- excellent speech at Welland, Ontario, by Trudeau. He's taking questions now.

I love how definitive, and fired up he was, and assume the @liberal_party campaign will share clips from his speech, on social media

#elxn44 #elexn44 #Cdnpoli
still hope they upload short clips as well
I missed the beginning of this presser, and am now listening on to it (linked in tweet 2/ of this thread).
@cafreeland speaks as well - 3:09 to 9:03/1:10:00. She makes excellent points, including referencing Erin O'Toole's misinformed attacks on their work on NAFTA (CUSMA)
*am now listening from the beginning (not "listening on to it")
Note: Trudeau begins his speech at 13:00.
At 18:35, he speaks about a visit he and Chrystia Freeland made to Toronto General Hospital. He doesn't mince words, when speaking about the unvaccinated that show up there with Covid
adding this relevant (to this thread on Trudeau's speech today) post by @Gray_Mackenzie)
I transcribed part of what Trudeau said (20:08 to 21:24/1:10:00) regarding O'Toole's lack of leadership, compared to the Liberal's unequivocal stance on the importance of vaccinations (graphic includes alt text for those using audio readers)
- tweet 2/ has link to full speech 20:08 to 21:24/1:10:00  “Bu...
- also transcribed from 21:43 to 22:16/1:10:00, re O'Toole pandering to fringe elements in his party, by not supporting idea of need to be vaccinated on planes & trains (graphic includes alt text for those using audio readers)
- tweet 2/ has link to full speech 21:43 to 22:16/1:10:00 even...
- also transcribed from 22:31 to 24:56/1:10:00, re O'Toole and the gun lobby (graphic includes alt text for those using audio readers)
- tweet 2/ has link to full speech 22:31 to 24:56/1:10:00 Yest...
- also transcribed from 24:57 to 25:29/1:10:00
(graphic includes alt text, for those using text to voice software)

- the speech is linked in tweet 2/, but here it is again: That's bowing to the fringe...
- from 26:09 to 27:29/1:10:00
(graphic includes alt text)

- speech is linked in tweet 2/ of this thread "Last Wednesday, I lai...
- from 27:29 to 29:08/1:10:00
(Trudeau references reviews by experts, of the climate plans in the various platforms. I have a thread of articles related to this, that I'll link in the next tweet) 27:29 We know that we need ...
reference to articles, regarding climate plans
Note, I plan to add the Q & A that followed, just haven't had time yet. There were plenty of questions, so the write-ups should be interesting. And when the articles are published, I'll consider adding them as well.
regarding tweet 9/, where I post a graphic with a transcription of the gun control segment of his speech: adding this relevant tweet (h/t CTV National News journalist in the Parliamentary Press Gallery @glen_mcgregor)
also regarding tweet9/, where I post a graphic with a transcription of the gun control segment of Trudeau's speech: adding this relevant tweet (h/t @MarcMillerVM)
Note, the Q & A segment of Justin Trudeau’s campaign speech from yesterday, Sept. 6, 2021, in Welland, Ontario begins at 30:05/1:10:00
I linked the speech in tweet 2/ of this thread, but here it is again:
- transcribed the first question and answer
Note, link to speech is quote-tweeted in 17/. Alt text provided with my graphic

#Elxn44 18/ Q & A segment of Justin...
(sorry, accidentally deleted tweet 18/, when adding 19/ I've re-posted tweet 18/ now, above)
19/ with Q1 follow-up question, next
- transcribed the first question's follow-up, and answer
Note, to hear the question, go to the link quote-tweeted in 17/. Alt text provided with my graphic

#Elxn44 Q1 follow-up by G&M's Laura...

• • •

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More from @KathrynMathias1

13 Sep
slightly nasty tinge (IMHO) to this speech by the CPC leader right now

(listening on @CBCNews)

wouldn't recommend tuning in. It's a combination of misleading statements, accusations of being divisive - while being extremely divisive with the content of this speech, and so on
Mr. O'Toole just asked about tone of his speech. Reporter pointed out "you started this campaign by claiming you were more positive, but you were anything but, in this speech. You made personal attacks on Mr. Trudeau."

O'Toole doesn't answer, asks Cdns to compare platforms
now another reporter is asking if Mr. O'Toole is concerned his victory is slipping away, based upon the tone of his speech today (paraphrased)
Read 4 tweets
13 Sep
reporters keep asking the fed NDP leader what he'd do differently, asking for specifics - what would his govt do that Trudeau has not done. They ask if he's consulted the communities.

(doesn't answer - see next tweet)
Mr. Singh's answer to being asked for specifics of what he'd do differently than Liberal govt: "It's the passion and conviction. I just don't believe after six years, it shouldn't have happened."
Reporter: "Your platform has money for Indigenous communities. Where would that money go, that you have in your platform?"

He doesn't answer. Just pivots to "Trudeau bad"
Read 8 tweets
7 Sep
interesting Q for Erin O'Toole jn. He's asked what he thinks of the fact that it's solely Justin Trudeau is the target of these dangerous protests (paraphrased)

O'Toole answers "that's why we choose to have a positive campaign in a studio, where it's safe"

I get the impression that Mr. O'Toole is proud of the fact he is using a "safe" studio environment for his pressers. He keeps mentioning the word "positive" implying contrast to Trudeau's "negative" experience campaigning w protests.

Personally, think it makes E O'T look weak
adding a link to a response I wrote lower down this thread, to keep it near the top
Read 5 tweets
3 Sep
(abbrev) “… new Lib plan looks to drive down oil & gas sector emissions w 5-yr targets all the way to net-zero by 2050. This industry alone is our largest source of emissions & responsib for 26% of Cda’s contrib'n to climate change … Lib-led fed govt”
(cont'd, abbrev) “… has taken other key steps over the past yr, most notably proposing to raise the carbon price to $170/tonne by 2030. The fed govt also invested in clean industries, channeling billions into Net Zero Accelerator Initiative to fund projs that cut emissions.”
“Liberal climate plan likely least costly, most effective, says economist assessing main parties' proposals”
Read 7 tweets
3 Sep
PMJT "Do you recall at the beginning of the pandemic when we banged pans in thanks for help from frontline workers? Now they need our help. They are being surrounded by anti-vaxxer protests across the country. They need us to stand up for them once again by getting vaccinated."
PMJT "We are committed to rolling out vaccination proof programs. And you can see how this has impacted decisions by Doug Ford. I think we all know this wouldn't happen if Erin O'Toole were sitting across the table from Dough Ford." (paraphrased)
PMJT "We'll keep fighting for $10/day child care, to get the economy roaring back. And we'll continue to bring in concrete measures to fight climate change. We will build a Canada even stronger."
Read 6 tweets
3 Sep
listening in to the English translation of the French debate cpac.ca/episode?id=f98…
Adding a comment I made that I missed including in the thread
Read 8 tweets

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