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☀️ Thx to everyone that tagged me and dm! It's greatly appreciated! 💘 I have to go to work. Plz keep me informed, ty! 😁

"Minor G1-class geomagnetic storming could continue on Jan. 15th and 16th as Earth enters a high-speed stream of solar wind."
Aurora 📸 Sweden Image
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Incredible satellite footage of the volcanic eruption in #Tonga ..

#Tsunami alert going on currently as well and footage showing it’s already started hitting some islands.. crazy🤯

Mother Nature is undefeated 🌊💨
Praying for everyone being affected by this..

Cannot imagine seeing this with my own eyes.

*not my footage*
#Volcano #Tonga #HungaTonga #HungaTongaHungaHaapai #underwater #Tsunami #Tonga #Oceania #MotherNature
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A Mw6.6 #earthquake just occurred below the W tip of #Java, #Indonesia. Here, the Indo-Australian Plate is sinking below the Sunda Plate. To the north, this #subductionzone produced the devastating Mw9.1 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. 🧵1/5

#tectoplot Image
Fortunately, a Mw6.6 is much, much smaller than a Mw9.1 - 5000x less energy! 2/5…
The earthquake depth (~35-45 km) is similar to the plate boundary fault, but the focal mechanism shows slip on a steeply dipping thrust fault. This likely represents a hanging wall splay fault, or fracture of the downgoing plate. 3/5… Image
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¿Fue este un ATAQUE SORPRESA a un DUMB? #earthquake SWARM (2's y 3's) golpea NUEVO MEXICO cerca de las CAVERNAS DE CARLSBAD
Terremotos de magnitud 2.5+ del USGS, día pasado

57 km al S de la Ciudad de los Blancos, Nuevo México
2022-01-03 08:36:18 (UTC-08: 00)
7.3 km
58 km al S de Whites City, Nuevo México
2022-01-03 08:00:08 (UTC-08: 00)

7,7 kilometros
57 km al S de la Ciudad de los Blancos, Nuevo México
2022-01-03 04:33:56 (UTC-08: 00)
5.0 km

59 km al S de Whites City, Nuevo México
2022-01-03 01:28:27 (UTC-08: 00)
5.0 km
58 km al S de la Ciudad de los Blancos, Nuevo México
2022-01-03 01:08:30 (UTC-08: 00)
7.3 km

58 km al S de la Ciudad de los Blancos, Nuevo México
2022-01-02 22:30:53 (UTC-08: 00)
5.0 km
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Thread🧵 | #KansasFires
While working live on wildfires/storms, I frequently discover mapping crossovers to my quake work.
Today I'm tracking yesterday's fires + March 2017/2020 fires & mapping with current/past #Kansas #earthquake swarms + faults. ⬇️👀
#kswx #ksfire #wildfire
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Every year on October 17, we take a moment to reflect on the 1989 #LomaPrieta #earthquake. The 6.9-magnitude earthquake was one of the most powerful and costly quakes to shake the San Francisco Bay area since the 7.9-magnitude earthquake of 1906. (1/15)
The quake caused an estimated $6 billion in damage and, tragically, resulted in 63 deaths and 3,757 injuries.
Many of those casualties were due to failing infrastructure when sections of the Nimitz Freeway collapsed. (2/15)
Simpson @strongtie was founded in Oakland, California. Earthquakes were never far from the minds of our founders. It’s why even before Loma Prieta our mission was to provide solutions that help people design and build safer, stronger structures. (3/15)
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Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes Greek holiday island of #Crete 
The quake was at a depth of 2 km, #EMSC said.

#Greece #Earthquake #BreakingNews via @MailOnline
6.3 Earthquake Strikes #Crete, #Greece

