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My email this morning to HR. I am sharing this an activist practice & in peace & love.

"Dear HR, Your employees have:

1) threatened me
2) sexually harassed me
3) discriminated against my identities
in front of all my colleagues and all my students on listserv
4) disregarded my consent
5) kissed me on the mouth as if I ever wanted that
in front of another colleague, & wife of the colleague who committed battery against me

So I am going to need your Office to change your tone.
I am going to need you to learn about and embrace disability justice principles [link].

And then I am going to need you to begin practicing disability justice principles.

Towards me.

In the very mechanisms that your office uses regularly.…
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It’s been 2+ weeks since #Jewish and #Zionist students @UMich were subjected to a hateful campus march, w/their peers & others parading across the campus grounds shouting threatening slogans—and still not a word from the university administration 😩 #antisemitism @UMichPrezOno
What happened on 1/12 at the University of Michigan was a hate rally, w/rhetoric evoking images of violence and terror, expertly choreographed & disseminated to online platforms. Sad to see the campus exploited by propagandists & the educational mission so grievously subverted 😞
.@TheAENetwork calls on @UMichPrezOno to develop an action plan for student & staff educational programming & training around #Jewish identity, #Israel 🇮🇱 and #Antisemitism.
All students need to feel supported, welcomed, & safe on this campus! #LeadershipMatters #academia
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Active Learning Lessons, Activities, and Assignments for the Modern Social Work Educator #ActiveLearning #HigherEd #Academia #SocialWork #SocialWorkTwitter

A thread ⬇️…
My book, Active Learning Lessons, Activities, and Assignments for the Modern Social Work Educator (…) has been published!!
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A step-by-step guide to #AcademicTwitter

- how to write a bio
- who to follow
- how to find new research
- how to tweet your research
- why Twitter isn't a waste of time

Bookmark this 🧵!

@AcademicChatter @PhDVoice @OpenAcademics @ThePhDPlace
Step 1: You join Twitter
Step 2: You read this thread on how to writing an amazing #AcademicTwitter bio

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It's time for a MetaThread!

Every couple of months or so I create a thread about very useful threads I saved from Twitter. Let's get started 🧵
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1. Is it wrong to let students use AI to generate essays instead of doing their own work? My colleague Gabriele Contessa wrote an excellent response to this question, which goes something like this:
2. (1) University students are adults and it's up to them whether to waste their time and money on a specious degree or actually learn something; (2) If AI can write better than most people, then maybe what students need to learn is how to use AI.
3. I want to add one more response to this question: (3) Academia was always a rigged game. The fact that we force students to use Standard English is a political choice that reinforces the elite status of the group that predominantly uses this vernacular - wealthy white people.
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GPT3 just wrote this grant in less than 1 min!! 🤯

#OpenAI #OpenAIChat #AcademicTwitter #GPT3 ImageImageImageImage
A literature review written in a few seconds.

#OpenAI #OpenAIChat #AcademicTwitter #GPT3 #ChatGPT #AcademicChatter ImageImageImageImage
One issue I saw though is that the links to the references it cites are inaccurate. Here we are talking about machine learning classification and it cites this instead (not relevant):…

Several e.g. with similar results.

#OpenAIChat #GPT3 #ChatGPT @OpenAI ImageImage
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this thread sums up #academia so well. i hated so much of it, but kept telling myself the 10 % i love (the research) made up for the 90 % of shit the majority of the time.

i delayed leaving because of that 10 %.

#AcademicTwitter #phdchat #ucuRISING
leaving required a sort of mourning (appreciate this sounds dramatic); i was losing my identity as an academic

my skills and knowledge are so specialised who would even want me anyway?

why would i even want to lose what i have? i have academic freedom after all!!
then my planned redundancy went ahead even though we were eligible for furlough. my next plans (to go to Sweden) fell through because of the plague.

there were no jobs. i stopped being an academic by force. i thought i'd be miserable.
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Dont fall for divisive tactics painting #academia as an ivory tower job.

The reality for many is similar struggles to any highly casualised sector

#UCURising #AcademicTwitter
Yes there are perks working in academia, and it can be a cushy job, but guess who hogs those?

