We’re off: #ECRday2021 is a go! I’d like to thank @QUBelfast & @UKRI_News for the financial support today. I’m hugely grateful to @SophcoCooper's technical support & @QUBPostdoc for wisdom + advice! The programme for today is here: alisongarden.com/ecrday2021-aca… 🧵 of the day below...
Thanks to @SophcoCooper for the tech assistance today! As well as being a whizz with tech, she's a scholar of the Irish diaspora. She writes on migration, gender, religion and space. See more here: sophiecooperhistory.wordpress.com She also runs: irishdiasporahistory.wordpress.com #IrishStudies
Our first panel of #ECRday2021 is on ‘Postdoctoral Fellowships on Projects’. We’ll hear from @comyn_scomyn & @AMFoster_ about the challenges, processes and joys of working on group projects as a #postdoc in the arts, humanities & social sciences. #ECRchat #PhDchat #Academia
First up is @comyn_scomyn (@UCD_English) on her experience of the @ERC_Research funded ucd.ie/southhem/ project 🗺️. Sarah writes about value, settler colonialism & literary institutions in the long C19th 📚💰For more on Sarah’s research, see: people.ucd.ie/sarah.comyn
Sarah @comyn_scomyn notes she was very mobile as a PhD student - attending 3 universities - & says she thinks this is very important. She also started applying for funding v. early in her research career; something again that she thinks assisted. Here's a bit on her background: Image
Now @comyn_scomyn addresses the inequalities of #academia, noting that there are structural inequalities that rewards privilege and certain types of applicants #ECRday2021 Image
Another excellent point from @comyn_scomyn about having a wide range of #mentors. Don't just go for senior academics - although they are excellent to have - go for peers too that are only slightly ahead of you: they know what the #ECR game is like more than anyone.
Great tips from @comyn_scomyn on applying for a position on a group project:
1⃣Research the PI, institution, project: check the website!
2⃣Think about how your research fits the project;
3⃣Use your application to highlight your skills as a team player & collaborator
And when writing your cover letter, @comyn_scomyn says:
1⃣Don't overpromise what you can achieve, eps. in terms of publications;
2⃣Craft a convincing research narrative, esp. if you are #interdisciplinary.
Brilliant tips from @comyn_scomyn about how to make the most of your postdoc. She suggests sourcing extra training and leveraging the prestige of the project. Loved the shoutout to the excellent support offered by @ucdrscareers! #ECRday2021 Image
Next is @AMFoster_ (visiting scholar at @HAPPatQUB but soon @NorthumbriaUni on a @ahrcpress grant!) on the process of being a ‘named postdoc’ on a big grant. Ann-Marie writes on death, memory & #FamilyHistory 🪦. More on Ann-Marie’s research: pure.qub.ac.uk/en/persons/ann… #ECRday2021
Kicking off with a discussion of what it means to be a 'named postdoc' on a big grant from @AMFoster_. What a helpful illustration! #ECRday2021 Image
Talking about being a named postdoc, @AMFoster_ is being modest but what is clear is that she had a fantastic profile & network because she was approached by multiple established academics looking to include her #ECRday2021
Reiterating points made by @comyn_scomyn, @AMFoster_ says: make this #postdoc work for you. Get the publications, experience and skills development that you want from it. This includes setting yourself up to move outside academia if you want, too #ECRday2021 Image
Such incredible generosity from @AMFoster_ sharing what her CV looked like at the time of her applications. #ECRs can be so generous & helpful! Image
But @AMFoster_ also notes that not everyone's CV will look like hers at the time they apply; it depends on where you are in your career.
Final top tips from @AMFoster_:
1⃣be good at what you do: keep plugging away;
2⃣say yes;
3⃣be bold & chat to people whose work you admire - network!
