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Some photographs of the damage from Hurricane #FIONA. Trees down everywhere! A huge spruce tree in the f...A toppled spruce tree next ...A tangle of fallen trees bl...A tangle of fallen trees, f...
Running an Alaskan mill to make boards out of some of the trees blown down by #FIONA. If you choose to do this, make sure you have a board cutting chain, otherwise your boards will turn out very rough! A few freshly sawn boards l...A chainsaw in an Alaskan Mi...Another angle of the chains...
Bits of trees (branches, leaves, needles) covering my #SolarPanels and my #Tesla. #FIONA Solar panels in a lawn with...A white Tesla covered in bi...
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Heute berät der #Bundestag über die weitere Beschleunigung beim Bau von #LNG-Terminals. Eine entsprechende Erweiterung des #LNGG ist Teil des #EnSiG. Mit den neuen Regeln droht bei der Genehmigung von Projekten das Rechtsstaatsprinzip ausgehöhlt zu werden. Warum? (1/10)
Entscheidend ist, dass ein „vorzeitiger Maßnahmenbeginn“ nun auch zugelassen werden kann, wenn nicht die vollständigen Antragsunterlagen vorliegen. Hört sich bürokratisch an, vollständige Unterlagen sind aber eine notwendige Voraussetzung für die Prüfung eines Projektes. (2/x)
Der „vorzeitige Maßnahmenbeginn“ war schon bei der #Tesla-Fabrik in #Grünheide eines der wichtigsten Mittel, um den Bau zu beschleunigen. Heißt konkret: Es kann schon gebaut werden, ohne dass eine Genehmigung erteilt wurde. Das ist also bereits heute möglich. (3/x)
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@elonmusk I know you can see this.
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Desdobramento na Tesla (TSLA34)📊🤔

As ações da Tesla (TSLA34) subiram nas negociações após o pregão desta quarta-feira (24), quando o desdobramento de ações da fabricante de veículos elétricos entrou em vigor📈
Esse foi o segundo movimento desse tipo em dois anos, enquanto a montadora mais valiosa do mundo procura tornar seu estoque mais acessível.
As ações da Tesla começaram a ser negociadas em uma base ajustada após o fechamento do mercado👇🏻
Com cada investidor ganhando cerca de duas ações adicionais sob o último desdobramento de ações, que foi aprovado pelos acionistas no início deste mês🧐
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1/Coincidence? 2 days after #MaraLago Raid, History Channel re-ran Ep03 of THE TESLA FILES series. This focuses on Trump's famous physicist uncle, #JohnTrump, who was tasked with reviewing #Tesla's private invention files upon Tesla's death. See:…
2/ In 1982, famous talk show guest STAN DEYO had the privilege of interviewing #JohnTrump who described the #Tesla box that he was tasked with opening at the NEW YORKER HOTEL where Tesla was found dead...+

See 3min video:
3/ Tesla bequeathed a device that could lead to a "super weapon" to the NEW YORKER HOTEL in lieu of unpaid rent.

The device was a DECADE RESISTANCE METER. It is key to extracting UNLIMITED FREE ENERGY from solar wind shockwaves in our atmosphere!
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The Booking Game

.... Elon Musk's solar business and straddled with "production hell" for the #Model X, things looked dicey. Till the book ings for the Model 3 kicked in. With nearly half a million bookings at $1,000 apiece, #Tesla's books saw an influx of $500 million (1/8)
and it has never had to look back since.

The opening of bookings is a crucial milestone in the launch of a new #car .... bookings have formed the cornerstone of the success of many #auto companies here, including the biggest of them all. It all started with #Maruti 800, (2/8)
which got over a lakh bookings when it was first launched, raising over half the investment needed to set up the plant to make the car. And then it got about one and a half lakh bookings when it underwent a generation change from the SS80 to the SB308.

That bookings (3/8)
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Are you looking for datasets to test your knowledge gained through the new @fastdotai course and a good community to share your journey?