Hint: the predominantly white abled upper middle class older guys
The kinda people who think they can relate cos they "did some teaching during my PhD too" (near verbatim words from ex @UniofBath VC to me when discussing casualisation in a meeting with her)
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I have never seen so many anti-homework people in my life. I understand there should be some constraints around it and special cases but walking into a college campus with no preparation for how to manage your time, study on your own, organize, reflect,...🧵
is a disaster waiting to happen. Some of these students are the ones I teach and they are so lost that it breaks my heart. They are running underwater while some of their classmates run circles around them. Starting out behind the eight ball. #PurposefulProfessor #NoireSTEMinist
I feel that the main people saying this have never seen the other end and will blame the school and the professor when their "No having homework in high school kid" is failing out after their freshman year. 🧵#PurposefulProfessor
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Congratulations on the acceptance of your article. Think you are done? Not quite yet. You still need to proofread your paper before publication. What’s permitted and what’s not? A thread 🧵 #AcademicTwitter @PhDVoice @PhD_Genie #research #Academia
1. Minor edits ✅

Minor edits, e.g., to fix grammatical errors are permitted.
2. Fixing journal’s editing errors ✅

Making changes to fix the errors caused due to journal’s editing is also allowed.
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The Earth’s climate is in crisis, and we must act now. During #COP27, world leaders are discussing how to address the challenges posed by #climatechange. A new Focus issue by @NatureHumBehav and @NatureClimate highlights the role of human behaviour in adaptation & mitigation. 🧵 Image
In 12 original pieces, our authors discuss some of the aspects that are central for mitigation of and adaptation to #climatechange. We have also curated a collection of research articles from across @NaturePortfolio:…
Our two editorials offer an introduction and an overview of all pieces.

Editorial in @NatureHumBehav:…
Editorial in @NatureClimate:…
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Yet again a virulently anti #Israel 🇮🇱 student group is trying to intimidate & pressure peers to boycott courses taught by a couple of visiting Israeli profs. So depressing 😞 to see a campaign against open inquiry & free intellectual exchange happening @UChicago of all places!
So disheartening to see this next phase of anti Israel activism on 🇺🇸campuses 😩. BTW: these particular courses are being taught by a rabbi, an expert on #Jewish thought & theology, and by an academic who actively participated in Israel’s peace negotiations w/Egypt & Jordan.
We often hear anti #Israel activists insisting that BDS “only” targets Israeli universities and doesn’t impact or seek to harm individual scholars. Yeah, right. I’ve never seen these activists ever try to avoid causing maximum hardship for Israeli academics. #highered #academia
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In my past life as an academic, one of the things people would do is examine my tweets for subtext whenever they were trying to say 💩 things about me to discredit this in some way.
But the funny thing is as my friend @jessifer said to me when he encountered those folks, “Have you even met Adeline? She already says all the things she’s not supposed to say! What is the need to look at subtext?” 😂😂😂
This sheds on light on some of the numerous ways I did not fit into #academia. I am honest and direct and forthright as much as I am able.

This never fit into academic social norms, which rely on courtly manners, prevarication and dissemination in majority of social contexts.
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Things I do not miss about academic discussions now that I’ve left, a 🧵:

- In most discussions I’ve been in I see that participants are often barely listening to one another. They are just waiting for their turn to speak and show off their brilliance.
It’s why these are often not real discussions, because participants rarely deeply engage with one another. It’s mostly peacocking.
- Courtly manners. In more sanguine environments, most discussions take place whereby the participants make superficial nods to one another’s work, for the seeming purpose of showing what an intellectual powerhouse is currently at the table.
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This is something I’ve wanted to say to well-meaning liberal white women who are in senior positions for a while. I’m saying it now because my voice has been freed after winning the book award recently.
Dear liberal white women: I know that often you try to support and promote women of color as part of your commitment to #antiracism. It is great that you do this, but:
You need to understand that women of color are not a monolith, and that white supremacy in many institutions makes some women of color fight against others women of color to gain the attention, validation and praise of senior white people.
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#Fútbol10 ⚽️ | @BocaJrsOficial - @RacingClub

⏱️ ¡Empieza el segundo tiempo!
#Boca 1⃣ - 1⃣ #Racing

🎙 Relata: @FrancoRabaglio - Comenta: @dtrillini y @OscarMartinezOK

📲 Descárgate nuestra app para iOS y Android y escúchanos en vivo! Image
#Fútbol10 ⚽️ | @BocaJrsOficial - @RacingClub

#Boca 1⃣ - 1⃣ #Racing
5' ST

UFFF lo tuvo #Hauche para la #Academia pero #Rossi salvó al #Xeneize

📲 Descárgate nuestra app para iOS y Android y escúchanos en vivo! Image
#Fútbol10 ⚽️ | @BocaJrsOficial - @RacingClub

#Boca 1⃣ - 1⃣ #Racing
10' ST

Remato solo #PolFernandez al arco de #Arias, quien se quedo con la pelota, el encuentro sigue empatado!