The second panel of #ECRday2021 is underway! We’ll be chatting all about @Mariecurie_alum, @wellcometrust & the @IrishResearch ‘Enterprise’ scheme with @anna_pilz, @tedilta & @drmarykathryn 🌟 #ECRchat #PhDchat #AcademicTwitter
First up in #ECRday2021 panel 2 is @anna_pilz talking about @MSCActions. Anna is based in @LLCatEdinburgh & writes about women’s writing, cultural & literary history and #EnvHum🌱 More on Anna’s research here: research.ed.ac.uk/en/persons/ann…
Getting started with an overview of the #MSCA @MSCActions scheme from @anna_pilz Image
If you’re applying for @MSCActions, my blog post on this might be of interest 👇: alisongarden.com/guide-marie-sk… . There are extra resources from @_UKRO_ too: ukro.ac.uk/about-ukro/ukr… #MSCA #MarieCurious
Another great slide here from @anna_pilz outlining the application process for @MSCActions. #ECRday2021 Image
Ah! A wild Gantt Chart appears! The joy of funding applications 😅 this example below from @anna_pilz Image
Brilliant top tips from @anna_pilz to finish off her hugely helpful talk on #MSCA👇 Image
Our second speaker in this panel is @tedilta on @wellcometrust (+ maybe @MSCActions too: she has both!). Diletta is based at @NorthumbriaUni & is PI on @writing_sleep 💤. She works on contemporary culture, crises, time ⏱️More about Diletta’s research: dilettadecristofaro.com
Loving all the honesty from @tedilta and @anna_pilz about the number of rejections they had before their fellowship/grant success and the pressure to develop a strong research idea too soon after the PhD #ECRday2021
Another generous slide from @tedilta sharing what her CV looked like when she reapplied for her current @wellcometrust & @MSCActions awards. #ECRday2021 Image
And a beautiful illustration about the timelines involved in her @wellcometrust application for @writing_sleep. She also suggests that if you are interested in @MSCActions, you look for a 'masterclasses' at the institution you hope to apply to. #ECRday2021 Image
Great tips on how to prepare for the @wellcometrust interview from @tedilta. Use peer review to preempt questions and prepare answers and practice!
And brilliant advice on how deal with feedback on applications from @tedilta #ECRday2021 Image
And a further bit of great advice about how to select a mentor and host institution from @tedilta Image
Final speaker on #ECRday2021 panel 2 is @drmarykathryn who will be covering the @IrishResearch ‘Enterprise’ scheme. Katie writes on the Gothic & #IrishStudies 🧛👻 and is based at @MoLI_Museum & @UCD_English. More on Katie’s research here: ucd.ie/discovery/risi… Image
We're getting a great explanation of what an 'enterprise partner' is from @drmarykathryn. The @IrishResearch
'Enterprise' scheme is such a good one for developing skills beyond the university. Image
Great explanation about how @drmarykathryn's research on Gothic #IrishStudies can be translated into non-academic 'outputs' through her work with @MoLI_Museum. She lists podcasts, exhibitions, maps... Image
Really inspiring discussion from @drmarykathryn about how the @IrishResearch 'Enterprise' scheme can set you up for your 'dream job'. 'Think big!' she tells us. Do you want to work in a gallery; non-profit; archive; museum? Image
Why work on an employment-based fellowship? @drmarykathryn counts the ways... Image
Top tips here too from @drmarykathryn on how to approach a mentor & an enterprise partner. She says don't be disheartened if you cold email someone and they aren't interested - someone else definitely will be! #ECRchat2021 ImageImage
We've been talking a lot about what people's CVs 'looked like' when they applied and here is @drmarykathryn's. She makes it clear that trying to piece together multiple jobs across multiple institutions took a real toll on her. #ECR life can be so challenging. Image
Frank discussion of challenges for those in #AHSS wanting to work with a non-academic institution in the @IrishResearch scheme. 'If you're a computer scientist PhD and you want to work for Google? No problem, they have the $' says @drmarykathryn Harder for museums, galleries etc. Image
Nothing but good vibes and positivity from @drmarykathryn about all the advantages of undertaking an employment based fellowship at @MoLI_Museum Image
Fantastic Q&A to conclude panel 2 of #ECRday2021. @drmarykathryn made amazingly important points: If you leave academia, 'you're not giving up - you're making a choice: that's control'.
Hope you all had a great lunch! We’re back for the second half of #ECRday2021. This panel we’ll be joined by @katymilligan, @LiviDeeHistory & @drsaraharens who will be talking about #postdoc & #fellowship opportunities with @IrishResearch, @LeverhulmeTrust & @BritishAcademy_ 📚🌟
First up #ECRday2021 panel 3 is @katymilligan on @IrishResearch. Katy is a freelance art historian and librarian at @UCDLibrary. She writes on #IrishStudies, art & history in the C19th/20th 🖼️🖌️. For more about Katy’s research, see here: katymilligan.com
Another lovely & helpful overview of an #ECR career here from @katymilligan. She's just mentioned how work in galleries, libraries, museums and archives has been a key part of her career in ways she hadn't realised. Image
And here is @katymilligan's @IrishResearch timeline overview and a summary of what her CV looked like in terms of publications and funding when she applied. Image
And an overview here of the @IrishResearch scheme from @katymilligan, plus tips on the application process! #loveIrishresearch ImageImage
Loved Katy's comparison of what she said she would do during her @IrishResearch postdoc...and what she actually did! Phew! Image
and some serious reflection on the difficulties of how intense the application process is from @katymilligan - but why it is worth it #ECRday2021 Image
More honesty from @katymilligan about developing transferrable skills during a PhD and the use of these beyond the university. She notes that since she finished in her PhD in 2015 and *two* jobs in her field have come up since then. Image
I also loved @katymilligan's point about academics moving into galleries, libraries, archives & museums (GLAMs😍): these jobs are just as competitive. And don't forget, this might be your second choice but it is someone else's first choice
and final top tips from @katymilligan. She says she will always keep publishing, whether she works in a university or not, because she loves art history so much 🙌 Image
final parting words of wisdom from @katymilligan: don't do anything for your career that you don't want to. Only do what works for you. 'You only have one life, you have to live it'.
