A few weeks ago, I protested that Twitter censored $TSLAQ's comments to @GaryGensler. Twitter is now censoring protests of censorship.
Here's what $TSLAQ sees vs. what Twitter actually shows the public. #Tesla $TSLA 1/4
An inside look at Twitter's search API proves that the query has been intentionally marked as "SUSPEND". The protesting thread didn't violate Twitter's TOS.
And that's why, without being able to resort to overt censorship, Twitter uses shadow-censorship instead. $TSLAQ 2/4
It's simple. Perform this experiment running the same search query when logged in vs. running a clean browser/system. You'll see that Twitter censors not only criticisms of Elon Musk, but criticisms of Twitter's own censorship which support Musk. 3/4
When Twitter booted President Trump, at least it was done publicly, which inspired debate about censorship. What Twitter is doing now is far more insidious. Jack Dorsey enables Musk to run rampant, while simultaneously deceiving and silencing critics. 4/4

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10 Sep
Elon Musk's 3 Fake "Factory" Cars 🧵
A flock of #TSLA bots flooded my earlier tweet about how #Tesla used a modded car vs. Musk's claim of a "completely unmodified, directly from factory" car for Nurburging.
Car #1 is this red car, showing obvious mods. $TSLAQ 1/8
Here's Car #2, the second #Tesla Plaid. Note the different wheels, but again, the same opaque tint job & jumbo brake setup. $TSLA $TSLAQ 2/8
Car #2 has plate # BIT 0679. Despite all the mods, this #Tesla Model S Plaid broke down on the track & had to be towed. Tesla literally tried to cover it up, and used an older Model S to try to block photography of the embarrassment. $TSLA $TSLAQ 3/8
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3 Sep
Elon Musk's "Leaked" Call Was a Response to the @Apple Car
Yesterday, news leaked of Apple engaging in talks with Korean & Japanese carmakers for producing the Apple Car, believed to be an EV with autonomous capabilities. The target launch date is 2024. #Tesla $TSLA $TSLAQ 1/5
Musk & Apple have a long & complicated history. Jim Keller. Doug Field, who left #Tesla after enduring Musk's abuse to work on the Apple Car. Also news of Musk peddling #Tesla to Tim Apple & getting rejected. Tesla aping Apple's aesthetics & platform. 2/5…
The reasons for Musk's "leaked" call last night are:
A) Game SEO & steal attention away from @Apple
Musk announced more vaporware with fantasy specs (Robo-van, Model 2 w/o steering wheel). That's why Musk said his Model 2 is coming out in 2023 (vs. Apple Car's 2024). 3/5
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2 Sep
When @CMSgov finally probed @Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes doubled down and presented more vaporware ("miniLab") at the AACC.
When @NHTSAgov finally probed #Tesla, Elon Musk doubled down and presented more vaporware ("Dojo", LIDAR-based simulations) at AI Day. $TSLA $TSLAQ 1/5
Both Holmes and Musk use their babies as props to gain sympathy.
Both Holmes and Musk wear all black as part of a curated image.
Both Holmes and Musk cultivate their public image and appearances to echo Steve Jobs.
Both Holmes and Musk use PR firms to pump their "genius".
Both Holmes and Musk use media appearances to keep up their hype. h/t @tweetmyinbox
Both Holmes and Musk dangle vaporware and make fantastic - but false - promises to raise capital.
Both Holmes and Musk use the Stanford dropout entrepreneur routine. 3/5
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1 Sep
What I'd really like to know from @NHTSAgov's request for #Tesla's #Autopilot information:
- Disengagement & crash rates, because if the real data conflicts with what $TSLA has previously told NHTSA to generate the "40% safer" stat... felony! $TSLAQ 1/5…
- "Full Self Driving" data. The letter wants all Level 2 ADAS data, which includes "Full Self Driving" (#Tesla told CA's DMV FSD's at Level 2).
For starters: Why do influencers get "FSD" ahead of regular customers? What's the real disengagement rate? 2/5
- Marketing and public communications. This is HUGE. It's the cornerstone of #Tesla's #Autonowashing fraud. Internal cover-your-ass emails from a general counsel warning "calling it FSD is bad" will make Tesla ripe for Congressional investigation. $TSLA $TSLAQ 3/5
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20 Aug
🚨 #Tesla's @Theranos-level LIDAR Lies 🚨
During Tesla's "AI Day", its representative said, "Here, we have a real clip that was gotten from a car. It then goes through an auto-labelling pipeline to create a 3-D reconstruction of the scene..." $TSLA $TSLAQ 1/9
He's technically not lying. But he's omitting that the "Real World Clip" was obtained from a #Tesla company car mounting LIDAR sensors (examples below). This builds upon @ValueDissenter's excellent thread on Tesla cheating with LIDAR sensors. 2/9
Here's why I'm also sure. #Tesla's LIDAR rigs feature static lidar sensors angled downwards. So there will be blind spots, especially during turns with high objects above. See how the canopies are cut-off? The camera - and the audience - can see them. The LIDAR didn't. 3/9
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9 Jul
Feeling Sorry for Elizabeth Holmes 🧵:
Elizabeth Holmes did everything that Musk has gotten away with. And she didn't kill anyone. In fact, she was just a few years shy of making it as Fraud Queen and gaining invincibility. Here's why:
cc: @eholmes2003 #Tesla $TSLA $TSLAQ 1/10
Holmes had a powerful, influential board, full of political heavyweights like Kissinger, Frist, Shultz, Perry and Mattis. She had big name investors and partners. She had the balls to push vaporware. She had the steel to stare into the camera and gaslight even experts. 2/10
She would never back down from challengers, and instead plowed ahead and doubled down. She recruited excellent talent and pushed them to their limits. She had money rolling in.

And she actually went to Stanford and was a bona fide Stanford dropout. cc: @elonmusk 3/10
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