to do most of what I planned and some things I hadn’t too. The inbox wasn’t too bad really. Let’s hope tomorrow is as successful! @nickisapiro and I gave our older daughter her first phone this evening - early birthday present. Bye bye childhood 😢.
Did research for most of the day, including talking with @ElsaMarshall16 and @tobyhuelin about the next steps with our project. Much of today’s work has been revisions to a book chapter that are proving trickier than hoped/planned. Lots to do and the deadline looms. @nickisapiro
Got delayed going out this morning because the cat made a mess… Once we got into town we managed to get just about everything the kids still needed for school. We enjoyed @BugsyTheMusical at @GrandTheatreLS1 this afternoon. Great stuff! @nickisapiro moved a shed this evening. ImageImage
The girls had swimming over the middle of the day so we shuffled mealtimes and did brunch and early dinner. It worked. Younger child had her birthday party this afternoon. A dozen or so (noisy) 8 year olds in a trampoline park. Fun… 😂. She had a great time though! @nickisapiro
Last day of the kids’ summer holiday so we took them to the cinema this morning to see The Railway Children Return. We all enjoyed it. Spent some time in the sunshine this afternoon before younger child had a cello lesson. @nickisapiro continues to use up our apples - cake baked!
Kids first day back at school, and with @nickisapiro on campus I was home alone. Something of a bitty day of work, and I feel like I achieved lots and nothing at all. Our new shed was constructed in the pouring rain this morning; fortunately done before the major torrent started!
I had to deal with the cat first thing today. We were plagued with internet issues this morning, including having WiFi but no wired connection at one point. Can you explain this @virginmedia? @nickisapiro and I got home with the kids just before the heavens opened this evening!
Got lots of important and urgent things done today, though there were other such things that were not done too. Just the way it goes, especially at this ‘quiet time of year’ 🤣. Watched the sad news coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s passing with the kids, my parents and @nickisapiro.
Sent some important info to colleagues first thing then had a good chat with a student. Next I turned off email and Teams and set about reading a thesis draft. I feel I made very good progress today! @nickisapiro, the kids and I are now in Liverpool for a family birthday party.
Had a lie in this morning then we all watched the royal proclamations. Took the kids to see an elderly relative before lunch, which she said made her day. The kids were ace. Family birthday party for my grandma, kids and niece this afternoon. Lovely to see everyone. @nickisapiro Image
Headed back to Leeds this morning so the girls could have their swimming lessons. Came off the M62 at Brighouse to avoid an accident and as a bonus got pastries from Lidl. The girls did music practice and their homework this afternoon, so are all ready for tomorrow. @nickisapiro
Got more research done today but it had to share the day with various student education matters that are quite pressing now that term is only a few weeks away. @nickisapiro got some books for me, so tomorrow will now be much more useful. Kids both had music lessons this evening.
All about Ombra today. Didn’t appear despite lots of calling so phoned the vet to cancel his appt. He came in while I was on the phone 😡 so we went. He now has tablets but wouldn’t eat one. On the vets advice I hid one in cream cheese and fed it to him on a spoon! @nickisapiro
Had a student-education day that included our first School Taught Student Education Committee meeting of the year. Probably too much from me in it, but oh well. Both kids had choir tonight (the same activity!!), so @nickisapiro were able to go for a run along the canal towpath.
Another busy day (aren’t they all??). Caught bits of the #LibraryMusicConference including @bethanylklein’s keynote, had a useful meeting with @rossgcole and @nickisapiro, read a PhD proposal, dealt with emails... Both girls had friends round after school and had a lovely time.
On campus today. Grabbed some books from the library but ended up sorting out timetable stuff instead of research 😫. The afternoon was great though, seeing DSE colleagues old and new and the Faculty SE leadership team. Got the year started properly! @nickisapiro @MelaniePrideau2
Got the last arrangements completed first thing. @nickisapiro popped round to the neighbours while I found the girls’ ballet stuff, and we ran while they both had dancing. @DaveIreland5 came round later to record some piano parts for me. Nice having @GillBracey with us tonight.
