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Okay @IranahPris and #naccb2022, here’s a not so short 🧵

But let’s try not to open Pandora’s Box

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@IranahPris 2/
If you must do a survey, if it’s the appropriate method, a good starting point is to remember people are just people, not your guaranteed respondents; treat them like people and design your survey accordingly
@IranahPris 3/
And the “survey” includes all component of research design, sampling, etc., not just your instrument/questionnaire. DO NOT start with the qnr, start with your purpose, aims, questions, goals
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And #ECRday2022 is off! We're kicking off with a panel on 'The Early Career Journey' with a team of @qub_belfast experts. Before we get started: some housekeeping! Thanks are due to @DNIRE1, Alice at @QUBPostdoc & @WrayRamona for being so amazingly helpful & supportive 🙏
@DNIRE1 @QUBPostdoc @WrayRamona We also need to thank @QUBResearchPol for the funding that enabled us to pay all our speakers & chairs: only right to reward their time, expertise & generosity!
@DNIRE1 @QUBPostdoc @WrayRamona @QUBResearchPol Speaking of chairs, today we are in the hands of @J_O_McCullough, who is a @nbcdtp PhD Candidate at @ModLangs_QUB. Image
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Today, to complement @NiCHE_Canada's reading list on the #envhist of (settler) colonialism, here's a deep-cut thread: 10 more readings, each of which pairs well with one reading on our original list.

Haven't read our post yet? Bookmark this thread for later! 🤓 #cdnhist
1) We recommended James Daschuk's Canadian bestseller Clearing the Plains.

Pair it with George Colpitts's Pemmican Empire, which examines food, imperialism/colonialism, and Indigenous-settler relations on the Prairies in the same era.…
2) We recommended Sarah Carter's Imperial Plots, a multiple award-winning history of Prairie women farmers and ranchers.

Pair it with Cheryl Troupe's dissertation on Métis women's food harvesting & land tenure in the Qu'Appelle Valley from 1850 to 1950.…
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Got up at 3:50 am for our #STREAMS2021 roundtable and then had MAJOR technical problems and couldn’t present my statement. So I’m going to tweet it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #envhum
I describe myself as an environmental historian, editor, and digital communications strategist.

I received my BA in history from Bethany College (WV) and my MA in history from the University of Rochester. #STREAMS2021 #envhum
I moved to Canada for my doctoral program. I earned my PhD in History from @usaskhist in 2019. My dissertation was a comparative history of provincial parks in Canada and state parks in the United States from 1890-1890. #STREAMS2021 #envhum
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We’re off: #ECRday2021 is a go! I’d like to thank @QUBelfast & @UKRI_News for the financial support today. I’m hugely grateful to @SophcoCooper's technical support & @QUBPostdoc for wisdom + advice! The programme for today is here:… 🧵 of the day below...
Thanks to @SophcoCooper for the tech assistance today! As well as being a whizz with tech, she's a scholar of the Irish diaspora. She writes on migration, gender, religion and space. See more here: She also runs: #IrishStudies
Our first panel of #ECRday2021 is on ‘Postdoctoral Fellowships on Projects’. We’ll hear from @comyn_scomyn & @AMFoster_ about the challenges, processes and joys of working on group projects as a #postdoc in the arts, humanities & social sciences. #ECRchat #PhDchat #Academia
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We've got a tie this week, which means we have to have a #topgif tiebreaker! Options and poll below. #poll

#envhist #envhum
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Our latest issue (No. 249) the final one of 2020 is out now: Check out all of the articles it contains below👇

#socialhistory #culturalhistory #twitterstorians @OUPHistory
2/ "Military Mobility, Authority and Negotiation in Early Colonial India"… by Christna Welsch @WoosterEdu

#imphist #globalhist #earlymodern #socialhistory #culturalhistory #Twitterstorians
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THREAD: Happy #EarthDay ! Let’s look now at one key factor, besides Covid-19, that makes this year’s celebration different from many that have come before: the kids.
#envhist #envhum Image
Of course, children and youth have long been involved in Earth Day events and other actions. Yet environmental leaders and the media have often presented them as emotional props, as symbols of innocence and vulnerability in need of adult protection.
Consider this 1963 ad produced by SANE in its campaign against nuclear testing. We see three white children, all sporting open-mouthed smiles and shiny white teeth. The text below, though, undercuts the carefree image: “Your children’s teeth contain Strontium-90.” Image
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Danmark og 1950er-syndromet: På en dag, hvor #USA #OilMarketCrash er faldet til <0 USD(!), er det tid til at fortælle om, da Danmark blev afhængig af billige og rigelige forsyninger af råolie i årtierne efter #WW2. #dkenergi #dkhist #dkgreen #dkklima #dkpol #envhist #envhum 1/16 Image
Det har @MogensRudiger og jeg skrevet om i det nye bogkapitel: "1950s Syndrome and Danish Energy Consumption and Production": Download: #dkvid #dkgreen #dkforsk #energyplanning #dkhist 2/16 Image
Begrebet ”1950er-syndromet” er fra schweiziske historiker, Christian Pfister @unibern som samlebetegnelse for den periode fra WW2-afslutning til 1973, hvor kombi af dyr faglært arb.kraft og billige fossile brændsler faciliterede en radikal omlægning af de vestlige samfund. 3/16 Image
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As the 50th anniv. of #EarthDay approaches, let’s look now at an image you would NOT have seen on April 22, 1970: the recycling logo.

It’s a story of Escher and environmental hope, of celebrities and greenwashing, of industry manipulation and—spoiler alert--#plasticpollution. Image
It all started soon after the first Earth Day when Gary Anderson, a student at @USC, learned that the Container Corporation of America had launched a contest to design a recycling symbol.
Anderson was a big fan of the Dutch artist M.C. Escher, whose work had become increasingly popular among ecologists and the counterculture. Esher’s pictures—such as this one of birds changing into fish—appeared in Rolling Stone, Ramparts, and the Whole Earth Catalog in 1970. Image
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Interested in Film and the Environment? Check out the latest installment of @EnvHistJournal Film Forum. It features reviews by @SaraBPritchard (Anthropocene), @jetayloriii (Free Solo), and @robgioielli (Cooked). Links and brief quotes included below. #envhist #envhum
@SaraBPritchard on Anthropocene: The Human Epoch: "Aesthetics are never neutral. Many of the filmmakers’ choices . . . reflect and reproduce problematic—even dangerous—ideas."… Image
@jetayloriii on Free Solo: "The longer the camera follows Honnold, the more complicated his story becomes. . . . This is calculated spectacle, a far cry from the days when climbers took nature as they found it and abhorred self-promotion."… Image
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I'm teaching a new course this term on Film and Environmental History. This week we watched New Deal docs about the Dust Bowl and Mississippi River floods (The Plow and The River) and finished with the animated #GreenNewDeal film narrated by @AOC and posted on @theintercept
Students were fascinated by the ND docs and also enjoyed @mollycrabapple's illustrations and AOC's focus on climate and justice. We discussed science, storytelling, and ecol. crisis--then and now--and contrasted the racial politics of the ND with the GND's more inclusive vision.
The Intercept film (A Message from the Future) is here:…

Next week's class: Godzilla (!) and the history of radioactive fallout.
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