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A woman was once asked:

What do you "gain" from praying to God regularly?

She replied:
Usually ′′ I don't earn anything ", but rather ′′ I lose things on the altar of prayer ".

And she quoted everything she lost praying to God regularly:
I lost my pride. Image
I lost my arrogance.
I lost greed.
I lost my urge.
I lost ′′ my ′′ anger.
I lost the lust.
I lost the pleasure of lying.
I lost the taste of sin.
I lost impatience, despair, and

Brethren, there are habits we must continually cultivate if we want our relationship
with God to be rosy.

If we want our victory parade to be constant.

The first question is...

When was the last time you came to the altar of Prayer, just to guage your relationship with God?

Have you noticed or observed that, We monitor almost everything in life;
From the
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Heartiest Congratulations on #Match2023 #MatchDay2023 #MatchDay
Take a moment to cherish the fruits of your hard work and perseverance! Let's not lose hope if you did not match #IMGs #AMGs! Failure is an opportunity to learn, a process to achieve your dream! @TheNRMP @ECFMG_IMG
The application pool is strong! So, Do Not Give up! Let's celebrate success and learning! Cheers! Know that the universe wants you to do well! A loving family, friends, well-wishers, teachers, mentors want you to succeed!
We are here! @SarjuGanatraMD and I are happy to help you all! To those getting into #residency #fellowship and those gearing up to apply, interview, and get your 'MAD' dream true, we are here for you to be a part of your journey, passionately, for your dream!
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Personal Prayer Walk Chronicles, 11th March, 2023...

I REALLY HAVE A ?? this mornin

Anyways, Woke up this mornin with so much energy(glory to God), at a time, I was considering walking from ABEOKUTA- Ibadan just to show that my frenemy, Pst. @Abel2goupOla that I was fitter.. 😂
Anyways, I set out early praying in tongues, which is my usual practice, but, midway, I decided to listen to one of the audio messages on my phone. The lot fell on Pst. E.A. Adeboye's message, titled, "THE CREATIVE POWER OF GOD'S WORD"

OBTAIN etc. It can serve in every capacity and can do all things, even d imagined stuffs can b brought to manifestation.
Making time to study His Word is really underrated. Many today just glance thru & rush off. This will not help. We must make time in d midst of no time.
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Here is the list of the top fully funded and paid opportunities young people can apply for.

1.        USADF Accelerate Africa Entrepreneurship Challenge
2.        22 Free United Nations Online Courses with Certificates | UN Courses on Several Topics
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And #ECRday2022 is off! We're kicking off with a panel on 'The Early Career Journey' with a team of @qub_belfast experts. Before we get started: some housekeeping! Thanks are due to @DNIRE1, Alice at @QUBPostdoc & @WrayRamona for being so amazingly helpful & supportive 🙏
@DNIRE1 @QUBPostdoc @WrayRamona We also need to thank @QUBResearchPol for the funding that enabled us to pay all our speakers & chairs: only right to reward their time, expertise & generosity!
@DNIRE1 @QUBPostdoc @WrayRamona @QUBResearchPol Speaking of chairs, today we are in the hands of @J_O_McCullough, who is a @nbcdtp PhD Candidate at @ModLangs_QUB. Image
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#Service #Fellowship #Ministry
Life events, concerts, workshops, #empowerment

Love and Faith bring the community together.… ImageImage
Since the church has reopened, surveys and guidance from community members of various affiliations and faiths, have helped guide the programming.

The church has reestablished a faithful presence, and become a resource for those in need.

From pantry item distribution

(2/n) Image
..taking place Tuesday and Friday, distributing groceries (no prepared food is given out), joining many other grocery distribution points across the city during this particularly difficult time

(3/n) Image
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Really chuffed to share our latest work from Sanjana Lab out in @nature today (…).

We tested >12,000 genes to find positive regulators of T cell proliferation to be used for next-gen #immunotherapies.

A thread...
(2/28) T cell therapies have shown the potential to cure patients from #cancer – but even in B cell cancers, relapses outnumber cures… One of the problems is limited T cell persistence. #celltherapy #CARTcell
(3/28) We wanted to find new genes (including genes never expressed in T cells) that could improve T cell persistence. Now, the question was: should we use #crispr activation or directly deliver target genes on a #lentivirus?
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1/ For our first #FellowsFriday of #BlackHistoryMonth, we're celebrating Dr. @wendyruns, 2018 Ascend Fellow!

With @childmuseums, she leads place-based work in her hometown of Cincinnati to foster #racialequity w/ families through #TruthandReconciliation:…
2/ As Director of @gwpublichealth’s @resilnation, Dr. @wendyruns is a champion of the national movement to address the root causes of childhood trauma, foster equity, and build community resilience. Read more about @ResilNation here:
3/ Last month, Dr. @wendyruns & @resilnation premiered their first documentary, "Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation: Cincinnati" to unpack the history of #structuralracism in Black communities and share the narrative on #HowWeHeal:
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#MedStudents, #Residents, #Fellows, and #Research Trainees - I recently had both a resident and fellow ask me how I got involved in research and published when I was a #trainee. I thought I would share my tips and advice in this thread. #MedTwitter #ACGME #MedStudentTwitter
1. Ask yourself👉what you want from this? To pursue research as career? To boost application for #residency #fellowship #employment? To get a recommendation letter? Regardless, aim for #publication (most value). Conference talks are cool, but publications stay on CV forever!
2. Basic science research=⬆️time+lab training vs clinical research. Study designs: RCTs, prospective, retrospective, case reports, review papers. Publishing case reports+review papers are most feasible endeavors during training! Best way to boost #publication numbers.
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This scripture is not only deep, but, also very profound.

