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You may have seen the Ontario PCs spamming links to The Hamilton Independent.

So I asked the question, what is this new “news org” and after doing extensive research I have found the following EXPLOSIVE…. 1/

#cdnmedia #onpoli ImageImageImage
Just kidding, took two seconds and a single google search to find their connections to Jeff Ballingal and Canada/Ontario Proud. #CdnMediaFailed

HI is a fake news source basically putting out articles to benefit Canada/Ontario Proud and Jeff Ballingals clients (CPC & PCPO) 2/ ImageImage
The Hamilton Independent is also tied to The Niagara Independent, another fake news site. #CdnMediaFailed 3/
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I went out last night and a gentleman who I was talking to about music. He suddenly went off topic and asked me why I think people are so angry. I said that I thought that it was SM and #CdnMediaFailed. I told him about Post Media being sold to a far right wing US hedge fund. 1)
I told him that Harper ok'd the sale even though it violated Canadian Content rules. He went ballistic when I told him that opeds are opinion pieces and not real journalism. He started attacking me for just stating my opinion. 2)
He yelled in my face "Where are you from?" I told him that we were sitting on the ancestral home of my family. This made him even more incensed. He left in a huff. The irony is real 🙄
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PP calling #CBC “Trudeau Liberal propaganda”, had 2 objectives: to discredit CBC when holding Polievre #CPC to account AND to make CBC second guess any positive stories about Trudeau & #LPC.
@CBC obliges with stories like this. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia Image
By the way, the Jamaican trip was a Xmas vacation. So why is this a “top story” that prominently quotes #NevrePoilievre? @CBCRadioCanada @CBCNews, care to explain?

#Cdnmedia: it’s time to decide whether you are on the side of democracy or on the side of dismantling it. #cdnpoli
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So of course #NationalPost publishes an article by a white Conservative who absolutely mischaracterizes what people are saying. NO ONE is saying not to investigate lest it inflame anti-Asian hate. We are saying this op exploits anti-Asian hate. #CdnMediaFailed #cdnpoli
As for “cozying up to Beijing”, no one has done that more than #Conservatives. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia #CdnMediaFailed
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I’m re-upping some recent 🧵 in light of more reckless reporting from Sam Cooper @globalnews. Cooper’s recent piece does not cite A SINGLE actionable piece of evidence. Nor is there ANY mention of the degree of confidence of the intelligence or whether it had even been assessed.
2 leakers disseminate selected intelligence of unknown confidence to Fife & Cooper, 2 reporters the leakers knew would do exactly what was predicable. The groupthink inability to employ critical reasoning from within #CdnMediaFailed, ensued. #cdnpoli
The one leaker wrote an op-ed in which the leaker’s political agenda, self-righteousness & sanctimony, were revealed.
Again I will say, there hasn’t been any actionable evidence put forward at any time from @globalnews or @globeandmail. #CdnMediaColludes #cdnpoli
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And so as an American myself who is a great supporter and admirer of Trudeaus père et fils and wants Canada to chart its own path, I urge Canadians to resist the drumbeat of war, the pressure from the Pentagon, and the hawkishness of the dirty pigeon. #cdnpoli
“The U.S. government can no longer tolerate such a threat emanating principally from within Canada's borders,” [an uncorroborated DOJ memo from 1998] states. #cdnpoli 2/
This is Op Canadian Bacon using the drumbeat of war with China as a proxy for fearmongering about, and flexing US muscles against, the beleaguered social-democratic neighbour next door. #cdnpoli 3/
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So yesterday I was fed a story in my news app that enraged me. #Cdnmedia is in a crisis. The rank inability to employ logical reasoning, the pushing of a narrative for political ends, is not reporting. It is propaganda & it misinforms the public, not the opposite. #cdnpoli ImageImage
It was more shockingly poor reporting on Chinese interference, implying a connection where no factual evidence is provided. Merely a faulty attempt to draw conclusions without substantiating anything. Just garbage reporting. #CdnmediFailed #cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage
The article even admits it has no evidence, merely wild speculation implying that the drop in #Conservative votes is due to a vague implication of Chinese interference. Chiu lost & because he lives in a RW bubble, imagines that it must be “interference”…#CdnMediaFailed #cdnpoli ImageImage
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1. Pulling together my recent🧵s on this latest #Cdnmedia China saga that has much broader implications re #CdnNatSec, political operatives, breaking the law to leak to journalists with political motives.