Quiet morning at home before we took the kids to their swimming lessons. I went to the supermarket afterwards and it was insanely busy. Got everything I needed though. @nickisapiro and @GillBracey left for Manchester en route to Scotland, and the girls and I had a quiet evening.
The girls had violin and cello lessons (respectively) today. We watched the funeral in between; outstanding music-making throughout! The girls also played with some of the younger’s birthday gifts, building a race track (good) and trying ‘floating ink’ (not as good). @nickisapiro Image
On campus today, with a combination of in-person and online meetings. Got some more research done, and nearly finished that project now. Had the rehearsal for this year’s #KolNidre livestream this evening. Went so well we finished half an hour early! Should be good! @nickisapiro
Got a lot done today, which was pleasing. The girls were at Opera North Children’s Chorus tonight and had a great time. I tried a new slow cooker recipe for dinner with mixed success. Could have been worse! Got a raspberry, tomato and strawberry haul from the garden! @nickisapiro Image
Spent a great morning talking about library music with @tobyhuelin and @DaveIreland5. Had a hearing test after lunch - all good, and even in both ears too (which is unusual, apparently). Good meeting with working group leads this afternoon, setting plans in motion. @nickisapiro
Our Welcome Week (and a bit) started today, with our new Masters students kicking things off. I had a good chat with @tobyhuelin and @ElsaMarshall16 about a book, before catching up with @TRUST_FUND then @DaveIreland5 about teaching stuff. @nickisapiro and @GillBracey are back!
Very busy day! We went to look round a high school this morning (oldest is in yr 6 😫), then off to ballet for each girl. Took older and her friend to another friend’s party and got back just in time to pick younger up. Took her for afternoon tea. Tiring all round! @nickisapiro
Today both girls did string and piano practice, had swimming lessons, did their homework and read their school reading books. We balanced that out with hot chocolate, catching up with @bbcstrictly, play time and a family dinner, so it still felt like the weekend! @nickisapiro
Rosh Hashanah today, so I wasn’t at work and spent the morning singing in synagogue. Started to measure up for some shelves for our storage space this afternoon. The kids had their instrumental lessons; had to get a taxi to violin because one car’s awaiting its MOT! @nickisapiro
Back in synagogue today for the 2nd day of RH. Choir sang better I think - maybe yesterday acted as a warm-up of sorts 😂. Planned out some more shelving before taking the kids to their piano lessons. Both did well - interesting to see/hear their different strengths. @nickisapiro
Today was a meeting-fest. Had a great chat with @trevorjonesfilm first thing, once we found some tech that worked! Always a pleasure talking with him. Then it was meetings with colleagues including over lunch with @DaveIreland5. @nickisapiro did a sushi-making class this evening. Image
Met (some of) our new postgrads today, then sent them into Leeds City Centre on a sound walk. Also co-delivered training to our PGRTAs with @DaveIreland5 and Oliver. Older child had her first ‘Cunning Little Vixen’ rehearsal, and we looked round another high school. @nickisapiro
Rounded off welcome week by meeting with each year group. They shared with us some of their fears, hopes, worries and ambitions for the year ahead. Really great to be able to chat about these things with them. Colleagues engaged their level 1 tutees brilliantly too. @nickisapiro
The girls had a busy day but engaged brilliantly with everything. String and piano practice, spellings, and dancing classes all done with no fuss and plenty of smiles. @nickisapiro and I ran while the girls were dancing. I bought all the stuff we need for the store room shelving. Image
Older daughter is away with school on her birthday this week so we celebrated today instead with a family fun day. Started by watching sing-along Encanto this morning (we sang!). Went bowling this afternoon; kids’ first time and they loved it. Ended with dinner out. @nickisapiro
Busy day today (apologies to @ElsaMarshall16 and @tobyhuelin for being late!). But got everything done (amazingly). Older child went on her school residential 😬. Our livestreamed ‘The Music of Kol Nidre’ (facebook.com/albert.chait/v…) went very well from what I can tell. @nickisapiro
Spoke to the birthday girl by phone first thing, then today just didn’t stop. This week was meant to be quieter than last but it feels like loads of niggly issues were hiding and biding their time before exploding into my inbox. Shovelling snow while it’s snowing... @nickisapiro
On leave today and spent a good portion of in the synagogue (Yom Kippur), singing top tenor in the choir. Bit depleted in number, but we sang pretty well. Harder when fasting too, of course! Older child returned from school residential this afternoon and was buzzing. @nickisapiro
Dealt with my by blazing inbox today but not sure how many fires I put out. Useful meeting with @antonybutcher and got some things sorted out with @nickisapiro too. Older child’s birthday party this afternoon. Everyone had a great time at @clipnclimbuk Leeds. Staff were fabulous!