We will soon share a tool to automatically share @kaggle datasets on the @huggingface Hub 🚀 kudos @_nateraw 🔥
In the meantime, here are some nice new datasets in the Hub.

Use them easily to train your @fastdotai Learners with load_dataset()

Netflix-Show 🎥

The raw data is Web Scrapped through Selenium. It contains Unlabelled text data of around 9000 Netflix Shows and Movies along with full details like Cast, Release Year, Rating, Description, etc.…
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Power crunch in drought-hit Sichuan and Chongqing disrupts production in auto industry chain; parts of Tesla, NIO, and other EV makers' charging services suspended due to power rationing: local media
#Tesla $TSLA $NIO #Sichuan #China #EVs
Tesla has asked Chinese govt to help secure power to its suppliers amid power rationing in Sichuan.
#Tesla $TSLA $NIO #Sichuan #China #EVs
#FYI: Sichuan-Chongqing region is one of six major automobile industry clusters in China, with an annual capacity of 2.725 million vehicles in 2021, accounting for 10.3% of China's annual capacity.
#Tesla $TSLA $NIO #Sichuan #China #EVs
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#Tesla $TSLA #Shanghai
⚡Tesla China is about to launch new, fully enhanced Model 3, powered by CATL's M3P battery, which has at least a 10% increase in battery life: Sina Tech cites two sources
#Tesla $TSLA #Shanghai
⚡Range of Model 3 produced by Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory is expected to exceed 600km ~ 700km after upgrade of battery pack, vs 556km ~ 675km previously: Sina Tech
#Tesla $TSLA #Shanghai
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Wie sommerliche Starkregenfälle, wie bei #Gewitter ⛈️, (nicht) in den Boden eindringen können ist hier schön illustriert.
Nach #Dürre geht praktisch nix mehr.
Ein 🧶 dazu, warum dieser Effekt von uns noch künstlich verstärkt wird und was man großflächig dagegen tun könnte.
Das Phänomen tritt auch bei uns aufgrund der #klimawandel |bedingten #Dürre in den letzten Jahren vermehrt auf und führt zu Problemen wie Überflutungen, Erosion des Oberbodens, Nährstoffeinträge in Gewässer, Missernten + keine Grundwasserneubildung, da alles abfließt... [2]
Es könnte verhindert/stark abgemildert werden, wenn wir eine länger anhaltende, bestenfalls kontinuierliche, Durchfeuchtung des Bodens hätten.
Zumindest in den flachen Gegenden in 🇩🇪 ließe sich das durch besseren Wasserrückhalt in der Landschaft lösen. [3]
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/1st Principles argument for investing in #Tesla. A thread on how I model #tsla at 3k by 2025 and 6k by 2030.

My objective is not to maximize Tesla but to look at it in the most conservative way to see if it's worth the risk reward. See thread.
2/ First, what is the question. @elonmusk always said, asking the right question is the hard part.

So,my question for myself and people I recommend to Tesla is this.

What is the risk reward? Remember if you're diversifying and only investing in 1 company, you better be right.
3/ So, once I understood the problem, the solution is simple. There is no point drawing the most rosy picture. Because when you maximize everything, chances of being wrong is high. So, I want to take a very conservative approach.

What do I know for sure?
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Informe de ventas de vehículos eléctricos de julio 2022 en #España

-Por 1ª vez en la historia sólo suben los 100% #cocheselectricos

-Se acentúa el declive de los híbridos enchufables

-Buen mes de V. Ind. ligeros y autobuses 100% eléctricos

Más detalles aquí🧵👇
En el apartado turismos, el Citroën ëC4 vuelve a hacerse con el 1º puesto, por 3ª vez este año! Felicidades

Así, son 3 #cocheselectricos de fabricación española en el top 10 junto al Peugeot2008 y el Opel Corsa e

Bravo @StellantisES ! 👏👏💪
Excelente novedad en lo alto de la tabla la aparición del Renault Megáne eléctrico

Lástima que @PrensaRENAULT haya abandonado la idea de electrificar sus fábricas españolas abocándolas a un negro futuro

Todas las demás marcas con presencia en #España ya han apostado por EVs
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@boblautenbach @Alan_L_Lovejoy @Ryu_Zoku Yes Chris Lattner is very interesting, been following his #LLVM and #SWIFT work.

