David Ogilvy is a direct response marketing legend.

His Rolls Royce ad that cost only $25,000 to publish in 2 magazines...

Made the automobile sales rise by 50% in 1958🤯

Why was this ad legendary?

Before I tell you…

Let's break down Ogilvy’s 7 commandment on advertising 👇
1. Your role is to sell… Don't let anything distract you from it.

Many copywriters these days mistake the role of copy…

Saying things like “Your copy doesn't have to make readers open their wallets!”

When you focus more on making a creative and fancy copy…

You've failed.
When you don't have “sales” as the end goal of your copy…

You’ve failed!
2. Define your positioning: What and for who?

Before you write an ad...

Understand the product you're trying to sell

Don't push the weakest benefits of your product and hope people buy…

Don't make an irrelevant feature the “big idea” and hope the audience will fall for it.
What does this product do?

What's the strongest selling point?

Is this selling point unique?

Know every single detail of the product/service you're trying to sell...

So you can give the audience something they can't resist.
3. Do your homework. Study your customer in detail.

It's one thing to know the product…

And another to know the prospect.

Know your customers’ deepest problems.

What do they think about?

How do they spend?
Don't try to sell an expensive product to a poor audience and expect billions.
4. Think of the customer as a woman. She wants all the information you can give her


And some men (like me)...

Are inquisitive.

We want to know everything!

Remember this when writing

Give your readers everything they need to convince them that your product is right.
“Should the copy be long or short?”

That's not the right question.

Ask yourself...

“Does this copy contain all the information my prospect needs to say yes?”
5. Talk to them in the language they use every day.

One thing that makes your prospect buy your product is…


Using their language shows that you understand them.

As a result…

Their mind tells them that your product offers the solution they're looking for.
6. Write great headlines and you’ll have successfully invested 80% of your money.

Allow me to let you in on a secret…

I spent more time writing the first tweet in this thread than the entire thread itself.


If the headline fails…

The entire copy has failed.
If people stop at the headline of your copy...

They never see your CTA.

They never buy.

You lose.
And 80% of your readers don't get past the headline.

To make it work...

- Be specific.
- Keep it simple.
- Address a problem. Tease a benefit.
- Understand the product you're selling.
- Don't write click baits that have nothing to do with the copy…
7. Highlight the product by making it the hero.


I always said the customer is the hero.


That's right.

Make your copy centered on your customer.

You’re trying to solve their problem.

Don't center the message around you or your product.

How can your product also be a hero?

By showing how it is better than others in your market.

This shows in the benefits it provides to the customers…

The message behind your brand...

And how you tailor your offer to the audience.

Apple does this well against Android.
Those are Ogilvy’s commandments for successful advertising campaigns.

They worked for him in 1958...

They've worked for others in the early 21st century…

And they still work today.

▪️Your role is to sell.
▪️Define your positioning: What and for who?
▪️Study your customer in detail.
▪️Dont hide information from the customers
▪️Talk to them in the language they use every day.
▪️Spend more time on headlines.
▪️Highlight the product. Make it a hero.

I promised a breakdown of the ad that made Ford run a multi-million dollar campaign saying…

“Our car is more silent than Rolls Royce 🤭”

Do you still want to see what made that ad the longest running Rolls Royce ad?

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