I taught a class this afternoon! Really nice being in a lecture theatre with our finalists! Younger child’s class couldn’t go swimming today because a parking warden gave the coach a ticket outside the school and threatened another if it came back! #lunacy #madness @nickisapiro
Looked round @TheGSAL this morning. 1st time I’ve been there since doing Merrie England with Dev Hall and Headingley AOS in 2000. Quite poignant seeing the photo of Bob Tebb in the music room that bears his name. The girls had dancing afterwards, and @nickisapiro and I did a run.
My parents were with us this morning having come over last night to see a gig. The girls played games with them, and won. Swimming as usual in the middle of the day, and we had hot chocolate this afternoon. I finished the more complicated shelving in the store room. @nickisapiro Image
Busy and bitty day, but got a lot of emails sorted and managed to mark a Masters submission too, so that’s some important things ticked off. Still stuff to get sorted, but that’s what tomorrow is for, right? Both kids had string lessons this evening and did well. @nickisapiro
On campus today for a chat with a finalist about a project, and to meet a new colleague in person for the first time as part of her induction. Both meetings good and useful for all concerned. Another good raspberry and tomato haul from the garden this morning too. @nickisapiro Image
Very pleased to get a good email from a student this morning. Interesting and useful strategy discussion at Research Committee late morning followed by a less interesting but equally useful assessment meeting. Girls loved @Opera_North_Ed Choir as usual this evening. @nickisapiro
On campus this morning. Bonus chat with @antonybutcher, catch up with @MelaniePrideau2 and fellow DSEs, and got the bass clarinet from @Karenburland. Parent’s evening (afternoon) at school then older child was at an @Opera_North rehearsal and @nickisapiro had @LeedsBaroque. #Busy
Saw a student about a project in my drop-in hour this morning, met with @DaveIreland5 and @tobyhuelin, and did a heck of a lot of emailing today. Took younger child to the optician to get her glasses straightened while older child got on with a big homework project. @nickisapiro
Worked on the rehearsal tracks for my next show this morning before taking younger daughter to a birthday party. Ran nearly 9k while the girls had dancing, and had a brief catch up this afternoon with the director for my next show. Had family @bbcstrictly night too. @nickisapiro
The girls we’re great today, doing two lots of music practice each, reading their school books and doing their spellings. They also had good swimming lessons. Took them to Street Lane Bakery for a treat; we enjoyed amazing (massive) donuts. Super win for #LFC today! @nickisapiro Image
Organised a lot of catch-up meetings with my academic lead team today, and kept on top of the inbox too. Had my first Guys and Dolls rehearsal ahead of January’s show - nice to get started. Finally picked up the last of our stuff from @antonybutcher, 15 months late. @nickisapiro
Had a couple of chats with @antonybutcher today discussing student voice in @LeedsUniMusic. Huge thanks to @BryanDWhite00 for his time and invaluable advice this afternoon! Girls got on with a dull but necessary task this evening and I found the cause of a damp wall. @nickisapiro
Useful chat about a student with @antonybutcher (who must be sick of me) and equally good catch-up with @DaveIreland5 before lunch. Plumber sorted out the water issue this afternoon. Kids enjoyed choir as usual this evening, and I’ve finished the storage shelving! @nickisapiro Image
Student-education day today. It was full of meetings but they were all useful and informative. Discussion with Faculty/Uni colleagues, chat with working group leads, spoke with student reps, met with our incoming HoS, and squeezed another meeting in after that too. @nickisapiro
Saw three students in my drop-in hour and got some research done today. Good catch ups with @Steve_katongo and @DaveIreland5, and a great @UoLConcerts given by @LeedsUniMusic alumnus Dave Edwards. Surprised the kids with dinner out with older child’s best friend! @nickisapiro
The kids’ and I tidied their playroom this morning before they had dancing. @nickisapiro and I waited for what felt like years (30+ mins!) for our lunch at @GoldenAcrePark (poor). I fitted motors to the living room skylights this afternoon (finally) and got some recording done.
