I'm house sitting and I don't normally watch TV. But I just momentarily switched on BBC 2 Politics live where 4 talking heads were discussing Prince William's comments that billionaires should focus on our planet, not space flight.
I've no idea who this panel of talking heads were, but the inanity, ignorance and absolutely stupidity about the climate and ecological crisis, sustainability etc, defied belief. What the hell is the BBC doing putting out such ignorance and giving it a platform?
One talking head justified this "space innovation" on the grounds it might facilitate secondary technology, which could allow us to "defeat climate change".
Let's get this very clear, the climate crisis is caused by the mass burning of fossil fuels, industrial farming, particularly livestock etc. "Climate change" is not some remote threat from elsewhere to be defeated, it is caused by our current economic processes and model.
Then another ignoramus opined that we need to focus on people and not the planet, because if all these doomers talking about cutting back on economic activity got their way, it would put people off, and they wouldn't allow change.
Radical change is coming whether we like it or not. Either we radically alter our economic model to make it sustainable, or physical reality and the laws of nature will radically alter our civilization, probably resulting in its collapse.
Presumably by planet this ignoramus meant the biosphere, as the planet itself is not threatened. That someone is allowed to express opinions on TV, who doesn't understand the connection between human life and natural systems, is jaw dropping.
An academic wolf expert once told me when I talked to him after a talk, about how everyone has got an opinion on nature, despite having zero knowledge. How people with no knowledge at all would lecture him about things they knew nothing about at all after his talks.
In no other sphere of knowledge would this level of ignorance be tolerated in a TV panel discussion. It is only tolerated, because the presenter/chair was as ignorant as the panellists. So are the vast majority of editors, producers, journalists, media executives and politicians.
Ecology, environmental science, climate science, biodiversity etc, study something far more complex than any other field of human academia. We only know a tiny fraction of what could be known.
The shocking thing is that in our society, only a tiny proportion of educated people, academics etc, have got any grasp at all of just how complex natural systems and life are. I mean most are completely ignorant to the point of total illiteracy.
There is more awareness now of the Dunning-Kruger effect, where the less someone knows, the more certain they are that they are expert. This is because they lack the basic knowledge to be aware of their own ignorance.
We have a society, where a broad understanding of natural systems is very rare indeed. An almost 99.9% lack of insight. Where even the expert in many subjects within this field, often only know about their own field of knowledge, and not the rest.
Knowing what you don't know is probably the best definition of wisdom. Not knowing anything about a subject is not a problem if you are aware of your ignorance. No one can know everything. The huge problem is when you think you're knowledgeable, when you're totally ignorant.
I interact with the public a fair bit over the natural world, taking walks, doing talks, but most importantly, just chatting to people I meet out in natural or semi-natural habitat and pointing things out to people. Anyone who has met me knows I don't exaggerate.
One of my talents is being able to read other people, to see what they know, what they don't know, and to tailor what I say, to what they want to know. So I can speak to expert and those without any knowledge, and not patronize either, and inform them.
Lots of people mistakenly think I'm an expert naturalist. Yet I really am ashamed by my lack of knowledge, and I suffer from extreme imposter syndrome. I shudder to think that I'm seen as an expert, with my lack of knowledge.
However, having explored the whole territory, having read loads, thought about more, but most importantly having spent so much time out in nature observing it, I am appalled by the lack of general insight.
To cap it off, one of the panellists was talking from the Green New Deal perspective, and talking about creating a better world, with green growth and prosperity. This is a much bigger problem, when the supposedly informed are ignorant of their ignorance.
The reality is that a sustainable society would involve everyone leading much simpler lives (most do anyway), far less extravagant in consumption. I don't have any beliefs about this on moral or ideological grounds, it is purely on the basis of efficacy and practicality.
I often use technology, not just as a photographer. I keep up with innovation. I have no beliefs that technology is evil and we must abandon it. What I say again is based purely on efficacy, and practical understanding.
You cannot have infinite growth in a finite world. With such huge population, there's no room for extravagance. It's straight forward maths, physics, the laws of nature and the planetary boundaries, which determine what is possible.…
I highlight the consumption and influence of the wealthiest, not on ideological grounds, but on sustainability grounds, on systems grounds as to how the whole system works. What I want or believe in does not even come into it.
We must divest ourselves of leadership and influence by those totally unaware of their own ignorance in such a dangerous times. Ideally the way to deal with it would just to be to turn away from them, to recognise their ignorance, and to only look to the insightful.
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13 Oct
1) This thread is about how to see the climate and ecological crisis it is, and why it is not been seen as a crisis.

