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We are women:

As women, we’ve been taught to mind our language, lower our voices, be kind.

I remember being 10 years old and a grown man slapping my behind.

I lowered my eyes & swallowed my fear, hoping if I was quiet, he would just disappear.
As women, we’ve been taught to not antagonise, to not speak back to certain men.

I remember being 13 & kettled against a fence, a group of older boys grabbing me, I fought back in self-defence.
As women, we’ve been taught that our rights are second best.

I remember being 30 and giving birth to a baby girl. I looked into her eyes and laid her head upon my chest.

I made a vow that very day; I would NEVER allow her rights, her voice, to be taken away.
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German feminists sent an open letter to all MPs this week: Stop #nodebate. Stop the 'affirmation only' approach to pediatric transitions. We need a full impact assessment of the proposed #selfid law. Pls RT ! #WomenWontWheesht #FrauSchulzSprichtFürMich
In Hamburg & Berlin, male prisoners can already be sent to women's prisons. A drive to replace single sex by unisex toilets in public buildings (schools!) is underway. A "conversion ban" mandates affirmation only treatment for questioning patients. 2/x
#FrauSchulzSprichtFürMich Image
Queer secretary of state @svenlehmann insults women, ignores attacks on Lesbians during Dyke Marches. He denies recommending puberty blockers on govt websites. He has a budget of 70M € to funnel more money towards 'Mermaids' style NGOs and mandatory diversity training 3/x ImageImage
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Women are rightly enraged by the convicted rapist who didn't start transition until charged with rape. When he is sentenced, you can bet this man is a lifelong abuser of women. Some women dare to defend this rapist by calling for respect in language, a rapist deserves no respect
Any decent person would condemn him. We hear him being called she and her on television,radio, and social media by supposedly reputable companies. It's 2023 two hundred years since Elizabeth Fry campaigned for Prison Reform and rehabilitation for women to be housed separately
From men because our needs are very different, this is not hate,bigotry or transphobic it is the truth it has always been the truth,regardless of how a man identifies he is a man nothing more and nothing less. And men commit crimes against women they abuse,rape, and murder they
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A 🧵We were asked yesterday by a journalist what WRN Scotland had done to campaign against the #GRR Bill here's our list
💚written letters to MSPs &MPs as constituents
🤍Had meetings with MSPs and MPs
💜 provided written feedback to the #GRR bill consultation
💚Attended rallys organised by @ForWomenScot at Holyrood
🤍Fundraised through the WRN to have an advan with the message #NoMenInWomensSpaces
💜Organised for the ad van to drive round Edinburgh at the Rally in Oct
Thanks to @moleatthedoor for his help
💚WRN #SaveOurSpaces campaign postcards we're sent to all MSPs
🤍We designed 2 sets of postcards with the message No To Self ID
💜 500 #NoToSelfID postcards were distributed and sent to all MSPs
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1. Despite the best efforts of police & social workers, predators, including those on the sex offenders register, always manage to find & target the most vulnerable. That's no dog whistle; it's recognition that predators take advantage of loopholes.
2. All those who are vulnerable deserve the best protection our laws and lawmakers can give; an open door with no checks, balances or safeguards is not it.
3.Plainly, the GRRB extends beyond measure the potential for applications simply because it removes a medical requirement; every adult in Scotland will be able to apply for a GRC. Of course most people won't be so motivated, but there will be bad faith actors - that's life.
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The mighty ⁦@yvonneridley⁩ and I will display the courage of our convictions next week #WomenWontWheesht Image
2. We remember the fight for women's rights. We know about the campaign to ensure that marital rape became criminal - only in 1989 was this achieved.
3. We know too of the Matrimonial Homes(Family Protection) (Scotland) Act 1981 when for the first time women had the right to seek a safe home, exclude a violent partner and gain a transfer of tenancy.
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The UN dude said there’s no evidence of harm to women in other countries.
They don’t measure the impact therefore they do not collate evidence of risk & detriment to women.
We know this is a lie.
Dolatowski, a violent, predatory male in a female prison.…
“She added: "There is full scrutiny under way right now and, of course, Parliament will next look at the proposals in plenary session next week.”

The scrutiny of this bill has been woeful.
Survivors of MV were denied a voice at the Committee.…
"The bill does not create a single new right for trans people; all it does is simplify existing processes.”

