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[1/10] 🆘#BreakingNews:
Please #share 🔁 this video:

Calling employees from every company in the country to take action from the inside and challenge their #employers to do more in protecting the #environment
[2/10] Take action on six steps - Read more on detail:…
[3/10] One - Awareness:
When you are aware of #climatechange negative impacts, you will also question if a project is detrimental to the #environment.
The challenge is to apply that personal awareness and thinking to the projects we are professionally responsible for.
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1/ Australia: We need to start talking about the snide #negative commentary around people #workingfromhome - here is a couple of starters: in March 2020 businesses sent office workers home and those office workers set aside a part of their homes to help businesses stay open…
2/ we schooled our kids and worked weird and extra hours & thought up ways to stay connected. Along the way we found that when we #workfromhome our pets n kids n partners see more of us, we find time to exercise & cook & reduce the time & $ & stress wasted on commuting…
3/ some of us could see that in the future we would like to keep some of the week as #workfromhome into the future. Now it’s good to catch up in person. But what I notice increasingly in the media is #negative commentary. Worse still…
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It's #workingfromhome day! 🏠🏠

We've pulled some of our most important articles for a handy #thread.

Ready? Let's go.
Want to dive deep into the issue?

We've just the article, exploring the exact impact the pandemic home-working experiment had:…
Different rates of pay for home v office workers?

You may remember this recent spat.

We examined the tensions at play:…
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Looking forward to hearing more about the latest research on how those in the UK that experience #PeriodPoverty have been impacted by the #Coronavirus pandemic #PeriodsInAPandemic
First @EmmaCraddock89 & @bloody_spoonie give a brief overview of the "Periods In A Pandemic" project- focusing on how women, girls & people who menstruate have managed their menstrual health during the pandemic #PeriodsInAPandemic
Williams says that the project sought not only to inform how #PeriodPoverty initiatives have adapted and could improve during the pandemic, as well as centre the voices & experiences of those affected in the policymaking debate #PeriodsInAPandemic
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A thread 🧵 on #omicron #covid #mask #vaccines Almost 2 years since the initial Covid concerns, what we’ve had is governments across the world being reactive (and slowly) not pro-active. So why is this #omicron different, and what is the concern? @DrMarthaGulati @mmamas1973 /2
Multiple mutations have happened- we didn’t get from #delta to #omicron overnight, the other variant were monitored, but not alarming… and scientists kept observing… but not shouting out- now they are, time to be listened, and here are the concerns @AnastasiaSMihai @iamritu /3
#omicron has 32 mutations in its spike protein. These include E484A, K417N and N440K, which are might the virus to escape detection from antibodies… and herein lies the question… WILL THE VACCINES WORK? WILL NATURAL IMMUNITY WORK? @N_Dietis @LynnGreigMiller /4
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The #HS2GravyTrain is all set to be a massive failure because we're in a #ClimateAndEcologicalEmergency, so Britain will have to move, this coming decade, to a #Degrowth economy, a #4DayWeek, lots more #WorkingFromHome, much less #LongDistanceCommuting…
For any chance of human survival through a #ClimateAndEcologicalEmergency that will soon bring crop failures, hunger, chaos, all airport expansion must be halted and air travel massively cut back.
#Birmingham #AirportExpansion…
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Day 2: preliminary hearing #AllisonBailey v Stonewall

We are expecting the hearing to recommence at 9.30 am.

We will do our best to live tweet proceedings, technology permitting!

@ALLIANCELGB are also live tweeting from the court.
Background to @BluskyeAllison’s case can be read here. You can also support the crowdfunder if you would like.


It is an important case to follow for any #schools & #teachers working with Stonewall. The CPS ‘hate crimes’ schools pack, produced in conjunction with #Stonewall has now been permanently withdrawn, but the judicial review of the relationship between CPS...
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Last chance to join us to review the year that no one expected! We will be LIVE in 10 minutes to look at the questions that made the biggest impact & the conversations that helped communities/organizations make it through tough times. Register now: Image
It's TIME! We're thrilled to be live with @dessalen to celebrate and share some learnings from this past year. Follow along in this thread ⤵️ and share your insights with us by using ➡️ #TeVE & #TeVirtualEvents #Bestof2020 Image
Quick review -January 2020 was off to a tough start! What was happening back then? ⤵️ Image
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Thrilled to report my review of research with #mentalhealth professionals with #livedexperience has been birthed after 9 months:…

Thanks to best midwives ever, @LisaMBrophy @DrTEFF @DrLouiseByrne!

