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How to fleece ETH out of the NFT community. 🧡
Use ape or punk pfp to engagement farm and amass a large group of followers. Create hype and mystery for your "new game changer project" with vague details and/or Whitelist opportunities.
Use your frensΒ and/or otherΒ ape/punk community to help promote your "insane project" pre launch.Β  Β Do a real giveaway of some other community's NFT that you are already bagholding to establish "legitimacy".Β  Run annoying discord invite competition to inflate discord the numbers.
Hire sketchy devs from other failed projects or rugs, or fiverr, or just give artdude 55 ETH.
Copy all the traits from BAYC onto your own shitty cartoon characters or better yet, just create multiples of one "token".
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(1/5) Today I am amazed and perplexed. Please read

I admit, I aped into @LilBabyApeClub. They are damn cute and they were very clever.

But, what amazed me is the amount of hate, FUD and simple energy put into taking a #NFT project down. I saw what keyboard cancel culture does. Image

It started out simple.

A stealth launch.

No shilling.

Just, there is was and it worked perfectly, too perfectly for some. #LABC quickly climbed the ranks of OS's leaderboard. They even had the blessings of some of the #BAYC community as a meme #nft derivative. Image

Then the drama started as @LilBabyApeClub reached an ATH of .9ETH. Imagine, minted for .02ETH a 45x 1 day move.

Meta data racism (not for what you think), artwork theft, a twitter live event with a dude who sports a 1/10000 fractionalized @BoredApeYC as their #pfp.
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1/ @harmonyprotocol at the Messari (@MessariCrypto) Mainnet in NYC 2021 where @stse chats about the future of #Web3, #DeFi and more, with #builders & #leaders and how #Harmony can aid in fast tracking growth for these distinctive projects πŸ’™

Here's what happened πŸ‘‡
2/ Yaz Khoury (@Yazanator) of @cLabs who is building @CeloOrg, talks to @stse about their mobile-first approach for the emerging markets! πŸ“ˆ

πŸ‘‰Discover cLabs:

#DeFi #celowallet #StableCoin
3/ Next he speaks to Dhawal Shah (@Dhawal0921) of @FrontierDotXYZ. #Frontier is a multi-chain DeFi wallet supporting 11 chains now.

They discuss about simplifying #DeFi by bringing it on ONE simple layer

πŸ‘‰Discover Frontier:
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Happy Saturday, #NFTCommunity!

Let’s have a recap of all the cool things that happened in the NFT space this week!

Follow the thread! πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡
@rarible and Rarible Protocol integrate Flow blockchain for streamlined NFT experience! πŸš€πŸ˜Ž…
@Twitter forms new crypto team to incorporate decentralized tech into the platform. 🧐…
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A few tips on keeping your #crypto wallet safe πŸ”’
1/ Have a #Metamask Hot Wallet with very little value in it. You will strictly use this wallet to interact with #web3
2/ Have a vault i.e. Hardware Wallet where you keep everything over 1eth. This vault is never to be connected to any hot wallet in any way. Do not buy anything using this wallet, it is only for receiving and sending. Do not connect it to any sites or dapps...
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Something to remember if you are just getting into $BTC, #altcoins , or the #NFTCommunity. There is a small % of folks that are planning on HODLing indefinitely. The πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ folks. "Pidgeon Traders" will sell as soon as they achieve the profit they want and move on forever. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ A note from the desk of Da Pons
"Dip and Runners" will sell, wait for a dip & buy back to increase their position. But they will continually do this and take profits along the way.

"Market Cyclers" are HODLing until they think a bear market is imminent. Then they will sell and wait for things to crash. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
I would say 10% or less are Diamond Hands.
30% are Pidgeon Traders
10% are "Dip & Runners"
10% are "Market Cyclers"

That leaves 40%. These are the "Bag Holders". These are the folks that everyone is telling to be "Diamond Hands" and to "Buy The Dip". πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
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Looks like a big work day here for Wassifier :3
Mite make a thread on day in the life with me. Time for ze gym, it’s 6:43 and I hab been on Twitter in bed for 90 minutes before getting up and ready for ze day ^_^
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Hi @Altcoinbuzzio great that @kreechures is named first #NFT project on #Solana, two little things I would like to clarify, mint date of Kreechures is 03/26 and the floor of #Solarians is 5 SOL on Digital Eyes.
First NFTs on Each Blockchain!…

Maybe also interesting to know @Altcoinbuzzio, #Solarians recently removed the first claim on #Solana from their website, Twitter bio etc. and named it a bold marketing strategy in a Twitter spaces.

