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How about a #FlashbackFriday, also a #FluorideFriday #FluorideFact. Dr Dean did his level best to slow the bandwagon down, to no avail. A very specific, small population mentioned.
That paper is the cornerstone of the theory that adding #fluorine to our diet using our water prevents tooth decay.
The stone is probably fluorite...
Speaking of stone, and #fluoridation, and putting things on pedestals, DYK?
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Isn't most all research in support of #fluoridation predicated on raising the resistance to acid attack?
And, weren't most all studies showing that enamel with added fluorine is more resistant to acid attack?
All those studies were done in glass, not patients, right?
Then to be accurate, ground up, pulverized, dead tooth enamel with added fluorine is more resistant to acid attack. Got it.
There is many a slip between glass cup and lip.…
"The prevalence of the in vitro model sets up the possibility of erroneous claims when the in vitro model is inadequately applied to in vivo contexts."
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Seems to be a hot muggy #FluorideFriday around here.
-|- "However, if #fluoride is supplied in the diet, or applied to teeth topically, it gets incorporated into the structure of the tooth, forming a more acid-stable substance called fluoroapatite."…
How MUCH more acid resistant? Not much. A smidgen. Certainly, from the results of the experiment, not enough.
Suppose, though, if adding #fluorine to the enamel made the enamel completely impervious to cariogenic acid attack. 100% totally makes enamel insoluble. That would be great, if it weren't for the one little item overlooked by proponents of using #fluorine to prevent tooth decay.
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Hydrofluoric acid. Bad stuff.…
"#Fluoride occurs in drinking water primarily as free fluoride. When ingested some fluorides combine with hydrogen ions to form hydrogen fluoride (HF), depending on the pH of the contents of the stomach (2.4% HF at pH 5; 96% HF at pH 2)."
"HF easily crosses the gastric epithelium, and is the major form in which fluoride is absorbed from the stomach"…
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What's that gang? You say it is #FluorideFriday? Why yes, yes it is! -|- "#Fluoride is highly effective at preventing caries and its use over the last 50 years has transformed dental health.”…
Ireland again. -|- "In 2002, a ‘north-south’ survey showed a substantial decline from 1984 in dental caries in both fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities in the Republic of Ireland, and in the non-fluoridated population of Northern Ireland."
"Reducing the underlying cause of disease through the restoration of normality, rather than adding a protective factor, is a more radical approach, and does not come with the risk of unwanted effects such as dental fluorosis.”
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From the NTP monograph. #FluorideFriday facts. Judge Chen wouldn't let the folks who want to add bioavailable #fluorine to our diet talk about the "benefits" of #fluoridation. Because there are no facts to support such. The NTP knew that.
The biggest problem the #StannoudFoilHats have, is that since organized #Dentistry has been avoiding talking about the research of C. C. Bass, MD, the loud ones must not know that Dr Bass published his first paper on preventing the loss of teeth in 1943.
That paper traveled around the world many times and was adopted by the new field of #PreventiveDentistry everywhere it was read. The formal practice of personal oral hygiene started a couple of years before Grand Rapids decided to add #fluorine to the diet of their citizens.
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Putting "ideology ahead of science", in its purest form.…
In 2019, proponents of fluoride and fluoridation were broken hearted to see the National Toxicology Program (NTP) draft a monograph citing some of the same safety concerns they had been raising.
Citing NTP’s draft document, proponents of fluoridation declared that science was on their side.
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