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It's not clear to me whether the 4 seats referred to are meant to be the 4 Labor won on primaries or the 4 that finished Labor vs Green with Labor winning but either way it's an exceptionally deceptive claim and should be deleted. #springst
One could say that all Labor winners where the Greens were excluded received Greens preferences in the 2PP count but that ignores many where Labor had crossed the line if not on primaries but at least before the Greens were excluded.
There are also others where it was not mathematically possible for Greens prefs to decide the result.
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#BREAKING 🚨 Polls have closed in the final Victorian seat that hasn't voted after the November election - you can watch the only live coverage here ⬇️ | #6NewsAU
Liberal candidate Wayne Farnham appears the likeliest to win, while it’ll probably be either Greens candidate Alyssa Weaver or independent Tony Wolfe taking him on on a two-candidate-preferred basis | #6NewsAU
It’s been 40 minutes since polls in Narracan closed and we’re still waiting for the first batch of results - we’ll keep you posted | #6NewsAU
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FIL took ill this week on Vic country trip, taken to small country hospital, deemed to need major regional hospital, wait a day for MICA ambo to become available, then transferred. Can't come back to Melbourne bcoz "there's no available ICU or cardiology beds there" #springst 😳
Once at major regional hospital, spent day in ED before ward bed became available, still no ICU. Today, deemed to have been exposed to #covid while in ED. Experiencing heart & breathing problems prior to this. Already in a dire situation, still unable to get care level needed
To be clear, all HCW staff have been top notch to both FIL & my husband's family. They are being pushed past their limits by totally preventable covid catastrophe.
All governments should hang their eugenics heads in shame.
#auspol #springst #VicVotes #BringBackMasks #BringBackIso
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In fact, religious bodies always have the right to only hire staff who share their values and beliefs. Changes to the Equal Opportunity Act passed by the Andrews Govt DO NOT force religious bodies to hire people who don’t have the same religious beliefs.…
What the Equal Opportunity (Religious Exceptions) Amendment Bill 2021 did was to remove exemptions for religious organisations to discriminate against people based on protected attributes such as sexuality, gender identity and martial/parental status.…
Matthew Guy said “Catholic schools should hire Catholics, Jewish schools, people of Jewish faith, and the same with Islamic schools,". “If you want to have an Islamic school and only hire teachers who are the Islamic faith, I think that’s right". #springst…
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While we are bombarded with controversies about ultra-conservatives Liberal candidates, why not turn our attention to something positive? This is a great article about eight young women running in the state election, including @georgievpurcell, @JacHawkinss and @Kate4Mornington.
They face questions about their experience, assuming they have less experience than older candidates because of their young age, but as @JacHawkinss has said, “Age isn’t a determination of experience" and "it’s obviously not a determination of effectiveness.”
Age is also not a measure of how much good things one can do for their communities. There are a lot of old, conservative people in all levels of Govt that have done nothing good and in fact done great harm to the people they are supposed to serve,
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The Victorian Liberals have been trying for months to make the election a referendum on Dan Andrews in an attempt to drive voters away from Labor, and it seems to have worked. #springst #VicVotes2022
However, while Labor primary drops significantly, the Coalition primary has barely risen, which means although a significant number of voters are abandoning Labor, most are opting for minor parties and indies rather than the Coalition.
Inevitably, some of the increased "Other" vote will flow back to the Coalition as preferences, resulting in a tightening of TPP result, as shown in the poll.
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New Roy Morgan research shows Daniel Andrews is significantly more trusted than Matthew Guy. #springst #VicVotes Image
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Thread on Matthew Guy’s preferences:

If the Liberals don’t like being associated with neo-Nazis they should stop flirting with them. It’s dangerous and proving Matthew Guy is unfit to hold the high office of Premier.

Firstly, there’s the so called ‘Freedom Party’ candidate who called for the Premier to be hanged. She co-organised the protest with gallows outside Vic Parliament with neo-Nazis.

Matthew Guy is preferencing her in South East Metro.

Then there’s ‘Angry Victorian’ Catherine Cumming who yesterday, standing with neo-Nazi Harrison McLean, called for violence against the Premier.

Matthew Guy is preferencing her in Western Metro.

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Can @electionsvic explain how our How to Vote card is likely to mislead voters?

This is our How to Vote card.

It includes a mockup of the ballot paper and reminds voters THREE times to number all the boxes.

But the VEC won't accept this.

#auspol #SpringSt #Sophie4Kew
Instead, the VEC want our How to Vote card to look like this.

➡️No mockup of the ballot paper.
➡️Only one candidate listed.
➡️No mention of other candidates.

