And this is how we pain patients die. 😓
People in pain are dying. We are losing hope. #NoneOfThisIsOK
Carla died fighting for herself and for all of us.
She was ridiculed by medical 'professionals' and begged the CDC director for help.
#OpioidHysteria creates bias in medical practice, clouds judgement, and ends in poor or no treatment resulting in suffering and/or death for those in pain.
So many of us have illnesses that are referred to as 'suicide diseases'.
With proper pain control and symptomatic management, most can continue breathing, continue living.
Existing in pain day after day, minute by minute, year after year is often unendureable.
Pain patients with severe illness know that opioids work. Yet we are gaslit, told our real and lived experiences are not real.
We are told to accept our fate, find joy in our pain, be mindful and life will magically get better.
Those doing this to us are monsters.
And for all those who pass judgement, who think it won't happen to them...
People in pain are labeled paid Pharma shills, or 'addicts' who 'just want their drugs'. This is often done by people who proclaim they are about reducing #stigma.
Yeah, right.
The lies and misinformation about the so called '#opioidcrisis' has been rampant for years now.
'Real' numbers are likely FAR LESS than even 12,000 when we factor in intentional suicide, smuggled narcotics, stolen, etc...
Yet here we are, no meaningful changes for pts in pain.
It's almost impossible not to lose hope when you are drowning and you know no one is coming to save you.
In fact, they dropped a message by plane telling you that will take years to send help and to just keep treading water. 😔😪
Dawn Anderson, another CPP who has fallen due to the #GreatOpioidLie.…

• • •

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More from @ravensspirit68

6 Aug
1-I just want to say that I called our Public Health Dept weeks ago for info on pts w/severe #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis getting vaccinated.
Phone call was made per CDC, FDA, & NIH recommendation, as the respective GOV agencies told me they don't have data to give me instruction.😔
2-Have to wonder who is giving our local jurisdictions instruction if the agencies they turn to say they don't have the data. But I digress...
They did not have answers to my questions but said they'd look into it. I never received a call back from the County Public Health Dept.
3-Also expressed concern during the phone call about how we're relying on self reporting regarding side effects of vaccines, which is beyond problematic when trying to collect accurate data for science, so data being collected is accurate and people can make informed consent. 🤔
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24 Jul
1-Per CDC 10,262 breakthrough cases (in fully vaccinated people) have been reported & 162 have died. That's a 1.5% death rate in breakthrough cases thus far with the caveat that not all states are even reporting breakthrough cases.
U.S total for COVID-19 deaths is about 1.7%.
2-In both populations unvaccinated and vaccinated, so far, the percentage of deaths is very close.
And in both vaccinated & unvaccinated populations, it's those with co-morbitities, chronic health issues, immunocompromisation, and the elderly that are at most risk of dying.
3-Here's some CDC data.…
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24 Jul
1-Note that even Jeff Sessions, the same person who told people to 'just take an aspirin and go to bed', signed on to the Pain Relief Promotion Act in 2000.
We never got to where pain was being adequately treated before the anti-opioid agenda kicked in.…
"The Pain Relief Promotion Act has two main purposes. First, it encourages practitioners to prescribe and administer controlled substances to relieve pain and discomfort."
"Practitioners should be encouraged to treat pain aggressively even when the treatment may increase the risk of death."
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21 Jul
1-This is just MY opinion.
I think any 'pain pt advocate' should be helping to dispel the notion that 'overprescribing' MDs, or a 'over supply', of legal, known potency, pain medicines, caused the so called 'opioid crisis'.…
2-A pain patient advocate should be working to do away with parole like policies of endless drug testing for pain patients & law enforcement tools like the PDMP; as these 'tools' have done NOTHING to prevent ODs. In fact all above policies have coincided with INCREASING ODs.
3-A pain patient advocate should be pushing back on the 'opioids as a last resort & the 'dangerous drug' narrative.
Opioids are a safe and effective way of treating pain for MOST people and the data shows that prescribed opiates as an initiating point for addiction is RARE.
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19 Jul
@thomasjwwalters 1-'Rx opioids caused the OD crisis and #deathsofdespair'
In fact, my hypothesis is that it was a tragic coincidence that opioid prescribing increased to adequately treat those with pain/chronic pain right alongside a prolonged national catastrophe.
@thomasjwwalters 2- We KNOW that drug & alcohol use issues often go hand in hand with emotional, financial, and other types of 'trauma'. The collective trauma of a terrorist attack, war, financial corruption and collapse, ppl losing homes, jobs, retirement... A PERFECT STORM for ⤴️drug use.
@thomasjwwalters 3- These factors touched ALL of America. Especially hard hit was (white) Middle Class America, already struggling, but then landed with the knock out blow of job loss due to Wall Street corruption, exportation of manufacturing jobs, people losing homes, savings, retirement etc...
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14 Jul
1-Let's be clear. If it weren't for the false narrative that RX opiates were driving OD deaths, no one would be supporting 'saving' people battling addiction.
2-It was only after (white) Uppper & Middle Class Americans, (especially people of affluence), began losing loved ones and kids due to a deadly drug supply that the 'false narrative' about 'opioids' became mainstream.…
3-Drug deaths & addiction, even to 'opioids', has been around a very long time. In fact, the drug war, like any other war, is a profitable enterprise.
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