According to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre, a 6.3-magnitude quake was registered on Tuesday, 120 kilometres from the city of #Heraklion, Greece.
Long Version: ➡️
UPDATE | #Tsunami warning issued following 6.3-magnitude earthquake in #Crete
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2/ 3 miles from us. We sensed it, but didn’t really “feel” it.
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**New publication alert**
What could happen to communication networks if a large #earthquake happened in the SF Bay Area, along the Hayward fault? 📞📱☎️📳
The new #HayWiredScenario chapter on telecommunications & ICT asks “what if” & explains why we should #TextNotTalk Map depicting SCENARIO distribution of shaking severity in a
Using proxies including power shutoffs, wildfires, & other earthquakes to model what happens to #telecom in a #HayWiredScenario, they found vulnerabilities in power service, cell sites on buildings and poles, and data lines crossing the fault surface rupture. Map of the San Francisco Bay region, California, showing fib
Contributing to the issue are multiple competitive service providers in a largely unregulated industry, convergence of analog and digital systems, layers of hardware and software functionality, dependence on electric power, and the rapid evolution of technology. Photo showing co-located electrical and telecom infrastructuThese photos show repair dependence between telecommunicatio
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Why do strong Earthquakes take place in Haiti? Does it have something to do with Plate Tectonics?
What are the factors that put Haiti at risk?
Learn more in this thread on today’s #GeoAgenda with our collab w/@Daniela_A_Gallo ! 1/n
A magnitude 7.2 (M 7.2) #earthquake struck #Haiti on August 14- west of the capital city, #PortAuPrince, and 50km west of the magnitude 7.0 devastating EQ that took place in 2010 which killed ~100,000 people and devastated the Island. 2/n
Both EQ;s were produced in the #EnriquilloPlantain fault zone, a complex boundary between two #tectonicplates. To the north there is another tectonic boundary, and this makes the Hispaniola island to be sandwiched in between a complex geological terrain 3/n
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I have been asked where to donate for #earthquake response efforts in #Haiti. I donated to @PIH & @StBonifaceHaiti Both partner with local communities and govt to provide healthcare to those in greatest need. #haitiearthquake #globalhealth 💔 cc: @CPSolvers @DxRxEdu @rabihmgeha…
@StBonifaceHaiti is probably the best-resourced hospital in the affected region. I visited in 2012 and what was already an extraordinary facility and group of talented dedicated staff has only grown.…

@PIH has collaborated with rural communities and the Ministry of Health in Haiti for over 30 years. They were an integral part of the response to the 2010 earthquake, subsequent cholera outbreak, and rebuilding efforts.
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A catastrophic #earthquake in 2010 on this fault system in #Haiti killed ~250k people. It just ruptured again, this time to the west. Hopefully the lower population density in this region, further from Port-au-Prince, will mitigate the impact. 😧

#tectoplot #haitiearthquake
The updated focal mechanism for the earthquake from GFZ indicates the rupture was on land, and oblique thrust - similar to the overall 2010 event, which combines a mostly strike-slip mainshock with a cluster of smaller thrust earthquakes.

#tectoplot #haitiearthquake
Scattered aftershocks from the 2010 earthquake were still occurring up through this year, although none were close in magnitude to the mainshock.

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A vague #tsunami was triggered yesterday in the Southern Atlantic at the South #SandwichIslands

Seismic data show a Mw7.5 #earthquake, but aftershocks and observed waves on various stations indicate a much larger (and probably more complex) mechanism.…
Right now, it is unclear what actually happend. Aftershocks stretch almost 300km from North to South and tsunami waves of 0.2 - 0.7m have been recorded in the Southern Atlantic & Indian Ocean. Too much for "just" Mw7.5
To at least mimic the potential tsunami, a virtual earthquake was simulated with a wave pattern roughly corresponding to the observed water levels.

This virtual earthquake was estimated to be around Mw8.3 with a 210 km length and a maximum slip of 20m.
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The #SouthSandwichIslands are a wonderful example of #platetectonics in miniature. The #SouthAmericanPlate is subducting west at ~7 cm/yr below the #SandwichPlate; this #subductionzone hosted a Mw7.5 #earthquake yesterday (Aug 12). 1/4

#tectoplot Image
The depth of the #earthquake is still poorly constrained. GFZ puts it shallow, above the plate interface, dip 11°. USGS puts it deeper, within the slab, dip 26° and non-double-couple. Historical events of this scale in the region are old so not much help - 1929, 1933, 1964. 2/4 ImageImage
Given the curvature of the #subductionzone, it would certainly be reasonable to have some intra-slab deformation, and fracturing could be complex, leading to non-double-couple. The closest large event (1964) was apparently quite deep (125 km). 3/4
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Well, I went into my old slides and found a desert trip I had before all this.

I went to this beautiful, small town known as Perfection, Nevada. A group of people from the Casino dropped me off there.