Remember who #RobertFife is.
Fife implied China had the ability to choose 🇨🇦’s government right down to whether majority or minority. Utterly reckless nonsense. Of course, Fife offered not one single shred of factual evidence. #Cdnpoli #CdnMediaFailed
3. The reporting on this story is off & there is so much that is suspect. Resurfacing allegations that are not new. Why? Why now? By whom?#POECreport #FluTruxKlan #ChristineAnderson #Cdnpoli #cdnmedia
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Something else in this CSIS/Fife story, doesn’t pass the smell test & once again, demonstrates #CdnMediaFailed. Who keeps being interviewed by @globalnews & others? None other than Richard Fadden. The former Harper appointee of @csiscanada, later Harper NatSec advisor. #cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage
Richard Fadden was also Harper’s Deputy Minister of National Defence from 2013 to 2015. He was also Harper’s Associate Secretary to the Cabinet.

Fadden was also Harper’s Deputy Minister of Citizenship & Immigration Canada from 2006 to 2009. #cdnpoli #CdnNatSec ImageImageImage
As we all know, there is zero chance that Harper would have anyone in his tight inner circle appointed to multiple positions without being a #Conservative partisan, which Fadden is. He worked closely with Jason Kenney (particularly), Vic Toews & Peter Van Loan also. #cdnpoli Image
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.@nationalpost is garbage. It is a propaganda rag that used to also do reporting & now only occasionally throws actual reporting in to disguise what a deception publication it is. Its attempts to carry water for #FreeDumbConvoy is a case in point. #EmergenciesActInquiry #cdnmedia Image
Carson Jerema is a propagandist. His job is writing propaganda “opinion” pieces, not journalism & certainly not informing the public. In fact, he misinforms the public. His claims are directly contradicted by evidence & testimony. He begrudgingly acknowledges the harm, then… ImageImageImage
Claims the harm wasn’t sufficient. That it was somehow all under control by other levels of government, when the evidence clearly shows this was not the case. That the unwillingness & failure to act by provincial & municipal governments forced the use of #EmergenciesAct. #cdnpoli
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The lies told by #Conservatives & a supine #CdnMediaFailed around the #EmergenciesAct, is appalling on every level. Not only did virtually all #CPC MPs support an #InfoOps & destabilization operation against 🇨🇦, many were key participants. The EA was necessary as a direct 1/2
…of provincial & municipal failures, in addition to the failure of local & provincial policing.

I would also love to know what information was shared between @csiscanada, @FINTRAC_Canada & @OttawaPolice, #OPP @RCMPAlberta & @rcmpmb.

#NeverVoteConservative #cdnpoli
*result (a direct result, that should have said)
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So I wrote a 100+ tweet 🧵on the great many & ever-growing failings rendering "Conservative" leader Poilievre unelectable as Prime Minister but it got mangled at the end. Given the 3x weekly proto-fascistic bozo eruptions of this man & his enablers, this 2nd 🧵was needed. Mahalo!
[You can access #TheUnelectablePoilievre 🧵Part One here. I suggest you bring whiskey]
Let's jump right back into your regularly scheduled broadcast:
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Take note of this repulsive example of #CdnMediaFailed by @noneandonly, writing for @YahooNews. She quotes lying toxic far right disinformation accounts & spreads it across #Yahoo’s platform. @YahooNews @CanadianPress @VICE @ElleCanada, is the the kind of garbage you support? ImageImageImageImage
#PMJT was not “drunk”, @noneandonly is also an example of a “writer” pushing inauthentically amplified malignant accounts. This is yet another coordinated media attack, attempting to manufacture a scandal. Take a look at the lying accounts Elianna Lev & @YahooNews is quoting. ImageImage
In case you don’t know the name, Elianna Lev also quotes Vivian Bercovici. You may not know that name. She’s a far right former Harper appointee extremist, friend of Subramanya, who did covert ops for Netanyahu (& later #BlackCube) while being paid by 🇨🇦. .
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According to #CdnMediaFailed, Trudeau isn’t allowed to be human. He’s not allowed a vacation; he’s not allowed to use a VIP entrance that all other heads of state use; he’s not allowed decent accommodations even though he’s 🇨🇦’s Prime Minister; he’s not allowed any social time.
The relentless nonstop character assassinations in #Conservative (largely foreign) owned #cdnmedia, is not about informing the public. It’s about playing interfere for any real scrutiny of Conservative politicians. It’s about acting as political public opinion manipulators.
Just some of the fake accounts that showed up on this thread, in case you want to report and block.

Funny how there’s not a single credible argument or single credible account among them. Just pure garbage.
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OK. With Justin Trudeau's definite announcement that he *IS* staying on for a 4th election, allow me to recap my #cdnpoli megathread on why this was always the case. Read on for why I believe he will serve 15 years like dad rather than 10 as conventional wisdom would have it. 1/
2/ Start with this RCI article (2022 March 12) about his insistence upon staying. I started with this one just to wash off the negative vibes from the hive-mind #cdnmediafailed pundits.

My favourite parts, translated by Google. #cdnpoli…

"Will Justin Trudeau try to match Wilfrid Laurier?

