Social Media, Barack Obama and how it boomeranged (A thread)

First a little history:

It was Orkut that gave us our first social media experience. Some of us were even on High5 and MySpace. MySpace was the first social media site to reach a million monthly active users.
But by 2007 it was pretty much over. Come 2008, and Facebook had officially defeated it.

2008 was a tumultuous year. The financial Capital of India was under siege. The global economic system had collapsed. And the USA had its first black president - Barack Obama.
It was in this year that Facebook truly became a force to reckon with. MySpace was being embalmed for burial.

Barack Obama a hitherto unknown American politician suddenly became the top democratic nominee and went on to win the US Presidential election with a handsome margin.
Barack Obama was, as many say, an agent of the deep state. And he was the first politician to use social media for an election campaign.
The rise of Barack Obama and the rise of Facebook under Barack Obama are all very well documented. An unbreakable democrat-silicon valley nexus was hence created. Facebook wasn’t just blue, it was Democrat blue.
Zuckerberg had shown the entire Silicon Valley the way. Larry and Sergey who owned the hottest tech giant Google, hippie Jack Dorsey, the face of Twitter all rushed to get Obama’s blessings and Obama was very generous in blessing them.
Social Media age started and continues till date. Barack Obama was the most photographed, the most talked about and the “coolest” American President.
His incessant bombing of Middle East never made it to the social media but his jovial and caring image was embossed on every American’s heart.
Social Media became a mind control tool and it became the go to medium to spread democrats style liberal democracy across the world. Majority, Minority, race, religion, persecution, xenophobia, Hindu, Muslim, migrants etc became the top keywords on social media.
If 2008 was Social media’s test, 2012 was the time for it to flourish. Obama was invincible and he easily defeated a dispirited Republican Party. America was Woke-r than ever and Social media had given all the data, Obama’s campaign wanted.
But by this time most people were aware of the mind control tool that social media is. Business Tycoon and Reality TV star Donald Trump was one of them. In Europe, right wing was rising, mostly due to the rise of social media.
In India, a phenomenon called Narendra Modi had begun talking to the many million Indians connected to the internet. Trump, Modi, Netanyahu were all using social media heavily to send their message.
The social media giants ignored them for a while because they brought huge traffic to the website and hence massive ad revenues. Narendra Modi became the prime minister of India and Social media played a huge role in it.
Netanyahu further solidified his position. Brazil got a right wing President. LaPenn became super famous in France. Brexit became a reality.
And in 2016, right wing Donald Trump became the President of the United States of America. It was a wake up call for the social media giants. They had failed their masters.
Throughout Trump’s tenure, they kept hounding him. In India, RW handles keep getting banned for no reasons. In the USA, the situation is even worse. But conservatives across the world still get more reach than liberals.
Now Social Media has completely lost the plot. A tool that was designed to spread liberal democracy across the world, is uniting more RWs than ever. It’s the uncontrollable Frankenstein’s monster.
Incessant banning has led to conservative social media platforms like Rumble, Bitchute, GETTR, Koo etc. All of it wouldn’t have been possible, if Obama hadn’t decided to help nurture a mind control tool.

• • •

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