Webster’s Dictionary is wrong. Marriage isn’t a noun, it’s a verb.

How to get through your first year.

//a thread
You can't plant a seed (or a marriage) and expect it to bear fruit the next day...or the next month or even the next year.

It doesn’t work that way.
I talked to my dad last night and he asked about the apple trees we planted last spring.

“We're getting a little fruit dad. A couple of apples. It’s still not the best fruit though. The best fruit will come in 2-3 years.”

You can't rush seeds.
You can take care of them.
Water them.
Remove the weeds.

But you can’t rush them.

One day your seed will grow into a tiny, rather weak looking tree.

You'll be SO PROUD of that tree! It won’t be much to look at but it will be all yours!

You’ll look at your wife and say, “We did it babe!”

One day...
You'll wake up and see a tiny apple growing...SO CUTE!

You get up early the next day to see if it's ready to pick!

It's not.

You can’t rush it. The fruit will come but you have to be patient.

One morning you get up early and check on the tiny apples progress and...
A fucking asshole bird (in the form of an argument or situation you didn't see coming) ate 1/2 your apple. You'll feel defeated.


It is.

What do you do?
You keep watering the tree.
You keep taking the weeds out.
You even figure out how to keep the birds away.

Eventually, the little tree grows deep roots and the next year there are two apples!

You celebrate by...
Sitting in the sun together as you savor the sweetness of the first fruits.

You keep watering and pruning and before you know it, you have so many apples...

The most delicious apples you've ever tasted,

You don't know what to do with them all.

Make apple pie!
And apple jelly,
And there’s even enough to stick in a few jars to get you through the winter.

And people wonder, "Why is it so easy for them??? Why does their tree produce SO MUCH FRUIT?"
They didn't see you plant the seeds.
They didn't see those bastard birds take the seeds right out of the ground that first year.
They didn't see you ignoring the weeds that eventually choked out the first little tree.

And they didn't see you start over.

All they see...
Is the fruit.

And they think, “They’re so lucky”.
Marriage isn't a noun, it's a verb.
Translated version:

The first years of marriage can be hard.
Be intentional.
Put in the work.
It might feel like your marriage isn't growing.
It is.
Work together.
Celebrate together.

Most importantly, be patient.
I hope this thread finds the right person.

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Advice to men in their 20’s from a 55-year-old who’s been around'.

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• Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl.
• How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
• Atomic Habits by @JamesClear
Sell your gaming system.

They’re dream killers.

Invest money from the sale into an IRA.

Buy more books.
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