It's about how to see the big picture clearly, and the obstacles to seeing the big picture and how things actually are. Where we're heading, what needs to change.
2) The most important important part of effective problem solving is properly understanding the problem, which needs to happen with a process of constant re-evaluation. The big problem of our modern culture is just jumping in feet first with our impulsive first impression.
3) Self-evidently the problem with the thinking style our culture has developed is compartmentalization, where we just look at the situation from one perspective, get lost in the detail, and lose sight of the big picture.
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According to our government the UK is on course for a net biodiversity gain. The truth is very different.

"The UK is one of the world's most nature-depleted countries - in the bottom 10% globally and last among the G7 group of nations, new data shows."…
This highlights the problem, not only with Boris Johnson's UK government, but governments generally, with regard to climate and ecological crisis.

They think they can address the crisis, with bluster and lies, just #blahblahblah.

What we see are just token gestures.
Governments, especially the UK government, just talk up their policy, they don't actually deliver any credible action, which could result in the big ongoing reductions in greenhouse gas emissions necessary to avoid the worst impacts of climate breakdown.…
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I respect @hausfath's work on carbon calculations. However, I think it is fair to challenge is perception of the solutions. I do this as positive criticism in the hope he will re-assess his perception of the solutions to the problem.
The essential trouble with his suggested solution is summed up with "cost-effective mature tech", as if this is the whole solution to the problem, and yet Zeke wonders why people aren't agreeing with him on this.
When dealing with a problem as serious as the climate and ecological crisis, the sustainability crisis, you need solutions which will avert an avoidable catastrophe, not just "cost-effective" solutions. This is not a crisis where a partial solution is appropriate.
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6 Oct
This is why the Net Zero by 2050 policy being promoted by governments is fake.

"The fossil fuel industry benefits from subsidies of $11m every minute, according to analysis by the International Monetary Fund."…
Whilst governments falsely claim to be "battling" the climate crisis with their #BlahBlahBlah, they are in fact massively supporting the fossil fuel industry and fossil fuel use with public money i.e. doing the exact opposite of what they claim to be doing.
This is very serious deceit. The vast majority know little about the climate crisis. They trust their governments to address it, and trust their media to inform them about it, and to inform them if their government is not doing what they claim.
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5 Oct
'Patel will say: “Today I can announce I will increase the maximum penalties for disrupting a motorway; criminalise interference with key infrastructures such as roads, railways and our free press ....'…
This is an illustration how dishonest not only the UK government is over their position on the climate crisis, but governments all around the world. These things getting special protection are all key components, which have driven and enabled the climate and ecological crisis.
Patel talks about the laughably and inappropriately named "free press". This is essentially a billionaire propaganda outfit, which promotes climate change denial, and supports the Conservative Party. That fails to hold this government to account. It is anything but free.
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4 Oct
"Several world leaders have denied any wrongdoing after a huge leak of documents revealed the secret financial dealings of the global elite."

Well they would do, wouldn't they.…
The big question is this, why do so many world leaders, very rich people, celebrities and major Conservative Party donors appear in these leaked Pandora papers?…
These people are already incredibly rich, pay a smaller percentage in tax than the relatively low paid. So they hardly have any need to engage in schemes like this to evade a bit more tax. If they are a leader of a country, they are expecting their lowly paid citizens to pay tax.
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