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1/ Mini-SCOOP on $TSLA EU homologation (& popcorn for $TSLAQ awaiting the Boring event):

A week ago, a popular #Tesla fluffer named @HansNoordsij said with absolute certainty that the Model 3 hsa been homologated in the EU. I called him out on this blatant LIE.
2/ Having just spent a stupid amount of time looking through EU/UN homologation literature, I had a decent grasp on these standards. My suspicions that the $TSLA Model 3 is very far from EU homologation was backed up by more knowledgeable commentators.
3/ Anyway, @HansNoordsij dismissed me as "FUD". Hans attended to the #Tesla Eindhoven store's grand opening and said he would inquire about Model 3 homologation there, and would reply to me about it. Meanwhile, he insisted that the Model 3 has been homologated "for months" now.
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I mean no disrespect. I just think it’s important to know the #Truth

George Herbert Walker Bush OR
George H. Scherff, Jr. 🤨…

Who exactly was George W. Bush?!!
I find this very interesting and disturbing!!
Was Papa Bush SS Nazi Spy
George H. Scherff, Jr. 🤨

Did Papa Bush have something to do with the death of #Tesla 🤨…

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Jagadis Chandra Bose developed wireless communication, discovered millimeter length electromagnetic waves and was a pioneer in the field of biophysics.

The receiver that Marconi used to send the first transatlantic wireless signal was invented by Bose.
I trust that it's well known that JC Bose is also considered the father of semiconductors.

Nevill Mott (Nobel Prize 1977): "J.C. Bose was at least 60 years ahead of his time. In fact, he had anticipated the existence of P-type and N-type semiconductors."…
Most significantly, JC Bose attempted the creation of science based on Vedantic principles.

This fact is not widely known, and look here for details (personally I think this approach will be of value in current science as well):…
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@temp_worker @ValueExpected @GatorInvestor @JohnTay20173208 @MikeOnink @jan56473 @Tesla Closed the day w/ 43 registrations, 361 in total for Nov (vs. 999 last Nov). 2 business days to go (record regs this month was yesterday w/ 73 regs). Even if it goes above 500, it seems unlikely that it will be by much. Note: last December avg was >>120, so not impossible.
@temp_worker @ValueExpected @GatorInvestor @JohnTay20173208 @MikeOnink @jan56473 @Tesla It's 7:30pm Norway time. 57 cars reg'd today, making it 426 for Nov (yesterday someone worked late, adding 6 more after 5:40pm when I posted).

Last 3 Sat's of Sept they worked on the weekend, but not in July. Not sure this Sat, but I suspect it's as good as it gets by tomorrow.
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A little side thread on Japanese Auto industry as I keep on posting threads on Panasonic & #Tesla. It’s useful to know who is allied w/ whom as we consider the Pana-Tesla relationship. For non-auto ppl, because it’s all common knowledge for auto ppl.

As a major supplier of navigation & auto infotainment equipment (among other parts), Pana has relationship w/ all Japanese Auto co’s. Toyota remains the closest ally, although Pana also works w/ Honda & others on Automotive batteries.
Just like its US & European counterparts, consolidation of Auto industry is slowly happening. There are currently 8 major auto co’s based in Japan, all in top 30 in the world by sales #.…

Let’s look at the current state of affairs.
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USA v Salil Parulekar
Tesla employee who resides in Norther CA was charged by DOJ on
9 counts of wire fraud
1 count Aggravated Identity Theft
He was arrested without bail.
Indictment found via @PlainSite
Per @PlainSite the Tesla employee indictment of 10 counts is only 10 pages long. That's unusual for an indictment with that number of charges. Charges 1-9 are the same, wire fraud, but still odd.
These are felony charges. $TSLA $TSLAQ #Tesla
Bail for financial crimes can be any amount, usually ranging from $50,000 up to $5 million (in rare circumstances more). Bail is not set at time of arrest as the felon must appear in court before a judge (in federal cuffs-feet & arms shackled).
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For those who want to support @Tesla but can't afford one here are a few ways you can support

1. Stock. Use the Robinhood app to buy stock in Tesla if you have the $$$

2. If you don't have $ for stock then buy a t shirt from the Tesla Store online.
3. You can also visit the Tesla store in your area