No other marginalised group demands the rights of another disadvantaged group.
This bill affords any male on their say so, the right 2access female spaces & services.
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Imagine Scotland had a high bar to define a thing, say haggis, but England decided to redefine haggis to be anything that identified as haggis (like pasties) but demanded to be allowed into Scotland & for pasties to be labelled haggis, @scottishgreens would be annoyed, right? 1/
Well @MaggieChapman is getting annoyed that @ScottishGreens & @SP_EHRCJ (Maggie is Deputy Convener) want to drop the bar so anyone can be legally defined as female, a level much lower than the rest of the UK, Westminster have noticed & said "wait one cotton picking minute". 2/…
So we have Maggie ranting about rights of pasties while screwing over the native haggises. Maggie's joined by big pastie fans @stonewalluk, claiming some imaginary overwhelming pastie mandate (well of course pasties will be happy, but anyone asked haggises how they feel?)
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I've sat through all but one of the Scottish Parliamentary hearings related to Gender Recognition Reform Bill. Last week I was asked to leave because of my scarf choice, this week a friend was asked to leave after pointing out the Cabinet Secretary was not paying attention 1/
during the final Stage 2 hearing of over 150 proposed amendments to the Bill (otherwise know as papering over the cracks).
I've just noticed that 1 of @thesnp MSPs on the committee dealing with the Bill @SP_EHRCJ is very critical of the member of the public that spoke her mind 2/
Adams MSP conflated a single woman standing up in public, expressing her disgust at the parlous legislative process and the Cabinet Secretary caught doodling, with attacking & harassment & not representing feminism. 3/…
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I keep thinking that there is hope that my government will listen to women’s concerns about gender reform. I sat in the committee room while my Cabinet Secretary did her admin (drawing squares round her notes, and underlining text which was already highlighted) instead of >
attending to the submissions of her colleagues. I cannot bear the contempt that @scotgov is demonstrating towards this act. I could not tolerate the rude display and asked @JoeFitzSNP if he could encourage @ShonaRobison to heed the important points and democratic process>
I am grateful that I was allowed to finish my point in the meeting and that the security staff and the police presence were kind to and patient with me. I do not think I have ever been so angry in my life. My government does not care about women or girls. I knew it, but it is
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So, the @sp_ehrcj has started. Every woman in the public gallery is wearing a scarf and clothing encompassing purple, white and green. We even have a suffragette in the room (sat behind Shona). Let the 2nd hearing of the Stage 2 amendment session begin.
@Rachael2Win & @TessWhite4NE speaking about their amendments, including what "living in their acquired gender" actually means & how anyone can be found to be behaving fraudulently when no-one knows what the bar is.
@JeremyRBalfour introduces his amendment which asks for clarification of impact of this Gender Recognition Reform Bill in relation to Article 9 of European Convention of Human Rights.@
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@NicolaSturgeon "doesn’t want pesky feminists scrutinising reform of the Gender Recognition Act. She wants it to pass committee stage on Tues, unrevised by 150 tabled amendments, the whole bill rammed through before Christmas"
A perfect summary! #Scarfgate…
A middle-aged scientist sitting quietly in a Scot parliament committee hearing was approached by a security guard. Either she must remove her purple, white and green scarf or leave the proceedings. (She left.) 2 other women were forced to take off similar coloured tartan scarves.
A fourth, in a plain purple scarf, was told to open her coat to check for signs of white and green.
The scientist questioned a security official and, squirming, he said he’d been told these colours were “political” and “associated with the women’s movement”.
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🧵Delighted to be nominated for Best Scot at Westminster alongside @StewartMcDonald & @wendychambLD. I hope this will encourage other women to speak up safe in the knowledge that cancellation doesn’t necessarily work. 1/3…
Here’s what the judges said “Joanna Cherry KC, convener of the human rights committee that draws its members from both the Commons and the Lords, is nominated for Best Scot at Westminster. The SNP MP has continued to raise concerns about gender reform.. 2/3
despite hostility in her party and online, while her legal tactics on Indyref2 were adopted by the First Minister.” A big thank you to the judges & everyone who has supported me through a difficult but ultimately rewarding time in politics. #WomenWontWheesht
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Im a Scottish woman saying #NoToSelfID #ThisIsMyNO
Zero responses from my MSP regarding my concerns and PROOF sent of how Self ID has harmed women in society & prisons in countries where it is legal.

See thread below. #NoSelfID
#FreeVote #NoWhip
@thesnp @scotgov
First, here are the quotes by @NicolaSturgeon on GRA and how men are a risk to women not men who declare after 3 months to be women. (Funny if it wasn't so dangerous)
Lets take a look at how that has worked out already.
So, the next few tweets are from 2019. @Scotgov @theSNP @ScottishGreens still pretend this has NOT happened and that men will not abuse Self ID to abuse as they decalre to be women.
Let's look
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The committee scrutinising the GRR Bill in Scotland refused to meet with female survivors of male violence, confirming female survivors are the most marginalised & vulnerable group because even their government won’t acknowledge them or listen 2their lived experience.
The committee met with at least 14 different lobby groups & activists from the gender identity industry.
The SNP stated in their ‘21 manifesto they would engage with women on this issue & misled the electorate into believing they were listening to all the arguments.
The FM told women our concerns were ‘not valid’ & this was evidenced in the approach taken by the committee.
The very few women who were invited to meet with the committee were subjected to some bias committee members dismissive questioning & at times rude attitude.
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Last night we shared our thoughts on an "article" (attempted hit job) for @opendemocracy scribbled by @AdamRamsay. Written following a lobbyists playbook on how to slip legislation in under the radar. And tonight? Well tonight it seems we need to look towards @scottishgreens 1/
Let's consider the people inolved/quoted in the article:
Author, Adam Ramsay, member of Scottish Greens ✔️ 2/
Maggie Chapman, Green MSP, quoted, was Secretary of Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre when Mridul Wadwha was appointed, using a Sch 9 exception that specified the role was for a female (considering the nature of work). As you can see above, Maggie is godparent to Adam's child. ✔️3/
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"If any woman or girl suffers voyeurism, sexual harassment, assault or rape in consequence of the Scottish government’s lax new rules, the blame will rest squarely with those at Holyrood who ignored safeguarding experts and women’s campaigners."…
Thank you @jk_rowling for being in this fight with us and for your voice.

