@latingle I am a real person, not afraid to voice my opinions. I am a Labor member and proud of it. I don't agree with abuse on this platform and try hard not to swear on here. I think social media generally frightens the hell out of Journalists. The technology changes have also changed
@latingle the media marketplace. Gone are the days when the majority got their news from the Media. Now I go to the source such as Government reports, the ABS etc. I have a range of learned skills which enable me to do Analysis for myself. many people on twitter are like me.
@latingle Much newspaper reporting is inaccurate and opinionated and comes from "Sources" which are dubious at best. There are three main Media groups in Australia, Murdoch, channel Nine and the ABC. I discount any media from the first two and much from the Last. Mainly because it's
@latingle standards have decreased substantially. Not in every facet, but getting worse all the time. I was an avid watcher of Insiders and 7.30, but no longer. I am sick of the gotcha style of the interviewers. To highlight my comments I will give you one example of a poorly covered story
@latingle On 27th March 2020 the National Cabinet agreed at noon to implement hotel Quarantine in the States. The States agreed. The Prime minister gave them 24 hours to do that. Section 51 (ix) of the constitution says,"The Parliament shall, subject to this constitution, have power to
@latingle make laws for the Peace, order and good government of the commonwealth with respect to. (ix) Quarantine. When the Outbreak of Covid 19 went pear shaped in Victoria, the press unfairly attacked (like twitter trolls) the Premier and his government. Many Deaths occurred in Aged care
@latingle Another Federal government responsibility. Yet as a Victorian watching the Press trolls from the Murdoch press. It was all down to Daniel Andrews. Hardly any main stream media actually reported these facts. The total abrogation of responsibility by the Commonwealth. It is my
@latingle opinion that the press are being well manipulated by the Coalition. Leading to wrong perceptions of politics and politicians by the media. The way the ABC treated Julia Gillard (at home with Julia) was a disgrace. The writing on an ABC article when Julia Gillard visited a
@latingle premises with the Liberal Victorian Liberal Premier Ted Baillieu and the Caption read Juliar Gillard (Yes I have screen shots), the Way the press club treated M/s Gillard, when she followed The Hon Tony Abbott. Abbott was The Hon and The Prime Minister was Julia Gillard no
@latingle honourable there, until I pointed it out and they changed it. Bias? In the eye of the beholder perhaps. What the press need to do (IMHO) is to move with the times, to change with the technology and the social norms, The press and their platform has severely eroded. They need to
@latingle find new ways to engage with their customer base. Twitter is part of that customer base. It isn't going away. Disrespect in Social circles unfortunately is a fact of 2021 (and 20 years before). It is my idea that by failing to call it out then (Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, allowing
@latingle the coalition a free ride) the media is coping some of what they have allowed. I don't think that abuse is OK. I block it right away. But the fault doesn't all lay with twitter. it lays with poor journalism. Whilst i admire your Journalism Laura, I don't admire or like any of the
@latingle Journalists Leigh Sales mentions. Because I don't think they are very good journalists. If you are interested in what else i think goto my website at thevogfiles.com

• • •

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More from @vogrady2132

20 Jul
#RortsCentral. At the risk of sounding anti press, I don't agree with the premis that this was all about marginal seats. I have read the report and looked at the Victorian Seats where the most money was sent. These are those seats
Dunkley is the only one which could be said to be marginal (It fell to Labor) but more because of a redistribution than anything else. In Aston Tudge has a margin of 20270, In Deakin, Sukkar 9307, Kooyong Frydenberg 11289, Menzies, Andrews 14810, Goldstein,Wilson 15480 and
La Trobe,Wood 8863. They had between them 25 Car park schemes allocated. So nothing to do with Marginality. On the other hand I agree with @RonniSalt who thinks that this was a plot hatched in the Prime ministers office by careful evaluation of the best way to win in 2019....
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6 Mar
This Sewer rat, who used, many years ago to be a police constable have questions about why the Investigation was closed. Apparently (I say apparently because the press dribble out information in the most desultory fashion and in no order) The Minister's complainant reported her
allegations to police in March 2020. First Question. What information did they write down. Then apparently again they were in touch with her 5 times before she dropped the complaint. Second Question, Where are the recorded notes of those interviews? Third Question, did she give
Police details from her diary? Did she write to them in emails describing the alleged rape? What did the police do? What didn't they do? All police have notebooks. The police Stations have an occurrence book which all visitors to the station are written into. The police who
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23 Feb
This year is the 40 year that I have had Serious arthritis. Thankfully at the start of my illness with this very painful disease there was the Labor Government of Hawke and Keating. I was treated well by centrelink when I became too ill to work. in 1996 my life changed and I
became a pariah. I was treated with contempt and like I was some kind of criminal. There was no drug to treat my condition and as well as constant pain that was enhanced and exacerbated by the pain of Liberal government condemnation. You see the liberals don't believe in
disability, they believe in heartlessness and grinding people into the ground. During that time I was audited by centrelink 5 times in 18 months. First they would send me the papers and 3 months later they would sent them to my wife. The last audit was face to face ad when i
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12 Feb
Yesterday I posted all the grants schemes analysed. Now I am going to Post them one by one. Starting with the Sports administration Grants. Value $100 Million Image
This analysis took me 4 days because I had to manually check every electorate and Post code. (Did you know there are 17,500 postcodes in Australia?). Today is an interesting day as the Senate Select Committee into Sports Administration grants (Sports Rorts) sits at 2pm today..
If you want to watch go to the Watch Parliament web site and see them doing their thing. While you are at it, go and look at this web site aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_…
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10 Feb
This is a pie chart of all the grants programs I have analysed from 2013 to 2020 (7 programs incl Sports rorts). The total value is $3,178,910,475 ($3.178 Billion Scholars)
The graph shows the reason why the Coalition are in power. Basically they are using our money to buy votes to get back on the Treasury benches. They use the tactics of the GOP in America, but they use Australians money to fund their objectives. Sports rorts was the tip of the
iceberg. it was only worth $100 million. Since the grant connect webpages where they report these grants have been live (1 Jan 2018) $45 billion in grants has been distributed by Government. So my $3 Billion has only looked at the tip. If you want to learn ,more Visit
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20 Dec 20
As a result of listening to The ABC News breakfast this morning and the complete mischaracterisation of the Victorian second wave and the inane questions asked by the stand in presenter, I thought i would put a few things into context. Firstly has anyone heard of insurance?
I have and I understand it's a way to mitigate loss in times where the extra ordinary happen. Buying insurance involves some money and also a deal of planning. It's all about risk. So what do we do as a country when there is a risk? We make laws and we spend some money planning
all sorts of things to mitigate that risk. That is why we have a Police force,Border force and a whole raft of other forces who are there for when something might happen. So what did we do about Novel Viruses? In Feb 2003, we had Sars who.int/health-topics/…
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