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The attempts to bring down this federal government have been relentless. Day by day, one op after another. The continuous feeding of bad faith reporting & propaganda in #cdnmedia. All with the aim of installing the #CPC. A manifestly unfit party & leader who courts RW extremists
The efforts to topple this gov’t, of course, includes FI. Threat activity (esp online) from 🇷🇺🇨🇳, in addition to the 🇺🇸 RW operations of billionaire-backed networks like the Koch Network & others. But also Saudi & Iranian operations, have all played a part. #cdnpoli #CdnNatSec
Back in 2021 #elxn44, CSE & CSIS warned of the strategy of threat actors to discredit fairness of democratic elections themselves. @selectedwisdom summed up the ultimate objective of discrediting free & fair elections - to breed apathy & stop participation in democracy #CdnNatSec
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IF THE PENALTY FOR LYING to Parliament is resignation ...

@JustinTrudeau brazenly misleading a grieving family member of Flight PS752?

🧵 5-Part Thread

LINK @nytimes:…
#BorisJohnson #BorisJohnsonResign #cdnpoli #PS752
WHEN CONFRONTED during #Elxn44 (2021) campaign by a grieving family member of Flight PS752, Mehrzad ZAREI - who asks why no Canadian criminal investigation, @JustinTrudeau answers: "Because the crime happened in Iran."

SIMPLY SAID, the response by TRUDEAU is ⟨NOT⟩ truthful.

EITHER TRUDEAU is ignorant about Canadian law, as it applies to Flight PS752 (in other words, misinformed by @JusticeCanadaEN @GAC_Corporate)

OR he is deceiving ZAREI.
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We’ve been seeing a lot of comments suggesting we didn’t count some special ballots sent by mail during #Elxn44. Let’s be clear: we counted ALL ballots that arrived on time and that were not spoiled. Read the thread below for the facts about the rest. 1/
The Canada Elections Act is clear: we cannot count ballots or even open ballot envelopes that arrive after the deadlines. We also obviously cannot count ballots that were never returned to us. 2/
So why are some people concerned about the number of “uncounted” ballots? Recently, we’ve seen social media posts that lacked key information. 3/
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Why is interim #CPC Leader @CandiceBergenMP posing with convoy protestors and endorsing convoy participants? Why, per @MariekeWalsh , is she trying to make the protest Trudeau’s problem? A thread …
First: This protest is all about removing COVID restrictions. The People's Party of Canada is all about removing health restrictions. The only "partisan" symbols I've seen at this protest have been PPC flags
Second: Except for Bernier in the Beauce, no riding had more PPC voters than Bergen's riding of Portage-Lisgar. 9,790 people in her riding voted PPC -- or 21.6% in #elxn44.
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👋 oh. hello there.

since we launched this indie little podcast in October 2020, hundreds of you have listened to us, and hundreds more have shared our content. THANK YOU!💫❤️ we wouldn't be here without you.
we love making this podcast.

we love counteracting the sea of misogyny, whiteness, and status quo groupthink in podcasting.

we love going against the grain. we love being entirely women-owned and operated. we absolutely do *not* look or act or work like these guys did.
we've had some amazing guests on the show in the last year—like the past parliamentary secretary to the Prime Minister @iamcelinacc, actor @BaruchelNDG, musician @cadenceweapon, pundit @ChantalHbert, writer @ericavioletlee, and former United Nations rapporteur @leilanifarha.
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the fed NDP leader was just asked if he'll vote with the Liberals in order to get legislation passed, even if it isn't perfect according to the NDP's wishes (paraphrased).
Singh: "We've withheld our votes in the past, we'll do it again."

(listening to presser on @CBCNews)
NOW he's admitting to what I saw when following QP and the (slow as molasses) movement of bills through the Canada's Parliament.

During #elxn44 he kept saying that it was wrong of Trudeau to call an elxn, because they supported their bills and there was no need
Mr. Singh also made a big deal about this morning's news story, heavily implying it occurred much later than during transition

- see linked thread with important clarifications by @MarkBourrie & others on the thread

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1/17 🧵#CDNpoli #InfoSec #CDNmedia

To friends, a cautious warning; to nefarious actors, you're put on notice & the radar of #NatSec

During the writ my bank account was hacked repeatedly, likely to gain insight RE who might be paying me

On #Elxn44 day, $3,000 was stolen
2/17 🧵#InfoSec #CDNmedia

Soon after the #Elxn44 writ dropped, multiple IP addresses began #hacking my bank account

According to bank security (that happens to be the HQ for all #CDNpoli banking #NatSec security), every attack arose from @Rogers/@RogersHelps accounts
3/17 🧵#CDNpoli #InfoSec #CDNmedia

And by no means was it even typical hacking. It's the type that put #NatSec on full alert because it compromised bank security as well as my own security & overrode all the safeguards that banks have in place

