After taking some time to consider what @AdamKinzinger stated regarding the criminal referral of non-compliant subpoenaed persons to DOJ, I’ve determined that this the wrong way to proceed. Congress needs to hold these individuals in inherent contempt if they do not comply w 1/
the #January6thCommittee subpoenas. They need to be taken into custody & imprisoned until compliance. Just like a judge presiding over a Grand Jury, Congress has the power to imprison individuals until documents are produced and testimony is garnered. 2/
If you allow DOJ and the Courts to do Congress’s job, you’re ceding your authority to the other branches. If the House flips during the midterms, these putative witnesses will run out the clock until the new Congress is seated. If you’re worried about opening 3/
Pandora’s Box, in exercising your inherent powers, it was already opened on January 6, 2021. Congress was attacked by hundreds of traitors. Ppl were killed because of it. An attack on Congress hasn’t happened since 1954. 4/…
and that attack cane nowhere near to decapitating a branch of our government as the attack on Jan, 6th did. All your lives were in serious danger. All the lives of those who work with you were also in danger./5
Trump & members of Congress were directly involved in fomenting the violence. The attackers knew where to penetrate the perimeter & building. Trump & his supporters are still inciting future violence. If we don’t utilize every tool at our disposal to hold these ppl responsible/6
We invite further, and more successful, attempts to destroy all that we hold dear. This isn’t business as usual. It concerns the survival of our Republic. What Congress, DOJ, state & local prosecutors do now will determine if our nation succeeds w a hard lesson learned or /7
merely delays the inevitable. Please use your authority to hold those who defy Committee subpoenas in inherent contempt & place them in custody until they comply w the will of the people who elected you, @AdamKinzinger @RepAdamSchiff @tedlieu @Grace4NY @RepSwalwell @RepLizCheney

• • •

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11 Sep
If I can make one request this 9/11 anniversary, it would be to stop politicizing the attacks. Al Qaeda’s assault wasn’t only against democrats, republicans, or independents. They attacked all of us. They attacked what we stand for. They attacked our freedom and democracy. 1/
They attacked America. When the list of the victims is read, I don’t hear what political party they belonged to. I hear their names and the pain their deaths brought to all of us. I am also reminded of the thousands of deaths that are still occurring decades after 2/
due to the toxins first responders, volunteers, and those who worked and lived downtown were exposed to. That’s what 9/11 is about. The victims memories and how we all came together to morn the loss and confront those responsible for the heinous attacks. 3/
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15 Jul
Our enemies want us to believe that the only choice for America is between Trumpist autocracy and Marxist-Leninist - Communism. They want us thinking in a binary manner, driven by emotion, into choosing one or the other. Balkanizing into diametrically opposed camps 1/
with bloodshed not far behind. It is imperative that we continue to keep our eye on the ball using rational thought and logic. Trump has been defeated but not Trumpism. It’s easy for us to fall back into comfortable old habits. Being lazy and politically ambivalent. 2/
That’s the last thing we should do. We can still lose our Republic. If we fail in our vigilance, a smarter Trump or a savvy extremist from the left could still come to power. Same goal, different methods. Social and political upheaval shredding the fabric of America. 3/
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7 Jun
Thread re: #CryinMo , Service of Process, and Insurance coverage.

We see here Mo cryin’ like a colicky baby. Why is that? The reason is his wife was just served with process - a lawsuit - righteously instituted by @RepSwalwell for #CryinMo ‘s antics inciting an insurrection 1/
on January 6th. Now you may ask, but they didn’t serve him. Don’t they have to do that in order to have “good” or proper service? No. A process server - plaintiff hires a company - can serve a person “of suitable age and discretion.” In this case, it’s #CryinMo ‘s wife. 2/
She’s someone who resides with him, over 18 years of age, and not active duty military - can be called away at a moments notice and unable to inform service target of the lawsuit - so she fits the criteria for someone being of “suitable age and discretion.” Now #CryinMo can 3/
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11 Apr
I watch the entire footage that’s been made public. The officers had probable cause for a traffic stop to check on his temp tags. However, the did not have PC to deploy this type of force against Lt. Nazario, a member of the National Guard. PC to detain and force are two 1/
separate things. LEOs require PC in each instance. There’s a claim by the apprehending officers that there was a 90 second delay between the direction to stop and when Nazario pulled over. Has this been substantiated? And if so, by whom? If true, it still doesn’t justify 2/
the force deployed against him. The officers did not have probable cause to search him or the vehicle. Hence, excessive force. Whoever deployed pepper spray and assaulted Nazario should be fired and charged. If he improperly displayed his temp tags, give him a summons 3/
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30 Mar
I’ve successfully litigated a number of 4th amendment cases where my clients were stopped, frisked, questioned, & arrested when they didn’t have identification on them. What usually happens is they are put through the system and released after 24+ hours w all charges are 1/
dropped. There is no legal requirement to have ID on ones person nor should there be. #COVID19 vaccine info should be kept w ones medical records like MMR & other vaccines are kept. There should also not be a requirement to present photo ID when one votes. Voter fraud is 2/
virtually non-existent and the only examples I can recall are ones committed by Republicans.… 3/
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29 Mar
America is far from perfect but the great thing about our country is we can always make it a better place. Counties like Russia or China have always remained the same. Power focused within a few select individuals or corrupt group benefiting the few. It’s been that way since 1/
their inception centuries ago. Whether it’s a Tzar, Emperor, or General Secretary, both nations have swung between authoritarianism and totalitarianism. They don’t appreciate what a free and empowered populace can accomplish. They only know manipulation, suppression & 2/
terror. Mass death in the tens of millions have plagued these virtually failed states. From the Cultural Revolution to the Purges of Stalin and the Red Scare, they know nothing but torment and death. They haven’t yet experienced what a free ppl can accomplish if motivated 3/
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