::: Most dangerous place emotionally for a woman :::

You can get his attention, he will flirt with you, sleep with you, but he wont make a commitment

You are stuck on sexual limbo

A spining plate

It can go on for YEARS

How do you identify and avoid this situation?

Just because he will pay attention to you doesn't mean he wants to keep you

Getting attention can be intoxicating, especially for women, and even more so if the man is attractive

So intoxicating that many women will trade their compliance for even a crumb of a mans attention
Trading your body or years of your life for a mans occasional attention is a terrible deal

Men are very capable of having no commitment, meaningless sex for years with the same person

Giving yourself to him is NOT going to make him commit, might even have the opposite effect
How to avoid the FWB or eternal GF trap:

1) Do not give intimacy without commitment

This is old advice, obvious to our ancestors, much forgotten today

Behaving like a wife with a man who is not your husband is not going to get you a husband

Protect your body, heart & mind
2) Be humble and recognise that you are way easier to manipulate than you think you are

A lot of slick men know how to push a womans buttons

If you let such a man in he will take everything and give you nothing but heart ache

Do what has always worked, get help and mentors
3) Openly communicate your needs

Do this with caution, do not show up on your first date with a powerpoint outlining your expectations for the future

But be willing to speak openly about what you want as trust and intimacy builds

That assumes that you know what you want
4) Set and defend your boundaries

What are your boundaries?

Go write them down, make a list, it will clear your mind

Know them, defend them, avoid people who persist in disrespecting your boundaries

Also avoid men who have no boundaries, they are dangerous, not in a good way
5) Get help to vet men you are interested in

Most people are terrible at vetting partners

Having a professional outside opinion from sone who has seen it all is going to help you avoid the extremes of pessimism and irrational optimism

Help is WAY cheaper than a divorce
6) Follow a proven dating system

Fortunately @limitlessleila and I have recorded our Dating With A Purpose system

Thousands of dollars worth of coaching generously given away for only $120

This is the fast track to getting the relationship you want


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28 Jul

Sexual compatibility is not a fixed attribute of a relationship, it must be maintained and can even be increased

How do YOU increase sexual compatibility with your spouse (or potential spouse)

Married people are going to love this part
2/ Increase sexual polarity (and attractiveness)

Men: Be more masculine
Women: Be more feminine

Do not buy the propaganda that their are "different ways of being a man or a woman", that is BS

Everyone knows EXACTLY what makes a man or woman more attractive & raises polarity
3/ Men, be more masculine!

❌Losing your frame
❌Cowering before anyone
❌Whining/whinging about anything
❌Caring what strangers think of you
❌Doing house work/chores in the home
❌Over indulging in food, drink or entertainment

Stop doing these things
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26 Jul

Sexual compatibility isn't about sexual compatibility

All adult penises and vaginas are "compatible"

(Excepting some unusually sized specimens)

What we are really asking is something else, something deeper, so lets look into that
2/ When a man asks, "how do I know if she is sexually compatible with me?" he means, "will she fulfil MY sexual needs?" or "does she have a sex drive to match my own?"

A reasonable question

Men have 10x to 20x the testosterone of women and a correspondingly higher sex drive
3/ The good news is that a loving, submissive, eager to please women isn't going to leave you sexually frustrated, even if she's not "in the mood"

For most couples with healthy sex lives it is the man who usually initiates sex, this is normal

Men leading is healthy for both
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25 Jul

In a marriage sexual compatibility (or chemistry) between a man & a woman is the direct result of other types of relationship compatibility which can be vetted for without the need to have intercourse.

Know how to spot a good lover.
2/ Sexual polarity is key.

Masculine men want feminine women and vice versa.

You will be most attracted to someone who is as far from neutral (androgynous) as you are.

The greater the sexual dimorphism the greater the attraction and the sexual energy in the relationship.
3/ The tension between the masculine and feminine builds energy.

Greater sexual energy will lead to more satisfying sexual releases.

With poor polarity it can take a long time to build up enough sexual energy for a great release, or sex may be more often but less fulfilling.
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11 Jun

Teasing is a lot of fun, even in a mature relationship

The problem is most men dont know how to tease properly

Healthy teasing is all about emotional play, dominance and imagination

It shouldn't use negative language or putdowns

It can elevate both
Teasing is sexy for women because it

✅ demonstrates a mans frame and intelligence
✅ feeds her desires for attention
✅ stimulates a womans imagination (play)
✅ has emotional impact and excitement
✅ gives her "permission" to act out fantasy
✅ breaks up potential monotony
Men: Healthy teasing comes from a positive masculine frame, lead the tease

If you are ashamed, fearful or timid you are likely to slip into negative teasing

If you are bold, confidant and strong it elevates you and your thinking

You are the king of your house, act like it
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21 Dec 20
There is a specific set of hidden behaviours that all manipulators use to lie, steal and cheat their targets.

By exposing their tricks we can disarm them and become personally immune to manipulation.

Do you want to hear more?
Manipulation is mental, emotional and spiritual combat aimed at achieving control without the use of (much) violence.

At the group level is it a form of warfare.

It can even have lethal consequences like actual combat.

Partitioners have honed their skills like fighters.
Just like combat/war the manipulator seeks to:

1) play their hard points against the targets soft points.

2) encourage the target to expend resources/energy so that the manipulator wins by attrition.

3) overwhelm the target with concentration of force.

4) disarm targets.
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11 Sep 20
Patriarchy and Matriarchy vs Chaos.

In days long past our ancestors lived in the Chaos of nature, under constant threat from weather, wild beasts and wild men.
Only by coming together and Federating into communities were they able to turn the tide and begin to hold their own. They discovered natural roles for each member of society, one way that roles were divided was between Men and Women.
They developed the Patriarchy and the Matriarchy for their protection and organisation.
Read 12 tweets

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