In some group, I asked a few years ago, why should Yedyurappa fight for BJP anymore. His political career is nearing an end and he knows his son is not going to succeed him - why would he accept anything less than a CM post before gracefully retiring - which he did.
I will ask the same question with Hasina. With no political successor and staring at the end of her political career, why would she want to go down in the history of Bangladeshi History as the most unIslamic Head of State? She has got nothing left in her life except legacy
and yes. To be remembered after her exit, there is only one path ahead for her - make the 20% Hindus of Bangladesh 2%. And that's what she is going to do. Unless India bends Bangladesh and teaches it some manners, the genocide of Bangladeshi Hindus is going to be certainty.
Bangladeshis are happy she is managing the Rohingya well. But, the wider Islamic Community is throwing brickbats against her over Rohingya. How will she be under good books without touching Rohingyas but making a legacy as a champion of Islam? All this is not rocket science.

• • •

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20 Oct
We are guilty but we are not guilty. Anyone and everyoe who breaks law is innocent - and we will do everything to prove him innocent.
Anyways. In this context, let me tell you how Sylhet was conquered by Muslims.
Those were the days when Sylhet was still a Hindu kingdom. It had a considerable number of Muslims - mostly law abiding. There was this one person who decided to celebrate his son's birthday by - slaughtering a cow.
Note, he decides to slaughter a cow in a kingdom where cow slaughter is banned. And he knows that. And he still does that. The news spreads and he is executed. A criminal getting killed for a crime shouldn't be an issue, right?
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20 Oct
There are three things with this.
1. India exported 200 million vials of Covaxin till now. That means India need not export vials anymore
2. Failed vaccines like Pfizer are already accepted. They claimed two does are enough and @WHO bleated yes - now it turns out that either Pfizer and others didn't share correct information or WHO didn't scrutinize the data diligently, risking lives of people all over the world.
3. Snake oil like Sinovac which is replaced by something else by other countries is already approved.
The less we talk about @WHO, the better. Can we even forget how they rejected to accept the early warnings on COVID from Taiwan?
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18 Oct
Who are all these jokers with zero ground knowledge? Thousand Pillar temple stands because Ulugh Khan's thugs didnt have the capability to demolish those hard granite statues, not because he loved the architecture.
Almost every Nandi statue in Warangal you see will be with mutiliated ears, snout and broken legs. By the way, care to explain why there are only three or four Kakatiya Era temples surviving in Hanamkonda when Warangal Fort itself is reputed to have more than a thousand temples?
Coming to Thousand Pillars Temple itself. You say it's not touched, right? Let's ignore the vicious damage to the Nandi idols. The temple is called Trikutalaya and it has three sanctums - for Siva, Vishnu and Surya. Care to explain where the Siva and Vishnu idols disappeared?
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9 Oct
Princes and Independent India
Sardar Patel on the Princely States
Sukhjit Singh of Kapurthala and Mansur Ali Khan of Pataudi on partition
Maharaja of Bhavnagar on the settlement of Privy Purse
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8 Sep
Tajikistan has become the centre of focus of the world these days. So, what do we know about that country? First of all, a race by name Tajik doesn't exist. Tajik in Persian means someone who is not a Turk and speaks Persian. What of Dushanbe?
Dushanbe means Monday in Persian - Dushanbe was a settlement built on a monday market site on the local trade routes. Now, this place traditionally had no distinct history though the race is attested to at least 500 BC.
There is a controversy over who they are - are they Persianized locals like the Scythians or Persian immigrants, there is no clear information. Tajikistan was just a part of the Central Asian Empires and rarely a part of the expanded Persian and Chinese Empires - Scythians,
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8 Sep
The Arg fell in less than half an hour after Ghani’s exit to a group who, we now know, belong to the Haqqani faction of Taliban.
How could the Haqqani terrorists so quickly reach Kabul from their positions outside the capital city?
It seems like they were working with their accomplices inside the Arg and had prior positions inside the city. Before the defense minister was able to act to defend the president’s office, they got to Arg.
This blitzkrieg-like attack gives rise to the suspicion that President Ghani and the Haqqani group, who belong to the same Pashtun tribal confederacy as him, i.e. the Qaljayis, were conspiring together; Arg was given to the Taliban in conjunction with Ghani’s escape.
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