#SolanaNFT #NFTCommunity #NFT
Hi @Altcoinbuzzio is it possible to correct this please? Your article states that the community has clearly chosen because of the floor price of 69 SOL for #Solarians, but that is not the correct floor. This is:…

@kreechures would very much appreciate it!
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Hi, I'm Camille πŸ‘‹
I'm a coder, not an artist (yet 🀣). I minted for the first time 2 weeks ago on @hicetnunc2000.
I earned 363ꜩ in 14 days when I was not expecting to make any sales πŸŽ‰

Here is a small thread to see what we can learn from this experience πŸ‘‡

#NFTCommunity #NFTs Image
My best sellers are:
- Animated Rays 03 - tot art: 40.07tz - tot col: 11.26tz
- Animated Rays 04 - tot art: 32.62tz - tot col: 7.82tz
- Animated Rays 05 - tot art: 26.62tz - tot col: 7.01tz
- Animated Rays 06 - tot art: 23.49tz - tot col: 9.06tz ImageImageImageImage
First of all, here are some stats:
πŸ“Œ 32 Objkts dropped
πŸ“Œ Raw income : 374.6 ꜩ
πŸ“Œ Average income per Objkt: 11.7 ꜩ
πŸ“Œ 2sd market: 105.76 ꜩ
πŸ“Œ 175 collectors (81 owning at least 2 distinct NFTs)
πŸ“Œ 603 editions collected
πŸ“Œ Best sale: 9.33 ꜩ

(source:…) Image
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Finally listed my Genesis #NFT β€œDiwali - Festival of Lights” for sale on @withFND! 🌐

I'm very excited!πŸ₯°πŸ€©πŸš€
πŸ™πŸ½Thanks a lot @NFTMalayali - You all have provided a great deal of info & support.
#NFTCommunity #NFTartist #NFTs

Happy #Diwali to all πŸͺ”…
Layer Breakdown video of β€œDiwali - Festival of Lights”
Now available on Foundation | Reserve price 0.25 ETH.

Link to Foundation profile πŸ‘‡πŸ½

#nftcollector #NFTCommunity
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Knowing How To Keep Your #NFTs Secure is part common sense and part self defense.

This 18 Part Thread will educate you #NFTCommunity.

Don't become a victim of the scammers in this #NFT space.

Like and Re-Tweet For Exposure! Read the thread! Let's get started.
1) Use your common sense and street smarts in this #NFT and #Cryotocurrency space. You're smart enough to be here, think before you act. Don't become a victim.
2) If the seed phrase or private key to your wallet is stored in text on your computer, mobile device, or the cloud, go get two pieces of paper or notebooks and write the seed phrase, wallet address and private key of each wallet in both and delete it from electronic devices.
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Ape-X presents the "WANT HEET?" #NFTGIVEAWAY! 🦍🚁🎁

It's time to release the apes into the wild! As we march towards the goal of 45M MCAP, Ape-X is giving away 10 $AVAX Ape #NFTs, including a Mystic!

Moar deets below! πŸ‘‡

1/ It's time to reward the #DIAMONDHANZOS!πŸ¦πŸ’ŽπŸ€²

4 lucky apes will be selected! To have a shot at winning in the first 2 drawings, apes must meet the following criteria:

Hold at least $300+ in Ape-X when the advertised MCAP goals are met. We will be taking random snapshots...
2/ of all the wallets holding $300+ before and after the MCAP goals are reached & then conducting the drawings.

For the 3rd drawing apes must hold at least 1 billion Ape-X #BILLIONAIRESCLUB at the time the 45M MCAP goal is reached. This snapshot will be random like the others!
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1. After getting sucked down the #NFT rabbit hole & now into Twitter, I have decided to try and add some value from a unique perspective to the space. My progression in crypto went like this. $BTC -> $ETH --> $Alts --> JPEGs. Being the Pons Asinorum I will help enlighten u...πŸ‘‡ Image
2. First, let me explain what Pons Asinorum means. It translates to "Bridge of Asses". It is used metaphorically to identify a problem or challenge which acts as a test of critical thinking, separating capable and incapable reasoners; In other words it is the bridge that...
3. ...separates those who "know" from those who don't know. My job here is to try and help guide "normies" across the "Bridge of Asses" into the #NFTCommunity . So let us begin.

First, let's look at the common objections to #NFTs

Objection 1. Right Click/Save 😬😬
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(1/n) @HalloweenBears have had a seesaw price action, with a cold streak off late.

#NFTCommunity #NFTs @ryandolaan
Sell walls are tough
The largest wallet could be for staking, which means the supply is restricted!
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(1/n) Very interesting price action in @SIPHERxyz
Wonder what caused the brief spikes around Sep-28, Oct-8, etc.

