This person blocked me then wrote this... Image
Here's information.."the prevalence percentages for the diagnoses for drug abuse, drug dependence, and drug addiction were in the range of 3.2-18.9%"
Ppl don't realize that TRUTH is being wiped from the internet & public record. It's NOT conspiracy.
From older studies on opiates re: safety/efficacy, To info such as Siobhan Reynold's advocacy & House Judiciary testimony being wiped from public record.…
If you DARE point out any of this, provide links and information, not to mention rational demonstrated PROOF that drugs don't 'cause' addiction, you're blocked by people more comfortable drinking the anti-opioid KoolAid. Image
I'm going to put the brunt of 'blame' on current addiction advocacy right now for the widespread public misinformation, the part where current public narratives have people believing that drugs 'cause' addiction, which couldn't be further from the truth. 🧐#DrugUseForGrownUps Image
"Main stream science' re: opioids is a FALSE NARRATIVE.
A false narrative that causes such cognitive dissonance in those inculcated in said narrative that when confronted with the truth, these people put their fingers in their ears and refuse any measure of logic or reason. Image
I had accumulated so many links to provide people with information and they were wiped out when my computer went down about 3 years ago.
Now, those same links are almost impossible to find in all the anti-opioid hype on the internet. No matter how your word your searches. 🧐

• • •

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More from @ravensspirit68

21 Sep
Almost three years ago, this was sent.
Among many more I'll include in this thread, along with form letter responses.
Our Representatives KNOW what is happening to us.
They have known all along.
#ScreamLouder Image
2-Written Dec, 2018...😔 Image
3- 2018 Regulations comment submission... Image
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21 Sep
Thread-1- Our President, today in his speech, cited specifically upholding Article 5.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
How many of these basic HUMAN RIGHTS are people in the pain community being denied at this very moment...? Image
2-Article 5 states:
"No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment."

Ask any person being denied adequate pain treatment about the torture they endure day in and day out, every minute of the day and night.

@hrw confirmed it. Image
3-We can't uphold basic tennants of HUMAN RIGHTS in the U.S.
How can we preach to the world about what should be done in other countries?
How can we 'lead by example' on a world stage if we demonstrate a lack of concern for the most vulerable of our own?…
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20 Sep
Thread...I remember when they sprayed my neighborhood with malathion, I was about 11... There was orange red dust everywhere, on our bikes, the cars, the lawns where we played and layed to watch the stars at night.…
I remember the recluse bite that caused an infection so bad that my knee was the size of a large cantaloupe, severe tissue necrosis, fever of 105...
They came in on a lumber shipment to the local Handyman store here in CA. Flyers were put out to warn the locals. Image
I remember the fluoride experiments. Our water was fluoridated, we did fluoride rinses at elementary school like this one below, I was given fluoride pills during my 1st pregnancy; told it would give my child stronger teeth. It didn't help me or her.…
Read 8 tweets
19 Sep
2-Dr.Sally Satel has been dragged through the mud by many including 'Stat', for daring to state the truth.
“Contrary to media portrayals, the typical OxyContin addict does not start out as a pain patient who fell unwittingly into a drug habit.”…
3-Deceptive marketing??? No more deceptive than alcohol manufacturers showing happy, healthy, young people drinking socially vs the college age alcoholic binge drinking and choking to death on their own vomit. Image
4-We as a society are more than willing to pick up our pitchforks to demand the heads of opioid makers delivered up on a silver platter.
Yet alcohol, that kills far, far, more than Rx opiates are exempt.
GOV Reps will tell us 'prohibition doesn't work' unless they say it does. 🙄
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1 Sep
Grievance letter in thread, written in 2014.
Prior to CDC guidelines.
I was dismissed out of hand, told I was 'free to find another healthcare provider'.
Since then, things have gotten far more deadly for people in pain...
@NPR @greggutfeld @MSNBC @CNN @DatelineNBC
2-July 18th 2014
To Whom It May Concern:
Let me begin by saying that I feel that my doctor has abandoned me. Kaiser Permanente has made me sign a pain contract under extreme duress and I feel, at the very least, that my patient rights have been violated; if not my civil rights.
3-This letter is being written in hopes of revising a system that I feel discriminates, marginalizes, and has the potential to alienate and cause more harm than good in regard to patients seeking relief from chronic pain.
Read 24 tweets

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