The VEC expects us to believe that this will not lead to informal votes.

Hypocritical and ridiculous!
Monique Ryan had blank boxes on her How to Vote card with instructions to number every box and the informal vote in Kooyong was at 2.89%, lower than the national average of 3.4% and Victoria’s average of 3.5%.

The VEC's position is not supported by evidence.
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Transcript of exchange between the media and Premier Andrews yesterday regarding his fourth IBAC investigation via @theage #springst 🧵
Reporter from another outlet #1: The Coalition have said … that your government is the only government in the country to face four corruption inquiries. If you are a voter that might be inclined to vote Labor and you hear about the corruption inquiries and you are nervous...
...what would you say to that voter?
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For today's blog post I'm analysing how three-cornered contests between ALP, Greens and Coalition play out with different preference flows between the parties. This chart shows who would win with a given 3CP based on different preference scenarios #VicVotes #springst Image
For this chart I looked at how preferences from the Liberal Party flowed at the 2018 election and plotted out a bunch of Greens contests from 2014 and 2018. You can see how an increased Greens vote could still see them lose if it also involves the Liberal Party dropping into 3rd. Image
And for this one, I looked at Greens contests from federal and QLD elections. Liberal preferences flowed more strongly to the ALP at the 2022 federal election. Image
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We’re here with a big room of community members for the Hawthorn Candidates Forum organised by the legends at @LiteFootPrints … follow this thread for live tweeting of the event! #springst #vicvotes
Candidates present are:
Sitting MP @JohnKennedyMP (Labor)
@JohnPesutto (Liberal)
Nick Savage - @NickForHawthorn (Greens)
Melissa Lowe - @mel4hawthorn (Ind)
.@JonathanLaNauze of @EnviroVic opens the night and asks if the next elected state government will seize the opportunities presented by taking serious action on climate change, for all of us.
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To be fair, John Pesutto WAS in the Liberal Party room when he voted AGAINST the following bills during his parliamentary tenure from 2014-2018:

#HawthornVotes #springst #auspol
1/ Adoption Amendment (Adoption by Same-Sex Couples) Bill 2015 — Pesutto voted NO. He spoke on the bill, noting he supported the amendment to the Adoption Act 1984 to allow same-sex couples to apply for adoption, ONLY if it included an amendment to allow for religious exemptions.
Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Amendment Bill 2016 — Pesutto voted NO. He spoke on the bill, noting ‘It does not mean that people will necessarily oppose it after a period of consultation and engagement, but it certainly means that it is something they need time to
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I've been sitting on a document, unsure what to do with it.

I've decided to share it today.

I'm not prone to exaggeration, but if this document is true, it throws doubt on the legitimacy of Victorian Liberal candidates, and the party by extension. #springst

I'm sharing the document because I think everyone should know about it, but more importantly to encourage journalists to ask serious questions.

I'm told that Senior Liberals are familiar with this document, and if true, that's deeply troubling.

I understand people will want to know the source of this document. I've received it on the condition of not identifying that person.

I will say however, that the individual who provided it is a 'blue tick' twitter user, so is therefore not anonymous.

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We've launched "A Plan for Aboriginal Justice in Victoria"

It is a clear and realistic plan to end the over-policing and overincarceration of our people.

Download the plan here:…

#SpringSt #VicVotes 1/10 Image
We want the next Victorian Government to fully fund VALS to meet demand for our services, including the expansion of our local office network so we can be in all the communities we work for.

#SpringSt #VicVotes 2/10 Image
We want the next Victorian Parliament to pass bail reform that increases access to bail.

#SpringSt #VicVotes 3/10 Image
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1/Thinking of #trees #peat #carbon and #nature and #fires. When are Victorians (without hysterics @theage ) to be made fully aware of the State #auslaws over fines in State Parks for picking up a rock, walking off track and so on. @DanielAndrewsMP/2
2/As it is now there are hundreds of shooting licensed people walking off track. Hundreds of thousands of feral deer, xrabbits,x pigs (latter two a food, anti #poverty source that cannot be culled by shooters) already damaging #native wildlife.Protecting #Indigenous locations/3
3/ @DanielAndrewsMP is key but to lock up (by fines) large areas is #segregation and discrimination. To lock up but then ok if you pay — is a cynical misuse of power. It would be good to hear from #Indigenous Victoria as we already know the value of the birthing trees was/4
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Thread of anecdotal experiences October 2022
'Swine Flu vx ('76) - Pulled after a 1 in 100,000 risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome
Rotavirus vx ('99) - Pulled after a 1 in 10,000 risk of bowel obstruction
C0VID vx - Serious adverse events between 1 in 800 and 1 in 1,000
🔥 ''Why are they not being pulled?''

