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Prime Minister of Canada DOES NOT BELIEVE this is the best country in the world (1:14):

"Because that's what makes Canada special. NOT THE BELIEF THAT THIS IS THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD - the knowledge that we could be."

THEN PRAY TELL, if not #Canada - which country?
@JustinTrudeau had no difficulty once expressing unhesitatingly his "level of admiration ... for #China [#CCP]."

☞ I ASK, AGAIN ... Which country in the world do you believe is - in your estimation - the best country?

#cdnpoli #PPC #CanadaDay2020…
IN THIS VIDEO, #TRUDEAU unabashedly doubles down (1:06):

"What makes Canada special is not that we know this is the best country in the world - it's that we know THAT IT COULD BE."

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As #ableg conservatives flummox us all with a bizarrely coordinated effort to bring back "Dominion Day", I decided to look into what is causing this confusing hive mind behaviour.
I knew it was the historical name and was changed by Parliament in 1982, the same year as patriation of the constitution. And I had a vague sense that it probably related to a maturing country taking baby steps to shed its homogenous, British colonial identity.
And of course — as with the flag debates of two decades earlier — I vaguely knew there was some political dimension to the issue, as conservatives clung to the vestiges of monarchy in Canada.
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#5yearsago premier @jkenney had actually suggested to @NobelPrize that @Malala be given a Nobel prize
#WhatWouldSheBeWithoutHim #cdnpoli #ableg #BIPOC
#5yearsago premier @jkenney had actually suggested to Prime Minister Harper that #ViolaDesmond be featured on Canadian currency note
#WhatWouldSheBeWithoutHim #cdnpoli #ableg #BIPOC
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Looks like @kinsellawarren doesn’t like getting called out for dirty deeds.

Thanks for the subtweet, I guess.

So here’s a thread about some of the actions of Kinsella and his “Daisy Group” over the past while.

For starters, here's the tweet that he blocked me over.

I referenced his company's meetings with Jody Wilson-Raybould prior to her turning on her own party.

Notice that in his tweet he didn't refute this?
He just attacked and blocked.

The link I'm referencing is an excellent bit of research by Amy MacPherson.

I've never met Ms. MacPherson, but Kinsella thinks we might be pals, so hi @MsAmyMacPherson! I'm a fan.

Everything I've ever seen by her has been top quality!…
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Perfect Tweet for a lazy Summer Sunday - Who doesn't love volcanism?
🌋Mount Okmok in Alaska in 43 BCE ... INTRIGUING THEORY
🌋Pompeii and Herculaneum AND the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79
🌋Krakatoa 416 AD event

🌋The Thera (Minoan) Eruption in 1600 BCE - one of largest & most devastating volcanic eruptions in recorded history.


☛ "We can slow down climate change by replicating volcanic eruptions"
“Many are of the belief that through such climate Earth modelling, we can slow down climate change by replicating volcanic eruptions”

PLEASE SAY "THEY" aren't contemplating triggering massive, coordinated volcanic eruptions as #ClimateAction

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1/13 I want to know why this taxpayer funded 912 million dollar contract was awarded to a charity that Trudeau's wife has ties to? Why was it not put out to a bidding process?

It came out that $19.5 million to cover administrative costs is what would be provided to WE Charity.
2/13 I want to know how much of that is going to salaries. Are you aware that they list their top ten paid staff (out of 380) as making the following: 4 of them make between $120-160k per year and 6 are listed as having incomes of $80-120k per year?
3/13 Why are we subsidizing charities like Scouts, where 11 cents of every donated dollar goes to the cause? They list their full time staff count at 182 people,with an average compensation of $27,372. Their top ten earners are broken down as 1 person making $160-200k/year
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I was present on many occasions during #Elxn42 & #ELxn43 when

@MarkGerretsen MP Kingston and the Islands #LPC #YGK

touted his supposed feminist credentials. His silence now with respect to @marwantabbaramp is deafening,... AND telling.

@denisebatters (commenting on a Tweet by @MichelleRempel) has hit the nail squarely on its head.

NOW, over to Mr. GERRETSEN @MarkGerretsen ...
@MarkGerretsen, you rarely - IF EVER - miss an opportunity throw stones at others.

BTW - Your last Tweet posted was 3:31 ・May 22, 2020 (with a comment at 4:45). THAT'S IT!

37 Days

Serious Question: Is #YGK #Kingston expecting too much to see a little more from you?
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“It was not politically motivated at all, and I’d be happy to testify under oath to that effect in a Canadian court.” @AmbJohnBolton

💥IF THIS DOESN'T put a stick in the spokes ...

@RobertFife via @globeandmail
#cdnpoli #PPC #YGK…
MAKE NO MISTAKE, the #GangOf19 Letter was written for one purpose & timed with precision.

FIRST - #TRUDEAU sets himself apart from recommendation. This is ONLY a feint.

SECOND - @DavidLametti, exercising Ministerial prerogative and his authority…
under the Extradition Act, ends the extradition of #MengWanzhou - at [never to be disclosed] behest of @JustinTrudeau.