Scottish women are so fortunate to have you! #WomenWontWheesht #WomensRally #RespectMySex #SaveOurSpaces
"Sturgeon [argues] that it’s transphobic to suggest any man would fraudulently claim a female identity. This claim is extraordinary. Nobody but the very naive can fail to be aware that predatory men are capable of going to great lengths to gain easy access to victims"
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Those looking for the paper about harm done to women because if the loss of sex based language in health and maternity services - here you go:…
This is why I am so angry that my first minister and many members of @theSNP say “the proposed GRA changes will not impact women’s rights”. It already has. It is unforgivable for elected representatives to ignore expert evidence because it is inconvenient. #womenWontWheesht.
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8.25am today Nicola Sturgeon told Radio 4 that as long as a man "lives as a woman" for 3 months he can acquire a certificate that says he's now a woman. Trouble is no-one knows what "living as a woman means" which means proving attempts are for nefarious reasons is impossible 1/
Our "feminist to her fingertips" FM also seems to believe that males are the risk to females but when a male acquires a magical certificate the risk goes away. Sticking the word "trans" in front of someone's sex seems to perform a biological miracle & no-one must question it. 2/
This is why women gathered in their hundreds outside Holyrood yesterday @scotgovfm. You are putting women at risk, lying to them about the consequences of your Gender Recognition Reform Bill. You, Madam, are a Non-Feminist
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Ladies, young & old, a little test for you:
Q: Where is the part of your brain that deals with toilet-cleaning?
Q:Or shoes?
Q: or headache generation?
A: all identified in the slide a @UofGlasgow neurology Prof shows medical undergrads 1/… Image
Strangely enough, the male brain was not used. Imagine being a female student in that class? We imagine many of us have been in the position, where our lecturers, bosses or colleagues have tried to belittle & humiliate us. Quite often we stay quiet because of the 2/
imbalance of power, or being outnumbered, or you're shocked into silence. We wonder what message your male peers receive as your "superior" broadcasts the message that it's okay to make sexist, lazy stereotypical slurs about women. 3/
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I see the witch prickers continue to harass & abuse @GussieGrips.
Scotland is a basket case when it comes to freedom of speech & women’s rights.
This regression has taken place under the watch of a female FM who has actively encouraged the vilification & dehumanisation of women.
No one knows this better than Joanna Cherry. The ongoing harassment of Scotland’s most capable & successful MP is disgraceful.
The FM continues to ignore the vendetta ongoing for years against JC.
Her silence has brought shame on our nation.
Despite women pleading to be heard the FM has left women in no doubt that not only are their concerns “not valid” but following her emergency broom cupboard broadcast-opinionated women are not valid or valued in Scotland.
Know them by their deeds.
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Scottish Feminist Network sends support and solidarity to Standing For Women @StandingforXX , 22nd June 2022 1/ #WomenWontWheesht
Women gathered in Bristol at the weekend to discuss their sex-based rights protected in the Equality Act 2010, only to be met with an intimidating, baying mob of masked men who aggressively threatened, harassed & abused them. The baying mob went as far as to follow them to a pub,
where the women were trapped inside.
You would be forgiven for thinking those scenes were from some backward country, where women are viewed as lesser beings for men to use and abuse at will. Sadly, this is the UK in 2022. 3/
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This interview with @NicolaSturgeon deserves some attention as it shows the extent to which the FM is in denial about popular opinion and the issues of her pet project.
#No2selfID #WomenWontWheesht

Sturgeon’s claim that this is a minority concern is not borne out by all the polling on the subject which shows that while people will concur if asked general questions about supporting trans rights, they baulk when specifics are introduced.
Her characterisation of opposition as a “vocal minority” is dismissive, but she goes further, saying some “weaponise this...for reason of transphobia.” When Ministers or Ms Sturgeon are challenged to provide evidence of this or explain who they mean, they hide behind vagaries.
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I'm reflecting on my last few years in the GC movement, starting when I had insomnia one night and encountered the term "trans widow" for the first time about a decade ago. The first story I read was still one of the ones I think would peak people, with a woman describing what
seemed like their husband trying to embody them - wearing a wig like her hair, insisting the woman be less feminine for their own "validation", pushing sexual boundaries trying to think about themselves as the woman they fetishized becoming. The woman was both an accessory
& source of validation- not a person in a realtionship with a person that saw them. Since then I've seen the GC subreddit I participated in shut down. I've seen women speaking out for their own rights and existance kicked off social media, doxxed in their home life, and silenced.
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