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1/50 Count on me to address an elephant in the room & failure of the vax effort in rural #ONpoli

If you thought #ABleg's #COVID19-denying policy was bad, check out the experiment @COVIDSciOntario has newly inherited

A #thread for @SMDhealthunit @DFisman @imgrund @AnitaOakville
2/50 #COVID19 #ONpoli #CDNpoli

Recently I posted about the unavailability of #vaccination pop-up clinics around the #GeorgianBay area & the Twitterverse responded with a fair amount of disbelief, attempting to correct me based on inaccurate propaganda

3/50 #COVID19 #ONpoli #CDNpoli

I was validated when @SMDhealthunit subsequently announced it's CANCELLING #VACCINATION CLINICS & APPOINTMENTS that were already booked for mid August, as it winds down abruptly & prematurely with a 💥55% completion rate💥
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THREAD: Alberta fundraising totals – second quarter (April-June) 2021

UCP: $769,847
NDP: $1,515,420

#ableg #abpoli #alberta #cdnpoli #yyc #yeg #yql
2. Year to date totals (Jan-June) 2021

UCP: $1,361,445
NDP: $2,701,420

#ableg #abpoli #alberta #cdnpoli #yyc #yeg #yql
3. This marks the third consecutive quarter the NDP has out fundraised the UCP. The NDP has won 4 of the last 5 quarters.

#ableg #abpoli #alberta #cdnpoli #yyc #yeg #yql
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I call Stephen "All I can say..." Harper on this. The US had vaccine production capacity. The FDA approved the first vaccine on December 11/20. Canadians were being inoculated later that same month. /2 #cdnpoli
2/ Canada's death-rate from Covid19 is proportionately lower than the US's and the number of Canadians partly or fully vaccinated is now higher. If there's a question of competent execution, Mr. Harper might look to his confrères governing in certain provinces. /3
3/ And if Mr. Harper is concerned about the health and safety of the little people, why is he not out there telling the anti-vaccine fools who are more likely to support his party than any another party to get vaccinated.
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1) Why I'm a Liberal
- a fighting Credo

I am a Liberal because I believe in the dignity and equality of every human being and I believe in a democracy where we care about what happens to each other.
2) I believe that the pursuit of prosperity, social justice and sustainability can best be achieved together, and that bringing them together is the job of an accountable and democratic government.
3) I want the policies to achieve that to be based on evidence, on what works, and not on ideology.

I am a Liberal because I believe that love is stronger than hate, because I believe in celebrating success and never resenting it, and because I do not mock failure.
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Here’s a “fun” fact: Kenney’s $13/hour minimum wage for students includes fines for those who refuse to tell their boss their education status.

$500 for the 1st offense.
$1,000 for the 2nd offense.
$2,000 for the 3rd & subsequent offenses.
#ableg #cdnpoli
That’s right, in @jkenney's Alberta, it’s OK to pay students $2/hour less than other minimum-wage workers. It’s also OK to fine students starting at $500 for those who refuse to tell their boss their education status so they can be paid less than other workers.
#ableg #cdnpoli
Section 9(4) of the Employment Standards Regulation states that a worker “MUST PROVIDE, on the request of the employee’s employer, the information necessary for the employer to determine the minimum wage applicable to the employee..." (emphasis added)
#AbLeg #cdnpoli
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Median household income in #Calgary is about $100/k.

This is literally designed to exclude more than 50% of of families.
“but @youseepeeYYC, the families who earn much more than median income don’t need subsidized childcare as badly, they can afford to pay out of pocket, and therefore should”

Someone, probably.

Let’s briefly examine why this is the wrong way to look at a social program.
When a service is universal and benefits *everyone* it is more difficult for politicians to play identity politics and wedge issues to divide people over cutting it.

That’s why *universal* programs are so much more powerful than boutique programs.
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I don't believe this for a minute. It's in the federal government's interest (but not in the UCP's) to claim that negotiations bore fruit for Albertans. In the meantime, AB has received renewed funding, so the federal government was at the table for that. #cdnpoli #abpoli
Classic AB bunker-speak to pretend to be at war with Ottawa. Plus ça change.
I am told, by DM, that the federal government sent out letters outlining terms and conditions for the acceptance of federal funding and that Alberta received those terms last. /2
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For too long, Canadian politicians have simply reiterated old talking points about a 'two state solution,' without taking any action to stop Israeli colonization or protect Palestinian human rights. It's time for a new approach.… #cdnpoli Image
Recommendation 1: Prioritize urgent action in support of human rights and freedom.… Image
Recommendation 2: Stop privileging the two-state solution as the only acceptable outcome, and support whatever option is most likely to secure equal freedoms and rights for all, irrespective of religion or ethnicity.… Image
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LONG THREAD about forest industry jobs, based on Stats Can data:

So I'm looking at numbers on logging levels and forest sector employment for some research I'm doing, and comparing how many jobs are created by logging in different provinces.

