Effortlessly make $100,000 by the end of the year Pairing TikTok + Email Marketing

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IMO there’s never been an easier time to get rich off of TikTok


Cause Tik Tok has 1 billion daily users across 155 countries

And yet not many advertisers…

There’s a lot of demand and not that much supply

Which makes it cheap
It reminds me a little bit of the good old times of Facebook, in 2018 when you used to sell ice to Eskimos and they bought it
In the other hand,

We have email & SMS marketing which are the best retention channels in the world

That can generate up to 45% of your rev without spending a dime on ads, increasing your CLTV, client returning rate, loyalty, and overall profit

In sum

Email + Tik Tok = 🤑
So I’m here you give you a step by step guide on how to test and scale a store from scratch using Tik Tok and Email Marketing

In the most cost-effective, efficient, and easier way
Step 1.

Conduct market research

Look for a niche with a big problem or a deep desire.

And then use Tik Tok hashtags like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt & #amazonfinds

To find trendy products that can either solve the problem of your market or fulfill that desire ( WOW factor required)
Step 2.

Pick 5-10 products that match the criteria & build a niche store, a niche TikTok page & start building your email marketing strategy (STEP 8)

Make sure to always have your TikTok account page ready to rumble.

This means your IG and link in the bio should be connected.
Step 3.

Buy the products you’re going to test on Amazon

and start creating NATIVE Tik Tok videos

Make 5 videos per day of each product you want to test for 15 days

Yeah seems like a lot of work, but this is for my real Gs not for the lazy ones
Tip for video creation:

Take the viral trends and adjust them to your products.

That's it
And as my man @JimmyFarley00 says:

“Don’t be a noob, you can’t just get on TikTok and post a FB ad you bought on Fiverr 2yrs ago, You need good phone camera quality, proper audio, smooth transitions, native text, etc”
Step 4:

After 15 days if you have a good offer and good videos

At least one product should have already gone viral

or show some signs that could work (get sales)

So take that product as your “hero” and just focus on that one
- Re-build your Tik Tok account around that product and ramp up the content creation -
Step 5

Once you have validated a product (Gets sales), and a video (Viral or many views)

It’s time to scale!
Launch your first TikTok ads for this product with a daily budget of $70.

This means 3 Ad Groups at $23/day

After one day, measure the results:

0-1 Sale? Kill it
2+ Sales? Keep it up and running for another 24 hours
5+ Sales? SCALE
Step 6

Keep testing more products related to your HERO product and simultaneously run ads for those offerings
Step 7

Once you've found consistency you're going to rebrand your current niche store and make it look like "The brand" or the go-to place to buy the products that you're selling.

Also, start running google and FB retargeting ads
Step 8

Develop your backend to collect as many subscribers as possible, turn abandoned carts into sales, increase your CR, CLTV, client returning rate, and maximize your profits.

Using email & SMS marketing ( use @klaviyo for this)
Step 9.

Create 2 pop-ups:

1 for page load optimized for mobile offering a $ or % discount

1 for exit intent optimized for mobile offering a bigger $ or % discount

Iterate offers and designs until you get 10% CR
Step 10.

Build the next flows

Welcome flow ( 5 emails and 2 SMS)
Abandoned cart flow (4 emails and 2 SMS)
Post-purchase flow ( 5+ emails and 1 SMS)
Browse abandonment flow ( 3 emails)
Winback flow ( 4 emails and 1 SMS)
Vip flow (3 emails)
This flows will help you increase CR at pre-purchase stages and also increase CLTV at post-purchase stages
Step 11.

As soon as you start getting email list subscribers you want to start sending emails

I don’t care if you only have 10 or 100k you start sending emails as soon as possible
Start by sending 1 email per week in which you add value to the subscriber in any way and then you attach a CTA to the value you provided
Then as you get more subscribers and your KPIs look within industry benchmarks

You want to increase the frequency of the campaigns and also start to send to specific segments
Step 12.

Iterate and improve all the steps of this strategy and don’t give up
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I’ll analyze your store with you and see if my services would be a good fit for you!
Free Guide to Email & SMS Marketing!

Learn how to:

- Boost your sales by 30% - 40%
- Increase & maximize CLTV
- Improve profit margins
- Improve consistency of sales

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P.S. You’ll be sent several bonus guides as well.

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