If you have any difficulties accessing, please PM me. Image
For those short on time, these were the key themes... but definitely read the full paper and not just because it took six months to write 😉
Many of the studies were qualitative and the words of participants powerful. Image
Massive thanks for all the Twitter love over the weekend. I've been #workingfromhome since March, and we're in #lockdown for another seven weeks in Melbourne so it feels good to have the support of people so far away.

I might be slightly hanging on for that 100th like...
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Many are now contemplating WFH long term. I spent a lot of years #workingfromhome but it’s really easy to end up not being able to switch off so here are a couple of things we used to do to try and help with that - thread /1
Try and find a space to work in where you can shut the door at the end of the working day. Having your work paraphernalia visible makes it hard to spend time with family without being distracted. /2
In one house we converted an old larder room off the kitchen to a work space. It was tiny but the main thing is I could shut the door and work stayed in there and it didn’t take over the rest of the house /3
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#workingfromhome w/ kids & no childcare is basically impossible. I can do emails/small tasks, but not longer, substantive work. I decided to do a small empirical project to demonstrate why. I documented 1 hour of (trying to) work this morning. Here's how it went: #AcademicChatter
9.00 - #1 asks about whether I should write 16.30 instead of 4.30pm in an email he's watching me type.
9.03 - #3 asks me how to spell princess.
9.04 - #3 asks if I wrote princess or princesses.
9.05 - #3 informs me of items on her birthday wish list (which is in 5 weeks).
9.11 - #1 asks whether bikers sometimes go the wrong way on a one-way street.
9.12 - #1 asks if people walking can go both ways on a one-way street.
9.13 - #1 kindly reminds me about a street called Southmoor Place. It’s one-way.
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I’m taking my internet dropping out all morning as a sign I should do something offline.
Thankfully, printed @DrLouiseByrne’s latest paper yesterday & treated myself to some new highlighters on weekend (given my others are locked down in my LTU office). #workingfromhome #phdlife Image
Looking forward to speaking with young people in coming weeks involved in groups with #peer workers that have recently moved online.
It will be interesting to see if their experiences of #peersupport are different to those in face to face groups. Image
No so keen on the idea of “monitoring” or #peer “counselling” but can definitely say based on my scoping review that informal and formal opportunities for #peersupport are valued by health care professionals with #livedexperience of emotional distress. Image
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Good Day! We're out with new research from our hardworking team at @angusreidorg - this time focusing on the future of #WorkFromHome & other economic impacts of #COVID19. Follow along while I walk you through it!
To start, you can read the full report, download detailed data tables, access the questionnaire and learn about the methodology here:…
The BIG takeaway from today's study? Among those #workingfromhome due to #COVID19, two-thirds do NOT expect they'll return to their office or place of work full time when this is all over: Image
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1/30 In two forthcoming pieces, I examine #Japan's response to the #COVID19 #coronavirus #pandemic. I'll summarize the main non-theoretical points here (long thread alert!).
2/30 #Japan’s figures have always looked good compared to many other countries, which initially led to suspicion that the ‘real’ numbers of #COVID19 #coronavirus infections & death were being played down.
3/30 #Tokyo Metropolitan Government at least has now released full #COVID19 figures, including general death rates, seeming to put this argument to rest (but these figures are also now being challenged).…
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Thread: Cloud is one of the most underrated technology in the middle of this pandemic. While we praise Zoom and others, we all couldn't have adapted to #workingfromhome without the advancements in the scale and power of the cloud. (1/8)
Imagine we were in this crisis 15 years ago when the cloud was in its infancy. It wouldn't have been easy to do everything we do today around meetings, file sharing, online events and more all powered by cloud. (2/8)
I would argue, many millions would be out of work if not for #cloud. Also the entertainment industry. The @netflix’s of the world would not be merely this effective without the scale we have today. (3/8)
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Today we VIRTUALLY did a mini integration testing with 2 IT scripts. 8 people involved. 3 at work but social distancing from each other in their own cubicles and 5 at home. Coordinated the step by step scripts, captured testing screenshots, collected and documented issues...
Finished testing in 4 hours w breaks, social chats, and business chats, debriefed in 30 mins.... ALL INFO captured in real time by Microsoft Teams w embedded ONENOTE (screenshots and issue log) and EXCEL (test scripts).
This is exciting for me. If you have worked in “IT” you have to appreciate that we have been doing integration testing in one room full of computers, full of bodies, and generate a gazillion paper screenshots in BINDERS per script.
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The perils of working from home.
When work video calls go wrong.