#bcpoli #cdnpoli #forestry
2/30 The data is from this Stats Can data set, which lets you toggle between the numbers for logging (by volume or by area), employment, inventory, investment and other values.…
#bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpoli #forests #forestry
3/30 I'm particularly interested in efficiency --not in the standard sense under capitalism, but with regard to the actual value this industry provides to our communities, in exchange for it's huge impacts, which anyone who follows me on here will be aware of my thoughts about.
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Engineer friend watching today's LNG business news (thread): "So much for that one...Pieridae Energy put itself up for sale this morning. How they thought they could ship gas from southern AB to Germany as LNG, likely burning 40% or more on the way, & make a profit is a mystery..
.."Pieridae had to compete with the US as well & US is on tidewater to start. Same w/ the Quebec LNG project that just got cancelled, doing the same w/ gas from AB. LNG has to be the most wasteful process imaginable, esp. from western Canada which is so far from markets" #bcpoli
.."Pieridae took over Shell's dangerous old sour gas wells in southern AB that need to be cleaned up. Who will buy them now? The advantage Pieridae had was that the gas in southern AB wasn't fracked so could be sold to Germany, but they did need processing to remove the H2S gas"
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After a half-decade of Israel's occupation, something has to change. In a new policy note, CJPME urges Canadian politicians to stop focusing a "two-state solution," and to prioritize urgent action in support of rights and freedoms.… #cdnpoli Image
Why should politicians stop prioritizing a two-state solution? Not only has it been effectively killed by decades of deliberate Israeli policy, but a one-state solution may be preferable to two-states, as a fairer and more just option for all peoples.… Image
Recommendation 1: Prioritize urgent action in support of human rights and freedom.… Image
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"The first debate of Edmonton’s mayoral election was a spirited affair, featuring a current of combativeness, a no-show candidate and plenty of ideas on how to invigorate the city’s beleaguered economy. "

& it was a secret.

#yeg #yegcc #yegvotes…
The secret event was presented by @kv_capital, and sponsored by @lloydsadd + @NavacordInc, and moderated by @EdmontonChamber president, @JeffreySundquis.

How very business....

archive of the event page here:…

#yeg #yegcc
"To their credit, the company did eventually provide Postmedia a link to a video recording of the debate...."

I wonder if the link to the video will be made available to the general public?

An article about the video is here:…
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AS A FORMER @rcmpgrcpolice #RCMP(Ret'd), it is my opinion that what is referred to as Canada's 'Forensic Report' [hereafter, 'the Report'] is underwhelming and deeply disappointing. And, I wish that was the extent of it. But, it's not.

WHEN ALL IS SAID, the Report has effectively created a road map for the Iranian regime as it enters upcoming state-to-state negotiations.

'Connect-the-Dots' or 'Paint-by-Numbers' would be equally appropriate as descriptors. It reads like an 'Open-Book exam' with acceptable
answers provided.

FIVE (5) EXCERPTS THAT follow allow the reader to see for themselves examples from Report of areas where arguably a form of 'guidance' [italics] is being offered.

IF IT ISN'T amateurishness or incompetence, THEN one wonders whether it is 'by design'?
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Sigh. People attempting to support Frappuccino Institute's claim that Canadians are taxed more heavily under the current government tried the "higher EI premiums" argument on me. Well, nope: #cdnpoli Image
The other argument was CPP premiums. Well, those don't go to government coffers, but they have been increased to support an enhanced benefit. Considering where employment plans have gone, it's a good thing.
Here is a chart showing the increase, but note the increase in insurable earnings... Image
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How can anyone be so dimwitted as to not realize that Canada has carried debt for 150+ years and we nevertheless remain a first world nation at or near the top of international rankings of wellbeing. /2 #cdnpoli
2/ And how can someone be so dimwitted as to not realize that long-term interest rates are so low that the cost of servicing the Canadian debt has been falling for more than a decade and continues to do so. /3
3/ That someone is obsessed with Justin Trudeau to the point of not having a clue about fiscal management, or having any interest in learning about it. We're just getting Resentment 2.0 from that person.
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Yesterday, I wrote a thread where I called for the dismantling of the party system in #cdnpoli because it no longer represents Canadians. /1
At the end of that thread, I said “I have ideas about this”. This thread will be a brief summary of those ideas, which have been spinning in my head for some time. /2
Proposition 1: Candidates shall be volunteers from a randomly selected pool drawn from each ridings voters register. In other words, no more of the “get a party nomination/bunch of signatures to be able to run” that currently makes candidates subservient to the party. /3
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Reading Andrew Coyne's latest column in the G&M this morning, and when you put aside the gratuitous potshots at Trudeau, he's dancing around a more fundamental issue in #cdnpoli. /1…
Strip away the partisan slant of Coyne's subject, and we get a few good observations that apply broadly to how our political parties operate these days. /2
Frankly, this applies to all of the major parties these days. We see it just as much (possibly more so) in the CPC, and the NDP and Greens both have their collections of hardline factions too. /3
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BUT RECENTLY, a group of concerned Canadians has (quietly) come together to help with the pursuit of justice for the victims of #PS752 and their families.