#NFTCommunity #NFTs
Based on the current asking walls, the floor could easily move above 0.4 ETH (beyond which point there is sell pressure)
Ownership distribution could be better... 206 wallets that hold 10 assets each.
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@SappySealsNFT After an impressive initial run, the pricing has been flat for a while.

@ryandolaan #NFTs #NFTCommunity
Sell walls are tough.
The larger holders are not selling close to current floor.
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3 months ago I turned down an annual salary in the low six figures in $ in a group aspiring to become a leader in its market, and I resigned
This week is my last on the job, and this WEnd I'll be releasing a 10-year-old personal project made possible by NFT technology
1/ Most people said I was a fool to turn down such a paycheck, those who share my everyday life were excited because they know what's coming
My mom thinks I quit working to be lazy and smoke weed all day but she doesn't know that for the past year I've only slept 4 hours a night
2/ Dividing my time between a high responsibility job (where I deal with millions every month), my wife, and the project of a lifetime.
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Okay, everyone! We are selling #NFTs to buy #GoldenVisa and thus


Here, we explain 1) NFTs, 2) golden Visa and 3) why we do this: A thread to explain our contemporary mindfuck.🧡

#NFTCommunity #NFTart #NFTcollector
First of all, here is a video explaining the project in 2 min. English with english subs. πŸ‘‡πŸΌ
And here the longer version:
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Who was first?
#Kreechures have been minted on #Solana and only on Solana (date 26/03). KIN is and was at the time of the mint an SPL token on Solana and it is NOT possible to mint an a SPL token, you can only mint on a blockchain

#solarians #SolanaNFTs #NFTCommunity #NFTs
Solarians say that Kreechures first mint doesn't count because they didn't use Metaplex, there was no Metaplex at the time of the Kreechures mint, just like there was no Metaplex at the time of the #Solarians mint... but somehow for #Kreechures it defines them.

All metadata was off chain for both #Solarians and #Kreechures.

The frame number of a car is like metadata. It refers to all kinds of information about that car by which it can be identified. But does a car cease to be a car if you remove the frame number?

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Thread drop tomorrow morning PST on an interesting phenomena that may not be all that sustainable but has nevertheless gained popularity in the NFT space. #NFT #Ethereum #NFTCommunity #Solana #SolanaNFT
(The gif is a reference to the topic btw)
And just to be clear - it's just a thought piece with examples. Nothing particularly damning or urgent IMO.
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Time for #nftarthistory to contextualise the historic @MekaVerse raffle

In 2012 @yoniassia put forth the fundamental idea of having πŸͺ„distinct assets🧬 "on top of the Bitcoin network." The proposed key value of these #ColoredBitcoin was COMMUNITY!

#NFTcommunity #NFTmania

"Bitcoin 2.x is an idea to separate the bitcoin network (technology) from the value of a currency (community) using the bitcoin network..."

from the original whitepaper:

So the idea was essentially to use some ordinary BTC to create a different breed of "rare coins". 1st BTC would be allocated into a "Genesis Transaction" & then it'd be distributed among clients.

This way BTC that went thru the Genesis Tx would be different from the rest.
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* * * * * * THE 13 TYPES OF NFTS * * * * * *
* * * * & Why They Matter to Investors * * *

1/ This is a summary of my looong video on the 13 types of NFTs with the main takeaways.

(Video here: )
#NFTCommunity #NFTinvesting #NFTs

... 13 circular images representing the thirteen types of NFTs.
2/ I divide the 13 NFT categories into:

#NFTs that already move significant amounts of $$$

#NFTs that are not moving much $$$ but show promise

... Diagram. At the top is written: 'NFT TYPES'. In the left col

Comprises #digitalart but also #jpegs of physical art (photographed canvases, illustrations...) sold as jpegs on NFT marketplaces

Due to megasales like @Beeple's this category got all the headlines during the 1st NFT Mania of Feb-Apr'21

Then focus moved to On the left sales page for a painting of Sean Jantzi on the
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RUMOURED RARITY CHECK for #LostPoets @muratpak @poetslost #page #NFT #NFTCommunity

1/ Click on your Poet in opensea, right click, save as png
2/ Download a hex decoder (eg. Hex Fiend)
3/ Open image in hex decoder, convert it to ASCII
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Hitchhikers guide to #NFTs for beginners

A thread,
Buckle up and retweet πŸ˜‰
1/ πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
2/ If you are here, do not worry. You are still early.
You are gonna make it ✌️

Most of the world and your normie friends still have no clue on what an NFT is.

There are only 150.000-250.000 active wallets / buyers yet. This number will be on a meteoric rise next year. Image
3/ Not just look for what to buy or what project is going to do 100x.

Read and engage with the community. Read from the digital artists, learn their perspectives.

Browse and expand your horizon. #NFT space do not only consist of 3-4 moonshot projects.
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