Behind the scenes, the Prime Minister says he is « enthusiastic » at the idea of ​​leading his party to the next election."

(That should have been obvious)

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FACT: Germany cannot import LNG & Canada cannot export LNG.

FACT: While many LNG export projects were proposed, low LNG prices & inability to get financing, meant most were cancelled or postponed.

"As a result, Canada has no operating LNG export infrastructure."

#cdnpoli #LNG Image
Why Canadian LNG Is Not the Answer for the European Union’s Short-Term Energy Needs

Canadian LNG Infrastructure Can’t Be Scaled Up in Time

"The EU Will Be Onto Cleaner Alternatives Before Canada Can Deliver LNG"

#cdnpoli #LNG…
Conservatives must STOP their D.i.s.i.n.f.o.r.m.a.t.i.o.n.

How exactly is PM Trudeau "kneecapping Canada" when Chancellor Olaf Scholz said:
"We have not built terminals for importing liquid natural gas to Germany at our own shores...."…
#cdnpoli #LNG Image
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In light of more dreadful media coverage of 🇨🇦 Day and military veteran James Topp’s historic march from Vancouver to Ottawa, I’ve decided to compile a 🧵 showcasing images of just how far our 🇨🇦 journalistic integrity has fallen. Please share.
#cdnpoli #CdnMediaFailed #DefundCBC
I mean who can forget this pathetic poll from @CTVNews that they pulled down within hours because they lack all human decency, morality, and foresight. Our “most trusted news” is asking whether Canadians should be jailed for NOT injecting themselves with something.
To add to the insanity of the previous poll, here’s @CTVNews reporting on C19 + healthcare workers being allowed to come into work, but covid NEGATIVE employees were placed on unpaid leave for the crime of being unvaccinated. Covidians only want to catch their C19 from 💉 people.
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Someone told me 'Navigator' are fixers for the Devil.

This may not be true.
#KlondikePapers #CdnMediaFailed Image
Clarification? Image
A lot of deception over this Wiki page seems on display here
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Eternal reminder: Canadian "Conservatives" emulate their American counterparts exactly as much as they figure they can get away with. #cdnpoli
"All politicians are the same," they mooed lazily, chewing their collective cud in a field now openly ablaze. "There's no difference between political parties, *everybody* knows that!" /2 #cdnpoli
So how 'bout it, @PierrePoilievre? How *does* a woman's right to choose fit into your World's Freest Nation™️? How does it rate with your far right rage-baby #Freedumb cultists? I feel like I know the answer /3
#cdnpoli #RoeVWade…
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Worker who refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19 is now suing #CNRL for wrongful dismissal.

We should be suing the #UCP for not doing enough to protect workers. Instead anti-vaxxers are clogging courts, and @CTVNews is taking the anti-vaxx side.…
#CNRL oversaw multiple outbreaks in previous #Covid19 waves. Because of how many of their workers do fly-in-fly-out contracts, they facilitated the spread of covid to other provinces when their workers returned home.


📞@Bell-owned @CTVNews regularly produces media that seeks to uphold the status quo or nudge society further right. So it’s unsurprising to see them boost the story of this anti-vaxxer.

See this thread on their (sometimes subtle) editorial bias.

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I find it interesting that for someone who has worked on a few budgets, in fiscal policy at Finance Canada, and an economist, I got one media spot for #Budget2022. Just goes to show that Black women aren't called to talk about important matters like money in #cdnmedia or #cdnpoli
If #cdnmedia really wants to diversify then they need to rethink what "experts" look like. And #cdnmedia has determined that people who can speak on issues of finance and economics aren't Black women like myself. There is no representation there #Budget2022
I've even done budget lockup 2 or 3 times. Did @CBCNews @CTVNews or @globalnews reach out?
Apparently Black women can only talk about Black things and not about "serious" topics. That is the media bias some of us talk about and it's discriminatory
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Hey @CTV NEWS group. I writing this as yet another reminder that as usual you never to report on abouto the actual reasons the gas prices and inflation are increasing. Oh wait you do report it's al the federal government fault to scare viewers yet you FAIL daily to report that ⬇
Corporate GREED has companies literally BRAGGING about increasing prices because the pandemic is great for price gouging. It is CEO and investors BRAGGING that they will make a killing off of people that work hard or are on fixed income as they will need to pay more. It is ⬇
Beyond shameful that your 6 pm anchors are baseless who*ing themselves out for Russia, the Canada conservatives and American Republicans are paying you. Post Media 92nd you which means your so called news is actual more like propaganda.
Get a grip etc and Brandon Oconnor are ⬇
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2. First a few things I caught before but didn't post.

First, Tyler Russell of the hate group Canada First believes because he was on a far-right video stream which attracts far-right listeners that they are "inevitable."

Folks, classic example of the echo chamber at work.
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