MORE to come.

@ps752justice #ps752justice #cdnpoli ImageImage
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Drea Humphrey visits Lytton, B.C. for an investigation as to what could have caused the start of a devastating fire that wiped out much of the town of Lytton.
While most reports initially linked the fire to a spark from a passing train and climate change, the area is also in a hotspot where numerous church arson attacks have happened? Could a church arsonist have caused the fire? Drea Humphrey investigates.
INVESTIGATION: Could a church arsonist have caused the Lytton, B.C. fire?

FULL REPORT from @DreaHumphrey:

#cdnpoli #bcpoli #churchfire
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We have a wild Fight the Fines case to share today. This was one of the craziest interviews ever, because the police showed up in the middle of it!
This explosive interview was with Michael Van De Weghe, an independent photojournalist and public location auditor who, like Rebel News, tells the other side of the story.

FULL REPORT from @Kay_Whoa:

#cdnpoli #onpoli #COVID19
Our legal coordinator Jenna Little believes Michael has just as much of a right to work, as say, any reporter. She is looking forward to fighting to get Michael’s ticket dropped.

Please visit to make a donation.
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#Misogyny and #sexism in politics is real. As is the double standard faced by female candidates.

Take the case of Robyn Ingraham, the former Liberal Party candidate in the Nova Scotia constituency of Dartmouth South. 1/12
#nspoli #cdnpoli #nsvotes…
Ms Ingraham was acclaimed to be the Liberal candidate in her community in the run-up to 2021 #nselxn41

However shortly after the election was called Ms. Ingraham dropped out under mysterious circumstances citing it was her "decision" to drop out 2/12…
Liberal Premier Iain Rankin, who styles himself a progressive leader, performed his best Justin Trudeau impression saying he "she decided she was going to withdraw" and expressing sympathy.

We now know Rankin was lying about what actually happened 3/12…
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OK, Ms Wilson-Raybould.
You want to talk *toxic*?
Do you think Glen Assoun, the N.S. innocent man you as Attorney-General left mouldering in prison for months and months on end, found it *toxic* while you awaited advice from (guess what folks?) a retired Supreme Court judge?
The very kind of person from whom you claimed it was highly improper for anyone to suggest you seek advice regarding another criminal law matter, SNC-Lavalin?
(At all embarrassed that SNC ended up getting off more lightly than if you’d done a deferred prosecution agreement?)
And speaking of embarrassment, does that affect you at all while reflecting on the fact that Mr. Assoun was indeed set free as an innocent man within weeks of Mr. Lametti being appointed to succeed you as A-G?
@puglass #cdnpoli @Carolyn_Bennett…
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One in five Albertans say they either won’t get the COVID19 vaccine or are reluctant to do so. This is twice the national average. Could it be that the UCP’s mixed messages and pandering to anti-vaccers is having a negative effect? 🤔#COVID19AB #vaccineAB #AbLeg #abpoli #cdnpoli Image
Here’s a link to the full poll from Angus Reid Research…
The same poll also shows that the the vast majority of the unvaccinated are quickly and eagerly abandoning precautions. In other words, the most vulnerable among us are continuing to be the least cautious. 🤦‍♂️ Image
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YET, it is (strangely) silent on a recent Ontario Superior Court decision (20 May 2021) that found the shooting down of Ukrainian International Airlines Flight PS752 to be "intentional" and an "act of terrorism",

even though dated 24 June 2021. One might even say, «DEAFENINGLY SILENT».

THAT SAID, silence has its own sound.

MORE THAN SUFFICIENT time existed to include even a passing, simple acknowledgement of existence of ONSC decision, as it is undeniably relevant and significant

THE ONSC DECISION is in «STARK CONTRAST» to the conclusion reached by Forensic Examination and Assessment Team (FEAT)(Below).

THE FACT THAT its existence is not so much as acknowledged raises concerns.

IT IS BEYOND the scope of this Thread to explore
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