The "multiverse" is a cope pure and simple, science-fiction, the latest in reddit mythology; there is literally 0 (zero) evidence for it and the arguments put forth for it just reveal the vapidity of our scientific priest class; let's have a look [1/11]
Arg. 1: "It explains the fine-tuning of the universe"

I don't think I need to point out why this is cope. It's purely based on materialist dogma which has to deny not only an intelligent Creator but also that the universe could proceed from any intelligible paradigm whatsoever.
And this brings us to the crux of the issue, for the primary argument for "the multiverse" is ofc not to explain the impossibly low chance of cosmic mechanics (that's only the cherry on top) but the great magic word: quantum mechanics, esp the phenomenon of wave function collapse
Now the phenomenon of wave function collapse, esp. the measurement aspect of it - to which the multiverse theory claims to propose an elegant (sic!) solution - can ultimately only be accounted for with reference to consciousness and its actualizing role with regards to potential
But ofc. this would mean taking into account higher level orders of reality which is strictly anathema; in fact, not only does mulitverse theory ignore the intellectual and psychic realms, but it even discards the material world itself which is reduced to the purely subcorporeal!
The main problem is basically this: our scientific overlords cannot conceive of the universe in any other way than "bottom-up"; after all, if the quantum realm is the most fundamental then everything (including you and me!) most respond to its exigencies ...
... heck! reality itself is nothg but a a giant wave function, one big quantum-entangled chaos of potentia, and "that thou art". The collapse never happened; it is *you*, it is the whole universe, that has become split apart, not merely the wave function.
Thus the multiverse theory is perfectly coherent - if one "decapitates being" and considers only its quantitative, sub-corporeal aspect. It's ultimately the reductio ad absurdum of the scientific "analysis", doomed to cut up reality itself into an indefinite number of multiverses
But, my friend, if you look at the video above, think not "we're nothing", think: this is nothing; for space and time, matter and extension, these are really relative things, the outer-most periphery of what's really real.
Even you, small clump of dust that you are, transcends all this by an infinite measure, for to you has been given the Spirit of God and His Light lighteth every man that comes into the world.
Therefore do not stray outside, but enter into yourself, for truth dwells in the inner man; Reality lies above, and he who attains it is greater than all these world.

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Glastenbury is a mythical place; it's name derives from the germanic "glez" (germ "Glast") which means "to shine"/"sheen", corresponding to the greek word for "amber", sacred to Apollo. As such it was said that Glastenbury was the last isle before reaching the northern Hyperborea
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A brief thread on the symbolism of foreskins / circumcisions [1/10]
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This shedding of the garments (which were put onto Adam after the fall; Gen.3:21) thus represents a recovery of the primordial state (which is precisely what is effected in baptism, hence the Apostle speaks of a 'spiritual circumcision' as 'putting off of sinful nature; Col.2:11)
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The reversal of this hierachy is exactly the Fall; as such some of the Fathers interpret Adam as nous and Eve as psyche; micro-macrocosmic order & harmony being only archieved when nous is subjected to God and psyche to nous so that the divine light can illumine all parts equally
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