@boblautenbach @Alan_L_Lovejoy @Ryu_Zoku Actually #ZokuTalk adopts the portion of SWIFT #EBNF for #Unicode as they seems have done good job on that, as well as parts of the EBNF for numerics such as "1_234.00" to expand privative data types entry.

@boblautenbach @Alan_L_Lovejoy @Ryu_Zoku Borrowing C & Assembly data types: 0b0011, 0xFF, keeping 16r0A, plus many others.

Actually the numeric formats are one of more complicated part of the #EBNF of #ZokuTalk and the only non-#MOBS (#Messages #Objects #Block #Syntax) part of the evolved syntax.

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My latest w/ @ordinarytimemag✍️
Betrayed by the Doge King:

The True Story behind Elon Musk's Attempted Buyout of Twitter🤯… #elonmusk #elonmusktwitter #ElonMuskTesla #tesla #tech @elonmusk #technology #news #politics @TaylorLorenz @conor64 @nickgillespie
Some may remember I was supportive of @elonmusk in & hoped his buyout of Twitter would enable more free speech online,

I promised that I would follow the truth as best I can, & after much research, this is what I found
#elonmusk #journalism #truth #tesla #stocks #memes
4months ago, Musk put the fear of God into Big Tech when he said he wanted to make Twitter a free speech platform.

After dodging all obstacles, right as he approached the finish line turned around & flipped the bird at all of his supporters🐦… @Timcast
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📢BICO Weekly Degen Digest reporting LIVE!

Some serious alpha in the past week:

🔺ETH is up ~40% in the last 30 days & BTC is up 8%.

🔺AVAX is up 31%, MATIC is up 57% & CRV is up 66%

Is it a great time to start deploying for builders?🤔

Let's find out!🧵👇 Image

💹Market Updates:

While $ETH has released strong hopium in the market, macro indicators are still bleak and bleaker.

For the first time in the decade, the ECB has announced it's getting ready for rate hikes while there are rumors of a 100 basis point rise in the US.

It's hard to say what's behind the price rally - the incoming Merge or just another short bull run?

Nonetheless, it is an excellent time to deploy! Teams, projects, and even #Web2 firms continue to innovate and deploy!
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Everyone compares $Floki to $Doge.

But that’s wrong.

#Floki is more like #Tesla.

Let me explain 🧵
Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. I am not an adviser.

This is simply my thesis.

In short,

I believe Floki is going from “Meme” to “Moat”
Many think Floki is just a meme.

Or believe it’s not a serious project.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.
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Here’s how Elon Musk is the biggest charlatan of 21st century.
$tsla $tslaq

Time for a thread🧵 🍿
1. Isn’t the founder of #Tesla, #PayPal or #Neuralink but tries to revise history to call himself one.
2. Always tries to push vaporware to generate hype (#FSD, #Robotaxi, #Semi, #Cybertruck, #Roadster, #Robot, etc)
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#Tesla's #Bitcoin were sold OTC, were sold because they need their money back to hedge against their fear of recession and to appeal to investors in this period.

Do not be confused, that is strategy from a company. A bad one probably.

They invested what they couldn't afford to
lose, buying high and selling low.

They have their terms, obviously they have to mantain positive cash flow, and errors on the accounting and investing side are made more by centralized companies these days than "decentralized" ones.
When investing you shouldn't consider what other people are doing, but only what you should do based on your asset allocation, risk adjustment and investment strategies.

This is not a financial advice obviously

Anyway I don't think those #Bitcoin made any difference
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$TSLA With NTM EV/Sales of 7.2x and NTM EV/EBITDA of 30.7x & FCF yield of 1.5%,#Tesla announces earnings tomorrow.

