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MEV: What is it?

What projects address it?

How do ETH2 and EIP-1559 affect it?

I've been seeing LOTS of discussion across crypto chats about MEV.

It's an interesting topic with _huge ramifications_ for the #Ethereum ecosystem, so I've summarized EVERYTHING here.

Thread 👇
MEV stands for Maximal [or Miner] Extractable Value.

Generally, MEV is:

The value that extracted by participants in a network who profit from their selfish preference of how events take place on-chain;

Where they can economically express OR influence the order of events.

Miners or validators are in a particularly alpha position to benefit from MEV;

Because they're the ones who actually _produce_ blocks by ordering transactions, then _propose_ blocks to the network.

They can reorder, include, or censor transactions to their preference.

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🙌 Just imagine having a universal tool allowing you to build ♾ number of #trading strategies and getting you closer to 🚗 a cherished #Lambo...

Well, now you got one 🙃

⚡️Introducing the #1inch Limit Order Protocol!

More info ⤵️

#DeFi #crypto…

📜 A limit order option has been available in the #1inch #dApp for a while, but, until recently, it was based on the @0xProject protocol.

🚀 Now, it has been replaced with the much more 🛠 efficient 1inch Limit Order Protocol.

The #1inch Limit Order Protocol will be available on 🔷 #ETH, 🔶 #BSC, and 💠 #Polygon.

Supported token standards:


✳️ Other standards could be supported via external extension.
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A partial historical review of @SEC_News 🆚 @Ripple:

The SEC waited 8 years to bring a case against @Ripple allowing individual investors to buy #XRP on over 200 exchanges worldwide.

In 2015 the DOJ and #FinCEN declare #XRP a convertible virtual currency.
In 2017 when the SEC aggressively sued companies in the digital asset space violating securities laws, it left Ripple and #XRP alone.

In 2018, the SEC allowed Ripple to purchase a 9% stake in @MoneyGram fulling knowing #XRP would be transferred to MG who would in turn
immediately sell it in the secondary market on exchanges like @coinbase to individual investors with no connection to or even knowledge of the company Ripple.

After more than a 2 year investigation into Ripple and it’s executives, the SEC could not find one instance of fraud or
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The idea of a 'flippening' between $BTC and $ETH is a contentious topic that has once again reemerged in popular discussion.

I decided to do a deep dive into the subject.

What I found was very interesting, to say the least.

All data and observations can be found below⬇️
First, let us define the term.

The #flippening refers to the possibility of $ETH gaining a larger market cap and surpassing $BTC.

This would make $ETH the largest and most important blockchain and cryptocurrency in the world.

$BTC has never lost the #1 spot Image
The idea of the #flippening becoming a real possibility first started to gain traction in June 2017.

At the time, $ETH had 83% of the market cap of $BTC,
It's market cap was quickly increasing, and $ETH 's rise seemed to have no end in sight. Image
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#BTC #altcoins #ETH Merhaba; bu günün jesti, yatırımlarınızı farklı bir açıdan ele alarak değerlendirmeniz için,finans yaşamınız boyunca fayda göreceğiniz bir teoriyi flood şeklinde izah etmeye çalışacağım.Lütfen daha fazla kişinin istifade etmesi için Retweet ediniz.Sevgiler🌹 ImageImage
Bu teorimi boğa başlamadan evvelde flood biçimde izah etmiştim.#XRP üzerinde uzunca bir süre güncelleme yaptığımızı anımsıyorum,yanılmıyorsam 2019 paylaşımlarımda var.

Teori Mantığı
Kurlar her 4 yılda bir, bir önceki 4 yıllara %90 benzer veya %90 zıt bir döngü içerisindedir.
*Kurun tüm geçmişini,dip ve zirveleri baz alarak 4 yıllık eşit parçalara bölüyorsunuz.
*Dalga sayımları aylık veya haftalık grafikte yapmalısınız.
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Crypto Economics vs Tokenomics (Thread)

Are crypto economics and tokenomics the same thing? No. Tokenomics is a subset of crypto economics.

