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1) #SuperTinfoil THREAD
IMO, the big news here is the change in the amount of the deposit necessary to order a #Tesla (Which comes with #TeslaQualityIssues btw😉)
How does the change from a $2,500 "Refundable" deposit to a $100 nonrefundable one benefit $TSLA? Hear me out...
2) First, does anyone think a $TSLAQ fanboi or someone who has decided to "Go green" by buying a 40-100k car was ever deterred to buy one because of a 2.5k deposit that was gonna go towards the purchase price in "2 weeks"? I absolutely don't think so.
3) Let's assume Tesla has a 15k order backlog in the US. A $2,400 difference in the deposit moving forward is a 36 million dollar hit to the cash flow. Per #TeslaRefundIssues, we know Tesla usually waits about 2 months to refund it, which makes that deposit even more valuable.
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There is a company in Vancouver BC fulfilling the same role as Elio. The Electra Meccanica @ElectraMecc $Solo is a $15000USD tadpole single seater with 100 miles of range. They have a factory and have built 47 in Q2 if this year. Q3 numbers will be released in early November.
They are traded on the NASDAQ and appear to be prevented from selling in the US by current Canadian law. The Solo has a 17kwh battery and does 0-60 in 8 seconds, faster than the P4. Half the price on a Smart ED and charges twice as fast. Hopefully some day they get an...
...arrangement with #Tesla which would allow them to use the HPWC and it superchargers which would drastically shorten charging times. They have plans to partner with Chinese companies and are really really interested in being allowed to sell in the US.
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@regularcars redid the Tale of Dale podcast. Worth a listen. Thoughts TK.
I’ve known of and been following #Elio Motors since 2015. They were a company who’s mission I supported. In no way shape or form do I believe them to be a scam on any level least of all the level of 20th Century Motors.
I have grown increasingly critical of and frustrated with them since Feb 2016 but I wish them no ill and would really like them to get their act together and ship the P4.
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1. I always feel the need to explain things. To understand beyond physical view. Threads & Decodes have been merging together like nothing I’ve ever imagined. #GodatWork Recently I realized why they are intersecting & where its pointing me so I’m going to go deep into that here⚠️
2. This is really an extension of a thread from here👇🏻 It all came to a head. Multiple crossovers from @paulacblades001, @JackalsLast & @voeljegoed were exploding in front of me💥 & it’s really felt unexplainable... until I looked for a birds eye view🦅
3. I will do my best to explain it as clearly as possible. 🙏🏻 I know it will be hard for some, just remember fear is not from our Creator! It is said that “FEAR NOT” is mentioned 365 times in the Bible. That is not a mistake. I think He means it.
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#POTUS tweet 7 Oct 2019 - 5:54:13 PM
#POTUS RT the same Video at 11:42:58 PM
Text "TRUMP" to 88022 = 212 &
1st Tweet [5.01] Delta
2nd Tweet [0] Delta
@realDonaldTrump #POTUS as Q+ is communicating with us. He emphasized the Video.
#QPosts 554, 248 Video length, 1142 & 501
[5.01] h Delta
RR problems
@realDonaldTrump Text "TRUMP" to 88022 = 212
Simple Gematria
There Are No Coincidences = 212
They Think They Are Saved But They Are Damned=419
#QPost 212 & 419
Do you believe in coincidences?
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A year [Delta] 4 Oct 2018
#POTUS or Q+ is telling us, we need to have MEMES ready.
The #POTUS even tweeted with MEMES.
Q+ is ready
Anons ready?
Memes ready?
Are you ready to see arrests?
Are you ready to see PAIN?
Are you ready to be part of history?
#POTUS is giving us examples of MEMES. WE must be ready with MEMES!
The President of The U.S. tweeted 2 memes 4 Oct, 2019
Liddle Schiff is next.
Are you ready for arrests?
Is Liddle Schiff ready for arrest?
@realDonaldTrump 4 Oct 2019 - 8:55:23 PM
Capital letters from #POTUS tweet APAOCDND = 58
[1.29] Delta
JG: DOD 58
SG: Hammer 58
Black Hat 58
#QPost 855, 129 & 290
What is Pompeo doing in the Vatican?
#Pompeo @Pontifex #QAnon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #Trump #FactsMatter #hammertime
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Late night GF3 sesh.
Tesla will not repeat the mistakes they made from the Model 3 ramp up again. They have had two years to learn from the launch and tweak/critique every aspect of production, from supply to manufacturer to assembly to QC to delivery. Different mistakes may... made, but their impact will be limited compared to early “production hell”. I haven’t looked at the Chinese appetite for automobiles by quarter, by there is a good chance GF3 can ramp from 0 to full known production values in less than 6 months.
Again, these predictions are based on actual performance on the previous quarter but could look like this:
Q4 5000 conservative 20000 liberal
Q1 30000 con. 60000 Lib.
Q2 50k con.
Q3 70k con.
Q4 100k??

