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6 Aug, 16 tweets, 7 min read
How about a #FlashbackFriday, also a #FluorideFriday #FluorideFact. Dr Dean did his level best to slow the bandwagon down, to no avail. A very specific, small population mentioned.
That paper is the cornerstone of the theory that adding #fluorine to our diet using our water prevents tooth decay.
The stone is probably fluorite...
Speaking of stone, and #fluoridation, and putting things on pedestals, DYK?
The first gorgeous monument to #fluoridation decayed.
Ody and the rest of those sweet people were very pleased with their handiwork. -|- "Incidentally, we understand that this booklet is going out to ALL THE #DENTISTS IN THE NATION.
What was the booklet that every single #Dentist in the USA received? With a little sugar on it...
All the Good Horses. Pretty high power group, to say the least.
Nobody ever called H. Trendley Dean, D.D.S, the "Father Of #Fluoridation" to his face.
Did not measure actual cavities to support their assumptions.

"To measure golfers on the course, let's guesstimate the number of cigarette butts around the ball washing stations."

There goes another treasured legend...
Still no cavities. Only a direct causal effect of #fluorine and #MottledTeeth. Not an "association", not a "correlation", but direct evidence of damage to the dentition. Fluorine damages enamel. Because it changes the chemical composition of the teeth.
"With a precision almost mathematical".
The study of enamel #fluorosis was fruitful.
The "booklet" is 63 pages. Which every Dentist in America got a copy of. In 1945, when the etiology of caries was still being worked out. But, by #Fluoride, they KNOW how to prevent it!

Big Sugar 💕 #Fluoride.
And "all the #Dentists in the nation" were informed of how good #fluoride is!

A great story.

• • •

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6 Aug
Isn't most all research in support of #fluoridation predicated on raising the resistance to acid attack?
And, weren't most all studies showing that enamel with added fluorine is more resistant to acid attack?
All those studies were done in glass, not patients, right?
Then to be accurate, ground up, pulverized, dead tooth enamel with added fluorine is more resistant to acid attack. Got it.
There is many a slip between glass cup and lip.
"The prevalence of the in vitro model sets up the possibility of erroneous claims when the in vitro model is inadequately applied to in vivo contexts."
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6 Aug
There is one thing that the #StannousFoilHat wearing types could do, that might enhance their case in promoting the addition of #fluorine to our diet using our water.
First, stop spending all that time & money in harm denial & "Tain't neither!" science. Second, start presenting evidence of how successful the practice of adding #fluorides to our diet has been. Third, assuming that all #Dentists approve of #fluoridation, take a survey of them.
Not of their opinions on the subject, but of their teeth. That would show the World that drinking #fluorine, smearing it on our teeth and swishing minty fresh all the time makes perfect, healthy, cavity free teeth.
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6 Aug
Seems to be a hot muggy #FluorideFriday around here.
-|- "However, if #fluoride is supplied in the diet, or applied to teeth topically, it gets incorporated into the structure of the tooth, forming a more acid-stable substance called fluoroapatite." mcgill.ca/oss/article/he…
How MUCH more acid resistant? Not much. A smidgen. Certainly, from the results of the experiment, not enough.
Suppose, though, if adding #fluorine to the enamel made the enamel completely impervious to cariogenic acid attack. 100% totally makes enamel insoluble. That would be great, if it weren't for the one little item overlooked by proponents of using #fluorine to prevent tooth decay.
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6 Aug
Sorry state of affairs. -|- "Like so many of England’s children today, most if not all will need extracting because of extensive decay. The prospect for the second teeth is not good."
Mustn't be so hard on themselves, 'disgrace' is bit much. After all, this is representative of the facts, such as they are. -|- "This is in spite of the fact that dental decay, or caries, is virtually entirely preventable. It makes the situation a disgrace to our modern society."
Even though the solution is known, the fact it is not being strongly advocated is bothersome. Neglectful even. -|- "The state of dentition there shocked me, especially the state of children’s dentition. It was not the deprivation that caused this; ..."
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5 Aug
Elemental error, to be sure. However, according to Dr Bibby, regular old rat poison-y NaF works better than AgF. Shoot, PbF is more effective than either silver fluoride or sodium fluoride.
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5 Aug
Opposing commercial determinants of health outcomes may seem like it is a lost cause, but that is cool, as a #LostCause is the only kind really worth striving to overcome. #ThrowbackThursday to 1972.
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