4. Stop buy Tesla superchargers in your area. Befriend local drivers. Buy them coffee (gift them a Starbucks card if you like) I don't suggest homemade stuff because me personally I would toss it. Crazy ppl out there.
5. Whenever you are talking about Tesla use the tags #Tesla $Tesla and be sure to mention them @Tesla. This will help them trend more on Twitter. The more ppl talking about Tesla = more publicity which companies pay millions for.
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1/ The #Tesla Model 3 is one of the most efficient #EV on a range/kWh basis, followed closely by the Bolt. Meanwhile the “Tesla Killers” lag significantly.
2/ “But they’re different types of cars so they aren’t comparable!” That’s why we put them into our physics based model that simulates EPA range to separate out form factor from battery/drivetrain efficiency.
3/ Even accounting for the fact that the Jaguar iPace is an SUV, it’s far less efficient than the Model 3.
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750 megawatt zoeken voor het #afschakelplan, 5 gigawatt importeren. Grote getallen, maar wat betekenen ze juist? Waarom staat de energie-afrekening in kilowattuur en waarom stoppen we geen zonnestroom in #batterijen? En wat met #kernenergie? Een ⚡elektrisch ⚡draadje!
De watt is de eenheid van vermogen, en is gelijk aan de energie (Joule) die per tijdseenheid (seconde) geleverd wordt. Een waterkoker van “1000W” zet dus elke seconde 1000J elektrische energie om in warmte. Na één minuut is dus 1000W x 60s = 60.000 Joule aan warmte geleverd.
Op een heel jaar tijd komt een gemiddeld gezin aan een verbruik van 12 miljard Joule. Beetje onhandig groot getal, daarom gebruiken we de kWh, of de kilowattuur. Dit is de energie die overkomt met een vermogen van 1 kilowatt, dat gedurende 1 uur geleverd wordt.
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United States Securities and Exchange Commission v. Elon Musk
NOTE: Tesla $TSLA is NOT name in the SEC civil lawsuit.
Expect the Board to remove Musk
#TheSociopathicBusinessModel #FraudFormula…
"...false and misleading statements made by Elon Musk..."
"...during trading hours, Musk tweeted to his 22 million followers..."
The #Tesla $TSLA board flipped on Musk to avoid prosecution by SEC
#TheSociopathicBusinessModel #FraudFormula #ForcedAccountability
"...not knowing..."
Musk will try and use this to shift blame without taking accountability. It will NOT work his time.
#TheSociopathicBusinessModel #FraudFormula #ForcedAccountability
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Alright, let's do this again:
SEC = Civil
If SEC finds criminal activity they kick to
DOJ = Civil + Criminal
By the time DOJ subpoenas are served civil is known.
Goal of civil is to get enough information to indict on criminal through a grand jury.
$TSLA #Tesla
By the time DOJ subpoenas are served the target(s) of the criminal investigation have already had their trash dug-through by FBI agents for months.
$TSLA #Tesla
By the time DOJ subpoenas are served in criminal investigations most former employers of significance have been interviewed in exchange for immunity. As part of their immunity deal they MUST cooperate with the feds which includes in some cases wearing a wire.
$TSLA #Tesla
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Probably not fine.


$TSLA #Tesla
It's always fun to go back and look at who said what when. The bonds above were oversubscribed by 300M. Some blindly cheered it.

$TSLA #Tesla
Included in that were pie in the sky projections of production and margins.
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31. Terwijl Elon Musk eindelijk een uurtje slaapt zonder pillen (Of misschien wel een volle 1,5 uur slaapt) gaan wij ff snel door met #TeslaFamily dingetje 31.

Zolang Tesla nog bestaat kan het nog, mensuh!

Ja, een beetje regen. Blijft lastig, voor je nieuwe 70 mille Tesla 3 ..
Maarre, of jullie daar niet teveel aandacht aan willen besteden. Dat wij bij Tesla nog niet eens een f#cking deurrubber waterdicht kunnen maken nu. Na 6 jaar serieproductie.

Gewoon bestellen, die Model 3. Komt ammel goed. Denken we.
Over bestellen gesproken. Al die verhalen, dat je de afgekeurde Tesla Model 3 van iemand anders krijgt. Als "nieuwe auto"

Die 'm op zijn beurt weer afgekeurd kreeg van iemand anders. Als "nieuwe auto"

Niks van geloven hoor. Is allemaal echtheusniewaar ..
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UBS / #Tesla Smoking Gun

1. Paid Munro & Assoc. for #Model3 study
2. Munro recants and says Model 3 is profitable
3. UBS short ~$300M on $TSLA
4. UBS is publicly denying (with information campaign) results of Munro study
5. Munro is sued and gagged (by unknown party)
/3 A sharper view of Munro's logo on UBS footage.

And UBS previously threatening @ElectrekCo with lawyers over a similar Chevy Bolt breakdown. See video.

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MUNRO THREAD 1/ If anyone can buy Sandy Munro's #Tesla #Model3 teardown report, why is his ability to do press limited by a contract from an unnamed corporation (as reported by @lorakolodny)?…
MUNRO THREAD 2/ Who is the unnamed corporation muzzling Munro? The PDF linked above offers some possibilities: BMW and GM.