Liberal estimates for Q2-4 are not provided because IDK 🇨🇳 🚗 market size.
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Things are seriously heating up! Just some weird coincidences I've noticed. Seems relevant per the drop.
Then consider the cash in the back of Trumps pocket. It does not look like the current $20 bill either. It looks different. @POTUS was also wearing a gold tie that day.
Gold shall destroy the Fed.
Sign its coming?
After today it does.
Great screengrab from News showing all the Q's.
Trust QQQ.
Gold standard reset today?
Something YUUGE happened today.
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Preliminary MoF export data for Aug. are out.

Battery export from Kinki region to US is down 28% MoM. Still bit high for this year, but down 23% relative to last year's monthly ave. Typically, 90+% is Li-ion.

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla #CYAZ #テスラ #モデル3
Because of the news that Toyota will be using 18650 in China, here's the same data for China. Note the Y-axis.

It doesn't look like that much of July/Aug. production went to China.

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla #CYAZ #テスラ #モデル3
So my tin-foil hat theory on big jump in July Li-ion production is still alive.

Final MoF data (by battery type) to be out on 26. Prelim. METI data for Aug. on 30th.

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla #CYAZ #テスラ #モデル3
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A note on Toyota using Pana cylindrical cells in China.

Levin/Corolla plug-ins reportedly have 50km+ EV range, similar to Prius Prime/PHV (8.8 kWh, EPA: 40km, JC08: 68km).

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla #CYAZ #テスラ #モデル3…
Assuming 10 kWh/car, 50k car is 0.5 GWh. Suminoe should have >8 GWh capacity, so 1/4 of capacity per Q. Given the decline in S/X sales, Toyota order will keep Suminoe at full capacity for ~2 mo.

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla #CYAZ #テスラ #モデル3
Given that Toyota sells 150~200K of regular Levin/Corolla hybrids per yr in China, 50k is likely for per yr. If so, that's ~6% of Suminoe capacity per yr. Not enough to off-set 40%+ decline in S/X sales IMO.

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla #CYAZ #テスラ #モデル3
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FYI, METI's final auto Li-ion batt. production/sales/inventory data for July should come out later tonight (US time).

Based on prelim. METI data & MoF export data, I expect the prod/sales #s to be very high, ~last yr's level.

But why?

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla #CYAZ #テスラ #モデル3
Is Tesla making more S/X this Q than Q1/Q2?

If not, why would Tesla buy so many 18650 cells?

Any reasonable (or unreasonable) explanation?

I got a tin-foil hat theory.

More on this in ~12 hrs.

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla #CYAZ #テスラ #モデル3
Ooops. Make is 36 hrs. Data release is Friday, not Thursday. Sorry!🙇‍♂️

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla #CYAZ #テスラ #モデル3
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So frustrating to #know the answer to the question of how to formulate that #TheoryOfEverything #scientists say is the biggest unsolved problem in #physics, yet they don't even want to look at it:…

Wave-particle duality a #mystery?
What I've found is rather astonishing:

The #mathematics used by #Maxwell are inconsistent.