#economics #tokens #cryptocurrency #DeFi #blockchain #incentives
Crypto economics is about 3 things:

1. Messages in the past (through cryptography)

2. Economic incentives to be used in the present (through game theory and mechanism design)

3. Desired system properties in the future (through token design)
Tokenomics (or token economics) is a subset of crypto economics. It is basically economics of the token; aka the crypto project. It does not include the crypto-system (aka blockchain technology like #ETH, #NEO, #NEM).
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Why #ETH is More Secure than #BTC

This 23-tweet thread summarizes the second of four arguments in my essay "Why ETH Will Win Store of Value"…
Security is a crucial store of value (SoV) property. An asset that's not around in a few decades wouldn't be much of a value store. Just as gold is immune to rot, corrosion, & other types of deterioration, a cryptocurrency SoV must be built to last w/ proper incentive engineering
With gold, you get security free. The laws of physics handle everything from no forgeability to no double spend.

With cryptocurrencies, however, you have to continually pay miners or validators to process transactions and keep the network secure.
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#DeFi was battle-tested in last week's dip, that would have sent TradFi into turmoil.

DeFi Pulse Index $DPI gives broad market-cap weighted exposure to blue-chip protocols in the DeFi space.

14 DeFi tokens wrapped into ONE!

Current $DPI allocations 👇 1/16

Video: @earth_maze
$AAVE - #Aave - 21.09%
@AaveAave is a decentralized money market protocol where users lend and borrow crypto using crypto as collateral. Lenders earn interest by providing liquidity, borrowers borrow by collateralizing their crypto to take out loans from the liquidity pools. Image
$UNI - #Uniswap - 20.38%
@Uniswap is a DEX that allows users to swap ERC-20 tokens on #Ethereum with no centralized intermediary. Traders are not exposed to the security risks of a centralized exchange. V3 allows for "concentrated liquidity" which limits impermanent loss. Image
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20 Of The Best 🏅 Twitter Threads I've Seen:

Weekend of 5-21-21 Edition 👇🏻🧵👇🏻

User: @heyblake

Topic: 15 Step Process For Making Threads

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My Portfolio Strategy
Apologs for relative absence the last few wks, I’ve been running on empty working 20-hr days & my tweet volume has suffered. I use these tweets to think thru portfolio decisions, so not tweeting deprives me of an important part of my investment process
1/20 Image
With this thread I'll do a run-down of my overall portfolio (not just the AVAX portion which is obv. a major piece) & my macro investment decisions, esp. important to do during such volatile times (yesterday – ouch). I hope its helpful, but this is *not* investment advice
2/20 Image
1) The Macro Picture: for my process, I think it’s important to take a step back from individual positions & recalibrate your macro view on occasion & esp. during uncertain fears

I'll normally go to technicians/mkt commentators to understand what price action/mkts imply
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#Bitcoin history lesson. I called the 2017 $20k Xmas months early. I called the $20k top. I called for the 60k top a year early and I called the day of the $65k top on the day this drop and the ETH drop 27 days later. PROOF: #BTC $BTC #Ethereum #ETH $ETH
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A new world order is here: The ETH x DeFi x NFT metaverse.

This is my attempt to map it all. Please share this crazy thread and say hi 👋 🦊

tl;dr - this is so much bigger than I ever imagined… and none of us has enough #ETH for what is about to happen.
1. What is the metaverse?

The metaverse is a thriving digital universe, transcending the ‘real world’

A new virtual society with no borders.

The next era of human civilization.

@PiersKicks puts it: “7 billion digital souls with the option to exist almost exclusively online”
2. Virtual worlds

The 'final destination' is open digital worlds.

A place where your avatar will socialize, work and interact. You’ll own land and build communities.

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1/8 Today rather unnoticed there was a massive vol liquidation event on @DeribitExchange. While spot prices did not move too far from yesterdays close, the implied vol on #BTC (not #ETH) exploded.
2/8 This shows how elevated the vol term structure now is compared to yesterday. That is an increase of more than 22% points (vols) on the long dated maturities. I can't remember having seen such an event in a long time.
3/8 To get a better understanding of the magnitude, its worth to look at specific maturities, e.g. here the Dec21.
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Why the hack is the most Bullish thing that’s ever happened to #EOS and crypto.