Cons est:
Rev : 17.09B (13% YoY gr). Last 8Qs, it has beat on Rev. Avg: +5.7%

Net Income: 2.32B
Gr Mrgn: 25%

#Tesla #earnings #preview
$TSLA - For past 8Qs, the NLP analyses of transcript indicates, the Co officials deflect significantly to analyst questions.

Other than Jan 2022, the 8 quarters price reaction has been well within implied move as measured by options

Src: @Sentieo

#Tesla #earnings #preview
$TSLA's #BTC holding, if held since purchase will be a headwind to earnings.

#Bitcoin #digitalassets #cryptocurrencies #doge #heatwave
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1/8 Is Tesla Model Y Already the Best Selling Car in the World? via

June, 2022 numbers for Tesla. Data and estimates for Toyota Corolla, RAV4 and Ford F150.

About 80k Tesla in the month.

$TSLA $TSLAQ #tesla

2/8 Toyota Corolla was number 1 in 2021 with 1.1 million and Toyota RAV4 was number 2 with and Ford F150 #3 in units but possibly #1 in revenue for a car model in 2021.
3/8 Toyota Corolla in 2022 had a 40% drop in China sales. @farzyness @WR4NYGov
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1/14 Tesla USA Doubled Sales in First Half of 2022 via

$TSLA #tesla #electriccars $VW $F #ford #VW
2/14 VW CEO Herbert Deiss Said VW would pass Tesla in EV sales in 2025 Image
3/14 Ford CEO Jim Farley said Ford would challenge Tesla globally in EV sales Image
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(2021년 8월20일 #Tesla AI DAY - 2부)

🧠 DAY형식의 3번째 이벤트로 중간에 BATTERY DAY가 있었지만 AI 관련이라서 2019년 4월에 있었던 AUTONOMY DAY의 이어지는 이벤트에 가까움.
1️⃣ 2부 : Planning and Control / Labeling Image

📝 Planner의 역할은 차량이 Safety(안전), Comfort(편안), Efficiency(효율)하게 이동시키는것.
🗓 2019년(Autonomy Day)때에도 차선 유지/변경, IC 진출은 능숙하게 하였지만 시내주행은 타 차량과의 양보, 협력 그리고 보행자를 살펴야 해서 어려운 문제. ImageImage
🛣 주행공간에는 2가지 문제가 있음.

1. Non-Convex : 해결책들을 다 모아보면 최적의 답이 아닌것으로 Discrete Search의 방법론이 해결책.
2. High-Dimensional : 위의 방법론이 반대로 문제를 일으키는데 미래의 나(차량)의 움직임을 모두 계획을 세우기 어렵기 때문. Image
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#Tesla made $3.3 Billion profit in Q1. How much profit will they report in Q2?
We know Q2 deliveries, we know Bitcoin impairment. Someone needs to crunch numbers.
In Q2 2021, #Tesla did a $1 Billion profit. They will need to show a profit greater than $1 Billion in Q2 2022, to have their P/E go further down.
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Informe mensual de vehículos eléctricos : junio y 1er semestre de 2022, #España


-Los #cocheselectricos 100%, #BEV son los únicos que suben (sin contar el gas)

-Caen los híbridos, incluso los enchufables (tendencia mundial) y continúa la caída de los de combustión Image
En el mes de mayores ventas del año y con entregas masivas de pedidos antiguos, se va perfilando la tendencia al declive de la combustión

Este es el resultado del 1er semestre en variaciones porcentuales

Nota: en este momento la demanda de eléctricos no puede ser atendida Image
En cifras absolutas queda como sigue:

Diésel y gasolina pierden 75.000 unidades y hay vehículos en oferta de muchas marcas (ver mis otros tweets)

La parada de #Tesla en Shanghai ha impedido un resultado mejor de los eléctricos Image
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