THIRD - TRUDEAU is on the 'side of the angels' as he is left acknowledging the sacrosanct independence of the Attorney General and having to thank him what
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This site states Canada didn't write the British North America Act. It was drafted by Lord Thring at Treasury and arrived to Canada in 1876. It is not a constitution for it constitutes nothing. Read here.…
So from what I see, your house of Canada is lacking a foundation. In part because you deported the actual Nations from Acadia to Standing Rock. Which was complete illegal. Lawsuit of Warren Perrin vs. Queen here:…
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@LeslynLewis @livingrealfree And now for MY thoughts...

1. This is a lie.

Being both a Dr AND a lawyer, Dr Lewis knows full well the power of words. Her sentence structure here was specifically chosen to create the false impression even one Liberal MP said "ALL Canadians (no exceptions) are racist."
@LeslynLewis @livingrealfree 2. Not only has this not been said, it hasn't even been hinted hat.

The only party putting the concept of "(ALL) Canadians are racist" out into the universe is the CPC with its 24/7 Outrage Machine.
@LeslynLewis @livingrealfree 3. It has become an instant go-to CPC play to immediately accuse the entry-level left (especially Liberal) view is: "Canada is a racist country" the very second they raise the issue of #SystemicRacism
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*NEW* Among 6,292 jobless workers who lost job after mid-February, I find that women, especially women with young kids, and older workers, are significantly less likely to be searching for a new job. But weak evidence that workers benefiting most from CERB are searching less.
These estimates, from a linear probability model, suggest to me that in mid-May caregiving constraints and virus fears were more important labour supply obstacles than CERB-induced work disincentives. #cdnecon #cdnpoli
Here's the same table with the R-squared and sample size in their correct rows (urgh).
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The @ryanjespersen show asked me to comment on Jason Kenney’s hiring of Paul Bunner, Stephen Harper’s former speech writer, in light of Bunner’s belief that the residential schools were not an instrument of cultural genocide. 1/n #abpoli #cdnpoli @abndpcaucus @APTN
My answer: Kenney has surrounded himself with “think-alikes.” He and Harper come from the same political school, which is essentially assimilationist. 2/n
If Jason Kenney had hired a holocaust denier as a speech writer, would we doubt the sincerity of Kenney's commitment to fighting anti-semitism? I think we would. 3/n @CBCNews @globeandmail #cdnpoli
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This is ludicrous. So the LPC Govt should interfere in the justice system? Make up your damn minds #cdnmedia media and #cdnpoli. When JWR was asked to consider something that was tantamount to judicial interference but apparently this interference is ok. What a farce.
Allowing, through hostage taking, the Chinese Govt to force our Govt to override a independent judicial decision is - to me -much more dangerous to the integrity of our judicial system than asking JWR to consider sending a directive, as was within her power, to the DPP. Wake up.
We all wants these two Canadians home. I’ll be damned though if our Govt should bow to China and corrupt our judicial independence in the process. All those former Parliamentarians can crow all they want from the peanut gallery but I hope the #LPC Govt doesn’t bend. #cdnpoli
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I'm tired.

I'm tired of feeling suicidal & having to access to affordable, long term mental health help.

I'm tired of waking up everyday having to fight just to live life.

I'm tired of the only help I can *easily* access is short term crisis help.

Short term crisis help doesn't help in the long term for many ppl. It keeps us alive in that moment but what about tomorrow, next week, next month? I have accessed these crisis/short term services plenty of times. Not once did I get a referral to any longer term help.
I called the current mental health help number a couple weeks ago looking for long term help. Covid has taken its toll on me & going back to work has been so stressful. I dread going & I love my career. I was told they couldn't offer or wven refer me to long term help.
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Using the phraseology of @CommrRCMPGRC Brenda LUCKI - namely, "painful to hear" - Madame, you have shown yourself «UNFIT TO LEAD» @rcmpgrcpolice.

NEVER BEFORE has #RCMP relinquished its independence from political interference, not until you did so.…
28 May 2020 🚨 My original Call for the Resignation of @CommrRCMPGRC LUCKI - two weeks before she capitulated to the false #LPC narrative of "systemic racism" within #RCMP.

☞ In it, I identify the first steps of a road map for what is required.

15 June 2020 🚨 My reaction to the sudden decision by #RCMP @CommrRCMPGRC LUCKI to yield to political interference.

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THREAD: Nora and I have a new episode out about what's next. And I want to take a minute to address something that comes up in the episode.

#BlackLivesMatter #DefundThePolice #CdnPoli #ONPoli #topoli…
We are witnessing quite possibly the largest social movement in our lifetime with the continued protests against anti-Black racism all over the globe. @BLM_TO has personally received support requests from the UK, Finland, Belgium, Australia, and Brazil.
In Canada, we're trying to track where all the demos are happening (currently mapped on the front page of We have what we know is an incomplete list, with over 60 cities in every province and territory in Canada. I've never seen anything like it.
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An excellent question from @Canucktrader1. The answer is multi-layered.

