(1) Another large #earthquake off the Alaskan coast tonight. IMO sufficiently deep & distant not to cause a major threat to life & property.

What's interesting though, is that two other EQs there in the past yr are considered #foreshocks to this one.

(2) I wrote a bit about them at the time. They were:

M7.8 on July 22, 2020
M7.6 on October 19, 2020


M8.2 on July 29, 2021
(3) The Canterbury, New Zealand earthquakes of 2010-2011 that I lived through also involved a #foreshock event. Of course, we only find out after the main quake that an earlier one was a foreshock.

The geology of the area is what determines the likelihood of foreshocks.
(4) That's above my paygrade. Here's what the USGS said about tonight's Alaska EQ:

"Large earthquakes are common in the Alaska-Aleutian subduction zone. Since 1900, 8 other earthquakes M7 and larger have occurred within 250 km of the July 29, 2021 event, ...
(5) "... including earthquakes of M7.8 on July 22, 2020 (located 62 km west of the July 29, 2021 event) and M7.6 on October 19, 2020 (located 145 west of the July 29, 2021 event).

(6) "Given the temporal and spatial proximity of the July 29, 2021 earthquake to the two previous large earthquakes in July and October 2020, those previous events were foreshocks of the July 2021 earthquake."

Hopefully further shakes in this series are aftershocks, & smaller.

• • •

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31 Jul
Hard not to tear up each time the rawness of the many tragedies from 1/6 are raised.

Sicknick's manner of death was hard to securely link back to his injuries but for me he is an emblem, representing the two other LEOs killed by PTSD, & the >138 injured, some very seriously.
I will point out that in 2016 at least, Twitter was full of MAGA tweets about the link between combat deployments, PTSD, and suicide among US military.

They now mock, laugh at, and try to belittle the testimony of Jan 6 LEOs who took no less personal risk in serving the USA.
Even if the USCP and MPDC had been fully funded, trained and operational, they still were not trained to face the nature of the (known) threat that day.

Approx 4,500 crossed the security line, with ~800 entering the building. The term "weapon" does not only mean firearms.
Read 8 tweets
30 Jul
(1) Elise Stefanik's lies in this statement are easy to expose:

Regardless of Pelosi's decisions, she relied on the normal inter-branch DC security planning process, which was suspended before 1/6 - by Trump as CiC of the DG Nat Guard.
(2) As I have been explaining since 1/6, there is a standard process for ensuring security ahead of planned mass protests in DC.

It does not rely on one agency, such as the USCP.

It relies on a large number of them:
(3) It is inter-state, inter-branch, and inter-jurisdiction.

Federal: Legislative, executive, judicial branches
State: MD and VA and any others asked
Local: The MPDC

The federal exec branch has multiple agencies in this process:
Read 10 tweets
30 Jul
(1) Thread 2: The #FreeBritney "movement."

As usual, my take on this is fairly unique.

I hold certain people in the CA justice system responsible for not adequately educating the public about adult guardianship principles & processes in the US.

(2) Today's second thread in my series was prompted by the news that Britney Spears' doctors want her father removed as a financial (not welfare) conservator. I agree with them.

(3) Adult guardianship laws are necessary and they vary between countries and US states. In CA it's called conservatorship. There are two types - personal welfare and financial, essentially. Various terms used in different places.
Read 19 tweets
21 Jul
(1) I'm trying to ignore the anti-vaxxer bullshit that is needlessly costing lives in the US as we speak.

But upon reading the words of Steve Scalise in this story I feel compelled to write again.

Elected Rs are really, really letting the US down.

(2) In this thread I rebut each of the points Scalise tried to make about Covid vaccination in this story.

Recently I caught him redhanded concerning the not unrelated issue of Republican 1/6 denialism.

(3) And in that thread I also explain the golden opportunity Scalise had seven months ago to learn about Covid after a US Rep-Elect in his own state died from it. Luke Letlow's death was connected to a procedure ICU doctors were using to try to save him. He was 41 years old.
Read 24 tweets
20 Jul
(1) I've been watching this guy's video clips for a while & I find them very thought-provoking & informative. He's left wing so ofc I don't agree with his pols BUT I care more about information than ideology now.

Folk need to understand: TFG has NPD.

(2) In this video about TFG's long-standing thinly-veiled dysfunctional attitude toward women, Christo Aivalis makes some really sound arguments for inferring from behavior and comments over several years that TFG is indeed a misogynist.

Now, I would add that:
(3) The cause of his misogyny (and other stuff) is that he almost certainly has NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) and probably some other PD-related issues too.

IMO it's absolutely essential that Americans understand this about him & some of his children, too.
Read 31 tweets
18 Jul
(1) Thread: US Covid vaccination rates.

Dr Ranney works in emergency medicine, so she is on the frontlines of this pandemic. Listen to her comments below.

I was countering anti-vax lies for years before the Covid pandemic started, so this problem is nothing new to me...
(2) Many people seem to forget that this pandemic was declared a national emergency, and it will remain that way for at least another year, maybe two.

So trying to help people learn the facts about vaccines is way more important than it otherwise would be.
(3) In the current context, the idea that your view on vaccine safety has no impact on anyone else is quite a stretch.

Yes you can decline it for yourself. That's not the issue I have with the spreading of anti-vax lies. It's the people affected who can't make that decision.
Read 26 tweets

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