Now @LiviDeeHistory (@UniofNewcastle/@HAPPatQUB) is talking @LeverhulmeTrust. Livi is a feminist oral historian of modern Britain/NI. She writes on abortion, pregnancy, birth, reproductive rights, #MotherAndBabyHomes & laundries. For more on Livi’s work: research.ncl.ac.uk/wastesandstray…
Fantastic support, solidarity and honesty from @LiviDeeHistory about it being totally okay not to feel like you know what you're doing. Image
A great tip came from @Tanyahiggins about making the most of your transferrable skills: take a look at fetch.ie and ecollege because they have several short certified courses in various skills so you can get a qualification.
Here is a slide from @LiviDeeHistory talking about how she prepared for @LeverhulmeTrust postdoc. She says she didn't have much knowledge of the scheme and doesn't come from a background where there is much knowledge about these things - so she did the research herself. Image
Great point from @LiviDeeHistory about giving as much as receiving - help those that you can. Also, don't sit through 'advice' sessions that make you feel uncomfortable; some sessions assume knowledge and it can make you feel awful. Go for friendly & supportive! Image
final top tips from @LiviDeeHistory: she says this is most useful advice she has ever been given. Image
lovely piece of advice from @LiviDeeHistory - ask your friends for help for the 'Why you?' part of this ☝️ equation. They can give supportive and bolstering comments.
very final words from @LiviDeeHistory. I wish I could get the Gif to work in this slide. It's so important to lift up people where you can 🌟 Image
Final talk of this panel comes from @drsaraharens (@univofstandrews) on the @BritishAcademy_. Sarah is a scholar of Belgian & French empire, violence, sciences and animals 🧪📚 For more on Sarah's research, see: saraharens.com #ECRday2021
First slide from @drsaraharens addresses the structural inequality in academia as a working class scholar who grew up in both Germany and Algeria. Echoing what others have said, 'academia rewards privilege'. Image
Another generous sharing of 'where' @drsaraharens was in her career when she applied for her @BritishAcademy_ postdoctoral fellowship. Image
And a very brave & generous sharing of the joyful rejections that we all face. Even scholars as brilliant as @drsaraharens! Image
Top tips here from @drsaraharens about how the @BritishAcademy_ is different from other postdoctoral or early career schemes. She says she thinks it is really important to show your PhD is 'done & dusted': monograph contract if possible. ImageImage
Again, more incredibly insightful and generous tips from @drsaraharens. Ask non-academics to read your proposal: do they understand what you want to do? Get your language right, too: confident but not cocky. ImageImage
A reminder from @drsaraharens not to copy parts of people's application materials. Successful applications get shared *a lot* and it will be transparent if you copy + paste.
Also advice to challenge your salary on a postdoc, esp. if you have several years of post-PhD experience. Ask them not to put you at the bottom of the postdoc scale. And join the union, @drsaraharens says! (But you all knew that already 😉 )
Last session of the day for #ECRday2021! It's a Q&A with @BBCRadio3/@ahrcpress #NewGenerationThinker 🌟 @DrFarihaShaikh. We'll chat NGT; appearing on TV and radio; public scholarship & challenges of media work🎙️📺 #publicengagement p.s. I'm charing now so 🧵 will go quiet!
Fariha Shaikh (@unibirmingham) works on Victorian Literature, empire & migration.@DrFarihaShaikh says she has an ‘eclectic range of interests: from settler colonial migration, to colonial drug cultures, to commodity frontiers’📚⛴️⚗️ For more: farihashaikh.com
Recordings of all the talks from #ECRday2021 can be found here: alisongarden.com/ecrday2021-aca…
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