Please let me explain...
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NEW - Annamie Paul is stepping down as the leader of the federal Green Party. #Elxn44
This comes following the Greens announcing there would be a leadership review into Paul's leadership. #Elxn44
Under Paul's leadership the Greens dropped substantially in the federal election. In 2019 the party received 6.5% of the vote nationally, it dropped to 2.3% this election. #Elxn44
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Kevin Vuong, who is the MP-elect for Spadina-Fort York following the recent federal election, confirms he'll stay on as an Independent MP. This comes amid calls from politicians and residents in the riding for him to step down. #cdnpoli #elxn44
Vuong originally ran as a Liberal, but after reports of a dropped sexual assault charge came to light, the party said he would no longer be affiliated with them and if elected would not be part of the Liberals' caucus. #cdnpoli #elxn44
Due to the timing of him being dropped by the party, he remained on the ballot under the Liberal banner, which also occurred almost a week after many advanced votes (and possibly some mail-in votes as well) had been made. #cdnpoli #elxn44
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1/24 🧵#CDNpoli

Expect this news will make most of you uncomfortable. Plz let me begin with a declaration that the #ClimateCrisis is real & requires immediate action

But you've also heard me address conflict of interest in #CDNmedia & this #thread has serious legal implications
2/24 🧵#CDNpoli #CDNmedia

It's outrageously serendipitous that #Huawei's Meng Wanzhou signed a plea deal today, the #2Michaels are coming home from China, & that Grimes is reporting marital troubles with Elon Musk

Could've never imagined those topics would intertwine like this
3/24 🧵#CDNpoli

When it comes to conflicts of interest in #CDNmedia my criticisms are not partisan

For #J_school legal reasons it has always been imperative for journos to decline reporting on people or matters that involve them & to ethically disclose when that isn't avoidable
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Global News is projecting NDP candidate Lisa Marie Barron has defeated Green incumbent MP Paul Manly in Nanaimo-Ladysmith. #cdnpoli #elxn44 Image
And with that, with the exception of potential recounts including the automatic recount in Charleswood—St. James—Assiniboia—Headingley, all seats now have a re-elected MP or newly elected MP. #cdnpoli #elxn44
Current standings: Liberals with 158, Conservatives with 119, Bloc Quebecois with 33, NDP with 25 and Greens with 2. MP-elect Kevin Vuong appears to plan to sit as an Independent, though some politicians & residents in the riding have called on him to step down #cdnpoli #elxn44
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A thread ensues: Canada has a handful of federal electorates that are ethnic Chinese majority/near-majority seats, all clustered around Richmond BC & Markham ON. I've gone thru #Elxn44 numbers & all experienced a plunge in Tory support, large and remarkable in context IMO. 2/
The context is this: there was no big loss in Tory vote share across Canada (-0.5%), in BC (-0.7%) or Ontario (+1.9%). Where there were losses, the PPC often gained. Anyway. Here goes: /3
In Steveston-Richmond East (47% Chinese), Con vote share was -8.1% and Lib share +7.5%. A comfortable Tory win in 2019, now a comfortable Lib win. "But this seat often yo-yos," you say. Well sure, but let's look next door 4/
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Canada has no "national popular vote". It's an American idea for their flawed presidential election process. We don't directly elect our PM. Here the PM is the leader of the party with the most seats. A thread to explain. 1/
#MediaWatch #Elxn44 #Cdnpoli #Onpoli #Topoli #Toronto
American presidents are elected via archaic Electoral College system. Complicated but it basically gives states voting rights, not people. Last few GOP presidents won office but lost based on how many voted directly for them - the "popular" vote. Not relevant to our system. 2/
The other American scheme that is critical to know when weaponizing the "popular" vote, is America has a political duopoly, just two parties from inception. In this election Canada had 4 significant parties (LPC/CPC/NDP/BQ) and 2 lesser ones (Greens/PPC). So in America, 3/
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Today I’m going to talk about this ‘Full Slate’ the NDP had in #Elxn44

There were amazing candidates on there. In fact, our grassroots is full of people perfect for the job - and determined to do the work.

But it wasn’t what it looked like.

And the stories keep rolling in…
Sure, we filled every spot.

But how did we get there?

Was it democratic? No

Did locals get a say in their candidates? Mostly, no.

Did it impact our result? Absolutely!

December 2019, just after the election, a group of Toronto area candidates gathered for dinner.

Guest caller: Jagmeet

He makes us all a promise.

To thank us for our commitment, our dedication to the movement, he tells us…
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Whenever the CPC loses & debate about the party's ideology resumes, one vocal segment of the base always argues some version of "We don't need two Liberal parties!" It's a truism that masks an absurdity...
Imagine if R.J. Manion's Tories had voted against Mackenzie King's declaration of war against Germany, instead moving a motion approving of Hitler's invasion of Poland & wishing him every success, merely to avoid being too much "like the Liberals"...
That's the kind of poltroonery you end up with if your raison d'être is founded on a negative dialectics whereby you premise your existence on a state of not-being someone else.