He left the magnetic vector potential field [A] undefined and decoupled from the #medium thus creating #MaxwellsHole, which introduced an unwarrented #gauge #freedom in the model...
It is this #gauge #freedom thst led to the #hack known as #Quantum #Madness.

Really, it doesn't take a PhD to figure out that when you believe particles can exist at two places at the same time, you have a mental problem.…
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111 Unintended Accelerations reported to @NHTSArecalls for all 2013 to 2018 Tesla Models S3X. They are scattered throughout the complaint spectrum. Feel free to DM me if you'd like more info. cc: @NHTSAgov
@NHTSArecalls @NHTSAgov Don't take my word for it though...
Are any of these drivers on Twitter? #TeslaSuddenAcceleration
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1. This will be my Thread on #LucisTrust. You’ll find that this connects multiple sources & digs already done, as well as major use of #symbolism Luciferianism, #Freemasonry, old & new age #occultism, & prominent world leaders & it‘ll go on! Will take time to drop it all. #QAnon
2. #LucisTrust - Alice Bailey, the face of LT Or is she? Alice born 6/16/1880. Alice & her husband Foster Bailey (among many others! For Later😉) Founded Lucis Trust in 1922 & “Lucifer Publishing Co”. She wrote over 24 books on theosophical subjects...
#sevenrays #UnitedNations
3. #LucisTrust - Bailey was a theosophical society member about 1917 & b/c very influential in Adyar Society founded by Helena Blavatsky (Russian Occultist) w/ HQ in Krotona Hollywood #Pedowood. Note #symbolism
@JackalsLast @paulacblades001 👉🏻1919 & #TripleEights
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Final European #Tesla registration data for July: M3 with 3,009 registrations (ex-UK) down 74% from June and 20% from April, SuX up 2% YoY due to price cuts and discounting.

European ASP's look quite bleak:

M3 down to $47k, SuX down to $87k and declining. Figures are list prices, don't account for any discounts. These include shipping costs, so net ~$2k less than shown to #Tesla.

To clarify: ASP data in USD is after FX and taxes (you can do the math to double check: 21% VAT, 10% tariffs, 1.11 USD to EUR)
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58. #TripleEights #RingofFire
My lovely fren @LavenderLives💜 reminded me that I posted about the joint forces on Langham Beach Queensland today. Then it hit me 🚛💥 It connects to this dig #RingofFire via the Coral Sea. See my drop #41 & Watch this...!
59. In the middle of all this being revealed I go to post & the #TripleEights make an appearance in my post😲. Just. Can’t. Make. This. Happen.🤯💚 I know I’m on track.🚂
I recalled Q mentioning Solomon. Bank owned by Rothschilds. Multiple meanings exist.
60. Now take a look at this revealing thread connecting Solomon.💥 Multiple meanings always exist. #SealofSolomon #SolomonsTemple #Occult #Illuminati #QAnon

#TripleEights 888 #RingOfFire

See whole thread 👉🏻
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A JPN biz weekly is reporting that Pana CEO Tsuga was at GF1 in June (for the 3rd time this yr). According to the article, he apparently was there to demand price HIKE on batteries.

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla #CYAZ #テスラ #モデル3…
Lower level negotiations, including through JB, seems to have failed, thus the top level face-to-face mtg. Tsuga also says they solved batt. shortage long ago. Unfortunately, the rest are behind paywall.

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla #CYAZ #テスラ #モデル3
The magazine is a decent one, not some obscure one. This is where NYT pieces by Neal Boudette are translated & published, for example. I'd say it's a notch below Nikkei, but on per w/ Nikkan Kogyo, etc.
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A big change at Pana USA.