'So many diabetics, higher then normal, developing a foot ulcer & needing toes or foot amputated..
And younger..🤦🏻‍♀. Its rare to see a 28 year old. All vaxed, they just can't fight infections like before.'
posted by Jude RN
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#ResolvePM Vic (state) ALP 42 L-NP 28 Green 12 IND 12 (likely to be inflated) Others 6. My 2PP estimate if that happened on election day 61-39 to Labor but that is conservative; it could be even higher given IND issue. #springst
"In the lead-up to the 2010 state election, public polls gave the then-Labor government a similarly commanding majority, but Labor ended up losing in a surprise twist."

Not really. The 60-40 poll linked to was 20 months out from the election not 2. 2 months out it was 52-48.
Results can be as all over the place as they like but if that poll occurred the Coalition would be looking at a loss of about 11 seats and the only question would be how many went to Labor and how many went to indies.
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The Victorian Labor Government did everything they could all afternoon to run down the clock & block me from debating my motion calling on them to reverse their disrespectful decision to rename Maroondah Hospital.

Adds insult to injury. 1/3 #SpringSt
Other MPs were willing to give the motion more time, but the Government were not.

I got to speak briefly to it though and put on the record what First Nations leaders have said about the decision in recent days. 2/3
Treaty means listening to First Nations communities. It is about showing respect now, listening now and acting now.

This is not what Treaty looks like. 3/3
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Something huge happened yesterday that the media apparently missed. In Parliament, I had been criticising the Liberal party for their drug policy and urging the Government to allow opioid replacement treatment to help treat people with heroin use problems.
After I finished, it was pointed out to me that only a few hours earlier, @EmmaKealyMP had quietly announced a new policy to do exactly that!
This is a massive development. Allowing this treatment not only helps people who have problems with opioid use, it will help undermine organised crime and prevent petty crime.
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MPs are now discussing the Treaty Authority Bill. We’ll provide some highlights and updates throughout the morning on this thread. #vicpol #springst #treaty You can also watch along on the Parliamentary livestream here:…
Leader of the Victorian Nationals @PeterWalshMP is first to speak & gives a very warm thanks to @AuntyGeri & @marcusbstewart for their speeches. He makes it crystal clear that there is bipartisan support for the shared journey to Treaty in Victoria. 👍🏽
Member for Geelong Ms Chris Couzens spoke next and said that this is the most important bill that she has ever spoken on and that First People know what is right for their communities. “This is about survival,” she said. “I commend this bill to the house.”
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A parliamentary inquiry's begun to hear evidence of whether Victoria's integrity agencies are properly managing the welfare of witnesses following the suicide of former @CityOfCasey Mayor Amanda Stapledon, who was under investigation by IBAC as part of Operation Sandon #springst
@CityOfCasey .@ibacVic Commissioner Robert Redlich being asked about why some witnesses are questioned in public & others in private. He says there has been a lot of misinformation about the process of public hearings
@CityOfCasey @ibacVic Redlich says in the case a 'critical witness' called only in private, it related to the medical state of the witness.
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Good viewing if you think that your city is too spread out/ small/ suburbanised/ car-centric to ever have good transit. Bigger cities can learn too! Parts of the 'Perth model' of @Transperth PT planning are alluded to but need elaboration. Thread follows. #wapol #transperth
Before we talk about the goodies you need to know the things that made its achievements even more remarkable. Perth started its network rebuild from a very low base. Due to (i) its car-centric urban form and (ii) the existing very limited PT network.
Perth was tiny pre-1960s. The vast bulk of its suburbia was built post-car with sprawling suburbs & loopy streets. Walkable areas were knocked down for wider roads & parking. It's only a short distance from the CBD to autopia without many Syd/Melb/Adl style inner suburbs.
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A twitter rant
Criminally overlooked and underreported comment by Premier Daniel Andrews on housing affordability in The Guardian.

The Premier's kids and their friends is a woeful sample size to use as evidence that young Aussies aren't fussed about home ownership.

It's distressing that this “evidence” is potentially steering policy objectives in our state.

I want nothing more than for my children to own their own home and I’m sure most parents would feel the same way.
In a survey conducted for SMH and The Age by research company Resolve Strategic, only 19 per cent of respondents said they had chosen not to buy a home while 45 per cent said they wanted to but were priced out of the market.

This contradicts the Premier’s false claim.
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