📲 Descárgate nuestra app para iOS y Android y escúchanos en vivo! Image
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#Fútbol10 ⚽️ | @BocaJrsOficial - @RacingClub

⏱️ ¡Comenzó el encuentro!
#Boca 0⃣ - 0⃣ #Racing

🎙 Relata: @FrancoRabaglio - Comenta: @dtrillini y @OscarMartinezOK

📲 Descárgate nuestra app para iOS y Android y escúchanos en vivo! Image
#Fútbol10 ⚽️ | @BocaJrsOficial - @RacingClub

#Boca 0⃣ - 0⃣ #Racing
5' PT

#Racing tiene la iniciativa en los primeros minutos del encuentro, #Boca todavía a la espera

📲 Descárgate nuestra app para iOS y Android y escúchanos en vivo! Image
#Fútbol10 ⚽️ | @BocaJrsOficial - @RacingClub

#Boca 0⃣ - 0⃣ #Racing
10' PT

El equipo de #Ibarra no encuentra controlar la pelota, los de #Gago manejan los hilos del juego

📲 Descárgate nuestra app para iOS y Android y escúchanos en vivo! Image
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5 Excel hacks that save hours of research time

(spoiler alert, no.5 is a game changer 🙀)

Separate data using flash fill (Ctrl+E)

This function detects patterns in data between columns and automatically fills. Useful for separating survey responses, data strings, people's names, it goes on

Import tables from a paper
(Data > Get data > from web)

Forget manually copy/pasting data from the journal website. Use data from web function to import an entire table from a URL to Excel

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A Brief How-to Guide to Public Engagement in #Academia.

📦in 10 tips . . .
1) Adopt a Healthy Mindset

Avoid public engagement burnout by deciding what amount of energy and time you want to invest. Don’t compare yourself to others by counting followers or bylines. Do as much or as little as you want, and lean into the aspects that bring you joy.
2) Understand What Makes Your Research Relevant

Public engagement is much more effective when you can articulate how your research relates to and informs questions that are of interest to families, communities, and the general public. Think purposefully about this connection.
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I respect Hiroko Tabuchi but once again, we have a NYT story on #COIs btw #academia and industry focused on the wrong points. Far too much time is spent on compliance w/ disclosure requirements, when disclosure FAILS as a remedy for #MotivatedBias.…

More discussion is had on the notion that the sponsor has "no influence" on the work of the center at issue when we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is the depth of the relationship btw the sponsor and the center that leads to behavior of partiality.

I will never cease to be amazed at the willful ignorance that prevails in conversations about #COIs and #MotivatedBias. The #DecisionSciences lit is rich but is roundly ignored in almost all of the reporting on these subjects (incl. by the principals involved).

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It’s that time of the year🎃when students are deciding if to apply for #PhDpositions👻

Even though #Academia is far from perfect:doing a #PhD is valuable.

It develops unique & important skills that will stay with you forever

These PhD skills are totally☹️not discussed enough👇 Image
1. Ability to work interdependently🔁(independently & with others).

Doing a PhD requires individual planning, as well as collaborating and working within teams. The ability to dive really deep into both these areas *simultaneously* is one of the defining features of a PhD.
2. Self-motivation & drive

Doing a PhD can also be hard & frustrating😮‍💨. You'll sometimes find yourself working alone, with no clear goals on the project, and no end in sight.

Making it work somehow nurtures your ability to motivate yourself when faced with hard situations.
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🔊 ¡Nuevo artículo en la web!

📄 ¿"Límites del crecimiento" en el comunismo?

✏️ Actas de una conversación entre científicos naturales soviéticos…
¿Sabías que la URSS y la RDA organizaron una cumbre 🌍 en la que sus principales científicos deliberaron sobre los límites del crecimiento 📈 en el comunismo? Por el día contra el #CambioClimático, hoy os traemos un documento inédito en castellano del desconocido "Club de Moscú".
Muchos piensan que la reflexión comunista sobre los límites del #crecimiento fue iniciada por el heterodoxo Wolfgang Harich en su libro "¿Comunismo sin crecimiento?", pero, como él mismo reconoce, fue la #academia soviética la que dio forma a estos debates en el Club de Moscú.
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1. Thread on the ableist fetishization of so-called intelligence in academia. I just read yet another article that glorifies so-called intelligence, which is a social construct rooted in eugenics.
2. In an ableist culture (such as ours) in which so-called intelligence is so idolized that it’s a condition of citizenship & personhood, everyone will have anxieties about whether they’re ‘intelligent enough.’
3. Intelligence is a disciplinary apparatus that mobilizes people into a regime of compulsory (able-minded) intelligence, which conveniently justifies capitalism as a ‘meritocracy’ that both produces and rewards the most ‘intelligent’ (nondisabled) citizens.
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