1. Yesterday, I had an experience online, that left me feeling very small.

September 30th, was the very first #NationalDayforTruthandReconciliation, and I'm pretty sure the overwhelming majority of us can agree that #CdnMediaFailed us by playing "Where's Waldo-Trudo?".
2. And IMHO, this unfortunate taking away of the platform from the Indigenous community was made possible, in part surprising less meticulous than usual standard planning, communications, and expectations management by the PMO.
3. As a Canadian who wants things to get better, I was upset at the sloppiness as it left an opening for #CdnMedia to be as lazy as it could possibly be, and not make an effort to promote Indigenous voices on the day.
4. The fact that #CdnMedia didn't even try, makes me wonder if systemic racism is so embedded within it, that it is ashamed of its inability to effectively promote Indigenous voices...

It's almost like media had no intention of promoting them and looked for an alternative story.
5. And, unfortunately, because the PMO did not do the necessary preparatory work to communicate to Canadians -- in a manner such that it would render the information basic public knowledge -- that which the Prime Minister was going to do on the day and why.
6. So, yesterday, as a concerned Canadian who is 100% on board with doing right by Indigenous Canadians, and doing it as fast as humanly possible, I came online to criticize my government and to say #IDemandBetter
7. Doing that, earned me several rebukes from one Indigenous person, who kept on accusing me all day, of making #TruthAndReconciliation about both myself and Trudeau.
8. These rebukes had the impact of the gut punch, diminished me, and sent me to a dark place, in which I had vowed to never speak again of Indigenous issues; to just completely check out of the conversation, forevermore.
9. Now, while I understand fully, and don't need it explainef to me, that #TruthandReconciliationDay is not about my story; not about me; surely the movement towards #TruthAndReconciliation is, at least a little, about me, as each and every single one of us has a part to play.
10. If settlers simply standing up to be counted/saying: "I'm on board! Tell me how I can help!", and telling their Government: "Hey! Smarten up!" get smacked down and told: "It's not about YOU!!!", I'm not sure how we go from just listening to action.

11. Caveat: I'll be above is written with the very sharp awareness that while my knowledge is limited, my heart is open, pure, and full of light, and my intentions are noble.
12. So, with that said, if there is an Indigenous person reading this and beside themselves, please, gently, tell me what it is about my thinking that requires an adjustment.

Sitting in the dark, being told that everything I do is wrong, but no more, has very little value.
13. In case anyone is interested, a very kind person proactively provided guidance, and agreed to a collaboration, last July.

This was the result:

15. I offer these as something which may be helpful, with no other motive...

Until we chat again, be kind to, and gentle with, yourselves... and each other.

These are tough times.

• • •

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2 Oct
1. To my Twitter friends with whom I am exchanging on the issue of #Tofino, I asked you to remember that I am commenting from the viewpoint political communications strategy, and therefore that my critique of the Prime Minister and the PMO is strictly about that aspect.
2. I haven't suddenly gone rogue, and I'm not claiming that he's a phony.

I'm simply pointing out where there were planning, communications, and expectation management failings, and how things could have been done better.
3. And I don't think there's any doubt that things could have been done better, for had they been done better, #Tofino would not be the issue that has generated the most activity on my feed since WE.
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29 Aug
1. The person taking over our apartment had asked us to leave our air conditioner and that she would buy it from us for $200.

She has confirmed several times.

Today, she let us know that she had found one at a better price and would not be taking it after all.
2. Of course, during the nearly TWO MONTHS we set it aside for her, she didn't tell us she was looking for a better deal.

Now she says she looked for another one when she didn't hear back from us for a week, but yesterday she confirmed she'd be sending us they money for it.
3. Of course, we've only been involved in a heat wave for most of the past two months and would have had NO PROBLEM selling it.

Now, with 7 hours left to move, we find out we must uninstall an AC.

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29 Aug
1. #HomeOwnership Update

The ceilings in two rooms are now fully painted, two coats, and they don't look half bad.

I may actually be able to do this.

We've had to stop painting for a bit to start moving furniture.
2. It is near impossible to find a rental vehicle or moving van, but we managed to find a flatbed truck... However, we only have it until 5 p.m. today. I'd say we have about two more full loads, but we'll have to take the bed apart to get it downstairs.

That'll be a big job.
3. Fortunately, we still have until noon on the 31st to clean up the old place, and rent a carshare for the few things that can still be packed in boxes, so we don't have to be 100% moved by 5 p.m.
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28 Aug
1. Losing people (either through death and just life taking them away to other opportunities) is rough.

First, there has been a LOT of death (almost all of it, non-COVID-related) in my circle of friends/acquaintances over the past year.

But also over the past short while...
2. People I cherish have moved on or are moving on to other opportunities.

My friend Chris moved to Ireland after obtaining his Ph.D., just before COVID hit, and is now with his parents in the U.A.E.
3. My friend Gianmarco, recently got married, is finishing up his Ph.D. and moving to Vietnam.

My friend Ian got a research opportunity in Québec City. His car is packed and he leaves this morning.
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27 Aug
1. The campaign so far:

EOT: Trust me, I'll lead a moderate government, just like Trudeau's, (although my MPs will rarely vote with me) that will promise you everything and balance the books

#Elxn44 #CdnPoli
2. JS: Trust me, I would have done more of everything Trudeau and the Liberals did, but only faster and better. Besides you can't trust Trudeau to do anything at all he promises he'll do. He never follows through.
3. YFB: Although Legault is already the leader of a jurisdiction and can represent Québec himself, I promise to be redundant by taking every decision made at the Assemblée National and treating it as if I am the Ambassador of Québec to Canada.
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27 Aug
1. I think I have come to the conclusion/realization that we had a pretty much move-in ready house and we've pretty much spent the week vandalizing it in an effort to personalize it and make it perfect.
2. Painting a whole house is too big a job for a relative newbie like me. And yesterday, we got samples of the paint colour upon which we agreed (after no fewer than 6 days debating them)... and ALL of them are awful!!
3. NONE of them look like that which we selected from the swatches. They're ALL darker and way more vibrant.

Had we used them, our place would have looked like Disney vomited Technicolor cotton candy all over the place.
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