#EOS gets a lot of flak for it but it’s governance is certainly more transparent and decentralized than most of the top “public” blockchains out there.
Every governance process has growing pains yet evidently the more decentralized & transparent a blockchains governance is, the more hated it is.

Most other blockchain’s governance process is centralized & opaque but that doesn’t automatically make them better.
The forces secretly governing other blockchains behind the scenes don’t often have their dirty laundry out in the open like #EOS does/reveals/requires/mandates.

The wider crypto community, has a culture of “out of sight out of mind” when it comes to governance eg...
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Why #ETH is More Scarce than #BTC

This 16-tweet thread summarizes the first of four arguments in my essay "Why ETH Will Win Store of Value"…
In "Why Bitcoin Makes Sense" I write: money is technology that makes our wealth today available for consumption tomorrow. The best money gives its holder the most purchasing power over time. Several factors influence this but the most important is scarcity…
Why has gold been the predominant store for the last 3000 years?

Scarcity. Its supply growth rate is ~2%. Only silver comes close at 5-10% (~20% today). Low supply growth allowed gold to maintain its purchasing power better than anything else & the world converged on it as a SoV
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[THREAD + Money ] 🚨
Générer des revenus sur la blockchain $FTM / @FantomFDN 👻

Une Blockchain, des frais ridicules (0.01cts) et des rendements costauds !

Feu 👇
#ETH est un poil chargé, #BSC engorgée et #AVAX en pleine expansion. C'est dur !

Envie de voir ailleurs ? Ou pressé ?😬

Ca tombe bien parce que pour ceux qui n'aiment pas les Threads il y aussi une vidéo disponible juste ici…

Maintenant, allons sur $FTM
$FTM fonctionne lui aussi sur un mécanisme de Proof of Stake et à commencé de voir apparaître son propre écosystème DeFi.🛠️

Il y a donc des places à prendre, des gains à faire, des beaux rendements et des contrats en Solidity à créer.

Mais comme d'habitude #DYOR
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#BTC #Altcoin #btcdominance Merhaba değerli dostlarım bugün sizlere her zamanki gibi piyasalara bambaşka bir pencereden bakmayı eğitici bir flood biçimde izah etmeye çalışacağım.Lütfen daha fazla kişinin istifade edebilmesi için Retweet ediniz.Sevgiler💐
Her zaman söylediğim gibi piyasalar belli döngüler ile ilerler.Dominance tarihinde ikinci defa “Aylık” mumlarda arka arkaya böylesine uzun süren ve derin kırmızı mum kapanışları gerçekleştirmiştir.Zaten 2017 yılı ve 2021 yılı benzerlikleri bariz şekilde ortada++++
Altcoinlerden tüm altların öncüsü olduğu için ETH yi seçtim.Tabi benzerlik neredeyse tüm altcoinlerde mevcut sizlerde uyarlayabilirsiniz.
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Just like every market, the crypto market has boundless possibilities.

Do you know people on this space make insane amount of money by


Do you know what that means?

Smash open this 🧵

Holllup! Have you RT'ed? 🙄
Who else has noticed that the price of cryptocurrency across different exchanges varies?

This doesn't mean exchanges are been shady, it is just an implication of the volatility of this space.

So, arbitrage trading? There are 3 types!
~ Triangular
~ Funding rate
~ Exchanges
So, Kunle notices that 1 unit of #BAKE is selling for 4$ on Exchange-A, and the same unit is selling for 6$ on Exchange-B.

He sees a window of opportunity here; he buys 100 units for 400$ from A and sells it off on B making a profit of 200$

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In the Age before #Crypto, the world was shrouded by fog. But then there was Fire. And with Fire came disparity. And #ETH with #BSC were born.

The 3rd world had always been a tale of ancient #degens. But the truth appeared before #1inch mascot in the form of a green portal.