The report includes side-by-side analyses of the Model 3 with the BMW i3 and Chevy Bolt.

Might these companies fear head-to-head comparisons with Model 3?
MUNRO THREAD 3/ Another possibility is Siemens. They partnered with Munro to measure noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) and body-in-white (BIW) performance. Though I can't see why Siemens would care if Munro talked to the press.
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Amid report of widening @SEC_Enforcement investigation of @Tesla and concerns about the ability of @elonmusk to run the company, the electric carmaker's stock is down 5.5%.
#Tesla now down 7.83%.
In afternoon trading @Tesla stock down 8.25%.
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Real life Iron Man, aka @elonmusk has big plans for humanity.

He appears to be invested in a bunch of random ventures; rockets, $TSLA cars, tunnels..

But I think it's all connected. He's doing all of this with a very simple goal: the long-term survival of humanity.

A thread:
1/ #climatechange or #GlobalWarming is a huge threat. 14% of ghg emissions are from transportation, and 25% from electricity and heat generation. This is where @Tesla comes in. By electrifying our vehicle fleet, we can already eliminate a big chunk of emissions.
2/ The Semi will probably save more CO2 than all other #Tesla vehicles combined. Trucks drive an insane amount of miles compared to cars, & they pull a lot of cargo.

Second part of this is the energy generation & storage with Tesla Energy. Greenify the grid 👉 less CO2 emissions
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2018 Q3 Update

This thread presents my quarterly projections, which I believe if #Tesla achieves, would value $TSLA at $2,500 by 4Q21 and $5,000 by 4Q23. I use them to track @Tesla's progress. Poll follows each projection. Please vote, discuss, and retweet for larger sample.
Model S/X
- 2H18: High demand due to credit phaseout
- 30% GAAP gross margin by 4Q18
- Refresh: Interior in 2019; 2170s in 2020
- 2020+ expansion in Asia, LatAm, ME
- Savings benefit customers
- 2025: 200k S/X per year @ 30% GM
$TSLA Intrinsic Value: $1000
Please characterize☝️ projection for Model S/X

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WOW! This is flipping insane, stay with me & check out this entire thread, still researching but damn. #BasitIgnet #DalaiLama #Benghazi #NXVIM #BronfmanFamily
This just shows how long the deceit had been going on, this is why it will take time to arrest & prosecute. #Qanon #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #MAGA
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Plusieurs entreprises de la tech prennent cher dans le nouveau générique de "Silicon Valley" saison 5. En premier, Facebook, dont le logo est brièvement remplacé par de l'écriture cyrillique (wink wink Russie wink)
Les gens quittent Uber pour aller chez Lyft (qui sont à présent représentés par des gros bâtiments et non plus des montgolfières) #SiliconValley
Le bâtiment de "Juicero" est à peine construit qu'il est déjà abandonné (pour rappel de la folle histoire de cette startup qui vendait 400€ une machine pour presser des "sacs" de jus qu'on pouvait en fait presser à la main:…)
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1/ It's time to deconstruct this article @cleantechnica republished on #Tesla Energy. I enjoy the site and there is some good reporting there, but I respectfully submit that this article is so materially misleading that it ought to be retracted. $TSLA…
2/ Let's start with this claim. Did you know that Tesla Energy grew by a 'whopping 516%' in 2017? Me neither. Because it didn't. $TSLA
3/ Tesla Energy consists of SolarCity and their battery business. It did $1.116B in combined revenue in 2017. How did these same businesses do in 2016? Go to the last SolarCity 10K. In 2016 SolarCity did $730.3MM in revenue. $TSLA
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1/ A friendly reminder of what really matters with #Tesla. It isn't today's stock action or yesterday's executive departure. That's all noise. Before proceeding, disclosures: short via puts, not investment advice, do your own research, etc. etc. etc.
2/ At the highest level, gross profit - operating expenses - interest = pretax profit. It is really that simple. To assess a company, look at those three things. For $TSLA, gross profit can be divided into auto and everything else.
3/ Gross profit for everything else ex-auto at Tesla isn't pretty. Batteries, solar, services and other. Not good. Roughly a $70MM loss in Q4. Essentially: Auto gross profit must carry things.
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@elonmusk @Tesla @TeslaMotorsClub #Tesla 5285 is pissed. since my Tesla is out of warranty. Since I see everyone having issues. I'm going to tear my pos lemon apart. I diagnosed the door, expect a door teardown of why the window does not work right. Fix your QC Tesla.
Thanks for flooding my car, the smell of mold is bullshit.
Next week the #tesla teardown begins. #lemon #designedtofail #tesla

Thanks @Tesla for selling me a $104,000 pile of shit.
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