Ephesians 2:6 KJV
And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:

Ephesians 2:6 MSG
Then he picked us up and set us down in highest heaven in company with Jesus, our Messiah.
1. "He hath Raised us up..." KJV
"HE picked us up. MSG

2. "...and made us sit together" KJV
"...and set us down" MSG

3. "sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus" KJV
"set us down in highest heaven in company with Jesus, our Messiah." MSG
Truly, He raised us up. Truly, He picked us up.
Truly, He made us sit 2geda in heavenly places with Christ.
Truly, He set us down in highest heaven with Jesus

These quests. thus arise.

Are we still seated?
Have we walked away because, our ways are at cross-purposes with His
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It’s #FellowsFriday! Meet Ascend Fellow Georgia Mjartan, Exec. Director of @SCFirstSteps, a state agency & nonprofit committed to #2Gen #earlyedu programming that sets SC’s children & families up for success. Read about her leadership & values that drive her work in the thread.⬇️ Image
+1 million SC children & parents, that’s how far @SCFirstSteps reaches.
Georgia explains how this state agency & 501(c)3 works at the community level - centering the voices of families and seeing each child w/ limitless potential - and also at scale.
🩺 Health concerns
🧑‍🍼Child care costs & availability
🗓️ Shifting work schedules
COVID-19 has magnified strains felt by #childcare workers & families. See how Georgia, ED of SC’s Early Childhood Advis. Council, took charge to support this vulnerable system.…
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To kick off #FellowsFriday, meet Ascend Fellow Dr. Wendy Ellis (@wendyruns), Director of Center for Community Resilience (@ResilNation) at the Milken Institute School of Public Health, George Washington University (@GWpublichealth)!
Dr. Ellis is growing a resilience movement to address inequities that propel social & health disparities often experienced by low-income families & communities of color, which are often passed from one generation to the next.
Read about @ResilNation here:…
The #2Gen approach takes a racial & gender lens to ensure health, wellbeing, & equitable access to support children and families.
📑"State of the Field" pg. 27, presents Dr. Ellis's innovative work modeling how to put this principle into practice.…
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We’re off: #ECRday2021 is a go! I’d like to thank @QUBelfast & @UKRI_News for the financial support today. I’m hugely grateful to @SophcoCooper's technical support & @QUBPostdoc for wisdom + advice! The programme for today is here:… 🧵 of the day below...
Thanks to @SophcoCooper for the tech assistance today! As well as being a whizz with tech, she's a scholar of the Irish diaspora. She writes on migration, gender, religion and space. See more here: She also runs: #IrishStudies
Our first panel of #ECRday2021 is on ‘Postdoctoral Fellowships on Projects’. We’ll hear from @comyn_scomyn & @AMFoster_ about the challenges, processes and joys of working on group projects as a #postdoc in the arts, humanities & social sciences. #ECRchat #PhDchat #Academia
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Each time my husband deployed, I had a plan for what I would do if he died.
I assumed someone in military dress would find me. At work? At home? Could be anywhere.
I would know when I saw them why they were there.
In Texas, I had a plan of who I would tell them to call to be with me. These people were different at work versus home.

When I moved to Ohio, I didn't know anyone. So that person became our #hapc #fellowship coordinator.
Once they got the news out, and I had calmed down, I would have to call his mom.
She mostly lived in Thailand. Her home number was best back then. I was afraid someone would answer in Thai and I wouldn't know what to do.
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Lately I have been talking to some students and friends about various places to look for academic positions. Because there is no ONE-FOR-ALL space to find opportunities, here is a thread summarizing the ones I know of 1/34 #AcademicTwitter #phdchat #phd #internationalPhD
Having said that, I must emphasize that this #database is skewed towards #Asians and #Indians (and other #internationals) to study in #EU #UK or #USA in general and is certainly not exhaustive. I have no info. on #NSF grants for example or grants within India. 2/34
Most importantly, I’m hoping this thread helps #colouredwomeninSTEM & #WomeninSTEM, please feel free to RT. And as a #biologist, I am more aware of databases in #ecology, #wildlife, #evolution and #conservation circles, feel free to add more and share. Let’s dive right in! 3/34
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The 1st Prof MK Bhan Memorial lecture has started live streaming
Please watch at
The Lecture will be delivered by Prof. Vinod K Paul @NITIAayog on topic 'Science & Art of Influencing Health at Transnational Scale: How Visionary Physician Scientists Do it'
Dr @RenuSwarup, Secretary @DBTIndia announces the renaming of the @THSTIFaridabad- @unescorcb cluster auditorium after Prof MK Bhan
Dr @RenuSwarup also announces the launch of a #Fellowship Program to encourage young #researchers to continue their postdoctoral research in India.
The MKB-YRFP scheme @DBTIndia
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(1/13) Please RT: our first #tweetorial!