🪂 Jump into the @0xPolygon's portal with #1inch and feel the 🦾 full power of one of the most promising scaling solutions on #ETH.

⤵️ Follow this thread or read our new blog post to solve all mysteries hidden inside. 🔮

#Ethereum #Blockchain #DeFi…

You asked for it, you got it! 😎

🔥 The #1inch Network expanded to #Polygon! 🔥

✅ The expansion provides 1inch users with access to multiple liquidity sources on Polygon such as @CurveFinance, @SushiSwap, @AaveAave, @MUSTCometh, and @QuickswapDEX.
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1/ Serious Q (from someone who is long #ETH at the moment):

#ETH advocates tout its future disinflationary (and subsequently deflationary) monetary policy, but its claim to fame vis-à-vis #BTC is that it is actually useful (rather than “only” a store of value).
2/ If #ETH becomes more disinflationary than #BTC upon EIP-1559 upgrade and deflationary via later upgrades, won’t its monetary policy degrade its utility? i.e., Won’t the utility of the #ETH network break down if everyone starts hodling #ETH rather than using it on the network?
A fellow CTer kindly sent me an article, where the author echoes my original concern, even going further to state that there is no way #ETH can both be a utility token and have a deflationary policy. After reading the article, I agree. #BTC will be SoV; #ETH will be utility.
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1/21 Elrond $EGLD solves Ethereum’s #ETH $ETH biggest problems both TODAY & when ETH 2.0 goes Live it will still be superior due to its design architecture & significant advancements in technology (ESDT vs ERC-20, NFT’s, etc), 30% royalties for SC, infinite scalability, 1st…
2/21 principle design architecture, lowest cost barrier to entry (node requirements), Team (execution), equality for ALL participants on network, & best tokenomics in all of crypto.

1. ETH very high Gas Fee’s & Scalability Issues. Also, due to not having 1st principle…
3/21 architecture design (Solving trilemma of Scalability, Decentralization & Security), ETH continues to run into more & more complexity solving issues (ie reacting) increasing its risk in ways that can’t exactly be modeled.

2. ETH currently can only process around 15 TPS…
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[SCAM??] @azbit_news #Azbit #Airdrop #BTC

Never, but never make a deposit at this "cryptocurrency exchange". Do not believe anything that Azbit promises you.

- Not supported
- It takes more than 1 month to answer me
- My questions were deleted in the Azbit group chat

I lost my password to access Azbit, I tried to recover with my email, but the verification link never arrived in my email box (Yes, I already looked at the spam or trash box), the support does not solve nothing, it takes 1 month to reply and when you reply: They simply ask me to
create another account with another email.
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An innocent DM "How do you handle risk in your portfolio given you keep buying £20k slugs of #btc?" generates three to me deep questions which are not typically CT material. What is risk? What is a portfolio? What is your position size?
I learned risk at the feet of Peter L Bernstein in the 1980s. Sitting in front of a huge tank in the Monterey Aquarium, Peter suggested we had conducted a sophisticated risk analysis before joining the dinner. We had considered what would happen if the giant glass tank behind
his head exploded disgorging various sharks of varying size and presumably appetites onto our laps. Now we had evaluated inter alia the design issues of the tank, the half life time of survival of a beached shark, and the value of our clothes were they to be soaked....
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Hoy quería contarles algo que me pasó hace poco. No, no pegué un x10 con una crypto random, ni me cayó un airdrop por hacer staking en una nueva blockchain. O bueno si, pero les quiero hablar de otra cosa.
Compré unos $Matic en #Binance para pasar a @0xPolygon. Gracias a @Hippie4Crypto descubrí que con puedo pasar Stables directo desde la #BSC, sin tener que usar la red de #ETH y pagar el fee (de aprox 20$).
Pasé los $Matic a @MetaMask y fui derechito a Pancakeswap para cambiarlos por #DAI.

Como el token no me aparecía, me fui a @1inchNetwork. Tampoco aparecía, así que lo tuve que importar. Pegas el smart contract y listo.

Nunca había usado 1inch, estaba contento por probarla.
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