Did the Leeds #AbbeyDash with @nickisapiro in the pouring rain this morning. I ran it in 59:10, which I’m happy with. Got home just as my parents were taking the kids to swimming. We were wetter than they got I think 😂. Out for @DianeSapiro2’s early birthday dinner this evening.
Managed to be on time for my meeting with @ElsaMarshall16 and @tobyhuelin today (that’s an improvement!) and we made good progress. I got most of a job done this afternoon (will finish it tomorrow), and had my first chorus rehearsal for Guys and Dolls this evening. @nickisapiro
On campus for a day of meetings today! Saw a student in my drop-in, 3 finalists about their Applied Projects, caught up with @SilviuCobeanu, Emily and Oliver, and had a DSE event. Finished an important job and took the kids to piano lessons too (they did very well). @nickisapiro
Took the kids to London for a two-show day - @ComeFromAwayUK and @MaryPoppins. Needless to say we all had a fantastic time. Seeing @ZiziStrallen and @Charlie_Stemp live (from the front row) is quite something. Shame both shows are closing; see them while you can! @nickisapiro
Back to Leeds this morning. Smooth trip on the train. After lunch the kids went off to play and I had my hair cut by a barber (rather than by me) for the first time in nearly 3 years! @nickisapiro had a @LeedsBaroque rehearsal this evening and I had a great #GuysAndDolls session.
Today was ‘voucher day’, The kids bought make-up, clothes and jewellery with birthday vouchers, and @nickisapiro used her vouchers. We squeezed in a @TheCCLeeds gig, the @PCI_UniofLeeds colouring comp, getting a @UoL_Sus pumpkin, an optician appointment and a swimming lesson too!
The girls spent most of today playing together wonderfully - we played some board games after lunch but otherwise I barely saw them! @nickisapiro had rehearsals for @LeedsBaroque and I was able to attack ‘the mess’ (aka the study!) for a lot of the day. Got the washing done too.
Another busy day. The girls did instrument practice, younger had swimming, we played some games, they designed carvings for the pumpkin, and we went to the @LeedsBaroque concert too. They enjoyed their first full-length Baroque gig, and it was lovely to see @nickisapiro singing.
Spent much of today dealing with emails from last week. Had a chat with @ilaneshkeri (always a pleasure), and finally met @rossgcole in person! Great Guys and Dolls principal rehearsal tonight too. @nickisapiro was a superstar and took the kids trick or treating while I was out.
Did research today and was disciplined - didn’t deal with emails. Don’t think anything crashed because I didn’t reply instantly; I’ll find out tomorrow! Forgot to attach pumpkin pics yesterday. Older child designed a scary face, younger a cat, and I did the carving. @nickisapiro ImageImage
Got the last bit of work from 21-22 marked first thing and dealt with some emails. Made more good headway on a task with an imminent deadline, so that’s nearly there now. Good chat with @Karenburland too. The girls and I dodged the rain this evening; @nickisapiro wasn’t so lucky.
