As someone who was the victim of medical experimentation as a child for epilepsy, I'm outraged by the lies of activists justifying their views.

Drugs called "puberty blockers" were created to treat terminal cancer in men, failed, were given to women 🧵
Women report serious, debilitating, crippling side effects of the drugs euphemistically called "puberty blockers", especially Lupron, and have been the canaries in the coal mine, totally ignored in regards to the well-documented harms of GNRH agonists…
“It just feels like I’m being punished for basically being experimented on when I was a child,” said Derricott, of Lawton, Okla. “I’d hate for a child to be put on Lupron, get to my age and go through the things I have been through.”…
It has been known for decades that drugs called "puberty blockers" cause irreversible damage to skeletal health. Women in their 20s report their own teeth breaking in their mouths, their jaws fracturing after only a few injections.…
No one has seemed to care or notice the medical experimentation on women, with a drug given to men only when they are sex offenders or are dying, now being prescribed off-label to children. The public has ignored the suffering of women given "puberty blockers" for endometriosis. Image
"In 1990 the FDA approved Lupron as a pain reliever for women with endometriosis. But it's so toxic it's not recommended for more than 12 months in a lifetime.

Currently there are over 25,000 adverse event report including more than 1500 deaths."…
"More than 10,000 adverse event reports complaining about the side effects of a commonly used drug called Lupron have been filed with the FDA.
The problems documented in the Kaiser report include extremely brittle bones, anxiety, and seizures."…
I am furious on behalf of women given "puberty blockers" who have lost their health in their youth, whose pain has been astonishingly unpublicized, ignored; these drugs, developed for cancer in men, are being peddled onto women and children.
"Chemical castration is a form of hormone therapy which reduces the amount of testosterone in the male body to reduce sexual urges. 

There are a number of drugs which can be used to achieve it but the most common is Leuprolide (Lupron)."…
We know that drugs now called "puberty blockers" are only given to men when they are dying of prostate cancer, or sex offenders.
First — these drugs were given to women off-label, now, they're prescribed to children. Activists who promote this are complicit in medical abuse. Image
In a private group I joined involving thousands of women who took "puberty blocker" Lupron, there are X-rays and photos that would turn the strongest stomach. Their suffering is ignored, and transactivists are willfully harming children to validate their biases and male fetishes.
"FDA examiners found the company failed to 'thoroughly investigate' complaints over certain syringe kits for its #Lupron medication that were associated with deaths."…
Years ago, there were two petitions to the US White House, led by women victims of Lupron, calling for an investigation into the drug now most commonly used as a puberty blocker. No news outlet reported this. The petitions were deleted. I saw it happen with my own eyes.
“It’s not just women who received the drug as children who say they suffer side effects. Women who were prescribed the drug as adults to treat endometriosis also complain of bone loss, hair loss, weight gain, and memory loss."…
How can anyone justify giving drugs developed for terminal cancer to children, as "puberty blockers", call chemotherapy for healthy youth a 'cure' for gender non-conformity, and ignore the incredible damage done to women's health — then claim to have any knowledge of this topic
"Puberty blockers" were developed in 1985 to treat terminal cancer in men, passed by the FDA for experimental use. It failed at curing cancer. In the US, it was then given to women for under-researched "women's issues".
A cancer drug now being called a cure for healthy children.
I've been concerned about "puberty blockers" for a decade now out of my own experience with epilepsy, being placed on a drug made by the same company, known to cause infertility.

Takeda-Abbott's drug Depakote caused my hair to fall out, and I don't know if it caused infertility.
This drug I was given for epilepsy was made by the same company now leading the US market in puberty blockers.

"It was not known how many children had been affected by the drug but 20,000 was a 'reasonable estimate'".…

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