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I'm reflecting on my last few years in the GC movement, starting when I had insomnia one night and encountered the term "trans widow" for the first time about a decade ago. The first story I read was still one of the ones I think would peak people, with a woman describing what
seemed like their husband trying to embody them - wearing a wig like her hair, insisting the woman be less feminine for their own "validation", pushing sexual boundaries trying to think about themselves as the woman they fetishized becoming. The woman was both an accessory
& source of validation- not a person in a realtionship with a person that saw them. Since then I've seen the GC subreddit I participated in shut down. I've seen women speaking out for their own rights and existance kicked off social media, doxxed in their home life, and silenced.
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Can't see the wood for the trees.
Sometimes I feel we are fighting a losing battle, then I remember the battle is being fought on many fronts across the world and by so many women. When you see it as whole, it's amazing. Here's a thread on why we will win.
Look at some examples of the org fighting for women.
@SexMattersOrg @FiLiA_charity @fairplaywomen @WomensRightsNet with all the local branches. @WDI_UK and all the international branches. @VoteWithOurFeet @transwidows @womenncri @MerchedCymru @WomensActionAll
@Womans_Place_UK @ForWomenScot @WomensLibFront @WomensSpaceIre @cawsbar @nia_endingVAWG
These are just a few organisations around the world fighting fir women's rights.
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It is worth reminding ourselves that getting trans identified males into the female estate was a deliberate tactic of the transgender lobby, as evidenced by the brilliant @STILLTish below.
There is a multitude of research showing the marked difference between female and male prisoners- that so many women have been affected by violence, domestic and sexual abuse.…
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A magnificent photo of a woman who knows that a woman is an Adult Human Female and that you should #RespectMySex if you want my X. You have my absolute respect, anonymous woman 😊😍
Fun fact - it is normal in a democratic society that other groups can hand out leaflets around hustings.
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.#BeKind is drenched in the blood of all the women who weren't. It is as much of a threat as punching the wall beside someone's head, an indicator of what might happen. It never just means, "be kind". It means do as I say, don't make me angry, it's your fault you make me do this.
The usually unsaid, but sometimes vocalised, "or else" - be if from your mum telling you, "just you wait until your father comes home", or from the doctor telling you that if you can't relax then OF COURSE it will hurt more, you silly girl - is always, always there.
It is always there, and it is always a demand for compliance, capitulation and subservience. And every woman knows it. Those in a position of privilege, who can pretend that #VAWG isn't real, that it doesn't affect them, that #BeKind is simply a t-shirt slogan -
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Over 70 women came to protest at #HMPPolmont against the @scottishprisons policy which has made the female prison estate mixed sex.
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Women in Scotland protesting at #HMPPolmont against the @scottishprisons policy that allows male prisoners to be held women's prisons.
#KeepPrisonsSingleSex #NoSelfID #WomenWontWheesht
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Männer führen keine Weiblichkeit vor,
sie objektivieren sich selbst. Weiblichkeit ist keine Performance, sie ist eine Unterdrückung, die Frauen aufgezwungen wird.

Frauen "performen" unsere Unterdrückung nicht. Nur Männer haben den Luxus, ihre Art der Kontrolle über uns als Kunst
oder Selbstdarstellung zu betrachten.

Wenn Männer uns sagen, Weiblichkeit sei eine Vorstellung, offenbaren sie damit zwei Dinge:
1) ihre eigene Unkenntnis darüber, was es bedeutet, eine Frau in einer von Männern dominierten Welt zu sein;
2) sie amüsieren sich über unsere gewaltsame Unterwerfung.
Weiblichkeit ist mehr als Make-up. Sie ist mehr als Schönheitsnormen. Weiblichkeit ist die Erwartung, dass bestimmte Verhaltensweisen und Rollen für Frauen, die uns mit Gewalt aufgezwungen werden, natürlich und
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1/9 Recently I got pulled out of class for a “little chat”. I was told I had been reported for making “offensive comments”. Without ascertaining my version of events or even asking if the “reports” were true, it was clear my teacher had already decided I was guilty. #SexMatters
2/9 The only thing I’m guilty of is expressing perfectly sensible and legitimate views! Plus, since when is offending someone a big deal? People take offence at all kinds of things. Such is life and we all just have to deal with it. #BiologyIsNotBigotry #SexNotGender #SexMatters
3/9 I suspect, although I still don’t know for certain, that these “offensive comments” were actually facts that I discussed with a few classmates when they asked for my opinion. #WomenWontWheesht #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #IStandWithJKRowling #WeWillBeHeard #IStandWithMaya
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There's nothing to beat waking on a Saturday to the sound of women cutting their @UKLabour membership cards into tiny pieces. This is crass, stupid, sexist and plain wrong on every count from @Keir_Starmer. A misjudgement of colossal proportions. #WomenWontWheesht #SexMatters
We can't imagine how @Keir_Starmer thinks it's OK to say what he did. We think with his background he must know the law - but since he's always declined to meet us we can't say for sure. But we do know this appalling comment will cost the party dearly.…
So, @Keir_Starmer, you think there should be a more "respectful" debate on "trans issues"? How about listening to women, then. You could have listened to our well-evidenced, carefully-argued views. We've been nothing but respectful. You've ignored us.…
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Der Text ist von @luna_schrader

