I was in the Moonies. The Moonies are a Korean cult. Today I'm going to tell you about ANOTHER Korean cult called Shincheonji.

Shincheonji, like the Moonies, are a pseudo-Christian doomsday cult. The cult was founded by Lee Man-hee in the 1980s.
Lee claims to have a special ability to interpret Christian scripture, and claims that HIS interpretations are the ONLY legitimate ones. He also claims he is immortal and salvation can only be obtained through belief in him rather than in Jesus Christ (sound familiar?).
Like many other cults, Shincheonji DECEPTIVELY recruits. They hold events but DON'T tell people they are attending a Shincheonji event. They hold "Bible studies" that provide academically weak instruction (not based on any legitimate Biblical interpretation).
The REAL purpose of these meetings?

Promote the cult.

This was the SAME tactic used on me in the Moonie cult btw. When I first attended a Moonie event, I had NO IDEA it was a Moonie event! I was invited to a "workshop" that I soon discovered was attached to a "church."
In Shincheonji, ANY opposition or questioning of cult doctrine by family or friends of cult members is considered to be a “test of faith.” Members are indoctrinated to believe Satan will work through their family members to try to destroy the “true” church (i.e., Shincheonji).
Any concern or questioning expressed by family members about whether their loved one is ensnared in a cult is considered to be "Satan’s work." Members are encouraged to lie to family & friends by not disclosing their involvement, unless they believe that person is recruitable.
Members are expected to show complete devotion to the leader and the cult beliefs and to devote long hours of work (with NO compensation) to support the cult. They are often expected to donate ANY assets they may have to the cult.
Shincheonji was in the news last year as being INSTRUMENTAL in spreading Covid-19. Members were required to always attend services, even if they were sick. According to the Korean CDC, 63.5 percent of ALL confirmed cases in the country came from the cult. nytimes.com/2020/03/09/opi…
I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jane, a former Shincheonji member from South Korea. We talked about Shincheonji, the similarities to the Moonies and so much more.

You'll also find a detailed BITE Model analysis of the Shincheonji cult. 👇

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If I was advising Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) or James Harden (@JHarden13) on HOW to talk to their teammate Kyrie Irving about his fears about receiving the COVID vaccination, here's what I would advise:

First off, you're doing a GREAT job maintaining a positive relationship! 🙏
If you are finally able to persuade him, it will be built upon this positive relationship with one another. When I help family members help someone out of a cult (that's what I do btw), BUILDING this trust and rapport is always the FIRST step. So great work there.

Listen & really try to UNDERSTAND Kyrie's fears about getting the vaccine. What is he telling you privately? Is he WORRIED the vaccine is physiologically harmful? Does he not just want to be told what to do? KNOWING his frame will be very helpful going forward.

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