Maybe the CPC should focus less on not-being (i.e. other parties) & more on *being* something...
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Ever so slightly as mail-in ballots are counted, the gap in total vote between Conservatives and Liberals shrink. Went from +2.3 on e-day to +1.4 now. About 4/10 mail-in votes are from Liberals in a six party count. Wherever they're leading, they'll likely hold. #Elxn44 #Cdnpoli
Down to +1.3 now, constantly closing. In the end, the difference in "popular vote" that means nothing in Canada will be about 200k. All because Conservatives run up the score in Alberta and Saskatchewan, like Democrats with California in the US presidential. #Elxn44 #Cdnpoli
When all is counted, it's looking like Conservative seat count and vote share will be lower under Erin O'Toole than it was under Andrew Scheer. It's pretty hard to say PPC wasn't a factor - if anyone is still saying that. #Elxn44 #Cdnpoli
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Voters turned up at the ballot box at the lowest rate in more than a decade to participate in #elxn44vote, according to preliminary data from Elections Canada.

Across the country, turnout was at least 59 per cent.
That 59 per cent turnout figure will change as @ElectionsCan_E verifies roughly a million mail-in ballots.

The agency will also be counting ballots by those who were not registered but showed up at a polling station. Both those totals are not yet known.
Turnout in 2021 was lower than the previous two elections:

🗳️ 2019: 67% of registered voters cast a ballot;
🗳️ 2015: 68.3% of registered voters turned out at the polls.
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I was given a few seconds on @CBCTheNational last night to push back on simplistic narratives surrounding the PPC and its effect on the outcome of #Elxn44. I want to expand on these concerns 🧵1/…
A lot of people are making strong claims about the effect of the PPC on Conservative Party fortunes by simply adding the PPC vote to the Conservatives. Not so fast... 2/
This assumes that in the absence of a PPC option these voters would have 1) turned out to vote; and 2) voted for O'Toole's CPC if they did so. Let's unpack this assumption..3/
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This morning, I was baffled to come across unfounded allegations of election fraud in #Elxn44
Here's a thread of why these claims are false, dangerous, and need to be confronted; coming from a guy who studies electoral integrity and political behaviour 1/7
I will not be posting the article and video so as not to spread this misinformation, but it consists of a journalist alleging they followed an individual who voted multiple times in #Elxn44. 2/7
First, Elections Canada is a world leader in Electoral Management, especially when it comes to ballot handling and transparency. The security measures put in place by Elections Canada would identify if a person voted more than once. 3/7
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A question everyone should be asking: WHY has #cdnmedia failed to report on one of the biggest political scandals in decades. O’Toole & #CPC colluded w/ #Conservative premiers to delay implementing covid measures until after #elxn44vote. People died as a result #CovidInquiryNow
The very next day after #elxn44vote, #JasonKenney shuffles Shandro, #ScottMoe flies under the radar & the UCP sends an official request to the Trudeau gov’t for help. (Because of jurisdiction the feds must be invited). Something UCP could’ve done weeks ago. #CovidInquiryNow
I’d just like to underscore this point. The letter sent by Ric McIver the day he replaced Shandro, is extremely revealing. A “State of Public Health Emergency” was declared on Sept 15, but no formal request was made to the Trudeau gov’t until immediately after #Elxn44. #ABleg
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CPC gains in the provinces of ON and BC didn’t translate into seats into the GTA and GVR.

To investigate this, I sliced the electoral map against some demographic values. Two values jumped out at me: visible minorities (generally) and ethnic Chinese. #elxn44 #cdnpoli
1. Here are maps of GVR and the GTA with ridings shaded by percent VM population:
2. And then here are maps of the ridings with the raw numbers of ethnic Chinese voters:
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If you think our news reporting covered the key themes of this election well, name one shadow cabinet critic in Canada’s third party, & an issue of concern they’re advocating.

How many hours of coverage did the PPC get, just by throwing tantrums at PMJT’s appearances?

Relative to that third party you know nothing about, which won more seats than Jagmeet Singh…

#cdnpoli #elxn44
The point is that the press—the only industry/profession specifically named & protected in our constitution—has a role to play in elections, to inform the public about matters of national importance.
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The people have spoken! Our next government will be another minority. But what does that mean in practical terms? Check out these awesome past Policy Options pieces for some insight as to what you might expect! #CdnPoli #Elxn44 #🧵
In this piece from 2011, Dan Gagnier examines the nature of majority and minority government from the perspective of his personal involvement in public service and political service.
In 2016, @EmmMacfarlane reminded us that we don't *actually* elect the prime minister. He says it's more than just semantics and explains why it matters for electoral reform.
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🇨🇦 With Canada's ruling Liberals projected to form a minority government, here's a look at how voters decided their vote and what they had to say 👇More #Elxn44 coverage:… 1/9
♻️ Emily Wynn, a first-year student at Ryerson University, said action on #climatechange is what guided her vote for #Elxn44. After a summer of record-breaking weather, climate change action was the top issue this election, data shows 2/9
🏞 For many Canadians, 2021 is the year the climate crisis hit home. John Moore said his message is to make the world know that Ontario and Canada care about the environment #Elxn44 3/9
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