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Remember the #WiSpa? When all the people tried to blame the women? And the little girl? Well this criminal was just apprehended.

All the gaslighters ought to be very ashamed. With one in particular.
Remember these comments? ImageImageImageImage
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#YoungGCWomenUnite 🧵
Hey everyone, I’m a mom. I work in an allied healthcare profession. I’m a so called #terf. I don’t have a singular #peaktrans experience, but rather a culmination of experiences. So here we go!
Almost a decade ago, I learned that terms #genderdysphoria and #transgender. There were some people who had extreme distress about their sex and they felt happier looking and presenting like the opposite sex. They worked closely with doctors and therapists.
I didn’t care. None of my business. But when hospital coworkers and staff started saying #TransWomenAreWomen , I started to question it. How could they literally be women? #whatisawoman ?
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You might have joined a cult:

If you’ve been convinced into pretending biological sex isn’t one of the most robust material facts about human beings, even though 99.98% of people are unambiguously male or female.
If you used to recognise that gay people deserved equal rights for their sexual orientation but now you think their orientation is hateful and exclusionary if they won’t sleep with members of the opposite sex who have a trans identity
If you used to understand that male violence exists, and women were vulnerable to it, but now every time a woman says she wants female only spaces you insult her, yell at her and even threaten to punch her (or are happy that someone else does)
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Men do not have a right to women's identity, selfhood, bodies, or spaces.

It is not a human right for a man to be naked around unconsenting women.

This movement is founded on male entitlement, so it’s no surprise its believers are constantly defending sexual predators.

One of the most glaring conceptual problems with gender ideology is that it frames women's rights — to safety, privacy, boundaries, autonomy — as bigotry against men. It is abusive in every sense of the word, and paints women as cruel oppressors should they refuse men's demands.
Women do not require safe spaces because they are bigots. Quite the opposite: women need safety from men who are misogynists, who would rape them or kill them. Yet gender ideologues prioritize the feelings of a few fetishists over the lives of women and girls.
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1./ At the heart of the debate on Gender Self ID (which allows any male to say he’s a women, no questions asked) is the protection of actual women from pervs. Advocates say we shouldn’t worry despite countries who pioneered Self ID being run by corrupt ghouls (like Malta)👇
2./ Or THE global champion of gender Self-ID poor ol’ Argentina which has been driven to bankruptcy by the serial liars, thugs and anti-Semitic nut jobs that surround Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner who never saw a law or boundary she didn’t try to break.👇
3./ The sense of momentum created by these two corrupt cesspits was used to push Self ID into law in Ireland but under cover of gay marriage & using the deceptive tactics outlined in an infamous report that advised never debating it openly. 👇…
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In June a video depicting a woman at #WiSpa complaining of a nude male in the women's section went viral, prompting protests.

The individual in question has been revealed to be a convicted sex offender with two prior convictions for indecent exposure.…
Several mainstream media outlets referred to the incident as a "transphobic hoax", and even after five women filed reports with the LAPD, @Slate @guardian @thedailybeast @washingtonpost @thenation have not yet retracted this baseless claim.
Merager is also facing six felony counts of indecent exposure.
"Merager claims to identify as female so he can access women’s locker rooms and showers," reads an internal flyer by the LA Sheriff’s Department sent to law enforcement departments in southern California in late 2018. Image
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Looks like someone got sloshed last night and retweeted pictures inciting violence against women.

This was @chick_in_kiev's response to being challenged on her journalistic failure on the #wispa incident in @thenation.…
@chick_in_kiev @thenation Failures:
1) Did not contact woman who complained
2) Presents view that males should keep out of women's changing rooms as "white power movement"
3) Omits to say the woman who complained was black
4) Misrepresents woman's complaint. She said there was a MAN in the changing room, not a "trans woman".
5) Claims the complaint cannot be valid because children were neither filmed nor identified, which is a bizarre demand to breach child privacy.
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Five women have filed reports with the LAPD regarding a June 23 incident at #WiSpa, all of them claiming to have seen male genitals in the women’s section.
Several mainstream outlets (@Slate, @guardian, & @thedailybeast) suggested the incident was a hoax.… Image
@Slate @guardian @thedailybeast .@thedailybeast Now that five women have filed police reports, would you like to consider printing a retraction or apology?
When can we expect an apology and retraction for this fake news, @Slate, @e_urq? Five women have filed police reports regarding the #WiSpa incident.

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There's another protest/counter protest at #WiSpa this morning with #Antifa present. Unlike the last one there seems to be more of a police presence.

@LAPDHQ still seems fine with letting Antifa assault people though
#Antifa trying to intimidate streamer
Before the event started, #Antifa covered the block with graffiti
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I honestly can’t be assed about radical feminists forming coalition with right wingers. I’d rather not but meh, the entire point of politics is building connections.
Our bad faith detractors are gonna try to discredit us anyway. Even if we don’t go and work with the right, “left leaning” opponents of radical feminism are still gonna point to the “overlap” in our views, opposition to the trans movement, to tar us with the same brush.
They’re clearly not in good faith and are gonna find any reason to smear, slander, and dismiss us. So why keep playing their game? Why keep jumping through their hoops? Even if we don’t touch rightists with a ten foot pole and take the high way, you think they care?
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1./ The #WiSpa debate matters because it shows Gender Self-ID is unworkable. It opens women's single sex spaces to any male who says they're a woman, no questions asked, and women who complain about males wandering around naked get labelled transphobic.👇
2./ Supporters of Self-ID point out entry now to bathrooms doesn't require proof of being a woman and some transwomen who really LOOK like women can pass unnoticed. All this ignores the huge social taboo there is now that stops men who look like men entering women's spaces.
3./ A guy who wanders into a woman's changing room now will testify to the horror experienced and the quick retreat. Self-ID erodes that because it says it doesn't matter what you look like or what you're packing. There's no gatekeeping to become a woman. Nor to being trans.
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Some people, including apparently antifa, are very very adamant that no woman and no girl anywhere should have the right to be in any space which would prevent a man from coming in and swinging his dick in their direction.

Police helicopters had to get involved.

The women attackers in this video just kill me.

They're fighting against women for the rights of men to come into the women's section of a spa, get naked & slide themselves into the same jacuzzi as 9-year-old girls.

Top candidates for the Darwin Awards.

Antifa against women's rights

Have I ever mentioned that the trans gender cult is a violent male supremacy movement.

Their program:

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Wi Spa update: People are protesting Saturday at 11AM. Backstory: in the women's section of this spa, a person exposed male genitalia to a room of women--including a 9 year old girl. Some creeps are infiltrating spaces designated for women by *pretending* to be trans. #WiSpa Image
Please send love to the woman who recorded the video. Here's her Instagram as well as the second half of the viral video, which show women confirming that he got in the jacuzzi with minors.…
The love & support has been overwhelming. Our voices matter. Read through my Fleets when you have a moment. There are courageous, articulate, straight-talking, common sense people standing up for women & children. Follow them, give them a shoutout, show them some love. 🙏
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