Please let this be genuine!
"Mummy, what's his name?"

The moment Dr Clare Wenham's daughter interrupted her live on TV.
#workingfromhome #ZoomMeeting
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As someone who already works from home and spends much of their time on the telephone, I wasn’t prepared for the exhaustion of spending time on video conferencing calls.

The maximum has been 5 hours a day. Luckily, that is the exception rather than the rule.

But whilst #lockdown continues, #ZoomFatigue is going to be an ongoing issue for many.
Here are some tips to make it easier:
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Banana farming is a lucrative venture that anyone with resources and commercial interest in farming should venture.
Kenya is among the largest banana producers globally with estimated annual production of 1.4 million metric tons.
It ranks 4th after rice
Benefits include:
Source of vitamin B6 and C, manganese, potassium, starch n fibre.

There's a high demand of bananas in Kenya n deficit in supply.
Much is imported from Uganda

Areas that lead in production are Meru, Kirinyaga, Embu, Kisii, bungoma, vihiga, Busia, Taita
The most common varieties include:
Williams, Cavendish, Grandnain, Giant and Dwarf Cavendish, Uganda Green, Ng'ombe, Sweet bananas and others considered indigenous varieties.
Most farmers rely on propagation through suckers. However, tissue culture is gaining popularity.
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A mini-autoethnography re: #LifeInTheTimeOfCovid
Started #selfisolating Mar16, d/t travel followed by respiratory symptoms; tested -ve for #Covid19 {WhooHoo!}
Now #workingfromhome, #physicaldistancing & #socialconnecting via Zoom, Hangouts, etc. Earworm:
Yst'day was rough. Mood swings, easily demoralized by small things: colleagues not getting a strategy; more wafer-thin slices from my autonomy in my work. Saved by a long walk. I could handle #PlankTheCurve if Ab's attack on universities wasn't co-occuring. #LifeInTheTimeOfCovid
Sunshine, a bike ride in wind so strong it pushed me up out of the river valley = good medicine; met 1.5 of today's 3 productivity goals. Calling it enough. #LifeInTheTimeOfCovid

#Earworm: @KateTempest's "Hold Your Own"…
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1/ The @HiHello team is excited to help take your @zoom_us #video calls to the next level w/personalized backgrounds that show your personal/professional brand & make it easy to exchange contact information!

Create your #VirtualBackground for #Zoom at
2/ #WorkingFromHome has it's charm, but being able to showcase your brand and identity is still important to many professionals. We've made it easy for any user to do just that with just a few clicks!
3/ If you're already a @HiHello user, simply log in with the same username/password on our web app, choose a background (or upload your own!) and then pick which card you'd like to use on that background. Download and add it as a #VirtualBackground to @zoom_us and you're all set!
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A little collaboration piece on #covid19 #coronavirus made by @GNaamati, @AstridGAGall and myself, while we are #WorkingFromHome #EMBLatHome

A Tale of One Virus
(inspired by Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities") Image
It was the worst of times
It was the best of times Image
It was the time of fear
It was the time of hope Image
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Essa thread foi inspirada na sequência original escrita pela @purton_louise. Fiz essa tradução para tentar ajudar no desafio que a pesquisa no Brasil está passando com o ensino à distância, com um carinho especial à comunidade da @unb_oficial, minha casa! 19/1
São dicas para novos alunos de pós-grad/pós-doc que estão #trabalhandoemcasa #workingfromhome. Apesar do foco, veteranos tbm podem aproveitar (eu!). Estamos juntos e vamos passar pelo #COVID19. Antes de tudo, fique calmo. as prioridades são: estar seguro, feliz e saudável. 19/2
Há muitas coisas que você pode fazer em casa – mesmo se sua pesquisa é baseada em laboratório ou pesquisa de campo. Vai precisa, é claro, de um computador e acesso à internet. Comece pelo começo. 19/3
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