I truly wish more folks from the #infosec community took an active interest in our financial markets.

Many of us have been hacktivists, digital protesters, and advocates for change ever since we entered our first BBS board.

This is something we can understand...and change.
For those of you who are interested enough to read past the first tweet, I've been a pentester for going on 7 years, and have been obsessed with #hacking and #infosec ever since I was a teenager.

And I've felt more of a connection to people who think like that than anyone else.
For whatever reason, we seem to gravitate toward the idea of democratizing the internet and are huge advocates for freedom of speech, anti-censorship, and anti-authoritarian.

Somehow I have better relationships with nameless strangers on the internet than my family cuz of this.
Right now, there is an active rebellion playing out in the US financial markets that I'm sure most of you have heard about by now.

I also know many of you are probably rolling your eyes at the people who are making such a concerted effort to beat this system at its own game.
Many of you don't really take an interest in it. I know I didn't, at least not at first.

But somehow, I ended up getting wrapped up in a conspiracy that ended up proving that the financial markets are corrupt.

It's a notion to which most of us would answer, "duh"
What I've seen lately is that there might actually be an opportunity to do something about it for once.

Something impactful.

For all of the people (apes) who are part of this movement, I've seen that the smartest come from the tech sector.

And I have a feeling we can do more
Here is the concise timeline of what happened recently in the stock market relating to $GME (GameStop's) stock, and a brief history of what retail investors believed was happening.

The general consensus is that the stock was fraudulently shorted.

If you were willing to bear with me long enough to read through that, thank you.

Even if you aren't interested in financial markets, I suspect you are interested in fairness and equal opportunity.

It is the belief that the financial markets are designs to undermine both.
Right now, the CEO of the world's largest market making firm, Citadel Securities LLC's Ken Griffin, is moving to sue anyone who says that he lied under oath before congress.

This is the story...

Citadel is using scare-tactics to target and muzzle any individuals who believe that Ken Griffin lied under oath to congress in order.

I'd like to tell him that he can go fuck himself. I'll say whatever I fucking please, and the evidence shows me that he lied under oath.
What I take issue with isn't that he lied, or that he is an elitist.

It is that he, just like all of his partners and counterparties on Wall Street never feel nor have they ever had to answer for their crimes and the strife they cause for average people.

And they revel in it.
Meanwhile, they punish average people when we stand up and point out when they have crossed a line.

The events surrounding how brokers took away the option to buy stocks for the entire retail class of investors is a never-before-seen blatant act of targeted fraud. It was wrong.
But worse, there are many who used insider information to get ahead of this decision, and used it as an opportunity to make money off a one-sided trade that would solely hurt retail investors.

And not a single person has been charged with a single crime for it.
Infosec professionals, I think, are uniquely suited to uncovering the fraud and bringing what has happened to light. So if you got this far, and you're interested, share this thread with some like-minded individuals, and let's do some work.

You should know how to find me. 😈

• • •

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22 Oct
$PROG has officially triggered ALL of my Short Exempt Squeeze Signals.

Utilization is over 95% since 9/22
Short Exempts were 6% of short volume today, 3rd day in a row above 3%
SMA is 5% up for the 10th day in a row
Short Vol 53M today

This will be a long-ish thread. Buckle up Image
The short volume being over 53M today speaks volumes to the effor that was made to control the price today.

It didn't work.

Here's the FINRA Short volume data from today.

Meanwhile, @ORTEX is updating or their brokers are stalling for time while they manage the chaos. ImageImage
$PROG's call chain has been growing at an incredible rate over the past two months, where we began with less than 20k OI on the call side from October to January, all the way to over 100k calls just in November alone.

This image was taken Oct 13, just before Expiration
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Seems like all I every do anymore is talk people off the edge...

Ladies and gentlemen... Shorts have run out of ammo. They pushed $PROG down to $2.30, and it bounced again off $2.35.

We now have a Sine wave.

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Let me continue by saying that $PROG recently got placed on the Threshold Security List, which means that as of 5 days prior, it's FTDs exceeded 0.5% of its outstanding shares.

There are at least 750k shares that have failed to deliver to holders which must eventually cover. NASDAQ Threshold List, cour...
There is obviously some concerns after the stock fell from $3.50 back down to $2.30.

Can I just remind everyone that we are still up 380% since $PROG hit its all time low of $0.60?

That shorts are still underwater by 145% since $1.60?

Hakuna Matata. We're doing fine. Relax.
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20 Oct
I'm briefly revisiting my DD on $PROG from 18 days ago because there was some call outs I made ahead of time that have played out, and will help give newcommers to this stock some much needed confidence and context for why the price is rising so rapidly and why it will continue.
On Oct 1, I called out the options chain in this thread, but since then, there was major action in calls leading up to Oct 15.

Specifically, I said that if the price would stay above $1.50 that $3 would be inavitable.

Clearly we see that happened here.

We can take comfort in the fact that, comparing the options chain from Oct 1 and 13 side by side shows that almost all of those options at $2 and below were held to expiration and expired ITM

The following Monday, $PROG ran to $3 like it was nothing.

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23 Sep
I'm breaking my silence to share a revelation.

I believe I may have figured out what the market makers are doing with the deep ITM calls.

They're buying and exercising them instantly when delta is close to 1.00.

The premium and purchase of the shares, at those levels.
Market makers are guaranteeing acquisition of shares in order to sell them into the market and dump on the price, but by exercising options, they do not cause ANY change in the price because it is an executed contract.

Meaning... the purchase doesn't go through the exchange...
This is the same situation with ISDA contracts. They're privately exchanged between two parties that agree to shake hands on providing shares through selling of call options to be exercised almost precisely at-cost.

The short entity can then acquire these shares without buying
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21 Sep
I know tons of people will and have already said this was the wrong way to do this, but there really wasn't a "right" way to do it, because screenshots of my questions surrounding the proxy were taken without context and shared without my permission. 1/12
Someone took the decision out of my hands because they chose to start taking screenshots of what I thought was a candid, private discussion about the stock, and my attempts to do more DD that I was planning to share with everyone on social media.

I hasdn't even spent 15 seconds doing my DD before someone took what I said and started sharing it out of context with my name attached to a speculative statement about what I thought the proxy meant, and it started spreading around instantly.

And I had to make a choice

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21 Sep
Hello everyone,

I'm afraid I'm here to disclose to everyone that I'm exiting my $BBIG position. I have done some analysis on the proxy, which I was not able to confirm, but has nevertheless convinced me that, at least in the short term, it's too risky for me to continue.
I recently received a series of margin calls which have forced me to decide which stocks I was going to stay in and which ones I was going to have to walk away from, and $BBIG is one of the ones I had to cut loose.
The reason I cut $BBIG loose is because of personal financial reasons in order to protect myself and my own family's stability, which is something I've always advocated for everyone to do.

But now this has become a problem because too many people give my opinion too much weight.
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