Why I Eat 2 Pints Of Ice Cream Per Week & Why You Should Too

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1) Ice Cream Is My TOP Craving

What is your favorite food?

- pizza
- cookies
- burgers
- ice cream
- french fries

You SHOULD be eating your favorite food consistently.

This is what makes a diet SUSTAINABLE.

Before you go off eating 5 gallons of ice cream a day know this 👇
2) There Are Low-Calorie Ice Cream Options

You see, I'm not binging on 1400 calorie pints of ben & jerry's ice cream.

I typically eat halo top ice cream that is only ~300 calories per pint!

You can find options like this with nearly ANY food.
3) Impossible To Fail

Why do most diets fail?

People deprive themselves of their favorite foods so they end up binging on their favorite foods.

Imagine a diet where you are forced to eat your FAVORITE FOODS.

This makes failure not possible.
4) Fun

Why would I want to spend my life eating boring foods 24/7?

In 2021, it is EASY to

> Achieve a lean body
> AND eat your favorite foods

You should try this. I highly recommend it.
P.S. I'm looking for 3 more people to work closely with who want to transform their bodies around their busy work & family schedules.

I will design a custom system for your 3 pillars of fitness.

You will get 24/7 access to me.

DM me "Body" for details👇
Here are a few people who've transformed their bodies with my help 💪

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15 Sep
5 Keys To Unlocking Big Confidence

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BEWARE: reading this thread may cause you to develop extreme levels of confidence that allow you to:

- attract the opposite sex
- speak with absolute certainty
- have 100% undeniable self-belief

Consider yourself warned.

Let's dive into how you will become confident as f*ck 👇
Key #1: Health

I used to look in the mirror and be ASHAMED of what I saw.

EVERYTHING changed one night.

I drank too much and ended up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

This night, I COMMITTED to taking back control of my health & body. ImageImage
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Dad Bod to 6-Pack 💪

$94 in my pocket to financially free 💰

Miserably single to in a fiery relationship ❤️


Here are ALL my reinvention secrets below 👇

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My life changed when I woke up in a hospital bed...

At the time, I drank every weekend trying to escape my purposeless life.

And this time I drank WAY too much.

The nurse came in & told me I had alcohol poisoning...

This sense of disgust hit me.

I HATED the man I had become. Image
I took a hard look at myself & this is what I saw:

- beer belly
- noodle arms
- ultimately a FRAUD

I had dreams of building my own business, attracting a wife, & starting a beautiful family.

This hospital trip set a FIRE in my soul.

It was time to reinvent myself.
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24 Jul
3 Nasty Beliefs The Media Has Programmed Into Your Brain

// THREAD //
I am going to uncover the 3 NASTY false beliefs that have been programmed into your brain.

If you read on, this will change the way you think and see every single piece of information.

As a result, you will become:

- fitter
- happier
- wealthier

Here we go 👇
False Belief #1: Consumption = Happiness

We have been wrongfully taught that consumption will lead to happiness.

- Porn
- Sugar
- Luxury cars
- Social media
- Designer clothing

This is feeding off of our brain's tendency to seek the easiest and quickest hit of dopamine.
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23 Jul
10 Reasons Your Energy Levels Are F*cked

<< THREAD >>
I used to wake up feeling lethargic & go through my days feeling like a zombie.

The result:

- my business suffered
- my relationships suffered
- my happiness suffered

You don't have to live this way.

Avoid these 10 mistakes to live a HIGH energy life 👇
#1: Carb Heavy Breakfast

Front-loading on carbs tends to lead to an "energy crash" (this is especially true for today's common diets of ultra-processed foods).

The solution?

- intermittent fasting


- a high-protein breakfast
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22 Jul
The 4 Rare Traits Of 62-Year-Old, World Record Breaker, George Hood

(He set the global planking record of 8 hours, 15 minutes, & 15 seconds)

++ THREAD ++ Image
1) Irrational Self Belief

George Hood is a man that has more self-belief than 99% of men.

This didn't come naturally though.

He invested in a coach that programmed self-belief into his brain:

"Every human invents themselves through a figment of their imagination & thinking."
2) Extreme Preparation

To conquer a world record, George had to prepare like no one else has ever prepared before

His daily preparation leading up to the record was

- 700 push-ups
- 500 toe squats
- 2,000 crunches
- 4 hours of planking

Extreme outcomes require extreme efforts
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22 Jul
People glued to the news to stay “informed” seem to be the most out of touch with reality.
Most people forget that the news is a BUSINESS.

Their #1 goal is $$$.

They do not care about "informing the public"

They do care about saying what will attract the most attention and elicit strong emotions.
The news also creates FALSE perceptions in your brain.

This is due to the availability heuristic.

If you watch the news consistently, you will believe that:

- racism
- sexism
- acts of violence

are MUCH more common than they actually are.
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