A cowardly and disgusting opinion piece from @TheAge that reminds us again how the media has made COVID so much more difficult to handle.

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#auspol #springst #ThisIsNotJournalism #CovidVic

The Age never praised the outcome. It's disingenuous and plain rude to write this paragraph now and admit that the lockdown last year paid off when The Age was critical of Daniel Andrews the entire time and made last year all that more difficult for all of us.
This was always the path to freedom. Not mentioning the botched vaccine rollout in this article proves @theage's bias. For The Age, the reason that we are still fighting COVID (botched vaccine rollout) doesn't matter because it gives them a chance to attack Dan Andrews.
Then why isn't the @smh criticizing @GladysB for reducing restrictions right now, well before 70 and 80%?

I guess the price of integrity in NSW journalism is a picnic.
There comes a point when the damage to people's mental health done by biased journalism must be factored in.

Mainstream media did more damage to Victorians last year than the closure of playgrounds ever could.
There comes a point when the constant negative articles on restrictions leads to people ignoring restrictions and ultimately protesting.

We crossed that point a long time ago, yet The Age continues to undermine the public health response and has inevitably helped Delta spread.
Take a moment to consider the hypocrisy of The Age writing about the damage caused by lockdown.

They have contributed to that damage by attacking restrictions - leading to rule breaking and by attacking Victoria - leading to negative mental health outcomes.

Sickening hypocrisy.
This just confirms why The Age was fighting against playground closures in the first place.

It wasn't for the kids, it wasn't for mental heath.

It was so parents could meet with other parents at the park as a way around gathering rules.

And also, for Politics, naturally.
These changes are NOT harsh.

If it was about the kids, why would it matter if only one parent or carer could attend? Why would it matter if that parent/carer can't eat or drink why they are there?

Yes, The Age is complaining that parents can't take of their mask at the park.
Newsflash, parents can eat at home, going to the park isn't a picnic.

If you want picnics, go to NSW.
Seriously @Gay_Alcorn? Zero credibility.
Don't trust The Age when they say 'experts or leaders'

In one article, they referenced leaders in mental health push for living with COVID despite only quoting one qualified person.
You can see what I'm talking about above in this Tweet here.

When I referenced the undermining of health restrictions earlier.

Classic example right here.
The Age ignores that to stop the spread of COVID, you must limit movement, which is which travel limits are in place.
The Age ignores that increased spread of COVID in Children by the delta variant.
The Age ignores the fact that under lockdown, there is no reason to be out after curfew anyway.
The Age again ignores that we wouldn't have issues of vaccine priority, if Scott Morrison ordered enough Pfizer and didn't botch the vaccine rollout.
The Age also ignores, throughout this entire article that @GladysB is responsible for the current outbreak in Victoria.
I agree, Victoria has had enough from The Age.
Liar, that's exactly what you're arguing for.
Just because COVID 0 is no longer the approach, that doesn't mean you let it rip.

This would result in the overwhelming of hospitals and deaths for those who aren't vaccinated.

The Age is straight up advocating for you to die for the economy here. Cancel your subscription.

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3 Sep
@Peter_Fitz He sniped at Victoria whenever he could. He has given extra vaccines to NSW. His Government refused to give us support during lockdown and despite eventually caving, he increased the support when NSW went into lockdown. 1/2
@Peter_Fitz He lied about the ADF, which resulted in a partisan media campaign and last year's 2nd wave was a result of his refusal to set up purpose-built quarantine. His Government had no plan for aged care which led to 600+ deaths. 2/3
@Peter_Fitz As PM he said nothing when the media embarked on a security guard witch hunt, despite knowing that other states had used private security also, including the same company that Vic used. 3/4
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This is false @SenSHenderson.

The Coate Report does not make this finding.

If you're actually interested in educating yourself on this particular aspect of the Coate Report Senator Henderson, you can read section 9.5 Causation at law.
#auspol #CoateReport
The Coate Report was primarily focused on Hotel Quarantine and didn't particularly go into matters of Aged Care.

The term 'Aged Care' is only mentioned 9 times in the report.
The Aged Care Royal Commission revealed that the Federal Government did not have a plan for Aged Care.

The Aged Care Deaths were all in federally regulated and funded private aged care facilities NOT in state-run facilities, I think that makes the blame obvious @SenSHenderson.
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17 Jul
A breakdown of @JoshFrydenberg's opinion piece in the Herald Sun today. It's full of hypocrisy.

A thread. ⬇️⬇️⬇️
#auspol #KooyongVoices #VoteJoshOut

Naturally, this is the fault of @ScottMorrisonMP and his failure on vaccines and purpose-built quarantine.
Josh's article doesn't even mention the word vaccine.

I guess Josh knows there is no point in encouraging people to get vaccinated when you know there isn't enough supply.
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6 Jun
This article from @jamesmassola is absolute nonsense.

Apparently, Morrison is cool because he plays Pool with his Junior ministers and Albo isn't cool... because... well... Murdoch and Costello said he isn't.

A thread. ⬇️⬇️
#auspol #ThisisNotJournalism
Almost the entire first half of this article (about @AlboMP) is actually about Scott Morrison and how great he is.

The bar for greatness is low though - all you have to do is play Pool, have the media on your side and refuse to act on rape allegations, vaccines and quarantine.
So what you're saying @jamesmassola is that The Liberal Party have had leadership issues? Massive ones. 3 different Prime Ministers via spills - yet the media has not criticised them for it, despite hounding Labor for this before Abbott was elected.
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6 Jun
In this article, @rachelbaxendale uses photos obtained via unauthorised access to a fenced-off area so she can write a negative story on Hotel Quarantine.

I've spoken with a source from HQ to get the truth!

A thread ⬇️⬇️⬇️
#auspol #ThisisNotJournalism
We're also looking at @rachelbaxendale's follow up article after questioning @JamesMerlinoMP about her initial article at the presser.
#auspol #COVID19Vic #ThisisNotJournalism

Technically this is true. However, the full truth is that the bins are stored in a fenced-off area of the car park that is owned by the hotel. They are not in a section of the car park that is shared with residents, the material is stored in a separated, fenced-off section.
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9 May


Zach Hope and @Gay_Alcorn you must amend this article and apologise! @ABCmediawatch

A thread ⬇️⬇️⬇️
#auspol #springst #ThisisNotJournalism
The article looks at the strictness of lockdown measures across all countries via the Oxford COVID19 Government response tracker. Lockdown is measured via 9 ordinal scales with flags on those scales also. This is then calculated into a score out of 100.
The article correctly states that Australia reached a max total of 78 (78.24 to be precise) in February this year.

With 30 countries scoring higher than 95, clearly, Australia (and Vic) did not have the toughest lockdown, making this article rather pointless but whatever...
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