Knowing How To Keep Your #NFTs Secure is part common sense and part self defense.

This 18 Part Thread will educate you #NFTCommunity.

Don't become a victim of the scammers in this #NFT space.

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1) Use your common sense and street smarts in this #NFT and #Cryotocurrency space. You're smart enough to be here, think before you act. Don't become a victim.
2) If the seed phrase or private key to your wallet is stored in text on your computer, mobile device, or the cloud, go get two pieces of paper or notebooks and write the seed phrase, wallet address and private key of each wallet in both and delete it from electronic devices.
3) No person has a reason to ask for your seed phrase. If they do, its a scam. No website will ever need your seed phrase. No #NFT project needs your seed phrase. The only time you use it is when you decide to recover your wallet on a new device or you forgot your password.
4) If you must, or you can't afford a hardware wallet, consider getting different wallets for each NFTCollection you have. The less #NFTs you have in a wallet, the less a scammer will be able to steal from you.
5) Have at least two wallets to start. One wallet on the computer you use most that contains only the assets you need access to daily and another hardware wallet like Ledger Nano-X that stores the assets you want to keep safe for the longterm.
6) Purchase a Yubikey and install LastPass on your device. Yubikey is a physical USB device that secures you by only allowing access to your passwords when that physical device is plugged in. Last Pass is a password vault that stores all passwords securely in a online vault.
7) Choose very very strong passwords. Use a password generator that creates passwords using upper and lower case letters, and special characters. Make passwords 16 characters in length. Write them on your two pieces of paper or notebooks. Do this for all wallets and websites.
8) Secure your device. Have anti-virus and anti-malware software installed. Install a firewall software.. Set a password on your PC, Mac, Mobile, or Tablet device and log out every time you are not in front of the device.
9) Remove any software that allows someone to remotely control your computer. If you must have this lock it down with a very strong password. Do not ever download a file from someone in the NFT space and open it. It could execute malicious code.
10) Only attach your wallet to websites you trust 100%. Always use the official links channel on a projects Discord or Twitter Profile to go to their website, opensea, or anywhere else. Only believe announcements made in the announcements channel and use your gut.
11) Turn off your DMs on every Discord you join. Add anyone you want to talk to privately as a friend and make sure they are trustworthy.
12) Never share your screen with anyone including owners of projects, mods in discord, or your own grandma. Don't fall for scams like someone claiming you're a scammer and you have to show screen for proof. Don't be fearful. Be calm and collected in all situations and think.
13) Never interact with any NFT that you are airdropped on Opensea that you weren't expecting to get. Don't even click on it. Keep it in the hidden folder and forget about it.
14) When transferring a #NFT or #Cryptocurrency to another wallet address be sure to triple check the address and make sure it is 100% correct. You can lose your #NFTs if you make a typo or leave an extra space in it somewhere.
15) Projects will always announce a mint date eventually and typically adhere to that schedule. Don't fall for any early mint announcements anywhere. It's almost always a scam. Don't fall for increased mint prices in a early mint. It's likely to be a scam.
16) Don't accept offers on Opensea unless you check the floor of your project, check the currency the offer is made in, and check the amount of the offer to see the value. Scammers will offer 1 USDC for example and try to trick you into thinking its #ETH.
17) Be safe out there. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been stolen from just one person. Billions from all of the people out there. It don't have to be that way. Smarten up and be vigilant.
18) If you got value out of this thread please like and re-tweet it, follow me, and also save the link to this tweet for future reference and to send to your friends and post in your discords. Make sure everyone you care about reads this and puts the teachings into practice.
19) P.S. And if I left it out. Use 2 factor authentication everywhere you possibly can.

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