We took over a party on ~10%, worst constitutional crisis in century, much of deep state angling for BINO or 2REF. So we wriggled thro with best option we cd & intended to get the 🛒 to ditch bits we didn't like after whacking Corbyn. We prioritised. Now time for IM2 #Frosty
For all the cant about international law, a/ states break it every week, b/ the idea it's the epitome of morality is low grade student politics pushed by lawyers/officials to constrain politics they oppose. Govt shd focus on solving problems & chill viz "i/n law" viz NI #IMBill2
Shd we generally stick to deals? Of course. Sometimes break them? Of course. Just like the EU, US, China and every other state does. International diplomacy cannot be judged by the standards of a student duel, and lawyers are hired help not the masters
For all those whining, you try solving a once-a-century constit crisis starting on 10% in polls with totally fkd negotiating situation, SW1 hysterical, joke Cabinet, mutinous GLS & a fkd 🛒 for PM who only understood even vaguely WTF the Customs Union was in 11/20 - not easy!
No what Ive said does NOT mean 'the PM was lying in GE2019', he never had a scoobydoo what the deal he signed meant. He never understood what leaving Customs Union meant until 11/20. In 1/20 he was babbling 'Id never have signed it if Id understood it' (but that WAS a lie)
We had clear goals & prioritised. Our priorities meant e.g getting Brexit done is 10000x more important than lawyers yapping re international law in negotiations with people who break i/n law all the time. EU membership infantilised SW1 as yapping re 'i/n law' clearly shows
1 of many great ironies re elite Remain's hysterical mental breakdown is - *I* suggested 2REFs in 2015 & *they*, assuming theyd win, said 'no way Cummings, no tricks, just ONE & it's for keeps'. Then after all the 'serious people' totally blew it 'err rematch please' 😂🤡
Elite Remain are 100% sure Brexit = the risky option. I think Remain = the risky option & getting riskier as €zone stagnates/fails. VL failed to communicate this & what to do after Brexit cos of ERG 🤡 disrupting campaign. This difference partly why so much misunderstanding now

• • •

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5 Oct
Oppenheimer on Groves is a great summary of the type of person who works organisational miracles and why it's so extraordinarily hard for normal bureaucracies to be extremely hi performance, as such people seem intolerable in a 'normal' environment, hence startups so crucial
Correction, a paper I read says this is Oppenheimer but googling the original it isn't... Ill tweet real source when I track down...
That quote was by Colonel Nichols of Groves... This is from James Chadwick:
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2 Sep
New blog: to stop the comic-horror sequel of a Trump candidacy, we need a project to identify a GOP candidate + give them a plan/tools over the next 12 months so they're building & ready BEFORE the midterms launch the next Presidential cycle in 15 months dominiccummings.substack.com/p/regime-chang…
Even if you wanted Trump to beat Biden you shd support this because Trump showed neither the interest in nor skills to control the government, so another Trump term just means pointless twitter bitching at the media (while actually sending them power & $$) while blundering around
The crucial political/psychological obstacle for Republicans to overcome viz governing is to shift from 'reforming' DC institutions to *start closing them in Inaugural speech 1/25 & replace with startups*. This is the only way for *the government to control the government*
Read 9 tweets
13 Aug
Discussion over security minister classic example of media believing & telling you fairy stories. Overwhelming % of this job is done by officials. *The system* runs 'security'. The minister cd not exist/sensible/clown: largely irrelevant to policy/operations
NB Im not saying this is good, just explaining fact that over 15 yrs the Cabinet Office & other elements have taken huge powers from ministers & this junior minister role has something like 1000 or 10,000 times less power than the Cabinet Secretary on 'security'
Theres literally hundreds of officials whose names never appear in the papers who wield more power over security than this junior ministerial role, but the media & MPs will talk about the ghost of power rather than actual power
Read 4 tweets
11 Aug
Good example of how elite Remain are like Japanese soldiers still fighting 1950... And using weapons that blow themselves up... If these idiot-elites continue to dominate environmental debates they'll turn everybody into SUV driving coalminers stat
Something the London world of media, lawyers, Remain activists, ER etc still don't grasp: despite being Trump, Trump still nearly won partly cos of the extremely common & deeply felt HATE, far beyond Trump supporters, for the way mainstream media covers politics
This network is making climate their new thing - they will screw that up as badly as they handled Brexit, Trump, terrorism, crime etc. If you want serious action on the environment, it's VITAL these deluded Left networks don't dominate or they'll provoke massive counter-campaign
Read 7 tweets
3 Aug
Remember the 🛒's words in No10 July when suggested that gvt comms machine push back vs tide of disinformation from e.g Telegraph & the hack known in SW1 as 'Bonkers'. "Nooooooo, the trouble is Dom my heart is with Bonkers!' Hence, autumn disaster, >50k more dead, econ tanked
Why has Bonkers-ism spread so widely? Partly cos ERG and Cadwalladr types have both *encouraged* seeing covid policy as *political identity*. This is deeply irrational but reinforced by newspapers with collapsing business models & the most extreme activists...
If you're rational you don't tie your judgements of covid science/policy to Brexit/Remain or LAB/CON identity. But if you look around SW1 you see vast swathes of MPs/pundits actively embracing this stupidity & others reinforcing it for clicks/£: e.g Cadwalladr/Farage/Campbell/ERG
Read 4 tweets
2 Aug
One way you can tell Starmer's team are rubbish at politics is they keep giving their broadcast people 'liar' soundbites. It's pointless. Public *know* PM's a liar. If Blair were in charge he'd say something *voters care about*. This most basic principle is beyond Starmer's mob
DEMs made exactly the same error viz Trump, focusing on character. Many of their attacks INCREASED support for him. But it pleased media/activists so they did it. Politicians usually do not optimise for *relentless focus on voters* (winning) but *media/in-group*
If you're an MP quietly thinking about the next leadership contests (CON or LAB), check out my blog on Lee Kuan Yew & Singapore. Ideas galore for you to steal & more important an overall *method* that wd put you in the history books: dominiccummings.substack.com/p/high-perform…
Read 5 tweets

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