Faktencheck 3 TRANS
Fakt 3 Transideologie:
Die Gutachter, die trans Menschen z.Zt. noch aufsuchen müssen, stellen entwürdigende, intime und menschenverachtende Fragen. Diese Prozedur ist unzumutbar.
Fakt ist:
1) Viele Gutachterinnen stellen gar keine Fragen mehr, schon gar nicht intime Fragen.Dazu gibt es viele Berichte im Netz, auch der BV trans berichtet dies.
Der Grund scheint einerseits darin zu liegen, daß GutachterInnen zunehmend Angst haben, gecancelled zu werden.
Genderkritische Fachleute werden weltweit beschimpft und bedroht.
Desweiteren, insbesondere bei Gutachterinnen, wirkt sich anscheinend zunehmend auch pathologischer Altruismus (Helfersyndrom) aus

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1/5 I’m baffled by the girls in school who all seem to believe this rubbish. Some are even trying to silence me. They are actually celebrating their own erasure. #SaveWomensSports #SexNotGender #FairPlayForWomen #WomenWontWheesht #sexmatters
2/5 Recently I was asked if I am a feminist. I am! Then came the leading question... but are you a feminist for ALL women including transwomen? No. I'm a FEMinist for all FEMales! Cue lots of abuse! #SaveWomensSports #SexNotGender #FairPlayForWomen #WomenWontWheesht #sexmatters
3/5 One girl's a lesbian. I wonder what her reaction is going to be when she realises what is actually happening on dating apps? And SHE accuses ME of having had a sheltered childhood?😂I’m not the one living in a bubble where up is down and hands are feet! #sexmatters
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1/8 I am being taught a belief system as fact in school. When I ask questions and point out obvious and huge problems I am told off and receive abuse from students AND teachers. #SexNotGender #FairPlayForWomen #WomenWontWheesht #sexmatters
2/8 In one class I was handed a booklet that had truly shocking content such as “your sex is assigned at birth.” It isn’t! It is just what you are! A doctor doesn’t randomly decide it! #SexNotGender #FairPlayForWomen #WomenWontWheesht #sexmatters
3/8 Another statement in the booklet was that “Lesbians are mainly attracted to women.” But then they are bisexual, aren’t they? Lesbians are exclusively attracted to women. No mainly about it! #SexNotGender #FairPlayForWomen #WomenWontWheesht #sexmatters
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Yesterday, a group of women held a stall in Aberdeen to talk to the public about the legislation the Scottish Gov are proposing that will allow males to legally change their sex to female, and access female single-sex spaces.
#WomenWontWheesht 1/
And as if to demonstrate the concerns of the women, a group of men decided to protest against the women's right of free speech, to try and intimidate & silence them (reader, they failed!).
Do these men really think that by turning up with a flag, and standing in front of these 2/
women that their concerns about the new law will disappear? That the women will stop explaining to the public what is happening? That the women will stop writing to their MSPs in advance of the draft Bill? That women will wheesht? 3/
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Short 🧵