On campus today. Useful chatting with @DaveIreland5, made several amendments to a form, did my best with the inbox, and attended an excellent Student Staff Partnership Forum chaired brilliantly by our UG School Rep. #GuysAndDolls rehearsal this evening went well too. @nickisapiro
Spent most of today working on a single task, and just about happy with it now. Thanks to @scottpalmerx for some really useful feedback! Older child had swimming tonight and continues to work hard and improve. @nickisapiro hit a milestone today - 20 years working @LeedsUniMusic!
Lazy-ish morning and a busy-ish day. The kids each did music practice before their dance classes, after which I took the girls swimming (their request). Good fun and hopefully it’s helped the younger a bit with some technique. All enjoyed @bbcstrictly this evening. @nickisapiro
Went to #StreetLaneBakery this morning to get bagels, and treats for the kids. Younger had a good swimming lesson after lunch and we played Herd Mentality as a family in the afternoon before music practice. @nickisapiro and I picked the remaining green tomatoes and made chutney. ImageImage
Half-and-half campus/home day. Terrible traffic (accident on ring road) meant we were late for younger child’s cello lesson and it took ages to get home too. I had to swallow my dinner in one go before my #GuysAndDolls rehearsal. Nice having @DaveIreland5 on keys! @nickisapiro
Had three meetings today, all on very different topics, and all useful. I got a form submitted too, so that’s a relief (just two more to complete now…). Managed to squeeze in some prep for #GuysAndDolls before the kids’ piano lessons, at which they were both great. @nickisapiro
Ticked off another notable job today, sending off some documents for approval (hopefully!), and made good progress with my next task too. Had a useful meeting with colleagues this morning to discuss some interesting ideas. Girls enjoyed choir as usual this evening. @nickisapiro
On leave today so @nickisapiro and I could make a long-awaited and multiply postponed trip to London to see @JRobyns as JVJ in @lesmisofficial. It’s been a long wait but it was well worth it, and it was so nice catching up with him (and also seeing @clares_tweets) after the show. Image
Saw a couple of students in my drop-in this morning, and then spent much of the day working through emails and Teams messages, having been largely ignoring them earlier in the week while completing other tasks. Older child had a good swimming lesson this evening. @nickisapiro
The kids sorted their own breakfasts while @nickisapiro and I had a rare lie-in today. Got some of their music practice done, they had dancing, we went swimming, and Nicki recorded some more tracks for #GuysAndDolls. Also found time for afternoon tea and @bbcstrictly. Busy day! Image
Even lazier morning today before @nickisapiro went to see our neighbour who has been unwell. Got the rest of the girls’ music practice done before swimming, which was good. Finally got my World Cup Predictions Game Code sorted (I think) this afternoon, so that goes out tomorrow.
Did a PhD supervision with @mugloch and all seems to be going well. After lunch I took the cat to the vet and he was, er, badly behaved there and back (but fine during his acupuncture!). Fantastic #GuysAndDolls singing rehearsal this evening. Thanks @DaveIreland5 🎹. @nickisapiro
Had my first official 1-2-1 with the new boss, @BarbaraKelly8, this morning. We crammed a lot into the time! Useful catch-up with a colleague this afternoon helped me refine something I’m working on. Got the train home for the first time in ages - it was very quiet. @nickisapiro
Got the train to work for the first time in years, and enjoyed the walk in from the station. Also had the excitement of an in-person meeting followed immediately by a Teams meeting and had to run back to my office for the latter. I’d forgotten what that was like! @nickisapiro
Not sure what happened to this morning, but the work that I got done wasn’t the work I had planned to do 🤷🏻‍♂️. Attended the funeral of a former colleague this afternoon. Sad, of course, but glad a small group of us were there to represent @LeedsUniMusic. @nickisapiro @_DanMerrick
In case Twitter dies I don’t want to lose these memories. Please unroll @threadreaderapp

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