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Let's break down #TheGreatOpioidLie.
1-"Over-prescribing was the cause of the opioid crisis."
First according to the Medical Board of CA, there is no legal definition of 'overprescribing'.
Second, it is a THEORY that the mandate to treat pain led to the overdose crisis
cont... Image
2-The Gov's own stats disprove the access theory. As access to RX meds declines we continued to see a steady increase in drug deaths.
Seems something else might have been a the heart of why we saw a rise in ODs and continue to see record numbers of PEOPLE dying.
3-Could it have been the collective trauma we all experienced after 9/11, then we sent our loved ones off to war, and they were being sent home with broken bodies, then the financial collapse, outsourcing of manufacturing jobs, people losing homes, retirement, investment accts... Image
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Makes me sad-
The same arguments/facts we were making back in 2014 when Share Our Pain was one of the few E-advocacy groups here are the same things new people are just realizing.
Siobhan Reynolds-way before that.
All the anti-opioid PROPagandists know.
2/EVERY #chronicpain pt needs to know our history re: our advocacy. Siobhan Reynolds was a lion, hunted down by GOV, cut down in the prime of her life.
Her voice will echo through time, forewarning the atrocities we see rapidly increasing in real time now.…
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We've lost too many in this insane '#opioid' war.
The sick & injured are spending the last years of their lives fighting, suffering, begging MDs & GOV for the medicines they need to mediate their pain.
They say taking our medicines away is to 'save' people.
No one is being saved.
Death due to #Untreatedpain or #Undertreatedpain is death by a thousand cuts.

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@thomasjwwalters 1-'Rx opioids caused the OD crisis and #deathsofdespair'
In fact, my hypothesis is that it was a tragic coincidence that opioid prescribing increased to adequately treat those with pain/chronic pain right alongside a prolonged national catastrophe.
@thomasjwwalters 2- We KNOW that drug & alcohol use issues often go hand in hand with emotional, financial, and other types of 'trauma'. The collective trauma of a terrorist attack, war, financial corruption and collapse, ppl losing homes, jobs, retirement... A PERFECT STORM for ⤴️drug use.
@thomasjwwalters 3- These factors touched ALL of America. Especially hard hit was (white) Middle Class America, already struggling, but then landed with the knock out blow of job loss due to Wall Street corruption, exportation of manufacturing jobs, people losing homes, savings, retirement etc...
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"When he came to, he was on the floor. He had rolled out of the wheelchair and hit his head. A gaggle of worried-looking medical staff stood over him. They asked if he was on drugs."

In most ER, he would have already been hit with two doses of NARCAN.…
#alphagal allergy syndrome breaks all rules, stands as example of how much we don't know. This guy got lucky. I have YET to meet medpro that knows this, except for my allergist.

Had I not studied myself and searched for answers, my PCP would have found them thru MY anaphylaxis.
Would it have been flu shot I refused? (2 of 4 have mammal component)..

Maybe the acid blocker I refused, in a gel-cap?

Would I have passed out during colon prep for procedure I refused?

How long before first 'incident' gets me narcanned? Hell I'm probably allergic to it too.
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We can break this down point by point and apply it to what is happening to people in pain who require opiates for adequate pain relief.
Moral justification & high emotion drove legislation. The #GreatOpioidLie of how addiction by prescription was the cause of ODs became mainstream fodder.
Pts in pain? Acceptable collateral damage.
“EUPHEMISTIC LABELING” #CATASTROPHIZER became the catchphrase of the day.
When pushback came against the catastrophizing label, those being labeled were actually asked to come up with a label that is more acceptable to them, but means the same thing.
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