In a piece in New Statesman, journalist Marie Le Conte argues that gender critical feminists have been ‘radicalised’ in a similar way to QAnon believers and other extremists.
Quite apart from the extremely offensive analogy, she - and other women who share her view - completely misunderstand, or deliberately ignore, what gender critical feminists are arguing. Perhaps it will help if we look - yet again - at the root cause of this culture war
Feminism is based on the inarguable fact that women and girls across the world are oppressed because of their biological sex; the form that oppression takes depends on the culture of the society a woman lives in, FGM in Sudan, abortion ban in Texas…
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We need to talk about #genderdysphoria. First: what is it? Let’s ask @APAPsychiatric: #gendercritical #womenwontwheesht (1/9)
@APAPsychiatric It’s true that some kids experience distress or confusion over biological sex. But studies show that those feelings are likely to resolve on their own during puberty, without any interference. No diagnosis or medicalization needed. #mentalhealth (2/9)
@APAPsychiatric Up to 98% of kids who experience distress over #biosex desist naturally, depending on the study. Find the most recent study, in which 88% of subjects desisted, here: #healthcare #science (3/9)
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🧵It’s a year today since I was sacked from the front bench of the SNP Westminster Group having been wrongly accused of “transphobia”. Despite a continued campaign of bullying & harassment on account of my feminist beliefs & my sexuality 1/4
I’m enjoying life as a backbencher and benefiting from having more time to devote to my constituency and my work as Deputy Chair of the Joint Committee on Human Rights. I’ve been fortified by the incredible level of support 2/4
I continue to receive from members of the public. But best of all the concerns of many women & lesbians which I have tried to articulate are now firmly in the public domain & have the support of @EHRC, the independent equalities & #humanrights regulator 3/4
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I’m slightly nervous about posting this but here goes. My first thread:

As a teenager I lost my mother to the hands of a violent coward who, in the final few years of their marriage, mercilessly beat her and threw her down the stairs. 1
She was hospitalised twice, once with a punctured lung and broken ribs. He beat her to the floor, stood above her head and dragged her by her nostrils. He then proceeded to kick and stamp her shins so hard it left permanent bruising. 2
She was an attractive woman and often received unsolicited attention from other men which made him insanely jealous. To combat this, he ground her spirit down to the point she felt ugly and worthless and suffered from depression and anxiety. 3
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Mini thread. Last year the dozen or so women who are part of Sole Sisters gathered shoes, then pitched in a fiver each and ordered 1000 postcards that outlined the reality of sex self-ID and its impact on women and girls as proposed by @Scotgov GRA reform 1/
At our first street stall in Ayr, we handed the cards out to passersby who either had no idea of the proposed legislation or understanding of its implications. The cards were gratefully received 2/
So we asked our Twitter followers if they too would like cards to hand out or leave in public places to spread awareness of sex self-ID. And we held more street stalls and handed out more cards 3/
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Long but important thread: Women Voting With Our Feet were this week invited to meet @ShonaRobison, the Cabinet Secretary who will steer reform of the Gender Recognition Act through the Scottish Parliament #no2selfID 1/
We made our point that, while we appreciated the invitation, calling it at 3 days’ notice suggested a less-than-collegiate approach to listening to ALL views on GRA reform despite the manifesto promise of @NicolaSturgeon 2/
Shona Robison told us reform is essential because being trans is no longer considered a medical issue. However, *only* the process of gaining a gender recognition certificate will change with reform by “demedicalising” the process 3/
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My life evolved around party campaigns, events, fundraising, etc. Like many others, I believed the SNP could & would be better. I was wrong & yes they let many of us down so don’t dare tell me to wheesht for Indy cause the whole time the govt insults women we will not secure Indy
Most folk want intelligent based, fair policies that address many of society’s ills. We want open & honest debate & need to trust our govt to make the difficult decisions, not abrogate their responsibilities to lobby groups.
What have we got?
We have elected officials sneering at us, dismissing our concerns as ‘not valid’, calling the electorate ‘trash, neds & bigots’. We have senior party members smearing women who object with the intent to destroy them.
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I've asked this question once or twice before. I make no apology for doing so again now.

How in the world are there so many men on this platform who think of themselves as progressives or socialists, yet try and dictate to women what being a woman means and involves?
How in the world are there so many so-called 'progressive' men on this platform who:

- Denounce and demonise rape survivors like JK Rowling

- Fail to see that when male-boded athletes compete in women's sports, that is an absolutely appalling injustice and total nonsense
- Think describing rapists with penises as 'women' if they happen to self-identify as such is normal, and that anyone who objects is a danger

- Honestly appear to believe they know everything there is to know about being a woman... when in practice, they know literally nothing?
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