Here's a 🧵on our new paper which is also my 1st time being (joint) last author✍️

Congrats to all, especially superstar med student @LuszczakSabina!

#AcademicTwitter @AcademicChatter @OpenAcademics #womeninSTEM…
(2/13) In #prostatecancer cell lines & human tissue, co-targeting #PIM & #PI3K #kinases seems promising!

We reckon ~20% of prostate cancer patients could benefit from this approach in future & these tend to be the sicker patients.

Scroll for #science!…
(3/13) Fig1a:

From publicly available data we see that some patients overexpress either the #PIM pathway, the #PI3K pathway, or both. Each of these targets have inhibitors in development, that could theoretically be of benefit to any of these patient groups when combined 🤞
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Seeing #TolkienEveryday posts from @sunamiami @The_Tolkienist and @MLCorbier have inspired me to do my own!

So here it goes! #TolkienEveryday Day 1: I recently recived the newest @DelReyBooks PB set! Even though I usually stick with UK versions I had to get these beauties! Image
#TolkienEveryday Day 2: Released just last month @JohnGarthWriter The Worlds of J.R.R Tolkien has to be one of the most beautiful books on Tolkien to date with stunning illustrations on every page, as well as being chalked full of great information on the professor’s influences! ImageImageImageImage
“If I stayed beside you, love would lead me, not wisdom”

- Beleg to Túrin

Beleg was the purest friend to be found in the legendarium and my favourite of Tolkien’s Characters. It’s heart wrenching when he’s killed accidentally by the one he most loved #TolkienEveryday ImageImage
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We are monitoring the less important things in life.

what isof utmost importance to you?

What do you monitor?

Yes, We monitor almost everything in life;

From the petrol in our car to that in our generators.

We monitor the money in our banks as well as that in our pocket.
#We monitor our performances at work and those of our subordinates...

#We monitor our health,

#we monitor the temperature gauge on the dashboard of our cars, monitor and gauge the air in our tyres.
#We monitor virtually everything and take action(s) where necessary to ensure things go on smoothly. 

#This action(s) gives us great satisfaction, yet, the most important things are left unmonitored.

#Our spiritual gauge has been reading zero for a longtime unattended to.
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Thread on #JobOpenings in media during #Covid_19:
With layoffs becoming common, I'm starting a thread on openings in media sector. Will post info in this thread as & when I hear something. We need to back each other. Share info. It may help someone. Ping/add if u hear anything.
Positions at InShorts (Hindi) #MediaJobs #job
Check out this job at Inshorts:…
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PSA for funded #PhD students:

If you blindly throw the numbers from your Form 1098-T into tax software or over to a tax preparer, odds are that you are paying TOO MUCH in income tax.

No #gradstudent can afford to do that!

#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #gradschool

Of course, I can’t say this is true for everyone, but I’ve seen it time and time again for fully funded graduate students, particularly those whose student health fees and insurance premiums are paid on their behalf.

Here’s why:

The IRS allows you to use your “qualified education expenses” (QEEs) e.g., tuition and some fees/expenses, to reduce your tax liability through 1 or 2 education tax benefits.

But what shows up on Form 1098-T in Box 1 is not (necessarily) the sum of your QEEs.

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OK this may seem weird but it’s actually really important.

#PhD-specific tax info coming your way!

@AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter

@AcademicChatter This thread is for any US citizen/resident #PhD trainee on a 1-year+ external #fellowship (e.g., #NSFGRFP, #NDSEG), training grant (e.g., #NIH), internal fellowship, etc.

@AcademicChatter If your #stipend or salary is not reported on a W-2 at tax time…

(most universities use the term “fellowship” this way, but there are exceptions)

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If you've been reading about the #NationalEducationPolicy and have meaningful, valuable, and empowering recommendations to aid the making of a holistic NEP, tweet sharing your thoughts on Friday, 26th July at 2:30 PM.
#NEP2019 #LetsTalkEducation #TeachForIndia
We look forward to sharing a meaningful discussion as the deadline for public comments to the #NEP2019 is fast approaching. @ccsindia @thewire_in @TheQuint @IndianExpress @epw_in @dipondeb @AnuragKunduAK @YeinUdaan #LetsTalkEducation #TeachForIndia
@ccsindia @thewire_in @TheQuint @IndianExpress @epw_in @dipondeb @AnuragKunduAK @YeinUdaan We appreciate the efforts in bringing together a very robust draft NEP with several reformative suggestions. Teach for India believes these are the first steps in building a movement for equitable education. (1/x) #NEP2019 #LetsTalkEducation #TeachForIndia
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anybody interested in a #rant on the #earnings of #freelance #journalism? if so, let me first brew some coffee and you can fasten your seat belt.
only @brunchik? see, you folks don't even give a shit.
okay i'm ranting anyway, even though you don't care. #earnings #freelance #journalism
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