I met some friends, even though I felt some #Tremors
While there I became friends with Val Bacon and Earl Ward. Two cool guys who showed me how to get chicks and make money.

Join me as I go back to that wacky time. I still made it look good. I always do.
@RegaNorwegian Here's your one "I want this review" token being used.

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My niece Aroon is up here and found this stranded orca several miles from here. In all the years I've lived here I've never heard or seen anything like this. I have to wonder if the 8.2 #Earthquake was to blame. NOAA is on its way to try to save it. #offgrid #Alaska Image
It looks like it's a juvenile and Aroon says there's no sign of its pod. People are pouring water on it. Unfortunately it's injured itself on the rocks trying to get off the beach. The good news is the tide is coming in. Image
Lovely people helping. Image
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(1) Another large #earthquake off the Alaskan coast tonight. IMO sufficiently deep & distant not to cause a major threat to life & property.

What's interesting though, is that two other EQs there in the past yr are considered #foreshocks to this one.…
(2) I wrote a bit about them at the time. They were:

M7.8 on July 22, 2020
M7.6 on October 19, 2020


M8.2 on July 29, 2021
(3) The Canterbury, New Zealand earthquakes of 2010-2011 that I lived through also involved a #foreshock event. Of course, we only find out after the main quake that an earlier one was a foreshock.

The geology of the area is what determines the likelihood of foreshocks.
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Did you know that the USGS now issues operational aftershock forecasts for significant events? Start with the event page, e.g., URL below, and scroll down to the aftershock forecast link. These forecasts are based on well-established aftershock stats 1/…
although, like snowflakes, no two aftershock sequences are entirely alike, so forecasts can only give statistical likelihood. Initial forecasts use average parameters for a region, but are updated over time based on how productive a given sequence is 2/
12 or so hours after yesterday's M6 Antelope Valley #earthquake, the sequence is on the energetic side, which bumps up chances of more large events: estimated 6% chance of M>6 in the next month, 9% chance of M>6 in the next year 3/
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(1) There was a M6.0 #earthquake today in Antelope Valley, California. It was 4.6 miles deep and in a low population area close to the CA-NV border.

I've been through many >M6.0 quakes here in NZ. It's damn scary, for starters.

Best US info source:
(2) I tend to ignore #earthquaketwitter whenever there's been a shake below M4.0 in CA. I seldom even notice one that small, tbh.

But when there's a decent-strength EQ there, it's another chance to promote safety and #prepping.

Visit for the best info.
(3) As a health and safety / disasters geek I have bored many a person over the years.

Others listen and learn, which is why we all keep doing what we do. I prefer hurricanes to earthquakes, because you get some advance warning of them.
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Update on the M 6.0 #earthquake that occurred at 3:29 pm Pacific Time July 8, in Antelope Valley, California, near the Nevada border. #califearthquake You can find up-to-date details about the earthquake here:…
Shaking of intensities up to VII was reported nearest the epicenter. The quake was felt all the way to the Pacific Coast and throughout CA’s Central Valley as well as strongly in Reno and Carson City.
Did You Feel It? Report here:…
Our @USGS_ShakeAlert earthquake early warning system sent out some ShakeAlert-powered alerts through phone apps and @Google @Android. Check out… for more information about ShakeAlert’s performance.
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Happy #4thofJuly

And welcome to my live review of Independence Day review.

Starring Will Fletcher, Bill Pushboy, Jeff Silverplum, Vivica “Fair and Balanced” News, and Randy Quailman.

This is about the founding of our country in 1996.

Enjoy. Or not. It’s everyone’s ID today!
Starts out on the set of the moon landing. Where they have the cuck globalist earth projected as if it’s not flat.
Oh, god. It’s Contact.
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Okay. You chose Dante’s Peak (1997) for my review. This is on you lot.

So this is a disaster movie starring the great American actor of of Missouri. Mr Pierce Branson (@PierceBrosnan).

And the very talented Linda Hamilton (descendant of Alexander Hamilton)

Let’s watch this
(And apologies to the talented Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton. I legit like this film and they did a fantastic job in it)
So the first thing you should know is that this is a modern adaptation of my favorite Italian piece of literature starring Virgil. Get fucked, Aeneid!

I will say that disastrous miscasting in the sequels (Purgatorio and Paradiso) doesn’t detract at all from this flick.
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