I am thinking of yunmeng silk season and all the jiang kids helping out because it's important to know the main export of yunmeng and just... all of them concentrating and pulling apart silkworm cocoons.. idk it makes me happy to think about
Also while I'm here silk headcanon I know a lot of people view silk as really satiny and soft but the silk I always envision Lan robes in is this lovely textured slubby silk...
Like duponi?? And honestly more hemp linen and cotton rough weaves for a lot of the other clothes. I actually think yunmeng might have a good linen trade... I think they make fabric and dyes but gusu does good embroidery? Lanling does headpieces and jewelry imo
And I think its fanon that qinghe does horses and weaponry and tbh I agree I bet they mine ore but I bet qinghe tools are the best... like that's the chinese quivalent of fancy cast iron pans...
All this to say that I would love to see wangxian living in yunmeng for the summer season and all the gusu silks are too sweaty so they get him these lovely light linen robes
And the drape and familiarity of them makes him look so soft and touchable and wwx is like... no I cannot keep from touching my lovely soft husband

• • •

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More from @_PorcelainBlue

13 Sep
Also thinking of wangxian and like.. seasonal motifs
We have lotuses and snow but also I am thinking of when the cranes fly south and when there are ducks in the fields and dragonflies in the summer
Maple and gingko all gold red in the autumn... and zongzi... and mushrooms and all the seasonal things that chinese people cherish.. 🥺
Read 4 tweets
12 Sep
Still thinking of secretary lwj.. what if they're just very respectful and use scent blockers all the time cause this is a workplace of course and they're all very professional about it
And then idk don't @ me I'm on kdrama brain rn but something something coffee spills and wwx has to strip his shirt off and scrub down and lwj has to go take his clothes to the dry cleaners
But thats when he realizes how fucking good wwx smells and he's like

O shit, the boss I am begrudgingly fond of and respect a lot also... makes mouth water
Read 19 tweets
8 Sep
Thinking about if mxy resurrected wwx but a few years earlier- the juniors aren't at mo manor and instead wwx wakes to an angry mo furen yelling at a rogue cultivator dressed in greys and stained whites.
His face is obscured by a woven bamboo hat, it's veil sheer and light. There is a sword at his hip and a wrapped instrument on his back.

Mo furen is unimpressed at this no name cultivator that gusulan has sent to solve their haunting
But the rogue cultivator merely bows, and requests that the courtyard be left empty that night.

Wwx peers in through the doorway, hoping to catch a glimpse of the cultivator, but the young master mo drags him in, angry and abusive and wwx cannot help but retort back
Read 265 tweets
18 Aug
Ok I know this isn't a quite personal account but . Imma quit my job and I'm so proud of myself for prioritizing what my mental health needs and not automatically doing the capitalist cog thing of work just cuz u can!! 🤧
I am so afraid of idleness, to be left with my own brain but I am determined to draw when I feel like drawing and write when I want to, and refuse to cede to the voice in my head that I am only what I make
I think it is a pitfall most are familiar with but I literally draw for a living, my art IS made to be consumed as part of a commercial product and I have trained to that end. It's fine, and tbh not everyone achieves those silly childhood dream jobs
Read 5 tweets
17 Aug
I just think...killed-my-own-heart-to-survive bodyguard wwx is sexy..... in debt and devoted until his master is dead
Maybe he was just a bodyguard to the Wens??? Maybe he took the place of Zhao zhuliu... but kind of like Wen Qing he manages to manipulate wen xu decently, trying to circumvent the most of his cruelty
He's stronger than Wen xu, of course. Has to be, otherwise he wouldn't be a good bodyguard. So he actually sits nicely in the cloud recesses, trying to absorb all the info cuz he actually really likes studying but his master is kind of a bitch
Read 127 tweets
17 Aug
Hm what if Jiang fengmian was a little more clear in his directions and adopted Wei Ying to be bodyguard for his kids.
Instead of foster son. U know I think he's still nice to him but his position in the sect is clearer? Yanli still is kind to him and jc is his friend but it's way more clear that he's there to serve
Which curbs his arrogance a little bit, I think. He knows he is afforded training and proximity to the Jiang heirs because they are his responsibility, his martial family. His friends.he still loves them, I think
Read 8 tweets

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