AGREED - @macleans, as “qualified Canadian journalism organizations”(QCJO), is a recipient of Liberal media bailout. This has ignited a public debate and raised valid questions of bias and favouritism.
While political actors who are complicit in advancing this aberration will naturally and by reflex pay passing lipservice with the default mantra: “A healthy democracy relies on an independent press, free of political influence."

AGREED - @CommrRCMPGRC did capitulate,
with nary a fight [sarcasm intended], to the imposition of the new-trumpeted #LPC false narrative of "systemic racism", by affixing it to @rcmpgrcpolice. It is an uncalled-for and sweeping condemnation, WITHOUT ANY MERIT on a systemic level.
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@JaniceFiamengo "Must even Father's Day have a female focus? "

Amazing isn't it? The rest of this will probably take several tweets.

In BC we get daily COVID-19 reports as pdf files. They look in part like this:
@JaniceFiamengo Notice that they give the number of female cases. No mention of male you have to do that calculation in your head. They feel the need to mention the number of female cases which are ever so slightly greater than male (52% v. 48%).

@JaniceFiamengo But when it comes to deaths it is all just lumped together. And they do that even though males death very much outweigh female deaths. In fact nowhere in the reports does it give a straight male v. female comparison on deaths...
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Both @EvanLSolomon and @theJagmeetSingh on @ctvqp today gave the impression that BQ MP Alain Therrien rejected a *motion* moved by Singh. That's incorrect. Singh sought unanimous consent of HoC (i.e., unanimous permission of every MP in House) to move the motion he read out. /2
Unanimous consent is required to move a motion w/o having first given 48 hours' notice of the intention to do so. Notice is required so that the House is not caught by surprise. If no formal notice is given, the MP who wants to move a motion is supposed to consult the House Leadr
of each party. Therrien is the House Leader of the BQ. It is his *duty* to give or refuse consent on behalf of his party. Singh statement showed that he knew he might not get consent of all parties (see Hansard). He asked for u/c (as we abbreviate it at the HoC), Speaker asked if
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As a former @rcmpgrcpolice ... I am RT'ing @JessMarinDavis, (largely) in agreement and UNRESERVEDLY underscoring paras. 13 and 14.

"Largely" - only because I have experience with the handling of confidential human sources and agents

Cc: @gmbutts @acoyne
and was also designated pursuant to PCMLTFA - Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act. I have worked extensively with FINTRAC as a Proceeds of Crime investigator. Enough said re: credentials.
AS SUCH, because I have general (not case specific) knowledge, it's incumbent on me to exercise «(EXCEPTIONAL) CAUTION» in how I address anything to do with sources. DON'T miss what I just said ... As Ms. DAVIS points out in para. 13 - sources declined to be identified.
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Ok, here are the remaining poll-by-poll maps for the province of #NewBrunswick in the latest election. Fredericton was posted last night. Of the 10 ridings in NB, the Tories flipped three. First, though, is the full completed map of the three Maritime Provinces #cdnpoli
First up: the mainly French-speaking ridings in the northern part of the province. Liberal MPs René Arseneault & Serge Cormier were both easily reelected with a majority of the vote in Madawaska--Restigouche & Acadie--Bathurst, respectively. The Tories and Greens won some polls.
Moving south to the large rural ridings of Tobique--Mactaquac and Miramichi--Grand Lake in central New Brunswick, the Conservatives targeted both after losing them in 2015 to the Liberals. T--M especially leans Conservative and only barely voted for Liberal TJ Harvey in 2015,...
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1) Yesterday, we discovered Canada lost it’s bid for a seat with the UN Security Council. I am sickened by the exhorbatent amount of tax payer dollars Trudeau sent abroad to try to buy his way in. This is the tip of the iceberg!
#TrudeauResign #CdnPoli…
2) His pandering for a seat at the Big Boy’s table, with the UN Security Council took him to Africa, during a time when he should have been focused on the Pandemic at home. Instead he was pandering in Africa, and ended his trip in Germany.…
3) Trudeau was hoping for a "reset" on relations with Africa, the PM acknowledged the security council vote was but “one” reason for the journey. Resets never work-ask Hillary. 🙄
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@CMOH_Alberta Can you please comment on this Undercover Nurse Video tomorrow at your press #COVID19AB conference...

I have transmitted this video very publicly, so no plausible deniability here.

Sincerely #AlbertansStandTogether #Alberta #Canada #Cdnpoli #coronavirus
@CMOH_Alberta Then I was also wondering why we are'nt exploring the mystery of the use of a completely remarkable off-the-shelf Therapeutic like #Hydroxychloroquine, especially when the FDA has retracted the false narrative that its a killer drug! And POTUS took it!…
@CMOH_Alberta Yes @Crackedlens and @CMOH_Alberta

CC: @jkenney MUST SEE Thread here!

You have not been forthright with this information and its implications.
Why do we need to lockdown with a powerful therapeutic readily available?

@POTUS took it! He has good Drs!…
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