Mototsugu Sato, #2 at Pana behind Tsuga, is now the CEO of Pana USA. He was assigned to fix its Tesla biz, along w/ (then) Pana USA CEO Tom Gebhardt & Pana Auto CEO Yuki Kusumi in April.
$TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla #CYAZ #テスラ #モデル3
This sounds very sudden for a company like Pana. They did a lot of personnel changes in March as usual (end of fiscal yr), so a change after just 3 month is rather abrupt.

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla #CYAZ #テスラ #モデル3
Also, Pana corporate & US sites are both still listing Gebhardt as CEO.……

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla #CYAZ #テスラ #モデル3
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Panasonic Auto battery sales by Q:
Q2: ¥87.4B
Q3: ¥106.8B
Q4: ¥118.3B

Q1: ¥110.9B
Q2: ¥109.2B

Automotive Capital Investment by Q:
Q2: ¥21.1B
Q3: ¥25.4B
Q4: ¥24.4B

Q1: ¥37.9B
Q2: ¥20.7B

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla #CYAZ #テスラ #モデル3
Nice to be able to finally see how battery biz is doing, thanks to the recent re-org. Until now, auto battery biz was reported w/ energy devices, etc.
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1/ What's with Elon Musk and Jeffrey Epstein? This Vanity Fair article, and Musk's claims in it, raise more questions than answers.…

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla #ElonMusk
2/ "Epstein remained a fixture in elite circles even after he was a registered sex offender. He was a guest at a dinner in Palo Alto hosted by LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman for the MIT neuroscientist Ed Boyden. At the dinner, Elon Musk introduced Epstein to Mark Zuckerberg..."
3/ "In an email, Elon Musk responded: “I don’t recall introducing Epstein to anyone, as I don’t know the guy well enough to do so, Epstein is obviously a creep and Zuckerberg is not a friend of mine."
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53. I’m going to share full thread from @Ascension_Guide here b/c w/in it relates #TripleEights 888 & #Infinity. All info is very important & connects #LionsGate #Orion #Sirius #Leo Hope you enjoy as much as I did! ThreadReader 👉🏻…
54. OMG. I’ve been over target 🎯 with #888 #TripleEights #infinity #Epstein #pedoisland #tetragrammaton 😱 Right in front of us! They pervert ebpverything that is true & holy & good.
55. Watch this interview with Bill Barr here regarding Robert Mueller 👉🏻

💥L👀k in the background! Ah! That’s a #TripleEights #Infinity #888! L❤️VE IT!
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7/7/19: MSM

"The USWNT," + "Jeffrey Epstein" + "AOC something, something" + "Some idiot celebrity did something"

7/7/19: FBI

"Here's everything we have about the life of Nikola Tesla"
could it melt steel beams though? is it as powerful as jet fuel??? i wonder ...

#Tesla #NikolaTesla #FBI
... "Tesla engineers have been in close touch with space ships, etc."

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3 months ago, $TSLA was in the 8th percentile of D&B financial risk.

Since then, $TSLA has raised cash they claim they don't need & reported "record" deliveries.

How have suppliers fared? Better, getting paid? Nope, deterioration! Let's explore.
$TSLA is now in the 3rd! percentile for financial stress. It's now in the lower half of the lowest decile, a new Record low. Reminder that this index includes spivvy private companies & other small businesses.

Tesla's at increasing risk of "severe financial stress".
Are suppliers being paid per terms?

Well, 46% of the time, $TSLA honors its contracts. So some suppliers aren't having issues. How does that compare to average? Badly, very badly.

What about no payment at all? an incredible 3% of the time!
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1/ Had a little chat with a guy from my local Tesla store in 🇩🇪Germany🇩🇪. Key takeaways in this thread ... $TSLA
2/ As I mentioned some days earlier, they sold their S and 3 showcars and only have an X left. This happened in the last few days.
3/ Customer demand and interest is way stronger than it was in Q1. The store got his Model 3 in february and interest has been constantly rising since then.
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